Craziest Hidden Messages In These Famous Logos Copy

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Hold onto your hats and tighten those tinfoil conspiratorial caps because we're about to embark on a wild ride through the clandestine world of logos! Beneath the surface of those innocent corporate symbols lie secrets that make the Illuminati look like amateurs. Get ready to have your mind blown as we unveil the craziest hidden messages in some of the world's most famous logos. From subliminal messages to covert symbols, it's time to decode the enigma.

1. Baskin Robbins

Sure, we all know Baskin Robbins as the reigning champion of delectable frozen treats, boasting an array of flavors that could make Willy Wonka's factory blush with envy. But hold onto your ice cream cones, because there's more to their iconic logo than meets the taste buds.Image source Courtesy of Baskin RobbinsBaskin Robbins is best known for its delicious ice cream in amazing flavours.  Putting that aside, did you know there's a hidden message in the logo?  If you look closely, you'll see a number 31 in the initials which is the number of flavours the company were offering in 1953.  That's 31 flavours - one for each day of the month!Originally sourced from Femanin.

2. Apple

Ever wondered why the iconic Apple logo has a bite taken out of it, as if it had just been nibbled by someone with an insatiable craving for tech-flavored fruit? Well, it turns out, there's more to this missing chunk than meets the eye – and it's not because Steve Jobs was an avid fruit enthusiast.Image source Courtesy of AppleWhy does the tech giant’s logo have a bite taken out of it? The reason is quite logical.  The designer made the bite mark to scale so that if a smaller logo was being used on a different Apple product, it would still look like an apple and not be confused with a cherry.

3. Amazon

Let's take a stroll through the vast digital aisles of Amazon and decode the mystery behind that subtle yet significant arrow in their logo. It's not just a random embellishment; it's a cleverly embedded symbol that whispers the e-commerce giant's expansive promise – from A to Z, you can find it all.Image source Courtesy of AmazonWhat do you think the arrow means at the bottom of the logo?  It's not there for fun - the arrow represents the variety of stuff (from A to Z) that you can purchase on Amazon.  Some of the items are so far fetched but there is always someone who wants to buy them!

4. FedEx

Hold your packages and brace yourself for a revelation that might just change the way you view FedEx forever. At first glance, their logo may seem like a straightforward play of colors and letters, but take a closer look, squint your eyes if you must, and you'll discover a hidden gem nestled in the negative space.Image source Courtesy of FedExThe FedEx logo looks pretty normal at first glance, so it’s easy for anyone to miss the hidden message.  If you look carefully at the space between the E and the x— it’s an arrow pointing forward and this suggests accurate and speedy delivery.  That's the message FedEx want to pass on.

5. Dell

Prepare to be taken on a journey through the twists and turns of corporate creativity as we unravel the subtle yet profound story behind the Dell logo. At first glance, it may seem like just another piece of graphic design wizardry, but there's more to that sideways "E" than meets the eye.Image source Courtesy of DellThe sideways E in the Dell logo is not just a creative way to set it apart from all other logos.  Michael Dell announced that the main goal of his company was to 'turn the world on its ear.'  It’s been said he started with an E.  He certainly made an impact, that's for sure!

6. Toblerone

Indulge me for a moment as we embark on a journey to the snowy peaks of Swiss ingenuity and chocolate mastery, where the tantalizing aroma of Toblerone permeates the crisp Alpine air. The iconic triangular prism of Toblerone isn't just a beacon for chocoholics.Image source Courtesy of TobleroneIf you’ve ever had this delicious Swiss chocolate bar (we know you must have, even if it was at the airport, where they have the giant ones!), you’ve seen the mountain on its logo. So why is there a bear on the left side of the mountain?  Well, it's the official symbol of the Swiss town of Bern which is the original home of Toblerone.

