Craziest Things Found Underground

By Nick Hadji 7 months ago

An underground cemetery

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A man named Vincent Marcello was digging a hole for a swimming pool in his back garden in New Orleans when he discovered an underground cemetery dating back to the 1700s. In the end, they unearthed 13 caskets containing human remains…pretty creepy right!Original content sourced from

A dinosaur bone

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A man named John Lambert was building a new fence in his garden in Ipswich when he came across a large bone. Rather than finding out more about his discovery, John left it in his shed for 16 years…it turns out it was a dinosaur bone with was 250 million years old!

A ferrari

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This has to be the craziest discovery yet…a Ferrari underground! Yep the story is true, two young kids found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari in back garden of a home in LA back in 1978. It is rumoured that the car was stolen and buried, but the thieves never returned…

A big bag of cash

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We all dream about the day we find a huge bag of cash…well, for this man his dream came true! After digging potatoes from his allotment he unearthed a nylon bag buried in the ground with £113,000 inside! Would you hand it into the police or keep it for yourself?

Marijuana worth over $175,000

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This is a pretty baffling discovery…when a man was installing solar panels on a property in LA he found a secret vault in the loft. After finally managing to get access, he discovered hundreds of packages of marijuana with a street value of over £130,000! 

A hand grenade

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This is a pretty terrifying discovery…a man in the Czech Republic was removing a tree stump in his front garden when he discovered a grenade buried underneath! It turns out the grenade dated back to World War ll, and may have been the souvenir of a soldier who brought it home.

A Chevy Trailblazer

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I bet you didn’t expect to see more than one car on this list of things found underground! This Chevy Trailblazer was found by a family in Oklahoma back in 2017 when they were renovating their back garden. It turns out the car had been reported as stolen back in 2003…


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During the Gold Rush era in the 1850s, ships got stranded at the harbour in downtown San Francisco as the crew and passengers left in search for gold. There are now about 40 ships lying underneath the city, and this is one of them which was discovered in 2001.

A whale fossil

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This is one of the coolest discoveries ever…a young man was on his way home when he spotted a strange looking rock sticking out of the ground. With help from his friends, they unearthed the fossil which turned out to be the jaw and skill bone of 16-million-year-old whale!

Antique treasures

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Can you imagine coming across a treasure chest filled with magnificent jewellery, ancient ornaments and shiny pearls? Well, this is exactly what happened to a man in Austria back in 2007, who had no interest in making money from his discovery and instead donated them to a museum. 

A stone dating back to 2500 BC

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An amateur historian named Stephen Davis decided to research his own home in the UK when he made the shocking discovery that there was an ancient stone marking a burial site dating back to 2,500 BC in his back garden…sure enough, he found the stone hidden behind layers of ivy!

The bone from a mammoth

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A family in Iowa were picking vegetables in their back garden when one of the children came across a large white object sticking out of the ground. After they finally managed to dig it up, they found it was some sort of bone. Who would have thought it would be a 12,000-year-old mammoth bone!

Human remains

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A man in Texas was working on a new-build project in 2014 when he discovered a small bone…but that wasn’t the only one he found, he soon unearthed many more. After he called the police in fear it was a human body, a medical examination confirmed it was…but the bone were over 1,000 years old!

Gold nugget

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Perseverance really does pay off…this man from California had spent years using his metal detector in the hope of unearthing his fortune. A one day, he finally did! This huge gold nugget weighs 8.2 pounds and was sold for nearly half a million dollars at auction.

A bomb shelter

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Unlike other bomb shelters which have been discovered underground in the past, this one is pretty unique…a family in California unearthed this bomb shelter dating back to 1961 during the cold war. It was as though the shelter had been frozen in time, fully stocked with original products.

War rockets

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Can you imagine constructing a whole development of new houses just to find out they had been built over a 12,000 acre bombing range from World War ll? Well, this is exactly what happened in Florida, with over 100 rockets and bombs being unearthed since 1998.

A mystery object

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This mystery object was found underground by two sisters in Canada, and they really thought they hit the jackpot! The shiny blue rock with a golden hue was analysed by geologists, scientists and gem experts…but nobody could figure out what this object was and how it got there.


