Companies That Pay The Biggest Salaries In Each State

By molly atherton 4 months ago
In the competitive landscape of the American job market, the pursuit of a well-paying and rewarding career is a constant endeavor for professionals across various industries. Understanding the compensation trends across states provides valuable insights into the economic powerhouses that set the standard for employee remuneration. Our upcoming article delves into the financial dynamics of leading corporations regarding their generous salary structures.

1. New Jersey: NRG Yield

NRG Yield is a company based in New Jersey. It is known for being one of the highest-paying companies not only in New Jersey but in the entire US. They specialize in renewable energy, proving clean energy which is one of the most important and topical areas of research at this current period of time.Original content sourced from
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The company offers customers a variety of clean energy solutions from solar farms and renewable power plants. The top-paid salary at NRG Yield is a massive $964,005 per year. Which, makes it clearly one of the highest-paid salaries that there is out there.

2. Nevada: VirnetX Holding Corp

VirnetX Holding Corp is a technology company based in Nevada. They have become known for offering some of the most competitive salaries in the states. The highest paid salary within the company is somewhere around $562,062, annually which is pretty impressive.
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The company is based around secure technologies and finding solutions around security and privacy when it comes to the Internet and technologies. It has become an extremely sight after workplace because of the high salary rate. Therefore, it also attracts some of the best candidates for the job.

3. California: Geron Corporation

The Geron Corporations headquarters are based in California. And for this reason, California is the place where the company owns the highest. The highest paying salary at Geron Corporation is around $500,250. The company is a biopharmaceutical company.
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They're known for having produced groundbreaking research. Particularly within the field of regenerative medicine. They have produced a lot of innovative research in the field and for this reason, and because of the high caliber of the employees they are a very high-paying company.

4. Massachusetts: Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Infinity Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company based in Massachusetts. The company specializes in developing and discovering targeted cancer therapies. Therefore, the importance of the research and the high quality of the work means that it is one of the highest-paying companies.
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It's actually the highest paying in the state and THE highest-paying company in Massachusetts. Their highest salary stands at around $495, 513 a year for the top roles. The company looks to establish life-saving technologies. A commitment to important research and the salaries have attracted people from all over.

5. Virginia: Arlington Asset Investment Corp

Arlington Asset Investment Corporation is a company based in Virginia. The role of the company is a financial specialist in investment and management, dealing with mortgage packages and rates. The company offers very competitive and attractive salaries.
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For example, the top spot currently stands at an estimated annual figure of $483, 502. Within the company, they also have a lot of growth potential. When you start at the lower-ranked roles, there is room for development and growth which is another attractive quality of the company.

6. Michigan: Esperion Therapeutics

The headquarters of Esperion Therapeutics is located in Michigan. The company is another pharmaceutical company that looks at developing treatments and therapies for cardiovascular diseases. Pharmaceutical companies as is evident on the list, are some of the highest-earning and paying companies.
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Here a job at Esperion Therapeutics in the highest-paying role could earn you the big bucks, an estimated yearly salary of $409,294. It is also the highest paying company in the whole of Michigan and one of the highest paying in the whole of the States too.

7. New York: Intra-Cellular Therapies

Intra-Cellular Therapies are headquartered in New York. They are a very well-known and established pharmaceutical company (again). They specialize in innovative and forward thinking treatments and therapies for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.
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The company has established itself as one of the leading companies. They offer groundbreaking discoveries and research! Currently at Inter-Cellular Therapies, the leading salary stands at around $354,916. The reason they off such good salaries is to be able to attract the best employees and the best brains.

8. Maryland: Chesapeake Lodging Trust

Chesapeake Lodging Trust is currently one of the highest-paying campmates in Maryland. It is a long-time established real estate investment trust. Their specialty is luxury hotels and resorts. They have some of the best properties in the States amongst their portfolio.
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The best salary is around a yearly $347,750. There is a lot of money in Real Estate and so this is reflected in the salary of the company. Their high-brow company also seeks out the best of the best to work for them and so they attract people through their high salaries.

9. Texas: Capstead Mortgage Corporation

Capstead Mortgage Company is a real estate company based in Texas. They are known for specializing in residential mortgage investments and they are a real estate investment trust. It has become one of the lead players and this is reflected in their high salaries.
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The highest salary paid by the company stands at around  $300,000 annually. It isn't the largest figure on the list, but it is still a company with one of the highest-paying salaries in the USA. They have established themselves as one of the most renowned mortgage investment companies with a long-standing reputation.