7. Wikipedia

Welcome, knowledge seekers, to the digital realm where the globe isn't just a collection of continents; it's a mosaic of information, a living testament to the insatiable hunger for knowledge that permeates the virtual corridors of Wikipedia. But have you ever pondered the mysterious logo?Image source Courtesy of WikipediaThe unfinished globe, made of puzzle pieces with characters from different languages, represents the 'incomplete nature' of the company’s mission to be the go-to information portal — and the fact that it's site is built on user submissions that can never be complete.

8. Tostitos

Dive into the captivating world of hidden messages and creative symbolism as we unravel the delightful secret concealed within the logo of a certain snack haven. If you've ever cast a curious gaze upon the lettering of this particular brand, you might have dismissed the dot over the 'i' as a mere touch of color...Image source Courtesy of TostitosDid you think the dot over the 'i' was just to give it a bit of colour?  It's actually part of a hidden and creative message.  The red dot is a bowl of salsa!  The two 't's' are people and the yellow triangle in the middle of them is a chip.  It's all supposed to represent people grouping together to share a snack of chips and salsa (queso).

9. Goodwill

Prepare to journey into the world of logos where hidden surprises await, and assumptions may be turned on their head. Behold the logo of Goodwill, that beacon of positive change and altruistic endeavors. At first glance, you might interpret the cheerful visage as a representation of joy.Image source Courtesy of GoodwillYou probably assume that the logo contains a smiling face to represent how good it feels to clean your house, donate items, and recycle your clothes.  In fact, the face is just a larger version of the 'g' in the word 'Goodwill' which appears at the bottom of the logo.

10. Tour de France

Prepare to embark on a visual journey through the whimsical landscape of logos, where symbols are more than meets the eye. Behold the emblem of a certain tour company, where the vibrant yellow circle isn't just a sunlit burst; it's a cleverly disguised bicycle wheel...Image source Courtesy of Tour de FranceDoes the yellow circle represent the sun?  No, it doesn't!  It’s actually a bicycle wheel. The 'r' in 'tour' is a person and the 'o' in 'tour' is the back bicycle wheel.  There have been different logos over the years but this recent one was designed to be quirky and it is!

11. London Symphony Orchestra

Prepare to step into the symphonic world of design brilliance, where letters transcend their conventional forms to dance to the rhythm of creativity. The logo we're about to explore might seem, at first glance, like an elegantly written three-letter abbreviation, a sophisticated arrangement of letters in a fancy font.Image source Courtesy of London Symphony OrchestraOn first sight, it looks like the three-letter abbreviation was written out in a fancy font but this isn't the case. Not only is the logo an abbreviation of the London Symphony Orchestra but it also represents a conductor!  The 'L' and the 'O' are the arms.  how clever!

12. Wendy's

Welcome to the whimsical world of logos, where even the most seemingly straightforward designs harbor delightful secrets. Let's turn our attention to the iconic Wendy's logo – a classic portrayal of the freckled, red-haired girl, seemingly innocuous in its simplicity.Image source Courtesy of Wendy'sThe Wendy’s logo looks straightforward but don't be fooled as there is a hidden message in it.  There's a secret word hidden in the collar of Wendy’s blouse.  If you look closely, you will notice the word 'Mom' written in the collar of her top, which conjures ideas of home, and home-cooked food.

13. Pinterest

Enter the captivating world of logos, where simplicity often conceals layers of creative ingenuity. Cast your gaze upon the Pinterest emblem – a seemingly straightforward capital 'P' encapsulated within a bold red circle. But wait, there's more than meets the eye; the 'P' isn't just a letter...Image source Courtesy of PinterestYou may think this logo is cut and dried, with a capital 'P' placed in the middle of the bright red circle.  However, the company’s signature 'P' also doubles up as an illustration of a map pin. According to CNBC, the designers of the Pinterest logo didn’t want to add the visual of an actual pin.