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The chances of finding a meteorite buried in your back garden are pretty slim…but not for this man living in a village in northern Bosnia. He didn’t even just find one meteorite, he found six! This is one of the most ground-breaking discoveries of the century. 

13,000 year old mastoden vertebra

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A man made quite a ground-breaking discovery when he was building a pond in his back garden in New York City. He unearthed a strange looking bone which then turned into a full-blown excavation which discovered over 90 mastodon bones including a skull over 13,000 years old.

Fossilised tape

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A young couple had just moved into their first home, and when they were digging up the old overgrown garden they came across this…a fossilised tape. Someone had clearly buried the tape a long time ago and now we will never know what was recorded on it.

The Williams Enigmalith

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John Williams was on a hike when he came across a strange looking rock with a metal component attached to it, resembling a modern-day electrical plug. However, geologists discovered it was 100,000 years old! It was named the Williams ‘Enigmalith’ which is a blend of the words ‘enigma’ and ‘monolith’.

Playing cards

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A man living in New York City unearthed a time capsule in his back garden. It turns out the over 25 years old, dating back to the 1980s. It contained a set of rare collectable cards, but due to the poor condition of the cards they were not worth any money.

Antique bottle

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It is a miracle this small antique glass bottle is still intact…luckily a man found it buried in his garden and managed to retrieve it without causing damage. It is in pretty good condition considering it dates back to the early 1900s and the man made a good profit selling it.

A toy pistol

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This woman moved into her new ground floor flat and decided to make a vegetable patch in her tiny garden. When she was digging away she felt something hard against the shovel. That is when she discovered this rusty toy pistol which is nearly 100 years old!

A medieval weapon

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A man decided to build a new garden shed and when he was laying the foundations, he discovered a strange wooden chest buried in the ground. He finally retrieved chest and found this inside…a ‘morning star’ which is a medieval weapon dating back centuries.

Gold coins worth $1 million

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This old couple really hit the jackpot on their dog walk in Nevada…after noticing a rusty canister sticking out of the ground, they decided to return to the spot and dig it up. Inside they found a collection of 19th century coins with an estimated value of £8 million!

A giant earthworm

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A woman in China was hanging out her washing when she was startled by the sight of a snake appearing from the ground in her garden! She soon realised it wasn’t a snake at all…it was a giant earthworm which was almost 20 inches long. This is the largest earthworm ever discovered.

A church bell

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This is quite an odd discovery made underground…a man in the Czech Republic was laying new pipework in his garden when he found an obscurely shaped metal object poking out of the ground. After he finally managed to dig up the huge object, he realised it was a church bell!

A marble collection

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A gardener was working in someones back garden when she discovered a beautiful glass marble. She put it in her pocket to return to the owner later that day, until she found another one…and then another one, and another one! They were dotted all over the garden and the owner had no idea how they got there…

A ring on a carrot

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Back in 1995, a woman living in Sweden was doing some gardening in the summer when she realised she was no longer wearing her wedding ring. She couldn’t believe it when a whopping 16 years later, she found the ring on carrot she was pulling up from the ground!

A Live Alligator

Image Source / WikipediaIn Texas, USA, it wasn't just a whole alligator's body found down in the sewer underground - it was a very much still alive alligator, swimming around down there, weighing 600 pounds and found exploring a 3-foot-wide drain pipe.

£36,000 In Gold

Image Source / Business InsiderThe Water Treatment Facility in Japan was going about its business when it recovered around £36,000 worth of gold in bits found in the sludge it had dredged up from underground. It was later found that these bits of gold had come from specialised instruments in the industry.

A Bunch Of Luxury Watches

Image Source / The TimesFinding one Rolex underground might be snazzy enough, but how about a bunch of them? A cleaner in Essex, UK, ending up finding a bunch of expensive watches in a drain near a railway station, and the find was worth around £60,000 of watches, including Omega and Rolex.

A Live Cow

Image Source / WiktionaryIn China, when a poor cow went missing, most people wouldn't have even thought to search underground. But the cow had apparently gotten into a sewer and was only found because mysterious moos began being heard under a manhole cover. The cow had been missing for 4 days, but whether it spent all that time underground, only the cow knows.