10. Utah: Intermountain Healthcare

The headquarters of Intermountain Healthcare are found in Utah. They are a non-profit health system that provides all kinds of medical services and facilities. They are also one of the highest employing companies in the USA, as well as the highest paying!
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A physician with one of the top roles in the company can be paid annually around $400,000. The salaries, of course, vary depending on the position in the role within the healthcare field. The experts at the very top f their field get given the top salaries in the company.

11. Alabama: Regions Financial Corporation

Regions Financial Corporation's headquarters are located in Alabama. They are a well-established and long-standing regional bank. They offer all kinds of financial services both to businesses and individuals who bank with them. They are one of the well-known banks in the USA.
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Banking is renowned for high-paying salaries and Regions Financial Corporation is no different. Their Senior Financial Analyst (considered one of the most prestigious roles) is paid yearly around $150,000, and this is without bonuses included in the figure.

12. Colorado: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a global aerospace and defense company that also has a very high presence within Colorado. They develop new aerospace technologies and have established some cutting-edge innovations. There are many different positions, roles, and salaries at Lockheed Martin, and the salary varied hugely.
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Aerospace Engineers are some of the best-paying positions in the company and they can be paid around $130,000. Of course, for the intuition, intelligence, and skill that the role requires the company reflects this with the yearly salary. It's a very specialist role!

13. Alaska: ConocoPhillips

Leading multinational energy corporation Conoco Phillips is currently the highest-paying company in Alaska. They are a company within the energy sector, they specialize in oil and gas. The Petroleum Engineer is probably the top paying role in Conoco Phillips with a $180,000 yearly income.
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This is also one of the highest salaries in Alaska paid by a company. The professionals are highly skilled and sought after which is reflected in the process. They work within the fields geology, engineering, petroleum, and many other fields of expertise.

14. Florida: Walt Disney Company

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of Florida is Disneyland. Walt Disney is one of the most iconic entertainment and media global companies, so it makes sense that their salaries reflect this. They have many different kinds of roles within the company.
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But they pay the highest salaries in Florida due to the theme parks in Disneyland. The Senior Software Engineer role currently is paid the highest salary in Florida for their theme park technology which requires precise engineering and knowledge. They are paid around $150,000 annually.

15. Connecticut: General Electric

General Electric is a huge multinational company. they are a technology-based company that looks at a variety of things such as aviation, renewable energy, and much, much more. As a globally established and recognized company, their salaries left this.
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They're currently the highest-paying company in Connecticut due to the high presence of General Electric in the state. The Mechanical Engineers earn around $120,000 per year. They are continually developing advancements or ways to innovate and improve current technologies in various fields.

16. Oklahoma: Devon Energy

Devon Energy is an oil and gas company with its headquarters situated in Oklahoma. Their salaries are extremely competitive and Devon Energy is the highest-paying company in Oklahoma. The highest-paid role currently is the Petroleum Engineer which stands at a salary of around $200,000.
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They are a well-established company within the energy sector and have stated its commitment to responsible energy due to the current climate and controversy around energy supplies such as oil in particular. The competitive salaries contribute to making Devon Energy an attractive employer.

17. Delaware: JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is a financial institution, one of the leading global institutions. They have a particularly large base in Delaware, making it the highest-paying company here. Their biggest paying banking role is currently the Investment Banking Associate which can earn $200,000 a year as a base salary.
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And, on top of this, the bankers can earn a huge amount of money in bonuses which could double the salary. Even without these perks, it is still one of the highest-paying salaries in Oklahoma. They pride themself on customer satisfaction and services.

18. Hawaii: Hawaiian Electric Industries

Hawaiian Electric Industries is based in Hawaii. It is a very large energy company that provides their utility and energy services to Hawaii. They power the majority of houses and businesses in the state. The Electrical Engineer, due to the highly skilled nature of their work, is the highest paid salary in the company.
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It is also the highest-paid salary in the entire Hawaii. They are paid somewhere around the $120,000 mark, per year. The power plant operators and energy analysts are also paid similar very high paying salaries because of their training and specializations.

19. South Carolina: Boeing

Boeing is another aerospace company. They tend to pay a lot due to the requirement for specialized, skilled employees. The Aerospace Engineer is paid around $150,000 annually. They are a global company but one of their largest bases is in South Carolina, which is why the highest salary is paid here.
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The company seeks very highly skilled and trained innovators to join the company. And so, the salary has to be attractive.  Aerospace is another sector that is usually extremely lucrative due to the specialized nature of it. They are continually growing and innovating.