14. LG

Prepare to embark on a journey through the pixelated corridors of tech nostalgia as we unravel the layers behind the LG logo. At first glance, you might assume that the friendly configuration of the 'L' and 'G' is a whimsical nod to a smiling LG customer, radiating satisfaction with their cutting-edge devices.Image source Courtesy of LGAre the 'L' and 'G' configured into a smiley face, the face of a happy LG customer? No! Eagle eye  point out that if you tilt your head to the side, the smiley face actually looks like a modified version of Pacman. According to LG, the logo stands for the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology.

15. Formula One

Welcome to the thrilling world of Formula One, where speed, precision, and design prowess intersect on the fast track of visual branding. As you gaze upon the earlier Formula One logo, the bold 'F' and the contemporary red flame motif immediately ignite a sense of racing fervor.Image source Courtesy of Formula OneWith this earlier Formula One logo, you get a really strong racing flare with the bold 'F' and modern red flame motif and you might feel the need for speed.  Just as the FedEx logo uses negative space to its advantage, the same can be said for Formula One.  Look between the 'F' and the red flames.

16. Unilever

Prepare to peel back the layers of design sophistication as we delve into the ubiquitous world of the Unilever logo. It's everywhere, an ever-present emblem that graces a myriad of products that have become staples in households across the globe.Image source UnileverConsidering the Unilever logo is everywhere, you’d think we would have looked deeper at the design. Most people just notice the letter 'U' and its decorative motif.  Upon further inspection, you’ll see the Unilever 'U' uses symbols related to its extensive product range.

17. Adidas

Step into the world of iconic sportswear, where every swoosh, stripe, and curve tells a story of athletic prowess and determination. Adidas, a name synonymous with performance and style, carries a logo that transcends the ordinary. There's a hidden narrative in those diagonal stripes...Image source Courtesy of AdidasWith 'Adidas' in lower case and bold type, most people would focus their attention on the company name.  Those diagonal stripes have meaning - they are intended to look like a mountain, he type of mountain that elite athletes would push themselves to climb against all the odds.

18. Hope For African Children Initiative

Welcome to the compassionate world of philanthropy, where every curve and contour of a logo tells a heartfelt story. Take a closer look at the emblem that represents this particular charity, and you'll discover more than just the geographic outline of Africa.Image source Courtesy of HACIYes, the logo definitely includes the outline of Africa, but if you look at the orange and yellow sections carefully, you’ll  clearly see the silhouettes of an adult and a child.  It's a very sensitive design that speaks volumes about the charity itself. Pat on the back for this one.

19. Milwaukee Brewers

Welcome to the world of baseball fandom, where logos are not just symbols but expressions of team pride and identity. Among the array of iconic sports emblems, the Milwaukee Brewers' logo stands out as a testament to the craft of design and the passionate connection between a team and its supporters.Image source Courtesy of Milwaukee BrewersThis logo has since been updated but the Milwaukee Brewers still sell gear with the above design. It’s very popular with fans, probably because the design gurus put a lot of thought into it.  A lowercase 'm' and 'b' form the glove, using the team’s initials in a creative way.

20. Beats By Dre

Welcome to the world of sonic innovation, where Beats by Dre has not only mastered the art of impeccable sound but has also woven a visual narrative into its emblem. At first glance, you might dismiss the logo as a humble lowercase 'b,' but beneath its simplicity lies a cleverly orchestrated design.Image source Courtesy of Beats by DreThe A1 sound quality of Beats by Dre speakers and headphones speaks for itself, so you may think this simple logo is just a lowercase 'b'.  That's not quite true as the circle that surrounds the 'b' represents a human head. The 'b' is meant to show someone wearing the headphones.

21. Sony Vaio

Step into the sleek realm of technology, where even the fonts have a story to tell. At first glance, the word 'Vaio' in Sony's logo may seem like a stylish arrangement of letters, a play on typography for aesthetic appeal. However, behind this seemingly fancy facade lies a thoughtful design.Image source Courtesy of Sony VaioIt looks like the designer got fancy with their fonts when crafting the word 'Vaio' but there is a meaning behind that original look. Sony wanted the logo to represent the integration of analogue and digital technology. The 'V' and 'A' were drawn to show an analogue wave. The 'I' and 'O' represent binary code a language of ones and zeros).

