Dance Moms: Where Are They Now?

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Welcome to the ultimate reunion of glitter, hairspray, and high kicks! It's time to turn up the tempo and dive into the dazzling world of "Dance Moms: Where Are They Now?" Grab your jazz hands and get ready to shimmy down memory lane as we uncover the latest twists and twirls in the lives of our favorite dance divas and their formidable matriarchs. From pirouettes to plot twists, this is one encore you won't want to miss!

1. Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller, a force to be reckoned with in the dance world, ignited the blazing spotlight that is "Dance Moms." Her commanding presence and unyielding dedication sculpted the show's tempestuous dynamics. Renowned for her tough-love approach and at times, a no-nonsense demeanor.
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Makes sense to kick this off with Abby Lee Miller, the woman who started it all. Abby is known for her abrasive attitude and sometimes aggressive way of handling her dancers. Since leaving the show, she went to prison for felony bankruptcy and was also diagnosed with lymphoma. She returned to Dance Mom season 8 in 2019.Original content sourced from

2. Chloé Lukasiak

Since bidding adieu to the tumultuous stage of "Dance Moms" following the conclusion of season 4, Chloé Lukasiak has been on a whirlwind journey of exploration and accomplishment. While her departure from the show marked the end of an era.
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After leaving the show after season 4, Chloé has been pretty busy! She did a guest starring role on the show for Season 7, and she has a very successful YouTube channel. Beyond that she's also been in a few movies, went to college, and wrote a book! She's currently dating pro skater Brooklinn Khoury.

3. Christi Lukasiak

Ah, the tempestuous dance of personalities on the "Dance Moms" stage wouldn't be complete without the fiery presence of Christi Lukasiak, the spirited and vocal mother of the talented Chloé Lukasiak. Christi became an indomitable force, often locking horns with the formidable Abby Lee Miller, creating a drama-filled dynamic that left an indelible mark on the show's legacy.
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You probably remember Christi because she was always in a feud with Abby. Abby tended to favor Maddie Ziegler, and Chloé's mom did NOT like that. When Chloé left the show, Abby called her washed up - classy! Christi is active on social media with a huge Instagram following as well as a YouTube channel.

4. JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa has been thriving since her time on Dance Moms. As an actor, singer and avid social media creator, she has a huge following on multiple platforms. She's also released a long string of JoJo-esque things that you need for your home...
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... like colorful bows, even more colorful bedding, a range of makeup, and even ice cream (bright and colorful, of course!). She's also been on various TV shows and even started her very own show called Dance Pop Revolution.

5. Paige Hyland

After bidding farewell to the whirlwind world of competitive dancing and the tumultuous dynamics of "Dance Moms," Paige Hyland opted for a quieter, more grounded path away from the spotlight's glare. Making a deliberate choice to step away from the dance floor.
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Paige Hyland seems to have opted for a normal life. After the show, she distanced herself from dancing and from Abby Lee. Though, it's said that she has remained friendly with most of the girls from the show. Beyond that, Paige is focused on her studies and is currently in college at West Virginia University.

6. Vivi-Anne Stein

In a world where the allure of social media often beckons, Vivi-anne Stein, with admirable poise, chose a different path—a path cloaked in privacy and shielded from the relentless gaze of public scrutiny. Unlike many in the digital age, Vivi-anne opted not to weave her life into the tapestry of Instagram grids.
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Vivi-anne has decided to keep her life private, and she doesn't have a public Instagram. Good for you, girl! After she left the show, she continued to dance at her mother's dance studio. As far as we know, she's still dancing there, and she also started cheerleading. Seems like she's just trying to be a normal human!

7. Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler, the ethereal dancer whose journey unfolded under the intense scrutiny of the "Dance Moms" spotlight, emerged not just as a breakout star but as a luminary whose influence rippled far beyond the confines of reality television.
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Maddie was on Dance Moms from 2011 to 2016. She was considered a breakout star, and she used that momentum to build her career. Since then, she's been on Dancing with the Stars, and she's also focused on acting. She's appeared in multiple films and music videos. She no longer talks to Abby Lee Miller.

8. Mackenzie Ziegler

Mackenzie Ziegler, the vibrant talent who danced her way into the hearts of "Dance Moms" fans during her impressive six-season stint, didn't just leave her mark on the dance floor; she twirled into a multifaceted career that's as diverse as her boundless energy.
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Mackenzie Ziegler was also on Dance Moms for six seasons, just like Maddie. Since then, she has focused on her music career, with her debut album coming out in 2014. She's also done multiple music tours and modeling work for brands like Ralph Lauren. It's good to see them both thriving!

