Daily Struggles Only Someone In Retirement Will Understand

By Nick Hadji 7 months ago

1. You get annoyed when people are too loud

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You used to be the one getting the eye from that older person in the corner because your music was playing too loud or you were laughing too loud with your friends. Now, you're starting to think they might have had a point, because those kids at the bus stop are far too lively for your liking.Original content sourced from Quizzable.com

2. You order the same shoe in different colors

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You've finally found a shoe that's immensely comfortable (probably plain looking, probably flat and probably not the most attractive footwear) so you've panic bought the shoes in every color, just in case they stop doing them, and so that you have one for every outfit.

3. You refuse to go anywhere if there's nowhere to sit

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Once upon a time, you would happily have gone into a busy bar, restaurant or club and just leaned against the wall in a corner or made yourself a standing spot at the bar - now, if you poke your head in and there's nowhere to sit, you'd rather just go home instead - where your couch is.

4. You get excited about Amazon deliveries - but it's not what you think

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You used to stand at the window once you got that Amazon despatch email, excited about your new outfit, new book or new skincare product. Now? You're excited because you've just ordered some very practical kitchen appliance or some sensible shoes that don't hurt your feet.

5. 11pm is the absolute cut off for calling it a night

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11pm used to be the earliest you'd even consider for a night out - now, 11pm should be at least 5 hours after you've officially got your pajamas on, and let's be honest, even 11pm is pushing it for what you'd call a late night. Anything later than that, and you're bound to get cranky.

6. You're thinking ahead for cutting costs at Christmas

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You've switched into superior frugal mode where you're now recycling anything and everything you can for the holiday season, even buying next year's decorations on Boxing Day this year because they're much cheaper. If you have left over pieces of wrapping paper, you're probably going to stick them all together. Waste not, want not!

7. Your handbag is full of tissues and wet wipes

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You now refuse to go anywhere if you don't have an emergency pack of tissues and sanitary wet wipes in your handbag - and you've likely bulk bought a ton of them so you can pop them in every bag and coat pocket you own, so you never have to worry about them not being there.

8. You're starting to think those cords for glasses are actually a good idea

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We all associate 'older' people as having reading glasses hanging from their neck on chains or cords, but now you're starting to see the appeal seeing as you likely need to wear glasses more and more now and you're so sick of taking them on and off or just misplacing them.

9. The gifts you want are household items

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It used to be that when people asked you what you wanted for your birthday or Christmas you wanted them to surprise you with some luxury items, or something personal you'd love. Now, you're over the moon if someone buys you a power mop or extra strength cleaning products.

10. Your camera roll is full of blurred photos

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Likely of your finger. Going back through your photos, you probably have a bunch of blurred photos you've accidentally taken that look like your toe, or your finger. Not only that, but the pictures you actually intended to take have your fat thumb over one corner of them.

11. You have a tin of cookies at the ready

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It doesn't matter whether you're expecting guests at your own home, or visiting someone else's, you have a tin of cookies on your person - even if you have to take it with you. Gone are the days of cocktails for brunch - cookies are now key, and they're a comfort to you.

12. You're starting to get annoyed at impersonal text messages

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Especially around the holidays or celebrations, you're starting to think that handwritten cards or messages, or even an audio clip, are more appreciated than a generic text message. You're starting to feel fatigued at having to reply all these impersonal messages that people have only sent because they feel obliged to.

13. All clothes are now the same to you

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It used to be that you'd have summer clothes, cozy clothes, winter clothes, clothes that are too big, that are too small but you can get away with it... etc. etc. Now? All you clothes are just clothes. They either fit or they don't, and you're more inclined to the ones that are looser and comfier.

14. You've started to be pickier about alcohol, or drinks you like

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You've long since zoned in on what you would consider 'good' wine, and you're not going to compromise on that now. It used to be you'd happily drink anything thrown your way when in good company, but now you want that very specific brand of wine and you're not going to settle for anything less.

15. You have a favorite grocery canvas bag

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And you're likely to take it out everywhere with you, even in place of a prettier designer handbag, because you know how functional and dependable it is for holding all your stuff. Not only is this your go-to bag, you're going to get very annoyed if someone else uses it, or if you can't find it in the obligatory bag drawer.

16. You take your own snacks to the movie theater

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You just can't abide those extortionate cinema snack prices anymore! You refuse to pay all those dollars for popcorn or drink when you can just take your own (and let's be honest, you're probably transporting them in that favorite grocery canvas bag). You'll probably sneak in sandwiches, too.