22. IBM

Welcome to the world of technology, where even the design of a logo becomes a canvas for powerful messages. The IBM logo may appear, at first glance, as if it were printed on a vintage dot-matrix printer, with its distinctive horizontal lines giving it an air of nostalgia.Image source Courtesy of IBMThe IBM logo looks like it was printed on an old fashioned printer with its horizontal lines! That is not the intention behind the logo, though. It turns out that hose horizontal lines symbolize the equal sign, representing IBM’s dedication to equality. Well thought out, that one.

23. Gillette

Step into the fast-paced world of design where every angle and curve tells a story. Gillette's font isn't just sporty; it's a visual symphony of speed and precision. The slanted style, with its dynamic tilt, isn't merely a stylistic choice; it's a deliberate design decision that imparts a sense of momentum and agility.Image source Courtesy of GilletteThis font looks sporty, with the slanted style lending itself to the idea of speed. Those slanted letters are angled that way to give a 'razor sharp' feeling. The 'G' and the 'I' have been cut to symbolize Gillette's signature product. The designer certainly had a razor sharp mind!

24. NBC

Step into the vibrant world of network broadcasting, where a logo becomes a canvas for symbolic storytelling. At first glance, the logo may captivate with its colorful peacock, a display of radiant hues that draws the eye. However, beyond the visual allure lies a thoughtful narrative embedded in every feather and curve.Image source Courtesy of NBCThis logo features a colourful peacock but the six feathers have meaning: They represent the original six divisions of the network, which was the number there were at the time of the design.  Also, the peacock’s head is facing to the right which is meant to symbolize the network’s eye on the future.

25. Ray-Ban

Welcome to the world of sunglasses where every detail, even in a logo, is designed to shade you with style. At first glance, the logo may seem like a chic display of the company's name in an elegant script font, exuding a fashion-forward aura that mirrors the brand's iconic designer sunglasses.Image source Courtesy of Ray-BanYou may think the logo shows the company’s name in a script font and provides a fashion-forward feel. Famous for its designer sunglasses, Ray-Ban actually incorporates a subtle illustration of a pair of shades in the 'B'.  Turn your head sideways to see it.  Cool!

26. Hyundai

Step into the sleek world of Hyundai, where the logo is not just a jazzy-styled 'H' but a sophisticated emblem that conceals a narrative of connection and satisfaction. The design, with its subtle nuances, transcends the boundaries of mere aesthetics and transforms into a visual handshake.Image source Courtesy of HyundaiIt’s a jazzy-styled 'H' for Hyundai.  It's slanted to insinuate speed, or maybe not.  This logo is meant to represent two people shaking hands. One is the salesperson, and the other is the satisfied car customer. The logo is subtle but effective with it's hidden meaning.

27. Museum Of London

Enter the vibrant tapestry of the Museum of London logo, where each hue and curve narrates a visual chronicle of the city's expansive history. Beyond its colorful aesthetic and the elegantly placed museum name, the logo is a testament to the city's dynamic evolution over the centuries.Image source Courtesy of Museum of LondonThis logo is colourful with a great design which serves as a backdrop for the museum’s name. The design of the Museum of London logo was  to pay made to pay homage to London’s geographical expansion through the years.  It begins with a layer of how Roman London looked and finishes with Future Outer London!

28. Washington Capitals

Welcome to the spirited world of sports branding, where logos become a canvas for both team pride and subtle nods to hometown heritage. In the emblem of Washington D.C.'s NHL team, the logo is more than a patriotic display with an eagle adorned in the iconic colors of red, white, and blue.Image source Courtesy of Washington CapitalsVery patriotic with an eagle in red, white  and blue in this logo for Washington D.C.’s NHL team.  There’s something hidden that you may not have noticed before. In the negative space at the bottom, you’ll see a silhouette of the Capitol building which is a nod to the team’s hometown.