20. Arizona: Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a leading global tech company. They have a large base in Arizona which is why their largest salary is paid n this state. It is also a company largely recognized in the states as offering very competitive salaries, some of the highest paying in the States.
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The technology sectors are now some of the most sought-after and lucrative industries. A software Engineer in Intel Corporation would earn around $140,000. For this reason, it's the highest-paying company in Arizona. Developers, project managers, and hardware engineers also get paid very good rates.

21. Missouri: Express Scripts Holding Company

Express Scripts Holding Company has its headquarters in Missouri. It is a Pharmacy Benefit Management company. It is one of the highest-paying companies in the USA and the highest-paying company in Missouri. In the company, a Pharmacist can earn up to $150,000 each year.
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The company tries to offer healthcare solutions and they base themselves on being cost-effective for their customers. The company employs a whole host of highly skilled professionals covering a huge range of fields. Devon Energy has demonstrated huge financial strength and stability.

22. Maine: Hannaford Supermarkets

Hannaford Supermarkets is a grocery chain which is based in Maine. They have become a hugely popular establish grocery chain all over the States. A Retail Store Manager in Maine can earn up to $100,000. Employees have rated the company as good to work for due to how they treat their staff.
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As well as this, the potential development opportunities you get once you are a part of the company. Hannafords are the highest-paying company in the whole of Maine. This of course, is one of the reasons they are one of the most popular grocery chains to work for.

23. Indiana: Eli Lilly and Company

Eli Lilly and Company is a long standing, established pharmaceutical company in the USA that specializes in research and development. They manufacture current medications on the market, as well as produce new medications. It has its headquarters in Indiana.
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One of the highest paying roles in Eli Lilly Company is the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative who earns around $120,000. They emphasize their purpose is to improve the lives of their patients by developing new medical advancements which are intended on helping people's lives.

24. Kentucky: Humana

Humana is a health insurance company (the headquarter resides in Kentucky) that provides a multitude of services and products in the healthcare industry. It is also one of the highest-paying companies in Kentucky. A Registered Nurse can earn up to an estimated $90,000 per year.
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Humana is amongst many health companies which have a massive profit margin, and as a result of this, they pay their top employees very well. Roles such as analysts, data scientists, and healthcare consultants are amongst the highest-paying jobs within Humana.

25. Louisiana: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is a multinational energy corporation that focuses on oil and gas, exploring, producing, and refining. The company is very well established throughout the States. As with many energy companies, they are very wealthy; they are a company who make a LOT of of money.
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And so they acknowledged this by giving attractive salaries to those in the most specialist roles. For example, a Chemical Engineer at ExxonMobil can earn an annual income of $150,000. This makes ExxonMobil one of the highest-paying companies in Louisiana.

26. Rhode Island: CVS Health

CVS Health is a healthcare company that has a whole network of pharmacies, clinics, as well as healthcare services. As you can derive from the list, healthcare companies are one of the most lucrative companies in the USA (along with energy companies).
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Hence why the salaries are higher than in other places. A top Pharmacist at CVS Health could earn around $150,000 a year, one of the highest within the company. Their headquarters live in Rhode Island, and it is this state which has the highest paid salary from the company.

27. Georgia: The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a company that everyone in the States is extremely familiar with. They are a home improvement retailer that sells all kinds of DIY products, furniture, and garden equipment. They are a household name...quite literally, it's the go-to place.
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They have a huge center based in Georgia. Home Depot is known to pay their high-ranking employees very good money. A Retail IT Project Manager can take home $150,000 a year. Home Depot is the highest-paying company in Georgia for this very reason.

28. Mississippi: Nissan North America

Nissan North America is the global maker of the famous Nissan. Nissan North America has been widely recognized as one of the highest-paying companies in Mississippi. The Automotive Production Supervisor role, for example, can earn a yearly salary of $100,000.
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Nissan is a globally sold product with their cars being known and sold all around the world in huge quantities. One of the manufacturing plants is based in Mississippi, hence why the salaries at Nissan are one of the highest here over other places and states.

29. Wyoming: Cloud Peak Energy

Clo0ud Peak Energy is a mining company that produces coal. They have for some time been considered one of the highest-paying companies, particularly in the state of Wyoming. Their Mining Engineer earns around $150,000 per year -  a very competitive rate.
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The company did experience some financial issues around 2019 and the company did actually file for bankruptcy however the company was widely considered one of the top-paying companies. Yet, the profits were not reflected within the company despite having had a very promising few years.

