Celtic Zodiac Signs And What They Reveal About Someone

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

1. Birch Tree (Dec 24 - Jan 20)

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The Birch tree is the first sign in the Celtic astrological cycle and it represents new beginnings. Those born under the birch tree are seen as achievers, patiently pursuing their goals and ones who never give up on what they want. They're true leaders.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Birch tree compatibility

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As a Birch tree, you are someone who craves attention, you're reserved and slow to commit to people so this may mean that you do not marry until your later life. One you're committed to a person, you a passionate, affectionate and loyal to the person you love.

3. Rowan Tree (Jan 21 - Feb 17)

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People born to the rowan tree tend to be deep thinkers with a lot of energy, creativity and originality with the ability to envision all possibilities. They're open minded people and can see all sides of a situation. This tree is associated with death and rebirth.

4. Rowan Tree compatibility

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If your signs the Rowan tree then you sometimes need your own space and freedom and you cannot be rushed into doing anything. You're a romantic and tender lover and when you meet the right person, you're an excellent partner who loves to listen to your other half.

5. Ash Tree (Feb 18 - March 17)

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The ash tree is a connection between three worlds, the underworld, earth and the spiritual world. The ash tree is a symbol of growth and expansion and reaching greater heights so people born under this tree have an ethereal air about them. Those who fall under this bracket are also known to be super creative.

6. Ash Tree compatibility

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You're probably a private person who can charm the opposite sex. You're very careful in choosing your partner and you share an emotional rapport with Willow which means you can have an intense relationship that caters to the needs and desires of both.

7. Alder Tree (Mar 18 - Apr 14)

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A person born in the Alder tree tends to be a trailblazer with self-confidence and self-trust that motivates people around them. These people have no fear of change or venturing into unknown waters to challenge themselves to always do better in life.

8. Alder Tree compatibility

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You tend to be more of a solo person who's passionate, emotional and impulsive if you're born under the Alder tree sign. You can also be very brave and loyal, partnering with the Birch tree could be very rewarding for you as they provide you with the stability you need.

9. Willow Tree (Apr 15 - May 12)

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The Willow tree is symbolic of a poet and someone who observes the life they have around them. They're resilient to adversity and always bounce back when times are difficult. The strength they have makes them determined to succeed at pretty much anything they do.

10. Willow Tree compatibility

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As a Willow tree you tend to be very creative and emotional but also self-contained and can attract weak partners that love to look after you. Ivy people find you very attractive and make the ideal partners for romance and long lasting relationships.

11. Hawthorn Tree (May 13 - June 9)

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The Hawthorn tree means you're life is a mixed bag full of good and bad fortune. The sign is adaptable to many situations, and can be whatever is required by the circumstances around at that time. However, one thing that this sign will never forfeit on is freedom.

12. Hawthorn Tree compatibility

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Communication is your strong trait and you feel and the way you feel about your love life is that you should always "be at one" with your romantic partner. You're an incredibly romantic partner and you get one very well with a Rowan who shares your need to communicate.

13. Oak Tree (June 10 - July 7)

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The oak tree is a sign of strength and stabalized force in your life. This tree is symbolic in the use of spells, wealth and durability and has always been a tree associated with the Scottish high lands. It's the driving force behind the Scots strength and durability.

14. Oak Tree compatibility

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As an oak, you're a protective and nurturing person with a tough exterior. However once someone has knocked down your walls, they'll see you're a gentle, loving and highly sensitive partner who's also sensitive to other people's needs. You're amazing!

15. Holly Tree (July 8 - August 4)

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Royalty and prestige is linked to the holly tree. People look up to people born during this time and their best qualities are their power and influence. Holly is put into peoples windows to ward off evil spirits and is believed to provide winter warmth to the fairies.

16. Holly Tree compatibility

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A confident and ambitious person, you're also social, playful and loyal but can quickly become impetuous and this can sometimes cause problems. Alder tree is your best match - they too are ambitious and loyal but your temperaments can cause you to clash.

17. Hazel Tree (August 5 - September 1)

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The hazel tree is one of wisdom and knowledge both in education and innate intuitive knowledge. In Celtic lore, magic is found in nature and the hazel tree is associated with the stories of magic wells or springs. This astrological symbol is the most magical of them all.