29. Roxy

Step into the stylish realm of Roxy, the female fashion line that stands as a vibrant extension of the Quiksilver brand. The Roxy logo isn't just a visual delight; it's a strategic masterpiece designed to resonate with its desired demographic. At first glance, the logo exudes chic.Image source Curtesy of RoxyThe female fashion line, part of the Quiksilver brand, has a logo which was designed to attract its desired demographic.  On closer inspection, though, you can see the Roxy heart is made up of two Quiksilver logos, moved around to form the shape.  I'm loving this!


Enter the sleek and seemingly straightforward world of Cisco, where simplicity in design belies a rich tapestry of hidden meanings. At first glance, the logo appears uncomplicated, with the networking company's name elegantly placed under a line motif.Image source Courtesy of CISCOInitially, this logo looks as simple as you can get. The networking company’s name is plain as day under a line motif but there’s more to this logo.  Those blue stripes represent an electromagnet as well as the Golden Gate Bridge and paying homage to Cisco’s namesake San Francisco.

31. My Fonts

Welcome to the world of typography, where the power of fonts is not only appreciated but celebrated. In the realm of font discovery, MyFonts emerges as a beacon for those in search of the perfect typeface. Beyond its utilitarian function, the MyFonts logo transforms into a clever play on words.Image Source / WikipediaMy Fonts is exactly what it sounds like: a great online tool for finding your perfect font to use. With this logo, the 'my' in the name is actually styled like a hand, which obviously plays into the 'my' as well as giving the idea that you can 'get your hand on' whatever font you'd like!

32. Picasa

Step into the visual world of Picasa, once the go-to image tool and editor under the Google umbrella. While its logo may seem like a straightforward representation of a camera, a closer examination reveals a thoughtful design that goes beyond mere aesthetics.Image Source / Wikimedia CommonsPicasa used to be the image tool and editor for Google, and its logo looks like a simple camera to a lot of people. But if you look a little closer, the negative space in the middle of the camera shutter is actually a house! This is to give the idea that Picasa is the 'home' of all your photos and where your files live.

33. Eighty 20's

Welcome to the enigmatic world of a South African analytics consultancy, where the logo isn't just a visual identifier but a coded message that demands a keen mathematical eye to unravel its true meaning. At first glance, the logo might appear as an arrangement of squares, seemingly innocuous...Image Source / CrowdspringThe meaning behind the logo for this South African analytics consultancy is going to be missed by a lot of people - and not because you're stupid, but because you'd have to be really good at math to even notice what it means. That's because the squares on the logo represent the binary pattern for 1010000 and 0010100 - which means... eighty and 20.

34. AG Low

Welcome to the world of construction logos, where design goes beyond mere aesthetics to embody the very essence of the industry. At first glance, the logo of this construction company may seem refreshingly straightforward, presenting the company name in a clean and modern style.Image Source / Iain ClaridgeWhen you look at the logo for this construction company, you may just think (understandably) that it's a simple, fresh-looking logo that's straight to the point with the company name. But the way the name is laid out is done in the same way as the floorplan of a home would be!

35. Galeries Lafayette

Bienvenue to the world of sophistication and elegance, where the logo of an upscale department store in France is not merely a symbol but a subtle homage to the iconic landmark of Paris – the Eiffel Tower. At first glance, the logo exudes a sense of refinement and formality, in perfect alignment.Image Source / WikipediaFor an upscale department store in France, you'd expect everything this logo is giving off: the elegant and formal feel to it, the fancy font... But there's something else going on here, too. Can you spot it? The iconic landmark the Eiffel Tower is hidden within the letter 'f'!

