Celebrities Caught Doing Gross Things

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Kanye West - Eating His Own Earwax

Image source DistractflyEating your own earwax is disgusting on so many levels.  Not that I would know, but it must taste beyond awful and surely it would stick to the inside of your mouth and you wouldn't be able to get rid of it.  Kanye obviously doesn't mind though.  He was snapped doing the dirty deed for all to see.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Justin Bieber - Spitting From A Balcony

Image source The MirrorSurely Justin would have better manners than to spit right over the balcony.  After all, he's a married man and Hailey would think it's as yucky as we do.  If there were any fans under that balcony and there could well have been, then they will have been on the receiving end of the saliva.

3. Christy Turlington - Sweat Stain

Image source BuzzFeedSweating buckets can happen after a spin class at the gym but I'm not sure what ex model Christy Turlington had been up to.  Judging by the wet patch at the top of her leggings I reckon she had tried to hold in her pee, unsuccessfully, until the class had finished.

4. Harry Styles - Vomiting In The Street

Image source Daily MailIf you feel like puking, you might be able to hold it in temporarily but it's gonna come out in the end.  Harry Styles might look like he's had a glass too many but it was actually motion sickness from a long car journey.  Shame he was captured on camera heaving by the side of the road.

5. Ethan Hawke - Picking His Nose

Image source TwitterCelebrities are no different to any of us, apart from their bank balance.  That would include sticking a finger up a nostril to see what's going on there.  Ethan Hawke should have used half a brain cell and done it in private because, when you're famous, your bad habits will be splashed all over the internet before you've had chance to flick the evidence away.

6. Zayn Malik - Filthy Ears

Image source Irish MirrorNow, that is foul wit a capital 'F.  Didn't Zayn Malek's mum ever give him a lecture on hygiene when he reached puberty?  Looks like old boy band member and ex of Gigi Hadid, has let his beauty routine go to pot, now he's single again and he's growing potatoes in his lug holes.

7. Ansel Elgort - Looking For Bogies

Image source US TodayAs you can see, this image is from the shooting of 'The Fault In Our Stars'.  As there are probably half a dozen cameras directed at Ansel, picking his nose was not the brightest idea.  His co star is probably embarrassed and avoiding eye contact with him, thinking what a dirty devil  he is.

8. Ariana Grande - Licking Donuts

Image source Daily MailIf you've been eating donuts, the likelihood is that you'll lick your fingers clean of any remaining crumbs and sugar from them and that's quite acceptable in the donut world.  However, unless your a toddler and not the age of Ariana Grande, you should know better than to lick the actual cake.

9. Britney Spears - Digging Up There

Image source Irish PostYet another public nose picker here where Britney Spears appears to be concentrating on the job in hand!  If it feels crusty up there, for goodness sake, use a tissue.  Before we know it, she will be copying Kanye and trying out the taste of ear wax.  She will have been mortified at being snapped here.

10. Kristen Dunst - Eating Salad Weirdly

Image source Eonline.comOkay, this might not be considered as being super gross, but sometimes when people have no table manners, it's not a nice sight.  Kristen Dunst is a sweet enough girl and has won many accolades for her acting ability but using a knife and fork appears to be out of her league.

11. Sienna Miller - Shoes, What Shoes?

Image source Life & StyleNo matter how I try, I cannot get my head around walking barefoot outside.  I have to admit I once wheeled the bin up the driveway on collection day without wearing my trainers but to actually go out on roads and pavements without footwear is gross.  Just look at the soles on Sienna Miller's feet!

12. Brody Jenner - Drinking From A Shoe

Image source Las Vegas Review JournalAm I missing something here?  Is there a ritual where it makes you extra manly if you drink from your shoe?  Brody Jenner doesn't seem to think it's anything other than the norm.  Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the Australian.  There could be a simple explanation like a shortage of clean drinking glasses.

13. Pink - Peeing Publicly

Image source Verywell FamilyGetting caught short makes me want to cross my legs tightly just thinking about it.  We've all been there at some stage and have looked around for somewhere out of sight to relieve ourselves.  Pink's kids couldn't hold on any longer and this bit of grassland was about to get watered.  Pink had been snapped peeing herself only days earlier - it must run in the family!!

14. Aziz Ansari - Nose Dunking

Image source OK MagazineStop it  - you're being watched.  Actor Aziz Ansari, star of the NBC sitcom 'Parks & Recreation' couldn't have picked a worse place to pick his nose.  Casually strolling down the street isn't the time for nose dunking.  I mean, what if it happens to be caught on camera?