9. Melissa Gisoni

Melissa Gisoni, a pillar of support and a guiding figure within the tumultuous world of "Dance Moms," wore the mantle of a second mom with grace and dedication. Her nurturing presence extended beyond her own daughters, fostering a maternal connection with many of the girls.
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Melissa Gisoni is truly trying to keep it in the family. Melissa was considered a second mom to a lot of the girls who danced for Abby Lee. She's now focused on supporting Maddie and Mackenzie's careers, cheering them on however she can. She's also quite active on social media with a large following of her own!

10. Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn Rumfallo, a talented dancer whose journey transcended the confines of "Dance Moms," embarked on a new chapter after bidding adieu to Abby Lee Miller's dance studio. The vibrant rhythms of dance didn't fade away; instead, they found a new stage in Arizona.
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When Brynn left Abby Lee and the show, she went on to dance at a studio in Arizona. She was part of an anti-gun violence performance of "We Are the Future," and she's appeared on other TV series showcasing her talents as a competitive cheerleader. Shine on, Brynn!

11. Lilliana Ketchman

Lilliana Ketchman, fondly recognized as Lilly K, emerged as a compelling counterpart to the talented Elliana Walmsley in the fiercely competitive realm of "Dance Moms." While their rivalry often took center stage, beneath the surface simmered a bond.
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Lilliana, better known as Lilly K, was considered the biggest rival of Elliana Walmsley. Although they were rivals, the girls also considered each other friends. She now has her own dance wear collection with Oh La La Dancewear and has a massive following on Instagram.

12. Camryn Bridges

Camryn Bridges, a dancer whose journey on "Dance Moms" often unfolded in the shadows, faced a poignant struggle that transcended the glitz and glamour of the dance floor. Her experience was a stark reminder of the less visible but deeply impactful aspects of the competitive world of dance.
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Camryn was often overlooked on the show and later said she was dealing with a lot of anxiety. It seems she still dances, but of course, she's no longer with Abby Lee. She said that a lot of her anxiety came from the bullying she was subjected to on the show. We're glad she's out of that situation and happy!

13. Asia Monet Ray

Asia Monet Ray, the vivacious young talent whose charisma shone on "Dance Moms," embarked on a dynamic journey beyond the confines of reality television. Her star continued to ascend with the creation of her own reality series, "Raising Asia," offering audiences an intimate glimpse into her life and burgeoning career.
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Asia went on to star in her own reality series called Raising Asia. When the show was canceled, she decided to try to pursue a career in acting. She's appeared on shows such as Grey's Anatomy and American Crime Story. She's also focused on music and releases singles and EPs regularly.

14. Peyton Evans

At just 14 years old, Peyton Evans embarked on a vibrant journey into the world of dance, making her mark as the youngest member of the dance team she joined. Despite her tender age, Peyton's passion for movement and performance was evident, setting her on a trajectory of artistic exploration and multifaceted endeavors.
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Peyton Evans is still so young at the age of 14. When she joined the dance team, she was the youngest member of the team. Since then, she still focuses on dance and has also dabbled in modeling and music. She has brand deals through her YouTube channel and Instagram.

15. Gianna Martello

Gianna Martello, affectionately known as Gia, embarked on her dance journey at an incredibly tender age, merely six years old, stepping into the hallowed halls of the Abby Lee Dance Company. From those early beginnings emerged a prodigious talent whose expertise and passion for dance became the cornerstone of her career.
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Gianna was only six when she started out at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Most people know her as Gia. She went on to become a teacher and choreographer on the show. She's currently working as a choreographer and dance competition judge. She also has a substantial social media following

16. Jessalynn Siwa

Before Jessalynn Siwa and her daughter JoJo became part of the "Dance Moms" saga and moved to Pennsylvania to join the Abby Lee Dance Company, Jessalynn had already established herself in the dance world. She owned her very own dance studio.
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Before JoJo and her mom, Jessalynn, moved to Pennsylvania to join Abby Lee, Jessalyn actually owned her own dance studio. She is currently hosting a podcast called "Success With Jess." It's said that she's also selling rhinestones that are advertised to help make dancers' costumes "pop" on stage during competitions.

