Celebs We All Loved But Turned Out To Be Creeps

By Rylee 9 months ago

Alison Mack

Image Source: Reddit
Allison Mack is most known for her heroic escapades in the long-running series Smallville. She goes on our creep list for helping to lure women into a cult where they got sexually assaulted. Although she wasn’t the mastermind, she was no victim either.

Josh Duggar

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It’s one thing to sexually abuse adults – and I’m not saying it’s a lesser crime or anything. But you must be a special breed of monster to take advantage of minors. And it gets even worse. He did it to his own younger siblings. To describe this guy as a creep is an understatement.

Kevin Spacey

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He may have been let off the hook for nine sexual offenses because of “legal technicalities,” but there’s no universe in which you can convince people that he’s innocent. Sure, I’m no judge, but Spacey’s links to Epstein’s horror island say it all. Yep, he’s definitely a creep, at the very least.

Jeffrey Epstein

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Speaking of the devil, I don’t mean that figuratively; the next creep on our list is Jeffrey Epstein. He had an island where he would take young girls- as young as 11- and have their way with them. What sort of twisted person does that? He rightfully winded up behind bars, where he took his life.

R Kelly

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Loads of talent but a dark soul. Time and again, R. Kelly has wound up in the spotlight, fending off cases of sexual assault against minors. Creep, monster, crazy, yep, they all fit the bill. The courts thought so, too, and handed him a 3-decade sentence.

Drake Bell

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Actor Drake Bell was a TV darling in the early 2000s. That’s before he showed us his true face. He pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment after sexually abusing an underage fan. Although Drake did not go to prison, he got 200 hours of community service.

Danny Masterson

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Danny made a name for himself in the 1998 sitcom, “That ‘70s Show.” But he was far from the loveable personality we saw on screen. He didn’t just stop at just r*ping a girl with a weapon. He tried to use his position to silence her. The “icing on the cake,” rumor is that he also poisoned a dog!

Dan Schneider

Image Source: Reddit
Remember him from iCarly? You may not. He made many childhoods. But he took it all away when stories emerged of how he treated the show’s young stars, verbally abusing the kids when he felt the need to let off some steam. Showbiz is tough, but there’s no need to take it out on children.

Ezra Miller

Image Source: Reddit
His Wikipedia page certainly doesn’t make a good reading, does it? Disorderly conduct, unlawful trespassing, threats of violence, the charges keep piling up. Our creep meter is off the charts! He might have played a superhero on screen, but he’s most certainly the villain of this story.

Bill Cosby

Image Source: Reddit
Bill Cosby is a creep who needs no introduction. The Cosby Show star is currently in the legal battle of his life, facing nine counts of sexually motivated crimes. The allegations have it that he would drug women before he assaulted them. He seems to be facing a new lawsuit every day.

Michael Jackson

Image Source: Reddit
In 2005, Michael was charged with sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy. Four other children also came forward with similar cases not long after. Michael Jackson was never convicted, though, settling the lawsuits with his bank account. I guess justice does have a price.

Jared Fogle

Image Source: Reddit
The “subway guy,” as you might have known him like most people, turned out to be your vile creep next door. He lured children into having sex with him, but he got what was coming to him when he was convicted in 2015. What is it with these creeps and children, though?

Mahatma Gandhi

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I know what you’re thinking. The guy branded as possibly the greatest Indian to have ever lived? It can’t be!” Well, sleeping with underage girls to test your “purity” is certainly far from normal. In fact, one article in The Times of India described him as “a sexually repressed pervert.”

Woody Allen

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Famous filmmaker Woody Allen had a weird and disgusting fetish for young girls. One particular incident that had my jaw on the floor was when he molested his then-partner’s adoptive daughter and went on to marry her. Wow, just wow. Just when I thought these creeps couldn’t get any creepier.

James Franco

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I give you James Franco, ladies and gentlemen. The creep who makes other creeps feel ashamed to be called a creep. James Franco preyed on underage starstruck girls on social media. He would fly them to countries with lower consent age limits so he could have sex with minors.