17. All your phone tones are standard

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If you do have your phone on loud a lot of the time, it's likely your ring tone and notification tones are the generic beeps or rings from classic phone chimes. You don't have the patience anymore for trying to find your favourite song, or some funny voice clip.

18. You now can't go without hand lotion

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There's a turning point for everyone in later life when they suddenly realize just how important hand lotion is! You wish you would have paid more attention to moisturizing your hands long ago, as they can quickly reveal your age. Now you don't go anywhere without a bottle of hand lotion.

19. The more classical radio stations are starting to appeal

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You can be switching through radio stations mindlessly while driving, trying to find the perfect song, when suddenly you realize you've hovered way too long over a classic radio station, or a talk radio, instead of the biggest and greatest charting hits. You might even decide you don't mind.

20. Prioritizing your drawers smelling nice

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You're suddenly drawn to stores that are selling perfumes and drawer inserts specifically for underwear drawers so that yours can smell ridiculously fresh! You don't know why it never crossed your mind before, but now there's suddenly nothing more important than a lavender drawer insert.

21. Daily struggles of retirement

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Some feel quite excited about their retirement, after working for many years, and some people dread it.  But no matter how you feel about retirement, whether it's positive or negative, many people will agree that there are certain daily struggles that you will only know about when you retire.

22. Adjusting to a new routine

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One of the biggest challenges of retirement is having to adjust to a new routine. Work might have been at the center of many of your plans in life but now it's not there, you've not got that alarm clock to set in the morning. This might feel like a huge shift in your lifestyle, and some people do find this particularly challenging.

23. Finding a new identity

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Working for a significant chunk of your life means that your profession is part of your identity. Some retired people do struggle with this element of their new lifestyle, feeling like they've lost a big part of their self. So at the start at least, some people report the daily struggle of finding their identity in retired life.

24. Boredom

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Without the daily routine or having to go to work, it's probably obvious that many people have boredom to contend with. Days can be long if you're not busy and having to think of different activities and things to do with the days you've not got things on can be particularly challenging.

25. Social isolation

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Many people might struggle with social isolation because it's perhaps more challenging for them to keep in touch with people like before. Especially if they're living far away or not yet retired. Older people have been found to be at more risk of social isolation, especially if they live alone, and studies have found that this puts their health at risk.

26. The struggles of staying active

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When you retire, your routine completely changes. And not having a workplace to go to might mean that you're a lot less active than you were. The struggle of keeping active in retirement can be really difficult, especially in the early before you've established a new routine. But as we know, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to all kinds of health issues, so it's best to keep moving.

27. Finding purpose day-to-day

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Now you're not at work, you might feel the struggle to find a purpose every day.  If you have a family, they're likely to be pretty self-sufficient by now and you may or may not live alone.  So there's that challenge of finding something to do each day that fills your time productively or purposefully.

28. Mental stimulation

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When you retire, you might also think about the challenges of keeping your mind sharp, particularly as the brain is essentially seen as a 'use it or lose it' organ. One study found that many retirees risk cognitive decline when they no longer have the physical stimulation of work, particularly with their verbal memory.

29. Keeping in touch

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When you no longer have the social bonds of work day-to-day, you're probably going to run the risk of losing touch with people that you might have seen every day in the past.  So a daily struggle to keep in touch with people is certainly very common and might put retirees at risk of loneliness or social isolation.

30. Financial challenges

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Retirees may also face some financial challenges now they've not got their regular paycheck from their job. Depending on your pension scheme, chances are that the amount of money you receive each month is lower than you've been used to all of these years, which means that you might initially face financial challenges as you adjust to your new amount.

31. Budgeting

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With financial challenges, it's common for people to struggle with their budgeting, especially if they've had a steady income that's more than their pension over the years.  Some people choose to hire a financial advisor to help them if they are struggling with this challenging task.

32. Housing decisions

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In retirement, there might also be certain decisions to make, especially those that are related to changes in your lifestyle and finances. This means that in your retirement, you might face tough housing decisions including whether you need to downsize or move into a home that's more suited to your needs as you age.

33. Family dynamics

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You might notice that with you out of work due to retirement, your family dynamics might change, and this has been found to be a struggle for some people. For example, you might struggle with family members assuming that you have bags of time and can therefore care for your grandkids or run errands. This has been found to have the potential to cause conflicts in families.