17. Kerri Evans

Kerri, a formidable presence on the rollercoaster ride that was "Dance Moms," garnered attention not just for her unwavering support of her daughter Peyton but also for her unapologetic and spirited personality that occasionally led to fiery clashes.
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Kerri, Peyton's mom, was known for her explosive personality on the show. She got into a fight with another mom that was so intense, the police having to be called to diffuse the situation. She's currently acting as manager of Peyton's career and building a following on social media.

18. Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke, renowned for her expertise and passion for dance, made a memorable entry into "Dance Moms" as a coach for The Irreplaceables during the show's seventh season. Her mission was clear: to preserve the dancers' ardor for their craft amidst the tumultuous world of competitive dance.
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Cheryl joined as a coach for The Irreplaceables in Season 7. She wanted to help the dancers keep their passion for dance. After the show, she stepped out of the spotlight for a while, but then joined Dancing With The Stars as a pro. While on the show, she met her future partner, actor Matthew Lawrence.

19. Elliana Walmsley

Elliana Walmsley, a standout talent on "Dance Moms," made her mark as a key member of the elite team during the show's seventh season. Her unwavering dedication and undeniable skill set her apart, earning her a place in the hearts of viewers and solidifying her position as a rising star in the dance world.
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Elliana was part of the elite team in Season 7 until that team was disbanded. She's currently still dancing, and she's also taken up acting. She's been in an off-Broadway musical, and she danced on JoJo Siwa's tour. She returned to Dance Moms in Season 8 as part of Abby's new dance company.

20. Kelly Hyland

Indeed, the history between Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller goes beyond the realms of "Dance Moms" drama. Before the show even began, Kelly had her own dance history, having been a student at the Abby Lee Dance Company herself. However, this shared past didn't necessarily foster harmony between the two; instead, it often led to tensions that boiled over during their time on the show.
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Did you know that Brooke and Paige's mom, Kelly, was actually a student at Abby Lee Dance Company herself? Because of this, there was often tension with Abby. She actually had a physical altercation with Abby, which caused her and the girls to leave the show, and it ended in legal action. Since then, she has written a book and started a podcast about these experiences.

21. Yolanda Walmsley

Yolanda Walmsley's brief but impactful stint on "Dance Moms" left a lasting impression, stirring up both controversy and conversation. As a former competitive dancer herself, Yolanda brought a unique perspective to the world of competitive dance, a perspective that, at times, created tension and drama on the show.
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Although Yolanda's time on the show was brief, her impact was not. As a former competitive dancer herself, it's said that she put a lot of pressure on her daughter, Elliana, throughout the time on the show. Abby Lee consistently told Elliana that she was giving a second-rate performance, and Yolanda reinforced this. Yolanda's current life pursuits are unclear.

22. Nia Sioux Frazier

Nia Sioux, known for her talent and grace on "Dance Moms," has continued her journey beyond the dance studio, embracing a diverse array of pursuits that showcase her versatility and creativity. While pursuing her education at UCLA, Nia has expanded her horizons into the digital realm.
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Nia is currently a student at UCLA. Besides studying, she has a YouTube channel and a podcast. The podcast is with her friend Teala Dunn. She's also dabbled in acting and her own TV series, as well as releasing some music. Sounds like she's definitely keeping busy!

23. Holly Frazier

Holly Frazier, the epitome of grace and reason amidst the tempestuous world of "Dance Moms," stood out as a beacon of calm and wisdom. Beyond the whirlwind of reality television, Holly's accomplishments and endeavors reflect a multifaceted and accomplished individual.
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We stan Nia's mom, Holly! She was always the calm and reasonable mom on the show. She's a smart woman with a Ph.D., and she's also a published author! She's currently active on Instagram, showing her love and support for her kids, and it seems she's dabbled in acting a bit making a cameo on The Bold And The Beautiful.

24. Payton Ackerman

Payton Ackerman's dedication to dance extended well beyond her departure from the tumultuous setting of "Dance Moms." Following her exit after Season 4, she remained committed to her passion for dance, continuing her training at the Abby Lee Dance Company until her high school graduation.
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Even after Payton Ackerman left the show (Season 4), she decided to continue to dance at Abby Lee Dance Company until she graduated high school. She then tried to pursue dance out in Los Angeles, but she's currently living in Pittsburg with her now fiancé.