36. New Man

Bien sûr, welcome to the world of innovative branding, where a French clothing brand's logo transcends mere aesthetics to communicate a powerful message of versatility and multi-purpose design. While at first glance, the logo may seem like a well-made and fresh representation for the clothing brand...Image Source / Wikimedia CommonsThis logo maybe isn't anything special in the grand scheme of things, even though you can tell it's well-made and fresh for the French clothing brand it's advertising. But the visual trick with this one is actually being able to read the logo the same way upside down. This is to show the brand's clothing is multi-purpose.

37. Greenlabs

Step into the digital landscape where symbolism takes root, and the logo of this digital marketing and online solutions company unfolds as a nuanced representation of their ethos and expertise. At first glance, the tree logo may evoke thoughts of environmental sustainability...Image Source / LogopondThis digital marketing and online solutions company may not be immediately representing what they're doing with this tree logo, because at first I would have thought something to do with the environment. But the tree is supposed to reflect that they're a 'green' tech company, and the top of the tree actually reveals a brain, referencing their know-how.

38. BirdLove

Enter the world of Vietnamese coffee with a logo that transcends simplicity to become a canvas for subtle nuances and hidden symbolism. The logo of this Vietnamese coffee shop is a visual testament to the artistry of simplicity, where black and white tones converge to create a classic ambiance.Image Source / LogopondThis is a logo for a Vietnamese coffee shop. It's a simple and clean logo, with only black and white used, and a simple heart symbol. This is all supposed to give a more 'classic' feel to this coffee shop, and the heart symbol is to show the love for their brand. But hidden in the heart did you also notice the two flying birds?

39. Gamecube

Welcome to the realm of gaming aesthetics, where the GameCube logo stands as a testament to the artistry of design, creating a visual symphony that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. At first glance, the logo presents a simple yet satisfying image—a cube within a cube...Image Source / Creative BloqThis logo is so satisfying for those with a techy and gamey brain (and those without). It just looks good! The Gamecube logo is quite obviously a cube within a cube, referencing the name, but it goes further than that with the outer cube making the G around the inner cube, and the negative space then showing a C.

40. Yoga Australia

Welcome to the serene world of yoga, where the practice of mindfulness and physical harmony intertwines seamlessly with the cultural and geographical roots of a nation. At an initial glance, the logo for this yoga company is a tranquil depiction of a yoga pose—a visual embodiment of balance.Image Source / RedditAt first look, this just appears to be a simple yoga pose - which is obviously perfect for a company advertising yoga. But if you look closer, you can see that the space between the person's arm and leg in the yoga pose is actually the outline of Australia!

41. BMW

Welcome to the iconic world of BMW, where every detail in the logo holds a rich tapestry of history and symbolism. At first glance, the BMW logo may appear as a sleek and simple design, but upon closer inspection, it unveils a narrative that intertwines regional pride and historical homage.Image Source / WikipediaThe BMW logo is one we all know but have probably never given much thought to. But actually, there's a reason behind the colour choice of blue and white: the colours come from the Bavarian flag. It's also thought the logo is supposed to be the blades of a spinning propeller, which would be a shout out to their aviation history.

42. The British Blind Sport

Step into the world of inclusive sports and empowerment, where the logo of this charity extends a visual invitation to explore the intersection of national identity and the profound impact of sports on the visually impaired. At first glance, the emblem proudly showcases the unmistakable design of the British flag...Image Source / British Blind SportThis charity helps blind and partially-sighted people to play sports, and its logo reveals the British flag - no surprise there given the company name and location - but if you actually give it a closer look, its in the shape of an eye, with the blank space in the middle being the pupil.

43. LionBird

Welcome to the realm of optical illusions and brilliant design, where this company's logo serves as a masterclass in visual storytelling. At first glance, the logo appears as a captivating fusion of a lion and a bird, a harmonious dance of two distinct creatures.Image Source / LogopondThis logo actually has such a simple idea behind it but its also done amazingly well to mess with your mind. The fact that both the lion and the bird from the company's name are there but different people will notice one or the other first. Both animals also represent something about the company: the lion is about the attack, and the bird is about the power.

