Dark Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Step into the glittering world of casinos, where dreams and fortunes hang in the balance. It's a realm of seduction and temptation, where the air is thick with adrenaline, and the promise of hitting the jackpot lures you deeper into the Lady Luck. But beneath the opulence and extravagance, lies a realm of secrets, where casinos guard their darkest mysteries with an unwavering resolve. In this exposé, we delve into the shadows and unveil the enigmatic underbelly of the gambling industry.

Suicides Sometime Happen At Casinos

For many, a trip to the casino begins with the hope of turning the tables on fortune, but sometimes it ends with heartbreaking financial losses. In the aftermath of significant financial setbacks, a sense of hopelessness can engulf individuals, driving them to desperate measures. The desperation that arises from financial ruin can lead some to believe that there is no escape from the crushing weight of their debts, making the dark allure of suicide seem like the only way out.
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It is a more frequent occurrence for people to commit suicide at casinos than you think. This is because people may have gone and lost a lot of money and tragically felt that there was no other way out. Similarly, people struggling with addiction often go to casinos. All of this is hidden from people because they do not want people to know.

Drug Use Can Be Common In Casinos

Delving into the shadowy intersection of drug use and gambling addiction reveals a captivating tale of vice and vulnerability. It's a twisted waltz where the thrill-seekers of the casino world find themselves entangled in the seductive allure of substances.
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There is a link between drug use and having gambling addiction as it is thought that the two have a connection. And so, drug use can be a common occurrence at casinos. Also, because they are open all night some people use drugs to stay awake and alert. Of course, they are illegal in casinos but it still happens.

The Average Gambling Addict is $40,000 in Debt

The allure of the casino lights can blind individuals to the mounting consequences, turning a night of entertainment into a vicious cycle of debt and despair. The debt accrued by gambling addicts often extends beyond financial burdens, seeping into their personal lives and relationships.
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The average gambling addict in America is around $40,000 USD in debt before they try and get some help. This is a shocking fact and reveals the dark side of casinos which continues to take money from people who are suffering from addiction and have completely lost control of their gambling.

Sometimes People spoil Themselves at the Slots

The battle against the urge to hit the jackpot is so intense that some unfortunate souls have even resorted to extraordinary measures, turning slot corners into impromptu restrooms. It's a bizarre and unsettling reality that lurks behind the dazzling lights of the casino.
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Gambling addiction is very real and rife at casinos. It is the very dark side of casinos that they do not want us to know about. It gets so bad that addicts will sometimes soil themselves at the slots because they cannot tear themselves away to use the bathroom.

Prostitution Sometimes Happens

Prostitution finds its way into the dimly lit corridors of these entertainment havens, where desperate glances and discreet exchanges create an atmosphere that transcends the conventional thrill of the game. It's a risky game where participants walk the tightrope between desire and discretion.
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Although again this is not legal in casinos, they are a place that are sometimes used to make illicit transactions between people in terms of prostitution. Of course, if this is not done under the noses of security then it is easily ignored within casinos and not something that is usually heavily policed.

“The House Always Wins”

The allure of one more spin, one more hand, or one more roll can be as tempting as a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. The casino's strategy is like a sly fox waiting for you to get too comfortable on your winning throne. Quitting while you're ahead isn't just a suggestion; it's a survival tactic.Popular Slot Machines that Appeared in 2021
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If you've heard the saying, then it's a saying for a reason because it is true. The odds are mathematically in their favour - it is all calculated. So if you seem like you are on a winning streak don't just play one more. Quit. Otherwise, they will take back more money that you earned it's just a matter of time.

Card Counting Is Legal

Card counting in a casino is like trying to crack a secret code in a high-stakes spy movie. It's a skill that requires a keen mathematical mind and the finesse of a magician pulling off a tricky illusion. If you think you can outsmart the casino with your counting prowess, think again.
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Not many people know this because you definitely don't want to get found counting cards in a casino- they will stop you and kick you out. Yes, it might be legal, but they have the right to throw you out and ban you for it anyway. That being said card counting is HARD. There are only around 100 professionals in the world.