Jared Leto

Image Source: Reddit
Jared Leto has played a mentally unhinged villain on screen. He might as well have been playing in real life. Accused of harassing colleagues and being a cult leader, Leto has had a flurry of sexual assault cases flung his way, some with compelling evidence. But, somehow, the charges don’t stick.

Armie Hammer

Image Source: GQ
Armie Hammer has been associated with sexual assault and another rather weird one. The allegations go, he would ask the women he was seeing to have a rib surgically removed. Not because he needed a transplant but because he thought it’d make a delicious dinner. There goes my appetite for ribs.

Jerry Seinfeld

Image Source: IMDb
I don’t know about you, but if you’re a 42-year-old man seeing a 17-year-old minor, that’s hella creepy. Moreover, Jerry Seinfeld is also on record, video for that matter, ogling a 15-year-old. He had the nerve to defend his actions, stating nothing was wrong with it.

Roman Polanski

Image Source: Reddit
This one falls into our creepy category, and I bet you saw it coming. From an award-winning actor to a sexual offender who drugged and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old, Roman is criminally creepy. Man, Hollywood is like a conveyor belt of pedophiles. It just keeps churning them out.

Andy Dick

Image Source: Reddit
People rated him highly as a comedian or actor, but I never quite warmed up to his line of humor. He is also a bonafide creep and a registered sex offender. In 2018, he spent three months in county jail for groping his taxi driver. Andy is also infamous for his unsavory behavior on set.

Marilyn Manson

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes
Anyone who has a N*zi obsession qualifies as a creep in my book. You can’t convince me otherwise. Brian Warner, stage name Marilyn Manson, collected N*zi memorabilia as a pastime. This weird fascination aside, the man has also faced more sex abuse allegations than I can count.

Amber Heard

Image Source: MDR
Someone takes a dump on your bed. She blames it on the dog, but we’re not buying it, then later on comes clean and brushes it aside as “a joke.” Do you find that funny? I’m not laughing. It may not be a crime – or is it? I’m no lawyer - but that’s weirdly creepy and disgusting.

John Deep

Image Source: Reddit
In the Amber Heard vs. John Deep saga, John Deep is no saint either. Deep sent just one of the graphic and homicidal texts to his ex-wife about making sure a certain lady’s burnt corpse is really dead. There’s dark humor, but this crosses the line so far. Creep!

Alfred Hitchcock

Image Source: Reddit
Alfred Hitchcock is known for his massive contributions to cinema. His reputation, however, will always be tainted by allegations of sexual assault. He frequently made passes at his usually young female actors, with many of them coming forward to report sexual harassment.

Donald Trump

Image Source: Reddit
Did you know that, over the past 50 years, Trump has faced 25 sexual assault allegations, including r*ping his ex-wife, Ivana? How Donald Trump rose to the highest office in the land with few people battling an eyelid will always be a mystery to me. He’s also facing 37 felony counts.

Kanye West

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If President Obama calls you a “Jack” for your antics -referring to when Kanye went on stage to voice his disagreement of Taylor Swift’s win at the VMAs, stealing the mic from her during an acceptance speech- then you must be a creep. Kanye has also propagated white supremacy and anti semitism ideas.

Tom Cruise

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Taking antidepressants is “irresponsible” according to Tom Cruise. The Mission Impossiblestar said that to an actress in 2005, later adding, “there’s no such thing as chemical imbalance.” He is known for his abusive rants on set and has voiced his support for the Church of Scientology cult.

Jonathan Lyndale

Image Source: The Face
You may know him as “DaBaby.” I know him as the guy who got away with murder. Over the years, the rapper has also faced charges related to felony battery when he infamously punched a Los Angeles resident. He’s also assaulted a woman at a nightclub. The controversies don’t seem to slow down.

Harvey Weinstein

Image Source: Reddit
Label it “crying wolf” all you want, but I call it how I see it. If 80 people point the finger of sexual abuse at you, that has to be some karma for it to be a coincidence. Fortunately, the long arm of the law caught up. This creep was convicted of r*pe in the third degree and more.

Phil Spector

Image Source: CBC
If someone refuses your sexual advance, what do you do? Phil Spector pulled out a revolver and emptied it into actress Lana Clarkson. A massive creep by default, Phil was known to physically abuse his wife and children. He spent his final years right where he belonged- jail.