25. Jill Vertes

Jill Vertes' journey on "Dance Moms" was marked by a transformational arc that traversed conflict and camaraderie within the tight-knit group of dance moms. Initially known for her frequent clashes with other mothers on the show, Jill's outspoken nature sometimes led to moments that viewers deemed unnecessary, stirring occasional controversy.
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Jill Vertes was known for fighting pretty regularly with the other moms. Eventually she was able to become more part of the group, but she often said things viewers felt were unnecessary. When she left the show, she co-starred in a dance movie which followed dancers and their moms while they were on a tour in Peru.

26. Kira Girard

Kira Girard's departure from "Dance Moms" during Season 4, a decision to prioritize family time with her daughter Kalani, marked a pivotal moment in their journey. However, their hiatus from the show was temporary, as they made a triumphant return in the subsequent season, continuing their venture into the competitive dance scene.
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Kira Girard famously left Dance Moms during Season 4, taking her daughter, Kalani, with her. At the time, she said that they both needed to focus on family time. But the pair returned the following season. It seems that now Kira focuses on fashion styling and her lifestyle Instagram, posting about her family and fitness.

27. Brooke Hyland

Brooke's post-"Dance Moms" journey took a detour from the world of competitive dance as she sought to embrace a more traditional high school experience. Opting to return to high school after her time on the show was a deliberate choice, allowing her to immerse herself in the academic and social facets of a more typical teenage life.
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It's safe to say that after the show, Brooke lost an interest in dance. She decided to go back to high school for the full experience of that type of life. After that, she went to Ohio University and then graduated and moved to Austin, Texas. As of now, she seems to still not want to revisit dance, as she has a YouTube channel and food blog that she's focusing on.

28. Kalani Hilliker

Kalani Hilliker's post-"Dance Moms" journey has seen her diversify her pursuits, branching out into various creative endeavors while maintaining a somewhat private profile. Despite keeping a low-key presence on social media by privatizing her Instagram account, Kalani has continued to flourish in the world of dance.
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Kalani has gone off the grid, keeping her Instagram private. But since the show, she's continued dancing, and it appears she began modeling and acting too. She also dropped a sock line with the store Claire's which can be found nationwide, and she has a prom dress line! Pretty cool!

29. Maesi Caes

Maesi Caes, recognized for her vibrant hip-hop dance skills on "Dance Moms," brought an energetic flair to the competitive dance scene. Prior to her involvement in the show, Maesi's talent took her on an exhilarating journey, dancing on tour with global pop sensation Justin Bieber.
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Maesi was known on the show as a hip-hop dancer. Before joining Dance Moms, she had danced on tour with Justin Bieber for his Purpose Tour. She's had a more normal life since then, attending high school in Iowa. She's still dancing and she appeared on Little Big Shots.

30. Kendall Vertes

Kendall Vertes, known for her dance prowess on "Dance Moms," transitioned into the realms of acting and music, showcasing her versatility and talents beyond the dance floor. Determined to explore new artistic avenues, Kendall ventured into the world of acting.
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Like many of the other girls, Kendall decided to focus on acting and singing after the show. She's appeared in a live-action remake of Anastasia and in Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time. Beyond that, she's released some music and an EP under her stage name, Kendall K.

31. And Now: Dance Moms Secrets That'll Change How You See The Show... The 'Base Camp' Was A Doctor's Office

The proximity of the doctor's office to the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) provided an unexpected yet convenient space that the show capitalized on for multiple purposes during the filming of "Dance Moms." This versatile location, initially intended for medical practice, underwent a transformation into a multifunctional space catering to the needs of the production.
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So just down the road from the ALDC was a doctor's office, that the show actually rented out to use as a space for filming. The doctor's office was used for offices of the crew working on the show, as well as the girls' tutoring room and also a place they all ate lunch!

32. Abby's 'Pyramid' Took 2 Hours To Film!

The infamous pyramid segment on "Dance Moms" was a central element of each episode, featuring Abby Lee Miller arranging headshots of the dancers in a hierarchical structure while delivering her critiques and evaluations. This ritualistic opener became synonymous with the show, setting the tone for the emotional rollercoaster that ensued during rehearsals and competitions.
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The show, as we know, had a regular 'pyramid' opener where Abby would stand in front of everyone, using their pictures as props, and then talk about how bad they were, most of the time. Apparently the girls had to endure this speech for two whole hours, when most of it was just criticism!

33. Chloe Got Kicked Out Of The Studio

Chloe Lukasiak's departure from the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) at the onset of Season 4 of "Dance Moms" sparked widespread speculation and controversy. The root cause of her departure was reportedly linked to a contract presented to her, bearing clauses that extended far beyond the typical agreements related to the show.
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At the beginning of season 4 of the show, Chloe apparently got kicked out of the dance studio - and why? Because she wouldn't sign a contract. But this wasn't any old contract, like agreeing to appear on the show.. it was a contract for her to agree for them to control things like her weight and appearance!