Most Casino Chips Have A RFID Chip Inside

In the high-stakes world of casinos, where fortunes are won and lost with the spin of a wheel or the flip of a card, security measures go beyond the watchful eyes of burly bouncers. Casino chips are equipped with RFID technology, turning them into high-tech guardians of the gaming realm.
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This is so that the chips' movements can be tracked to ensure that nobody can steal them and use them to cheat in another game. Because of the RFID technology, a casino in Las Vegas called Bellagio was able to stop the theft of $1.5 million dollars back in 2010.

The Lights Are Just To Attract You

As you helplessly pour money into the slots, it's almost like you're paying for a front-row seat to the greatest light show in town. It turns out, they're not just there to hypnotize you into a gambling trance, they're the secret agents of the casino, luring you into the world of endless possibilities.Slot Machine Management: What We're Missing in Our Metrics - Raving
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The lights on the slot machines are literally just there to attract you. While you pour in money and get nothing out - you are essentially playing to keep looking at the attractive lights. One doctor claims "Anyone who's ever designed a casino game or played a gambling game will tell you that of course sound and light cues keep you more engaged, but now we can show it scientifically."

The Sounds And Lights All Trigger Certain Feelings In Our Brains

Ever wondered why it's so hard to walk away from a losing streak? The strategic use of sounds and visuals isn't just for show—it's a psychological ploy. Even in the face of losses, the casino environment is crafted to make you crave more, creating a loop of anticipation and desire.
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Some studies have found that the noises and the visuals and the lights are all calculated so that they trigger a certain process in our brain - which is similar to the effect that drugs have on your brain. This is so that people feel a sense of elation. Even if you lose the sounds and everything makes you crave more.

The More Attractive It Seems - The Less Money You'll Win

Those glamorous areas with the captivating dancers and flashy lights might be nothing more than a ploy to divert your attention. Casinos strategically lead you into zones where the odds may not be in your favor, ensuring their profits keep rolling in.
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Casinos try and replicate the Vegas feel. And, sometimes there will be dancers in certain areas or the lights/ drinks are better. This will be reeling you in t an area of the casino where the payouts are less so that the casino can make more money. So don't be fooled. The less attractive areas will most probably have the best payouts.

There Are No Clocks To Keep You There Longer

Ever noticed that lack of clocks and windows in a casino? It's not a mere oversight; it's a strategic move. By shrouding you in an eternal twilight, casinos aim to make time an elusive concept. No ticking clocks, no natural light, just a timeless haven where your only focus is the next spin, the next deal, and the next big win.
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This is not accidental. Everything about casinos are designed to lure you in and keep you there as long as possible so that you continue to spend your money and make them profit. The idea is that if people cannot see the time they will stay longer because they are not aware of how long they have been there - and it does work.

And No Windows

In this captivating environment, casinos deploy sensory stimulations strategically. The clinking of coins, the cheers of winners, and the block walls all work in harmony to create an immersive experience, drawing players deeper into the captivating world of chance.
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It is a pretty creepy concept that casinos want to keep us there so long by tricking our perceptions of time so that we will stay longer. They practically prey on people using mind tricks in order to make more profit. The fact that there are no windows is for the same reason as the clocks so that people cannot see the light or dark and don't know the time.

Cheating Does Happen

In this never-ending game of cat and mouse, casinos are determined to keep the odds in their favor. So, whether you're rolling the dice or dealing the cards, remember: in the captivating world of casinos, everyone's watching, and the house always has a few aces up its sleeve.
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In casinos, they are constantly looking out for people who are cheating. But it does still happen and not always on an elaborate scale.  Sometimes people may just switch the chips. And, sometimes they may even have a deal with the dealer so that they go along with it. For this reason, casinos also carefully watch the staff.

You Are Always Being Watched

The security measures in casinos are no joke – they've got more cameras than a Hollywood red carpet event. It's like being in a real-life version of a spy thriller, where the cameras could probably catch a wink from across the room. Forget about poker faces; in a casino, even your poker hands are under surveillance.
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In casinos, because they are places handling large amounts of money the security cameras are EVERYWHERE. So, they can even see what card hand you are holding. It's pretty creepy to think your every move is being watched but it's true the moment you step foot in a casino.

Everyone Gets Free Drinks

If you find yourself sipping on what seems like a fancy cocktail in a casino, chances are it's more of a tease than a treat. The free drinks are like liquid confetti designed to keep you celebrating your wins (and nursing your losses) at the slot machines.It is pretty common knowledge that everybody in casinos gets free drinks because they want you to stay long enough so that you can continue to spend and spend and spend. But remember - these drinks are all watered down so it is definitely still not worth your money that you are spending on the games.