30. Vermont: GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries are described as a leading Semiconductor Manufacturing business. It is one of the highest-paying companies within Vermont. It has one of hits biggest factories in Vermont. A Process Engineer can earn an impressive income of $120,000 a year.
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The company aims to produce innovative technologies. It is also considered one of the highest-paying semiconductors of manufacturing companies. The company works in areas of manufacturing, engineering, development, research as well as of course, technological operations.

31. Arkansas: Murphy Oil

Like other energy companies, Murphy Oil is navigating the evolving landscape of the industry.. This company has an average annual salary of $140,965 for its employees. This company is a huge energy company working independently to supply oil and natural gas.
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And we all know there's a lot of money in oil and energy jobs! Murphy Oil's site explorations include the Gulf of Mexico, and they're a brand that's focused on a more sustainable future in this industry. This includes addressing challenges related to energy transition, market dynamics, and regulatory changes.

32. Idaho: IDACORP

This company has an average annual salary of $133,066 for its employees. IDACORP is another energy company which has a lot of other smaller power companies under its umbrella. IDACORP is focused on the electricity market, including distribution of it, marketing of it and buying it.
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Another big energy company which pays a nice annual salary, too! Similar to other companies in the energy sector, IDACORP is likely to have a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Given the evolving landscape to adopt practices that align with efforts to address climate change.

33. Illinois: Equity Commonwealth

This company has a very competitive average annual salary of $261,090 for its employees. This company is a real estate investment trust, which means you get security from two high paying industries we know of: real estate in itself, and of course, investment!
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Together, these make Equity Commonwealth, which focuses on internal management, with commercial offices across the US as well as this state. The combination of real estate and investment within Equity Commonwealth's operations provides a unique investment proposition.

34. Iowa: Renewable Energy Group

This company has an average annual salary of $93,181 for its employees. Working within the energy and mining industry, this company pays a generous salary in this state. Iowa is where this company has its headquarters, and it focuses on biodiesel production, with twelve biorefineries in the US.
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And also, as well as having a feedstock facility for processing energy. By focusing on biodiesel, the company contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a more sustainable energy future, supporting local development, and promoting environmental awareness.

35. Kansas: YRC Worldwide

This company has an average annual salary of $84,352 for its employees. As well as energy groups, another big industry that makes a lot of money is freight and transportation - and YRC does just that. Freight and transportation companies play a vital role in the global economy by facilitating trade and commerce.
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YRC focuses on supply chain solutions, as well as taking care of bigger freight tasks and transport. The company handles shipments for industrial, commercial, and retail clients. This broad scope suggests a diverse clientele and the capability to manage different types of cargo.

36. Minnesota: Piper Jaffray

This company has an average annual salary of $179,011 for its employees which is one of the reasons that it's become such a popular place to work. Salaries are competitive, so getting a job here isn't easy! But, for those who do get a job, the effort is definitely rewarded.
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When you're working for a huge financial company that knows its money, you can expect a decent salary! Piper Jaffray is one of the leading investment banks in the US, with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It also deals in institutional securities for its clients.

37. Montana: Glacier Bancorp

This company has an average annual salary of $49,100 for its employees. Sure, it's not as generous as some salaries on this list, but this is the average for this state - and not one to be sniffed at! This company in Montana operates as a bank with a wealth of options, including financial services like savings accounts.image source: blackterminal.comUnderstanding local economic factors, such as industry trends, employment rates, and real estate conditions in Montana, can provide more accurate insights into the bank's operating environment as well as its responsiveness to regional economic dynamics.

38. Nebraska: TD Ameritrade

This company has an average annual salary of $87,721 for its employees. This huge company in Nebraska offers leading investing and trading services, with years of experience and reputation. It has around 11 million clients, so a job here should not only give you a nice salary but a little bit of job security, too!
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The company provides independent services for its investment advisors, too. iven the nature of investing and trading services, technology plays a crucial role. Assessing how the company integrates technology into its platforms and services can provide insights into its commitment to innovation.

39. New Hampshire: UNITIL

This company has an average annual salary of $98,518 for its employees. Unitil is a huge energy company, with focus on gas and electric. It provides energy to homes across New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, and deals with energy for both businesses as well as residential areas.
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Unitil as an energy company provides a decent salary at close to $100,000! A robust salary structure is a key element in attracting and retaining skilled professionals in the energy industry. This can contribute to a motivated and experienced workforce.

40. New Mexico: PNM Resources

PNM Resources operates as an energy holdings company, suggesting a diversified portfolio and potentially engaging in various aspects of the energy supply chain. This diversity may include electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. This company has an average annual salary of $108,411 for its employees.
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Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, PNM Resources is a huge energy holdings company. It focuses on providing electricity to both homes and businesses throughout the state, and also provides energy to homes and businesses in Texas, too. It has around 800,000 customers.