34. Some Of The Show's Stars Received Death Threats

Payton Ackerman's stint on "Dance Moms," though brief, was marked by an unexpected and challenging experience, as she and her mother faced a portrayal on the show that they believed misrepresented their true personalities. Their depiction as "villains" within the context of the reality television format led to significant repercussions beyond the screen.
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Payton Ackerman only had a brief time on the show, along with her mom, but it was a memorable one. And that's because they weren't portrayed as particularly nice. But according to Payton, the show edited them to look like 'villains', and they received death threats as a result: phone calls, and people showing up at their house!

35. Some Things Were Staged (Shock)

Reality television, despite its label, often blurs the line between authenticity and scripted entertainment. In the case of "Dance Moms," while the show purportedly avoided scripted dialogue, the producers and creators were known to orchestrate situations strategically to elicit specific reactions or conflicts among the cast members.
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It's probably no surprise to learn that a lot of stuff we see on 'reality' tv shows these days isn't reality at all, as a lot of things can be scripted and staged. With Dance Moms, apparently it was never scripted, but the show's creators would literally create certain situations to get certain reactions that wouldn't have happened otherwise!

36. It Was Originally Supposed To Be A Short Documentary

"Dance Moms" began its journey with a modest vision, originally conceived as a short documentary project intended to span only six episodes, capturing the lives and experiences of the young dancers and their families within a brief six-week timeframe.
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At the beginning of the Dance Moms journey, the idea was actually supposed to be for a very short documentary: six episodes which would follow the girls for six weeks, and that would be it. It was never planned to be as big as it became, with as many seasons as it has!

37. Some Girls Were Homeschooled Across The Street

The demanding schedules of the young dancers on "Dance Moms" necessitated a unique approach to their education, prompting a shift from traditional schooling to homeschooling. This adjustment aimed to strike a balance between their academic obligations and rigorous dance training.
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The girls were very young, after all, and their time on the show was taking them away from a normal upbringing like attending school - and they had to study, after all. So the girls ended up being homeschooled in a place right across the street where they'd study for half the day, then go across the road to dance at the studio for the rest.

38. Abby's Behavior Was Apparently Even Worse Off Camera

Abby Lee Miller's persona on "Dance Moms" was characterized by her stern and often confrontational demeanor, contributing to the show's drama and tension. While her on-screen portrayal showcased a formidable and strict dance coach, accounts from various sources suggest that her behavior off-camera sometimes exceeded what was shown on the show.
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Abby was set up to be quite a mean person for the show - and that wasn't set up just to add to the drama. Not only was it not set up, but she was apparently even worse once the cameras stopped rolling! Even though she was mean on camera, apparently she still didn't want everyone to hate her - so what we see is her 'toning it down'!

39. All The Girls Had The Same School Teacher

The educational setup for the girls on "Dance Moms" provided a unique learning environment that catered to their diverse academic needs while accommodating their demanding dance schedules. Central to this setup was a dedicated teacher who oversaw the education of the girls across different grades and levels within a seven-year span.
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All the girls had the same teacher across a 7 year span, based at their school across the road from the studio. Even though the girls were all at different levels, grades and years, they would have one teacher who taught them all everything! Nia actually went to a traditional school up until 7th grade, and then switched to this homeschool tutor.

40. There Was A Lot Of Superstition Around

Superstitions and rituals often play a significant role in performers' lives, including the young dancers of "Dance Moms." These quirky traditions and beliefs became part of their routines, instilling a sense of comfort and positivity before performances and competitions.
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A lot of performers will have certain superstitions and rituals, and the Dance Moms girls were no different! Apparently the number 22 was considered very lucky, so if the girls had that dance number, they'd be happy. They also made sure to do a '5-6-7-8' handshake, and a 'knock on wood' ritual.

41. Some Things Abby Did Were So Mean They Couldn't Air Them

It's common for reality TV shows to curate content for broadcast, focusing on the most compelling and dramatic moments. In the case of "Dance Moms," while Abby Lee Miller's stern and critical demeanor was evident on-screen, reports suggested that certain situations involving her interactions with the girls occasionally reached extremes that were deemed unsuitable for airing.
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So it's true that Abby was pretty much as mean as they show depicted, but there were also some situations that got so bad they couldn't air them. There were times when she was perhaps a little too hard on the girls - no surprise there - and the show decided it was best to keep it out!