The Less Money You Spend The Less They Ply You With Drinks

Even if you're casually testing your luck with the penny slots, a refreshing beverage is just a wink away. However, here's the inside scoop: the more you splurge, the more lavish your libations become.
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As we have just discussed, everybody gets free drinks. So, even if you are playing the penny slots you'll still be able to get the free drinks. But, just know that the more you spend the more you'll get and the less you spend, the less they will give you in return.

Slot Machines & Video Poker Machines with Lower Denominations Have much Lower Payouts

Ever wonder why your luck seems to ebb and flow at the slot machine? Well, it's not about how many fellow gamblers have taken a spin before you—it's all about your game. It's like the machines have a secret language with your wallet—they understand the value of your coins and the weight of your dollars.
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The slot machine or the video poker machines payout depends on how much you spend. So, if you aren't spending that much then even if you win the payout will also not be much. It has nothing to do with how many times the machines have been played that day it is based solely on your game.

Card Dealers Wear Clothing With No Pockets

Card Dealers are carefully watched in case they cheat. So the dealers usually have to wear clothing which has been provided by the casino. The clothing will not have pockets so that nothing can be hidden and stored in the pockets. Plus, aprons have to be worn slightly above the waist so that the waistline can be seen and nothing hidden.
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The casino fashion police have a strict dress code for these dealers, akin to a stylish uniform that says, "I'm here to shuffle, not smuggle." With pocketless attire as their armor, these dealers can't slip a single card up their sleeve or stash away a secret ace in the hole.

The Chips Are Disgusting

Ever wondered what kind of wild journey those casino chips have been on before landing in your eager hands? From poker faces to salsa nights at the roulette wheel, these chips have seen it all. Remember, your hands deserve the VIP treatment too!
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If you handle the chips - sanitize or wash your hands after because they are disgusting. After reading the points above there are several reasons why you do not want to touch the chips and then have those germs on your hands. So a good tip would be to carry your own hand sanitizer!

Security Is Trained To Spot Cheaters

The security teams are armed with the eagle eyes of hawks and the instincts of a seasoned detective. So, instead of testing your luck with substances, why not stick to the thrill of the roulette wheel or the excitement of a poker face-off? After all, the only buzz you need is the one from hitting the jackpot!
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If you are thinking of trying anything. Just don't. The security in casinos are trained to spot cheating. It is rare that it will happen without it being spotted because not only are security everywhere there are also people continuously watching the cameras so every move you make can be seen.

Some Slots Are Programmed To Pay Less

It's like dating – some machines are the bad boys, tempting you with frequent small wins, while others are the mysterious types, holding out for that one grand jackpot. Think of it as a rollercoaster of emotions – the variance rate is the thrill factor.
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New players might notice that they seem to be getting more wins for every 100 of their spins in one slot machine, but are getting fewer wins in one game. The game has a variance rate. So, it measures the risk and reward ratio. Some will pay less, some will pay more.

There are No 'Hot' Slot Machines

If slots did have personalities, they'd be the stoic mathematicians of the casino world, crunching numbers with a relentless precision. No amount of lucky charms or whispered sweet nothings will make a difference.
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There is a massive misconception that some slots are better than others and some are on a winning streak. This is absolutely false. The slots work on an algorithm. So, the machine itself has nothing to do with it. Even if it has just been used or serviced it will still be the same.

Don't Play Keno

Despite the allure of Keno, it's essentially the unicorn of casino games—rarely seen and even more rarely conquered. It's like chasing a rainbow that leads to an empty pot of gold. Casinos, shrouded in a mystique of glittering lights and jingling slot machines, certainly won't volunteer the fact that Keno is a financial black hole for players.
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The odds are terrible if you play Keno in the casino and basically nobody ever wins. Of course, the casino does not want us to know that because the worse the odds are for us - the better for them and the more money they make. But really, don't bother it's a waste of your time and money.