41. North Carolina: BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

This company has an average annual salary of $205,224 for its employees. Pharmaceuticals has to be another of the big industries to bring in a lot of money, alongside energy and banking, and this company is no different! Its headquarters are based in Durham, North Carolina.
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The pharmaceutical industry is indeed one of the major sectors contributing significantly to the economy. This biotech company focuses on oral medication for rare diseases. Rare diseases often require specialized research and development efforts due to their unique nature.

42. North Dakota: MDU Resources Group

This company has an average annual salary of $77,268 for its employees. This company is another provider of energy in the US, but it also focuses on providing construction materials to its clients. While it's headquartered in North Dakota, it has sites and clients across the US.
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And, it produces and distributes electricity as well as natural gases across the country. The fact that the company has sites and clients across the United States suggests a broad national footprint. This extensive reach allows the company to serve a wide range of customers.

43. Ohio: Diamond Hill Investment Group

This company has an average annual salary of $256,300 for its employees. This company focuses on the industry of finance, so it's no surprise you can expect them to know what they're doing when it comes to salary! It works as an independent investment management company.
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It provides administration and investment services for its clients. The nature of the company's services suggests a client-centric approach, where the focus is on understanding and addressing the unique financial objectives and needs of each client.

44. Oregon: Portland General Electric

This company has an average annual salary of $118,209 for its employees. Portland General Electric is actually one of the largest and most successful companies in the US, as part of the Fortune 1000 list. PGE's core business is the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.
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Based in Portland, Oregon, it works to provide electricity to specific regions of the state, namely: Multnomah, Marion, Yamhill, Washington, Clackamas and Polk. The company plays a vital role in powering homes, businesses, and industries in these areas.

45. Pennsylvania: Madrigal Pharmaceuticals

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals operates in the clinical stage of pharmaceutical development.. This company has an average annual salary of $804,000 for its employees. Another huge pharmaceutical company paying a very generous and very competitive wage indeed!
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Madrigal Pharmaceuticals is at the clinical-stage of pharmaceuticals, and is focused on developing drugs to treat certain diseases, which includes liver, heart and metabolic diseases. They were actually previously known as Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.

46. South Dakota: NorthWestern

NorthWestern as a company have an average annual salary of $115,264 for its employees. Working within the successful energy and mining industry, NorthWestern focuses on delivery different energy solutions to its clients, which includes both gas and electric.
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Their client focus is within the Montana and South Dakota regions, but also serve Yellowstone National Park and Nebraska. By focusing on specific regions and serving iconic locations like Yellowstone National Park, NorthWestern likely adopts a client-centric approach.

47. Tennessee: National Health Investors

This company has an average annual salary of $209,777 for its employees. This company is a real estate investment trust, so it focuses on making a lot of money as many businesses do, of course! It specializes in real estate sales, mortgages and leaseback or joint ventures.
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It also has business within the senior housing market, as well as in the medical field. As a REIT, the company likely engages in real estate sales, mortgages, leaseback arrangements, and joint ventures. Its involvement in the senior housing market and the medical field indicates a diversified portfolio within the real estate sector.

48. Washington: Seattle Genetics

This company has an average annual salary of $198,658 for its employees. Seattle Genetics is a biotech and pharmaceutical company which has a huge focus on cancer treatment and recovery. They work to develop new therapies for patients to treat, fight and recover from cancer.
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They also try to find ways to support patients' families during this very difficult time, and they also work to support advocacy programs within treatments and care. The company's dedication to developing new therapies, supporting patients and their families showcases a diverse approach.

49. West Virginia: MVB Financial

This company has an average annual salary of $61,260 for its employees. This suggests that as a company, MVB Financial plays a significant role in contributing to the economic landscape of the region by providing relatively competitive compensation.
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This salary is quite a humble one compared to some on this list, but that's the average highest paying for the state of West Virginia! MVB Financial is responsible for the operation of certain banks within the state, and has a range of services and products which includes loans and real estate.

50. Wisconsin: Artisan Partners Asset Management

This company has an average annual salary of $201,687 for its employees. Although based in Wisconsin, this company actually works globally as an investment management firm. Its focuses is to help its clients learn and grow in regard to investments, and it provides investment strategies for asset management and more.
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It also comes with a none-too-shabby average salary! : Operating globally requires a deep understanding of global economic trends, geopolitical factors, and market dynamics. The company's ability to navigate these complexities is essential for delivering effective investment solutions to its clients.