42. The Girls Had To Perform All Their Dances Twice

In the world of televised dance competitions, the process often involves a delicate balance between live performances for judges and capturing footage for television viewers. For the young dancers on "Dance Moms," this meant a two-fold process when it came to their routines.
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When the girls were dancing in competitions, they had to do their first dance actually for the judges. But for the sake of the show and getting the best shots possible, they had to re-do the whole dance just for the purpose of edits being used for the TV show so they could get different angles!

43. The Dancers Had To Go To A Casting Call

Absolutely, before becoming part of the "Dance Moms" cast, the dancers went through a rigorous selection process. Contrary to being personally invited, they had to attend casting calls and auditions much like any other aspiring performer.
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In order to get on the show, the dancers had to go to a casting call and audition like anyone else would do. They were handpicked or invited personally onto the show or anything like that. They had a casting call with interviews, and then had to send a video of them dancing.

44. The Moms Totally Had A Lot Of Drama

The dynamic between the moms on "Dance Moms" was a significant component of the show's dramatic appeal. The conflicts, tensions, and interpersonal dramas among the mothers were integral to the show's narrative and undoubtedly contributed to its entertainment value.
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A lot of the drama on the show came from the moms themselves, of course - and this was all reality, and one of the reasons all the girls were even picked for the show. If the moms weren't living off drama, they probably wouldn't have been picked. So the mom fallouts were all genuine!

45. And The Drama Negatively Impacted Their Daughters

The intense conflicts and drama among the moms on "Dance Moms" undoubtedly had an impact on the young dancers, affecting their emotional well-being and adding stress to their lives, despite their remarkable talent and dedication to dance.
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Any kid will know that seeing their parents fighting - whether with each other, or with other parents - isn't a fun time. So it's no surprise all the mom drama affected the kids on the show. Maddie Ziegler in particular has said she was 'stressed' at only 11 years old, and she doesn't want to live through all the drama again by watching any episodes!

46. The Girls Had Very Little Time To Learn Those Dances

The timeline for learning and perfecting dance routines on "Dance Moms" was indeed incredibly tight, adding immense pressure to the young dancers and their instructors. Contrary to the assumption of having weeks to prepare, the reality was far more demanding.
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When you look at those routines, and also know that the girls had to attend school for half a day and complete school work, too, you might think they have weeks to learn these routines. Nope! They barely even get a few days. They would start the dance on a Wednesday and have to finish it Thursday/Friday before competing on the Saturday!

47. Cathy Was The Very First Person To Be Cast

It's quite fascinating how the casting process for "Dance Moms" unfolded. While the focus of the show ultimately centered around the young dancers and their moms at the Abby Lee Dance Company, the initial casting decision didn't begin there.
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You might have though that the dance girls and their moms were the first people to be cast to get the show in order, but the very first person to be cast was actually Cathy, from Candy Apples Dance Studio. She was given a spot on the show even before Maddie Ziegler.

48. Abby Wasn't Even In The Studio Half The Time

The perception created by the editing of "Dance Moms" often portrayed Abby Lee Miller as a constant and omnipresent figure in the dancers' lives. However, insights from the moms revealed a different reality behind the scenes...
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The way that the show is edited - and the way that Abby would be the first to give 'constructive' criticism - you would think that she was there all day every day. But the moms set the record straight by saying that she was hardly ever there - and they even had to wait hours for her to come and do her 'pyramid'!

49. The Moms Hardly Got Paid Anything

The initial seasons of "Dance Moms" saw a different compensation structure compared to later seasons or reality TV standards. In the early stages, the financial arrangements for both the moms and the young dancers were notably different.
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At least for season one. The moms barely got anything, and the dance kids didn't even get a paycheck! For the very first season, apparently the moms got about $600 - but that wasn't even each. It was between all of them, and they all had to split it, so they got barely anything!

50. Chloe Was Actually Super Happy To Rejoin The Show!

Chloe Lukasiak's return to "Dance Moms" for the final season indeed surprised many fans, especially considering the circumstances surrounding her departure earlier in the series. Her initial exit from the show was marked by negative experiences, including strained relationships and clashes with Abby Lee Miller.
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When Chloe left the show originally, it was on quite a negative note - so you might have been surprised to see her back for the last season. You might have even thought she returned begrudgingly, but actually she was more than happy to return to the show and dance with her friends again!