Play at Fuller Tables

In the world of casino strategy, it's not just about the cards; it's about the company you keep at the table. The more bustling the table, the more it resembles a chess match rather than a sprint. In the realm of high-stakes decisions, a crowded table might just be your strategic sanctuary.
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The more people there are per table, the slower the game goes. This means that you have more time to think, rather than making any rash moves. So, if you want to be strategic then pick the tables with the most people and join - otherwise your turn will come around fast and you may not have enough time to think about your next move.

Blackjack Has Better Odds

Picture this: a dimly lit casino floor, the rhythmic shuffle of cards being dealt, and the suspenseful gaze exchanged between a player and the dealer at the blackjack table. Unlike the poker scenes, where your poker face is crucial, blackjack lets you go head-to-head with the dealer in a one-on-one showdown. It's like a cinematic duel, but with cards instead of pistols.
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In a game of blackjack, you are only playing against the dealer, not several other players like with poker. It is one of the games in casinos with a higher success rate than most of the others. This is partly due to this fact. Again, this is not something casinos want to advertise because they want you to lose.

Baccarat Is Good For Those With No Skills

With odds that can make even the most seasoned gamblers raise an eyebrow, why throw your chips into the complicated abyss of unfamiliar games when you can ride the Baccarat wave to victory? Remember, in the world of gambling, simplicity might just be your secret weapon.
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If you are a novice at gambling and do not have the practice or the skills then a good way to start is with Baccarat. It also has quite good odds. And, the minimum is $5. So, don't waste your money on games where you don't have the potential to win and stick to something easier.

If You Win Too Much You'll Be Banned

In the dazzling world of casinos, fairness takes a back seat to profit. The house always has the upper hand, and if you start consistently beating the odds, you might find yourself escorted to the exit faster than you can say jackpot. It's a strategic dance where the casino's ultimate goal is to keep players on the edge of success.
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If you are a regular winner at a casino (not at all likely) then you may actually be banned. Nobody said casinos were fair. Casinos only want customers to lose, and to win occasionally to give them hope to play more and then lose more money to them. They do not want consistent winners.

They Advertise Amazing Prizes Knowing You Won't Win

Despite the dazzling lights and the promise of jackpots, casinos are masters of illusion. It's like entering a magical realm where the allure of wealth dances in the air. The truth is, those dollar signs might be elusive, and the house always seems to have a few more tricks up its sleeve than you do.
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Casinos are great at putting dollar signs in front of your face and luring you in with fantastic opportunities at winning cash prizes. But they know that you won't win. So, don't be fooled by them it is just a trick to get you to part with your cash.

Faster Dealers Are Preferred At Night

As the moon rises and the city lights start to shimmer, casinos come alive with the vibrant energy of night owls. The roulette wheels spin faster, blackjack cards shuffle with lightning speed, and the slot machines sing their hypnotic melodies as players eagerly try their luck.
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At night it is the most popular time for casinos, a time when they are the busiest. So of course it is time for them to cash in on as much of people's money as they can get. For this reason, faster dealers are used at night so they have a higher turnover of games which equals more profit.

They Prey On Vulnerability

Casinos, masterfully branding themselves as entertainment hubs, subtly tap into the vulnerability of their patrons. The incessant jingles of slot machines and the vibrant atmosphere create a sensory overload, making it easy for individuals to lose track of time and succumb to the addictive allure of the games.
Image Source/ John Elder Robinson
Casinos advertise themselves as a big entertainment industry - which is the case. But, as we know there is a much darker side that we don't see. And, casinos use the vulnerability of people to make a profit, on people's inability to stop and call it a day when they should.

Many More People In Casinos Have A Problem Than They Think

It's like a secret society of slot spinners and poker players, with more members than a VIP lounge. Behind the flashy lights and ringing slot machines, there's a hidden world of individuals teetering on the edge of a dicey dice roll or a risky blackjack bet.
Image Source/ LasVegasSun
As we have seen there a lot of people in casinos who have a gambling addiction. But the problem in casinos is more rife than we think. While some may not have a severe addiction there are a lot more people who have a problem with gambling than they themselves or the casino would like to admit.

They Hide The Truth

The truth is that the stakes are often higher than they appear. The perpetual carnival-like atmosphere can mask the struggles of individuals caught in the throes of gambling addiction and the desperate measures some take, including turning to illicit substances to keep the night alive.
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Casinos are very good at brushing the dark side and secrets way under the carpet and keeping up this facade and pretence that everything is just a bit of fun. It is not the case. But you will never see this revealed as they are very good at burying secrets.