15. Niall Horan Doing The Same

Image source PinterestWe've already had Harry Styles and Zayn Malik on our 'gross' list so we don't want the lovely Irish heart-throb, Niall Horan, missing out.  Yes, yet another 'nosey' one.  You'd have thought Niall would have learned his lesson after being caught peeing over a fence a few weeks earlier but no!

16. Miley Cyrus - Spitting Water On Fans

Image source Grazia DailyJustin Bieber set the trend by spitting over the balcony and Miley Cyrus decided to go one better.  During her concert, she took a swig of water from a bottle and forgot to swallow it.  Instead she spat it out over her fans in the crowd.  Did she think she was cooling them down?  Very gross..

17. Natalie Portman - Scratching Her Bum

Image source RedditIt is very irritating when you get an itch right in between the crack of your bum cheeks.  You can't even casually give it a scratch as your jeans are too thick for it to make a difference.  Yes, I'm speaking from experience here.  Natalie Portman took the bull by the horn and put her hand right in there, hoping no one would notice.  Sorry Natalie.  You were got.

18. Mischa Barton — The Ultimate Queen Of Nose Picking

Image source Paperblog'The Hills: New Beginnings' star Mischa Barton is a wonderful actress with a terrible habit.  She was caught in the act having a good rummage up her nasal passage.  Did she think it was more lady-like because she used her pinky finger?  It didn't work Mischa.

19. Justin Bieber - Mooning

Image source PopdustIt's always good to get a bit of air to your areas but preferably in the privacy of your own home.  Justin Bieber had to apologise just like in his hit single 'Sorry' for stripping by the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico.  It was reported that Justin climbed a 700 year old stone wall and felt the urge to moon.

20. Ed Sheeran - Farts When Singing

Image source Irish ExaminerEd Sheeran has been behind some of the biggest romantic songs in the whole of the music industry.  It took the edge off the emotive words of 'Thinking Out Loud' when Mr Sheeran admitted to farting a lot when he's on stage and performing in front of an audience.

21. Kate Moss - Cocaine Leak

Image source MetroYears ago, supermodel Kate Moss wasn't in a great way.  It was widely known that she had a drug problem and that caused a big issue for the designer brands she was promoting.  A so called friend sent a video to the Press of Kate snorting 5 lines of coke in 40 minutes and it made headlines in all the tabloids.

22. Miley Cyrus - Moved On From Squeaky Clean

Image source The MirrorTo celebrate her 18th birthday, Miley Cyrus got a friend to video her with a bong and using illegal substances.  She wanted to shock and to shake off her Hannah Montana image.  Over the years Miley has done more and more gross stuff in an effort to get noticed which has worked but in a negative way.  Having said that, she's a cracking talent.

23. David Hasselhoff - Eating Off The Floor

Image source Daily MirrorHow acceptable is it for your daughter to video her famous dad, lying shirtless and drunk, eating a burger from the floor?  You may think it's hilariously funny but when the father happens to be Baywatch icon and huge personality, David Hasselhoff, then maybe not such a great idea.

24. Sophia Urista - Festival Pee

Image source SpinThe members of  'Brass Against' were as shocked as the festival goers when lead singer Sophia Urista peed on the face of a fan during the set at 'Welcome To Rockville'.  She apologised on Twitter afterwards and said that she probably shouldn't have done it - probably??

25. Mike Tindall - Kissing Mystery Blonde

Image source Daily MailIt's a wonder Mike Tindall didn't get sent to the Tower of London after being spotted snogging a mystery blonde weeks before his forthcoming nuptials to Princess Anne's daughter and the Queen's grand daughter.  His bride to be, Zara Phillips, wasn't put off and they are still together now with 3 mini Tindall's of their own.

26. Winona Ryder - Shopping Spree

Image source US WeeklyEvery one loves a shopping spree and being able to splash the cash.  Winona Ryder is partial to a bit of retail therapy herself.  In fact, the Hollywood star was under the impression it was 'buy one get four free' when she 'inadvertently' acquired various items without paying for them.  Caught on CCTV meant she was unable to fib her way out of it.

27. Lady Gaga - Meat Dress

Image source DazedEven with her amazing talent and an Oscar on her mantelpiece, Lady Gaga is best known for shopping at her local butchers for 4 kilos of rump steak and instead of using the meat on the bbq, decided to make a dress out of it for a forthcoming awards ceremony.  I think it was a case of being fed up of wearing a little black dress again. Gross, gross, gross!