18. Hazel Tree compatibility

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A hazel tree sign means you're a good communicator and knowledge seeker with an unobstrusive manner so your best match would be a Hawthorn because you share a lot of traits. You're both great communicators and you're also both interested in learning.

19. Vine Tree (Sept 2 - Sept 29)

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Those born under this sign symbolise balance and always seek to restore balance in their lives. When balance is restored, harmony is ushered in which is ideal of a wine tree sign. People born under this symbol recognise the beauty of balance in life...

20. Vine Tree compatibility

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You can be quite selective in who you pick to spend your time and your life with and you can become inclined to steer away from commitment. You'll spend a lot of time choosing who's right for you. Those that fall under this celtic zodiac are said to be most compatible with Hazel and Willow!

21. Ivy Tree (Sept 30 - Oct 27)

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The Ivy tree sign starts slowly in order to gain it's footing, then once certain of it's surroundings it begin to take baby steps. These types of people don't fully commit to another unless they're certain, once they are, they tend to always reach their goals.

22. Ivy Tree compatibility

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As an Ivy, you have profound passions and emotions and this can lead to you becoming a little clingy, jealous and possessive in your relationships. The Ash tree sign is your most compatible sign because they met you on your own terms and this is favorable for a long lasting relationship.

23. Reed Tree (Oct 28 - Nov 24)

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The reed tree is a versatile plant and was used to thatch houses and carve musical instruments. This versatility is bestowed on those born under this sign and in folklore, those born under the reed tree have many talents, useful and strong willed. Is that you?

24. Reed Tree compatibility

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If you're a Reed tree then you'll live your life preserving your feelings and emotions - you're cautious with people you don't know so finding a partner can be a bit of an issue. The oak is a good match for you as you're both highly emotional and sensitive.

25. Elder Tree (Nov 5 - Dec 23)

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Also known as the judgement tree, the Druid priests would come to conclusions or make judgements whilst sitting underneath elder trees. Those born under this Celtic sign tend to be quite judgemental but also fair and balanced in the process. They also have a love for nature and the outdoors.

26. Elder Tree compatibility

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The freedom-loving Elder always has a sunny outlook on life and steers clear of making personal commitments. You'll always get on with a Holly because they too are a kindred soul who views life in a similar way to you. You're in a way, soulmates. Get yourself an Elder everyone!

27. Unlocking Celtic Astrology

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Unlocking the mysteries of Celtic astrology means it's important to understand the premises of Druid spirituality. Their beliefs in reincarnation and cellular memory allows them to unlock past life knowledge and build upon the knowledge they've accumulated over their lifetimes.

28. Tree spirits

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Druidism respects nature and the place you have in the world. The Celts believed in the energy you get from living your life to the fullest. They also believed in the supernatural world and stretched beyond just the physical, right here and right now.

29. Tree alphabet

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Tree's energies are said to revealed through the alphabet. The Ogham) glyphs are written form of the Druids. and were assigned to a different tree with each letter. There were twenty letters to be exact and each tree was left with a series of markings.

30. Celtic astrological animal symbols

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In Celtic astrology, the animal symbols depict the conscious mind so when animals are used with the tree signs, a bridge is formed between the conscious and subconscious mind. Nowadays, in Astrology, the animal zodiac would correlate with the rising star.

31. Celtic animal zodiac meanings

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As well as having a tree/nature sign, you'll have an animal sign corresponding with your month of birth. In Celtic beliefs, man is at one with nature, which is why an animal sign is connected with a person in this way. An animal personality can be as one with your human personality!

32. Deer (December 24th - January 20th)

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The deer is a sign of very high aspirations and motivation. This makes you the perfect person to get started with a project and see it through - or, if you know a deer sign, they're the right person to help you with a difficult task! Deer signs have a vision, and they know how to achieve it.

33. Stag (December 24th - January 20th)

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Another animal associated with this month range is the stag, which can be an interpretation of your preferred gender whether stag or deer speaks to you! The stag is a proud person, but that doesn't mean you're pig-headed - you're a person with great integrity and take pride in hard work.

34. Cat (January 21st - February 17th)

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This is a very intelligent, quick-minded and quick-witted animal sign! The cat is the perfect sign for a fresh perspective on something, or if you need a quick thinker. Cats are creative minds and they might have an artistic way of expressing themselves. You might be a person who at first comes across as distant or aloof, but you have a lot of love to give.