They Like To Complain About Customers

In this covert domain, casino workers might swap tales of eccentric gamblers or share humorous anecdotes about the peculiarities of the job. The back rooms, hidden from the prying gaze of players, become a sanctuary for employees to decompress and bond over the unique challenges they face in the high-stakes world of casinos.
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Employees in casinos may put on a smile to your face as they turn over a profit but as soon as they are no longer being monitored or being seen by customers in the comfort of the back room then they finally let loose and complain and insult the customers.

Hidden Security As Players

Cameras may be omnipresent, but did you know that the charming individual at the blackjack table might be more than just a high-rolling card enthusiast? Brace yourself, as your seemingly carefree neighbor in this high-stakes haven could be a stealthy member of the security team.
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Not only are the cameras everywhere and security everywhere they are also hidden in plain sight on the actual playing table. The person sat next to you playing his hand may actually be a member of security. They can spot cheaters much more easily this way.

The Officers Move Around A Lot

While most players are sweating over their next move, these security officers are focused on protecting the house, making them the unsung maestros of the thrilling symphony that is casino life.
Image Source/ casino.org
If you want to spot who is a security officer then look for those people moving around a lot, trying out a variety of different tables. Plus, they won't be playing with much money because the money belongs to the casino. They also won't be fixated on winning.

Employees Can Be Fired For Giving Freebies

In the high-stakes world of casinos, giving out freebies, or "comps," is a delicate dance that employees must master. It's not just about being generous; it's a strategic move that can either earn you a gold star or a pink slip.
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Employees can get fired for giving out freebies (also known as comp in the field). It depends on who the customer is and how much money they are losing. For example if an employee gives comp to someone who has not created the casino a profit they may be fired.

The More You Lose The More Freebies You Get

The casino, in a sly twist of psychology, showers its losing patrons with an array of complimentary treats and goodies. You might even start to appreciate the irony, nothing softens the blow of a losing streak quite like a complimentary buffet or a plush hotel room for the night.
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The more you lose... the more freebies you will be given from staff. This is because the casino wants to keep you there to continue your losing streak. Plus, you may feel a little bit better about the situation if you are loaded with freebies of some kind.

Alcohol Makes People Spend More

Ever wonder why those cocktails keep flowing freely while you're at the slots? It's not because the casino suddenly decided to become your best buddy; it's a cunning strategy. The more sips you take, the fuzzier your decision-making becomes, turning you into a prime target for the casino's cunning games.
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There's a reason you get free alcoholic drinks and it is definitely not because the casino is generous. But, if you have a few drinks your judgement becomes slightly impaired which helps you lose. If you want to concentrate properly then avoid the drinks.

There Are More Cards On The Table

Brace yourself for this wild revelation: those cards you're holding might be from a deck that's part rebel, part maverick. It's not your everyday standard pack; it's a mixed deck extravaganza! This sneaky twist adds a dash of unpredictability, making it a rollercoaster ride for card counters desperately trying to crack the code.
Image Source/ The Guardian
There are more cards on the table than you think. It is actually a mixed deck which makes it harder and will deter card counters as they do not know what is in the pack. So don't assume you are playing with a standard pack - especially in a game of poker.

They Encourage You To Take Larger Chips

The casino's decision to hand you a stack of higher denomination chips becomes a subtle yet effective plot twist. It's a psychological game within the game, making you feel like a high roller while subtly encouraging you to take bolder risks.
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For example, if they give you a few $25 dollar chips instead of loads of $5 you make think it's the same or it's just easier and makes sense. But that means that you likely put down more money when you bet - which is, of course, exactly what the casino wants.

They Use Extra Oxygen Supply

In the high-stakes world of casinos, the pursuit of profit takes an intriguing twist as they pump extra oxygen into the air conditioning. It's not just about ensuring a fresh atmosphere; it's a strategic move to keep everyone on their toes.
Image Source/ The Hindustan Times
Casinos reportedly use extra oxygen through the air conditions. This is to keep everybody active, the more active you are the more you play. There is no point a casino having a room full of sleepy and slow people because it means less money for them to make through less games.