44. The Swan And Mallad Restaurant

Enter the realm of culinary refinement, where the artistry of a restaurant's logo transcends mere representation to become a visual symphony heralding a sophisticated dining experience. At first glance, this logo unfolds like a masterpiece, a composition that seems more at home in a gallery.Image Source /BehanceThis logo is a work of pure art and beauty, so you'd think it would be part of a gallery or luxury brand rather than a restaurant. But that's also the idea, because the elegance of the logo lets you know the calibre of food you're in for! The black mallard is shown in the negative space of the swan, and then the swan itself is the '&'!

45. Spartan Golf Club

Welcome to the world of visual intrigue and clever design, where the logo for this golf club transcends the ordinary to become a fascinating fusion of sport and historical symbolism. At an initial glance, the logo appears straightforward—a depiction of a golfer in mid-swing...Image Source / Logopond... capturing the essence of the club's athletic focus. For this golf club, you at first see a logo with a person playing golf and taking a swing. Nothing spectacular about that for a logo, right? Well, look again and you'll see that the overall profile reveals the helmet of a Spartan soldier!

46. Schizophrenic

Step into the realm of graphic ingenuity, where the power of simplicity is harnessed to convey a profound message. The logo in question transcends conventional design, employing emoticons in a unique and thought-provoking manner. At first glance, it presents a straightforward sequence...Image Source / Logopedia - FandomThis logo uses emoticons in a very simple way to send a very powerful message. When you look from left to right, you can see a sad face. But when you look from right to left, you can see a smiley face. This represents the nature of schizophrenia in a visual way.

47. United States Cyber Command

Welcome to the intriguing world of covert symbolism, where the logo of this government organization conceals a clandestine code within its golden ring, inviting those with a keen eye to embark on a deciphering journey. At a casual glance, the logo may seem like a straightforward emblem...Image Source / WikipediaIt may come as no surprise to learn that this government organisation has a hidden meaning in its logo! And it's very easily missed. In the golden ring is a very long code of letters and numbers. The code was once cracked and it revealed a section of the company's mission statement, which relates to file integrity.

48. Carrefour

Bienvenue à Carrefour, where the art of subtlety intertwines with symbolism to create a logo that mirrors the essence of its name. At first glance, the Carrefour logo may appear as a simple and clean design, but hidden within its minimalistic elegance are layers of meaning that pay homage to the brand's identity.
Image Source / Logos-World.netCarrefour is the French word for 'crossroads', which is also symbolised by the thing in the logo you might have missed: namely, the two arrows on the left hand side and right hand side! You can also easily miss the hidden 'C' for the brand name, which is in the negative space between.

49. Sun Microsystems

Welcome to the digital tapestry of Sun Microsystems, where the logo unveils a hidden typographic mosaic, a brilliant blend of simplicity and cleverness. At an initial glance, the logo may appear as a geometric abstraction, a diamond crafted from dynamic squiggly lines.Image Source / CrunchbaseThe logo for Sun Microsystems, the technological company, at first looks to be a diamond made up of squiggly lines. But look closely and you'll see it's made up of 'u's' and 'n's'. You can see that some of them are stacked on top of each other, too, to create the letter 's' - and altogether this shows 'sun'!

50. Pittsburgh Zoo And PPG Aquarium

Welcome to the enchanting world of visual storytelling, where the logo of this zoo unfolds as a testament to the seamless integration of nature and wildlife. At first glance, the logo presents itself as a simple yet elegant depiction of a tree, an emblem that aligns effortlessly with the zoo's connection to the outdoors.Image Source / WikipediaThis logo looks like a simple tree, which would make complete sense for a zoo that deals with the outdoors and wildlife. But the illusion in this logo is with the two animal profiles you can spot in the negative space: the gorilla and the lion facing each other to reveal the types of animals you can expect to see at the zoo!