35. Snake/adder (February 18th - March 17th)

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The snake sign is a prime example of cool on the outside, but excited and fun on the inside! You might not show it often but you are definitely fun-loving. You're very curious about the world around you, which means you get excited about learning new things.

36. Fox (March 18th - April 14th)

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We know the fox for being cunning, and it's the same with the fox sign - a sly, cunning and mischievous person! You have a great sense of humor and you can usually command a room with your devilish charm. Fox signs are the ones that will steer their friends on crazy new adventures!

37. Bull (April 15th - May 12th)

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The bull is all about dependency and stability. The bull sign is a firm friend and a loyal person. You're very open and loving, which means partners or friends usually depend on you for a sturdy shoulder to cry on. The bull sign can also be very stubborn and often called moody!

38. Cow (April 15th - May 12th)

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Another animal to be associated with this month and close to the bull is the cow. You're a very trustworthy person and you know how to keep a secret - that's why most people come to you with theirs! You also have a great taste in decor and fashion, and some might call you classy.

39. Seahorse (May 13th - June 9th)

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The seahorse is a very flexible person, but that doesn't mean you're an easy laid back person all the time, because when it comes to being rational and managing things, you have it covered. You're the person who anyone would trust with finances, budgets, life advice and more!

40. Wren (June 10th - July 7th)

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The wren sign is all about an open mind and finding new opportunities. The wrens are very caring and kind people, always bringing a smile to people's faces. Wrens are very cool in stressful situations, so they're great to ask for help or advice - but they can also be very solitary creatures, happy alone.

41. Horse (July 8th - August 4th)

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The horse is a headstrong and powerful sign, and people of this sign will usually be leaders or forward-thinkers. They can be very charismatic and strong, and they can also work very well as part of a team - but it's unlikely they'll be okay with fading into the background!

42. Salmon/fish (August 5th - September 1st)

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The salmon sign is a deep and dreamy person. You could be described as a visionary, because you have a unique and creative view of the world. You're very intuitive, but your deep and profound nature might sometimes be too much for those around you - so you might take solitary reflection instead!

43. Swan (September 2nd - September 29th)

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Swans have very high taste and a keen eye for beauty - but that doesn't mean you're shallow. While you have very high standards, you also love very loyally and deeply when you find the right person! You're very composed, and could easily be mistaken for upper class! Maybe you already are.

44. Butterfly (September 30th - October 27th)

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You're literally a social butterfly, with lots of different friends and bags of energy for a party or two (or three). You're always talking to someone, whether that's in person, on the phone or texting. You make new friends easily, and you bring joy to the lives of the friends you already have!

45. Wolf (October 28th - November 24th)

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Wolves are people with purpose, who get the job done. You're a strong, solid and brave person who can face scary situations head on. Challenging situations only make you more energized and stronger, and you're the person everyone wants by their side to face whatever's coming!

46. Hound/dog (October 28th - November 24th)

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The close relation to the wolf that is also relevant for this month is the dog, or hound. You're a very faithful person, but with traits of the wolf, often it can be the mentality that you'll be a fierce ally only if your wants and needs align with that person. You're very strong-willed!

47. Hawk (November 25th - December 23rd)

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Just like a bird of prey, when you see something you want, you go after it - and nothing can distract you. Focus is the middle name of all hawk signs! Only when you're not fully interested in something do you then get distracted, and you can easily start a new project before finishing one if it's boring you!

48. Falcon (November 25th - December 23rd)

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For the same month, you may also have the falcon as your animal sign, whether the hawk or falcon speaks more deeply to you! You can be a very caring and generous person, with a great sense of integrity. You have a very strong opinion that you stubbornly stick by, but you can be persuaded!

49. Do you feel that you resonate with your animal?

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You might feel like your Celtic zodiac animal speaks to you on a spiritual level, or maybe the descriptions don't quite fit. At the end of the day, nature and animals symbolize something personal to you. Maybe your month is the wolf, but the wolf to you means family, or even being a lone wolf - it's about what you think!

50. Are Celtic zodiacs spirit animals?

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A few different cultures have a belief in spirit animals, and the Celts are definitely a spiritual people. While the animals which represent the signs of the zodiac aren't inherently spirit animals, they can definitely be interpreted that way! But you may have a spirit animal you recognize which is different to the animal of your zodiac sign.