They Will Never Let You Lie Down

In fact, attempting a nap in the casino is about as welcome as folding a winning hand in poker. Casinos won't let you lie down, not even if you've lost every chip, your lucky charm, and your last shred of dignity. It's a place of perpetual motion, where even the slot machines are wide awake, jingling and jangling like a chorus of over-caffeinated robots.
Image Source/ gamblingsites.com
Not in the lobby while you wait, not in the couches, not at three am or even if you have lost everything and cannot get a ride home. This is because it brings down the atmosphere of the casino and may also make other players realise that they are also tired and should sleep.

People Pass A Full Day Without Realising

In the enchanting realm of casinos, reality takes a backseat, and the outside world becomes a distant memory. Days blur into nights, and the rhythm of the slot machines replaces the ticking of the clock. It's a place where the only schedule is dictated by the shuffling of cards and the spin of the roulette wheel.
Image Source/ NEPM
As we have seen, without clocks and windows there is no concept of time. And it is not infrequent at all for people to spend whole days inside a casino and not even realise. They then exit the building with no concept of what the time is or sometimes even what the day is any more.

You Are Not Allowed To Wear Hoods/ Hats

As the dice roll and the cards shuffle, the forbidden affair with drugs finds its spotlight on the casino stage. The relentless pursuit of euphoria and heightened senses becomes a secret companion for some, defying the very rules set to maintain order in these temples of chance.
Image Source/ thesunchronicle
This is especially true for card tables - you are not allowed to wear a hoody or a cap or anything that obscures your face. This is because the security cameras are watching you and need to see your face and identity. Plus, it makes it much harder to cheat this way too.

Shootings Have Happened Inside Casinos

Despite the dark side of casino incidents, there's a surprising twist in the tales of chaos. Adding a touch of intrigue to the mix, whispers of undercover agents and sharp-eyed security personnel patrolling the glamorous halls of casinos have become part of the lore.
Image Source/ ABCnews
It is a horrific thing that shootings have happened before inside casinos. In fact, just this year, 2022, there was a shooting in Vancouver, Canada, where a man opened fire killing two people, before he himself was killed by the police when they arrived.

They Pay The Local News Outlets

It's a classic case of the power of the purse strings. Casinos, with their deep pockets and overflowing coffers, can indeed weave a web of secrecy around their operations. It's like a real-life game of hide and seek.
Image Source/ CNBC
You may be thinking that none of these things come to light or seem very well known about the business of casinos at all. And that is because they have a lot of money which equates to power. So, they often will pay off local news or have a money based deal with them to hide things.

Sometimes Players Turn Against The Employees

It's a shame that some folks can't handle the ups and downs of the game without taking it out on others. I get that losing can be frustrating, but directing that frustration towards the dealer or staff is definitely not the solution.
Image Source/ casino.org
When players start to lose they get aggravated and instead of stopping and walking away they sometimes start to blame the employee for example, the person dealing. Sometimes they can get aggressive towards staff and have to be dealt with by security.

Employees Like It If You Win

It's a win-win situation, where the thrill of victory is not just limited to the gaming tables but extends to the smiles on the faces of both players and staff alike. Casino employees often find themselves in a unique position where their income isn't directly tied to the fortunes of the players.
Image Source/ casinos.org
Remember, the employees of the casinos are not the owners so whether people win or lose they receive their monthly wage no more no less. So actually, they are more likely to get tips from people who are winning, and so they are usually glad if their customers are happy and winning.

Staff Engage More If You Tip

Without a doubt, money talks, but in this case, it also makes the staff more interested in listening. It's like they have a tip-to-talk ratio, and the more you share from your wallet, the more willing they are to lend you their ears.
Image Source/ Twitter
Staff are not that bothered about chatting, unless you are tipping as you tell the staff your life story. In that case they will be more than obliging. If you are not tipping you may notice a difference in their attitude towards you and how they do not try and hold the conversation.

They Watch How Much You Drink

Casinos are like high-stakes babysitters! They're not just keeping an eye on your wallet; they're also monitoring that drink in your hand. Imagine if they let everyone party like there's no tomorrow! So, they play bartender detective to keep things in check.
Image Source/ thebaffingcasino
The casino does not want you to drink TOO much and so they do watch if you are drinking too much alcohol. This is because they want to limit their own liability. For example to stop someone trying to sue them claiming that the casino was taking advantage while they were drunk. It's a strategic move to keep the game fair and their legal team at bay.