34. Loneliness

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Many retirees report a rise in their feelings of loneliness when they finish work. In fact, one study into this found that older people are more at risk of feeling lonely as well as becoming more socially isolated. This may be linked to the change in lifestyle, like no longer going to work, as well as certain health issues and hearing decline.

35. Challenges with technology

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Technology develops so rapidly that it's hard to keep your knowledge up to date. It seems that as soon as you learn how to use one form of tech, another one comes into play. And the thing is, everyone seems to use tech to contact one another which can make keeping in touch with others a challenging task.

36. Scammers

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When you're retired, studies have found that scammers tend to target you, and older people have been found more likely to be scammed out of their money by criminals.  These might be face-to-face when they knock on your door, or through the use of technology.

37. Healthcare concerns

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Many people have health struggles as they age, so it's no wonder that when you retire, you are likely to have concerns surrounding your health. And it's true that many retirees struggle with their physical and cognitive health. But there are things that can be done in retirement to keep a healthy body and mind.

38. Sleep challenges

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When the routine that you've been used to following for many years is changed dramatically, it's no wonder that your sleep suffers. Many people have challenges with their new sleep routine, either sleeping too much or suffering from insomnia. The latter could be down to your worries about your new lifestyle and routine.

39. Navigating health insurance

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When you retire, it's a good idea to check that you have the correct health insurance and that everything is in order and up to date. It is especially important as you age because you're more likely on average to run into health issues when you get older. So it's important that you have the correct health insurance to avoid unexpected bills.

40. Planning for the future

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There are also certain things that you should start to think about in terms of planning for your future. This could mean decisions you need to make for both your retirement, including financial and housing decisions, and it could also mean talking to your loved ones about your funeral plans, making sure your will is in order, and any other decisions that you can make now.

41. Dealing with grief

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During retirement, it's more likely that you might have to deal with grief more than in the past.  The loss of friends and family members is extremely difficult to deal with, so this is certainly a struggle that many unfortunately face during their retirement years.

42. Empty Nest Syndrome

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Many people report struggling with the 'Empty Nest Syndrome when they reach retirement.  This happens when your adult children become independent and move out of the family home, leaving it feeling incredibly empty.  This can be challenging to accept and many people feel like they need to find their identity again.

43. Navigating the benefits system

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The benefits system can be difficult to navigate too, including when you're checking whether you're eligible for any extra help and then applying for it too. A lot of this process is done online nowadays too which could make using the systems more difficult.

44. Physical challenges

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There are likely going to be challenges with your physical self at some point too which is certainly something that many retirees struggle with as they age. With this physical aging, some activities might become more difficult to take part in than before. Despite this, it's still important to stay active in any way you can and that's appropriate for your ability.

45. Changing social circles

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Without the social bubble of work, your social circle is probably going to change quite dramatically. Instead of hanging out with colleagues like before, your social circle might now consist of family members, old friends, and perhaps new friends that you have made during your retirement journey so far.

46. Caregiving responsibilities

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You might have caregiving responsibilities when you retire from work too, whether that's caring for an elderly relative or friend, or even grandchildren. Perhaps you feel like you have the duty to take on these new responsibilities after retiring from work, or maybe you've been expected to, either way, it's important to take some time for yourself.

47. Fulfilling the bucket list

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There's also this pressure that once you retire, you're expected to take on your bucket list with your newfound time. But it doesn't really work like that, does it? Being retired doesn't always mean that you'll have tonnes of spare time all of a sudden because life is still there, even though work isn't. And besides, your bucket list might not even reflect what you wish to do anymore.

48. Finding ways to be part of the community

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You might have spent quite a lot of your time at work and your colleagues might have been a significant part of your social circle. And when you retire from work, you're likely to see less and less of them, and perhaps lose touch with some of them too. One struggle that those in retirement might relate to is searching for ways to be a part of the local community.

49. Revisiting old hobbies

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A good thing about retirement is definitely the possibility of having more time on your hands that was once taken up by work. Many people use some of this time to revisit old hobbies but might quickly realize that pursuing them is a little bit more of a struggle than you remember.

50. It's not all struggles

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So this list has focussed on the struggles that only those in retirement are likely to understand. But it is important to note that it's not all bad or a struggle. Actually, there is the possibility of a lot of joy to be had in retirement as well, so don't let those struggles hold you back!