Daily Struggles Only Rich People Will Understand

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Managing An Investment Portfolio

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If you're looking up at the affluent members of the community you might not think that these are real life struggles, but they are to them! Each day those with a load of cash might be trying to intricately manage their investment portfolios by assessing all the risks and analyzing the trends of the market. The world of investment can be a great way for the rich to get even richer.

Having Any Privacy

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Having some privacy is something that the less wealthy often choose to ignore as something to protect, but for the rich it's one of few treasures that they can't get their hands on. This could be the paparazzi getting too involved in their lives or the constant speculation from the public causing them a load of issues instead. They would love to be able to step outside and enjoy some true freedom.

Choosing Which Car To Drive

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This doesn't seem to be too much of a real struggle and it's definitely one that we wouldn't be complaining about if the opportunity was there to do so. For the rich and wealthy, something as superficial as choosing which of their many supercars they want to drive for the day is a struggle. Maybe they want to drive their Ferrari one day and then their Lambo the next, it's such an arduous task.

Looking After Multiple Properties

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Being able to own numerous properties is definitely a sign of being one of the richer people around the world but it can be quite a struggle either way. They have to make sure that each and every single one of their residences are well-maintained and fully equipped. They could even end up repairing multiple properties in one day which might become a little stressful

Choosing Where To Go On Holiday

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We're all dreaming of going on an exotic holiday pretty much every day of the year, but for many of the rich, this doesn't have to be a dream. Instead of wondering if they can afford to go being the problem, they just have to find the perfect place for them to head off on their jollies. The world is very much their oyster and they have to weigh up the perfect holiday for them (or they could just go on another the week after!).

Looking After Staff

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Many people who have boatloads of cash will choose to hire a load of staff, meaning that it isn't just their own well-being that they have to look after. These members of staff can cover across a whole range of job roles, and the employer will always have to make sure that the they feel content in their job. Not everything about being rich is making life easy, they have a lot of responsibilities too.

Dealing With Charity Requests

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Pretty much every day the wealthy end up navigating through a number of charity requests, some via e-mails and phone calls, some might even end up being called out publicly. It can be quite a taxing task to balance the desire to be helpful to the less fortunate whilst also making sure to choose a cause. Sometimes their views might not align with that of the charity that requested them.

Choosing The Charity For You

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As a privileged and wealthy person, choosing a charity can become one of the tasks that others definitely wouldn't envy. Pretty much all of the wealthy are expected to donate to charities in some form, often for a boost in their public image. They want to make a lasting impression on the community but there has to be a positive reason for them to donate their money in the first place.

Ensuring Children Are Financially Responsible

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One of the hardest things to do as a wealthy person is making sure that their children aren't reliant on them in the future. They are tasked with ensuring their children have enough financial responsibility that they'll always be comfortable; by providing them with opportunities as well as forcing them to appreciate the value of money without just what they'll inherit in the future.

Complex Tax Situations

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With wealth comes a very complicated and confusing web of tax situations that they may struggle to navigate. They always have to be clued up on the ever-changing regulations and for that reason they might choose to hire an accountant or team of accountants to ensure they're always informed. It's really a sign that even the wealthy don't have full control of their wealth.

Maintaining Social Image

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Every-social interaction that a wealthy person has can have a huge impact on the way people around the world might view them, especially if it's filmed or televised. It can be incredibly difficult to uphold a positive public image and it can be difficult to always show yourself the way you want people to see you. Society is always keeping an eye on people to scrutinize every mistake.

Choosing What Country To Live In

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If someone has an absolute ton of cash in their accounts then not only will they always be able to go on holiday, they can also just up and move countries in an instant. The world can truly become a playground for the rich and a number of factors like tax implications and weather can be a real game changer for them. It'd be nice to have the availability to move the Caribbean on the spot wouldn't it?

Keeping Up With Technology

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We live in a world now where technology is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace each and every month, never mind year. And for the rich, it can become a daily task to make sure that they always have the best and latest gadgets as a way to remain digitally relevant. Even when you have all the money in the world, keeping up to date with the new phones and consoles still isn't easy.

Dealing With Envy

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As you're probably well aware, people with a load of cash will always be shadowed by others, some they might know and some that might be total strangers. These people might be completely envious of the wealthy and this can be quite draining on someone with a load of cash. This draining feeling will come from having to balance the feeling of being both resented and admired by many.

Finding Reliable Advisors

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Money can pretty much buy you any material item in the world, but there are a few things that some people can't get their hands on with cash. The hardest thing to come across around the world, especially when you're rich is people that you can trust and believe in. They always want trustful advisors, but it might take a long process to find one with the right intentions at heart.