A Big Blob Of Congealed Fat

Image Source / The GuardianFound underground in London, England, was a mass known as 'Fatberg'. Fatberg was a huge blob of congealed fat the size of a double decker bus, and was unfortunately blocking the sewer. Not only that, but Fatberg was also mixed with baby wipes.

A Roaming Sheep

Image Source / WikipediaThought the cow or the live alligator was funny? Well how about a live sheep, too? Somehow this lone sheep had escaped its herd and gone off on its own adventure, finding its way underground and being found roaming about a sewer in Surrey, UK.

An Animal's Jawbone

Image Source / eHiveAn animal jawbone is a crazy find. The bone was found underground in Edmonton, Canada, when it was discovered in a sewer, but since its discovery, it's not actually known what animal it came from or how it got there.

Over £1,000 In Marijuana

Image Source / National Institute on Drug AbuseThere's nothing like flushing your stash of marijuana seeds down the toilet only to have them flourish and grow right beneath your feet. This batch of marijuana ended up growing in the sewer into a small forest in Washington, USA. It amounted to around £1,000 worth in street value.

Half A Mini Cooper

Image Source / RedditWhy not a full Mini, we hear you ask. Well, we've no idea. Maybe someone wanted to plant the car underground to block the sewer but realised that the full thing wouldn't fit so they cut it in half. Either way, half the car was found underground in London.

A Fax Machine

Image Source / WikipediaMaybe someone's weird way of getting rid of outdated technology by burying it underground? A fax machine was found underground in Scotland one day when it was discovered stuck in the sewer system during a routine check.

A Cross-Country Motorbike

Image Source / Cross-Country AdventuresThere are many off-road places you can take a cross-country bike, but maybe not under-road. But that's exactly what happened when an entire cross-country bike was found stuck underground in the sewers in Trent, England.

Hand Grenades

Image Source / Forces.netThis one's not just crazy, it's terrifying. Imagine finding a hand grenade underground and wondering whether it's actually still active? Not only that, but the reality that the grenade has been sitting there under your feet all along, potentially capable of blowing at any moment?

A Lost Puppy

Image Source / NewsweekThere's nothing worse than a lost puppy, and you can put up all the 'MISSING' posters you want but the last place you're going to think of is under the ground. Well, this particular lost puppy got lost all the way into the sewers of London - but was luckily found, alive and well.

A Pink Bicycle

Image Source / eBaySomeone must have really not liked pink when they decided to dump their bicycle. It was discovered underground in Scotland, and must have been easier to spot due to its bright colour - always helpful. So apparently it's not just cross-country bikes that like to get lost underground.

Human Placenta

Image Source / AusmedThis one's a little bit icky. But based on the fact it was found underground in the sewer system in the USA, we can only hope that maybe it got flushed down the toilet instead of someone actually being underground giving birth...

... And Also A Live Baby!

Image Source / WikipediaCompletely unrelated! But yes, a live baby was also found underground - and the reason it was found was because its cries were heard coming from the sewer system in Sydney, Australia. The baby was recovered and brought to the surface, found to be alive and well.

Hockey Sticks

Image Source / The Hockey PaperIn Canada, hockey is a hugely popular sport, but that doesn't mean you'd still expect to find a bunch of hockey sticks underground. If anything, they should be above ground being used. But yes, apparently, hockey sticks were found in Canada's sewage system. Maybe someone was bitter about a lost game?

Dinosaur Fossils

Image Source / Odyssey TravellerSpeaking of Canada - a construction crew were working on a new housing development when something in the ground stopped them in their tracks. It was actually a collection of dinosaur fossils, including from what's believed to be a duck-billed dinosaur called a Hypacrosaurus.

Goldfish (Alive & Breeding!)

Image Source / WikipediaPoor little goldfish get flushed down the toilet all the time if they've passed on, but apparently not all the goldfish that are flushed are actually dead. Found underground in Canada in the sewers was a flourishing collection of goldfish, who were also breeding down there.

A Colony of Worms

Image Source / WikipediaWorms in the ground doesn't sound so crazy, but how about a colony of particularly big ones being so chunky that they actually blocked a sewer? In North Carolina, USA, a large flesh-looking mass was found blocking the sewers when it was discovered it was actually a colony of Annelid worms.