Managing Expensive Collectibles

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One of the coolest aspects of being rich and wealthy is being able to get your hands on some of the more rare and valuable collectibles around the world. Despite that though, managing them still isn't an easy task and they have to be safeguarded and preserved over time. Not only that, they need to make sure that their prized possessions maintain their monetary value at the same time.

Planning Extravagant Events

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One of the most entertaining things that a rich person can do is spending time at extravagant events with other people of a similar wealth to them. If they really want to signify their wealth though, they might choose to plan and arrange an event themselves. This could be anything from a party to a gala and the logistics of such a plan can be quite stressful and agonizing to develop.


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I've already mentioned that technology is improving each and every day and with these improvements there becomes more things that can be dangerous to the wealthy. Cyberattacks have become more and more popular in recent year and for that reason, cybersecurity now has to be incredibly robust to ensure that there are no potential breaches against their personal data and information.

Discreet Legal Disputes

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Unfortunately, and this goes for all of us, we will all be dragged in to some form of legal conflicts at some point in our life; the wealthy aren't exempt from that fact either. Their problems can actually be increased however, as they're also trying to avoid making any form of public spectacle that could damage their own reputation. Privacy and legal situations aren't the easiest of things to work around.

Keeping The Right Friends

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Although we'd all like to be rich and wealthy (it would make life a lot easier) one problem that will always arise is that it can become difficult to discern people who's motives are actually genuine with those who are only around for the cash. They have to ensure that people actually like them and their company and aren't just hanging around for the hopes of a little wealth at some point.

High-Profile Relationships

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When you live a privileged life, personal relationships can become more complicated very quickly. I've already touched on their close personal friends, but they also have to navigate some high-profile relationships too. When you have money, you are introduced to a world of other high-profile celebs or people in the public image and you might have to form some sort of alliance with them.

Exclusive Memberships

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Having a whack load of cash available to you will obviously open up a number of opportunities to the wealthy. You'll instantly have the opportunity to join a whole load of exclusive clubs and organisations that might have their own set of considerations. Again though, they have to join groups that have suitable interests and values as they don't want to ruin their image.

Estate Planning

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It might be a terrifying thought, but at some point in life you'll have to consider what you want to do with your wealth after you've died. You have to responsibly ensure that your wealth can transition from your generation to the next and that includes a whole load of aspects. You need to choose who gets what but also any specific goals or tasks you want them to go ahead with.

Picking Meals For Their Chef To Cook

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I mentioned before that the rich might often choose to hire some staff members to make their lives easier and one of those staff members might be a chef! Some of these chef's might develop a meal themselves, although the positive of being the employer here is that you can basically make them create a menu that suits you! You'll have a balanced but delicious set of meals for the foreseeable

Finding Personal Time

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For many of us, it can be difficult to balance any form of work and leisure time we have, especially considering that we spend so much time working to make sure that we have enough money for ourselves. Despite, the wealthy being, well wealthy, they might still struggle to be able to make time for some relaxation amongst their professional lives; it's hard to manage.

Family And Friends Expectations

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Family and friends expectations will always be something that plays on the minds of many people across the world; the wealthy aren't exempt from this either. Every single day, the wealthy will be tasked with maintaining their authenticity; they have to prove to their friends and families that they still keep their responsibilities for looking after their loved ones.

Identity Theft

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Identity theft is another of the crimes that has become ever more common in recent years and even the wealthy aren't safe from these people. It's a daily threat and each day they have to make sure that they're safeguarding their personal and financial information. They always have to remain vigilant against any breaches on their own security measures. It's a tough life!

Understanding Financial Markets

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Although they might be incredibly rich, that doesn't mean that they instantly know how all of the financial markets around the world actually work! Every single day, whether they do it alone or with the help of some advisors and accountants, they will be challenged with ensuring that they're always informed with the global trends and any further opportunities.

Maintaining A Sense Of Purpose

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It might seem stupid, but one of the biggest struggles a rich person will go through, is managing to find a real purpose in life. We all need a purpose, or else life will become an endless and vital struggle. They'll always be on the lookout for some endeavours or other ways to spend their lives that will ensure they feel as though they can live with a sense of accomplishment.

Leaving An Impact

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Amidst all their wealth, the rich will often ponder about how they'll be remembered following their deaths. For many, it can be very important to have left some form of legacy that will continue after their lifetime. This extends far past the material wealth, they'll want to be remembered for a number of things like charity work, initiatives or contributions to the community.