28. Britney - Meltdown

Image source The MirrorBritney Spears has been through the mill.  After a successful stint on the 'Mickey Mouse Club' and a number 1 single where she dressed as a school girl, she lost the plot.  Two failed marriages and a snog onstage with Madonna couldn't stop her meltdown where she burst into a barber shop and shaved her head.

29. Azealia Banks - Wardrobe of Dead Chicken

In 2016, Azealia Banks posted some videos showing her cleaning a closet in her apartment.  It appeared to be filled with decaying and dead chickens, feathers and dried blood (sorry if you're eating).  It was supposedly some sort of witchcraft behaviour.  We know she loves to shock but this is plain revolting.

30. Hugh Grant - Sex Scandal

Image source Daily Express

Word of advice - if you are Hugh Grant or any other successful, easily recognised actor, don't employ the services of an escort you found on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and 'do what you did' in a place where the paps. can see you!  It's 25 years since it happened but still remembered.  What a plonker.

31. Actor Chris Pine Is Another Nose Picker

Image Source / Just JaredActor Chris Pine was spotted on his balcony during his down time having a good ol’ route in his nose for anything he could pick. You’d think your balcony was a safe place to relax, unwind and be free to pick your nose, but sadly that’s not the case when you’re a big-time celeb.

32. Fergie Peeing Herself On Stage

Image Source / New York PostThe show must go on, according to Fergie. While performing with The Black Eyed Peas, it seems Fergie had a little accident. Fans spotted a wet spot near her crotch and photographed her. The photos later were released to the press much to her embarrassment, as she describes it as "the most unattractive moment of her life".

33. Robin Thicke Blurs The Lines

Image Source/ NY Daily News

A fan picture turned into a scandal for Robin Thicke in 2013. He had a picture taken with a young blonde woman that looked innocent enough apart from a poorly placed mirror behind them. In the mirror, you can see the married singer’s hand firmly on the backside of this woman. The image went viral with many fans tweeting it to his wife.

34. Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage

Image Source/ Hollywood ReporterWhile performing in Arizona, Justin Bieber suddenly stopped, turned and ran, then threw up at the side of the stage. He then exited the stage and left his dancers manoeuvring his puddle of vomit. It was all caught on camera, of course. He did later return to continue the show, a true showman not wanting to let his fans down.

35. Zac Efron Drops A Condom On The Red Carpet

Image Source/ PinterestIn 2012, at a premier for children's film, The Lorax, Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet and laughed it off like a pro. His very skinny jeans may have seemed like a good idea, but it was the classic 'hand in pockets' cool guy pose for the Paparazzi that stitched Zac up. As he took his hand out of his pocket, the condom dropped to the floor, which he swiftly collects and returns back to his pocket.

36. Brad Pitt Uses Wet Wipes As A Hygiene Solution

Image Source / Glamour UKBrad Pitt apparently reaches for the nearest wet wipe instead of showering when he's due a freshen up - he's claimed that it's because he has a busy life with kids, though, and should one of them pee, poop or sick up on him, he doesn't have time to shower. Let's just hope a wet wipe takes care of all of that...

37. Megan Fox Doesn't Flush The Toilet

Image Source / Glamour UKMegan Fox has admitted herself that she's 'horrible to live with'. Not only is she a bit messy, she apparently has an aversion to flushing the toilet, too - and not just for a quick wee, either. We're talking leaving the full deal in there for others to find.

38. Johnny Depp's Bad Breath

Image Source / NDTV.comIt's no secret that Johnny Depp enjoys a cigarette, which naturally is going to give him smoker's breath a tad. Well apparently that's the sort of thing your co-stars pick up on, because Angelina Jolie in particular has said he had unpleasant ciggie breath and asked him to chew some mints.

39. Kesha Smells Lke 'Shrimp In a Diaper'

Image Source / Glamour UKEither one of these things would be gross, but both together? But it's Kesha herself who has called her own brand of odour 'shrimp in a diaper'. It all started when someone actually told her she was rather stinky, and she elaborated with the need to specifically state what the smell was.

40. Robert Pattinson Doesn't See The Point In Hair Washing

Image Source / Know Your MemePerhaps basic personal hygiene isn't something immortal vampires have to worry about? Off-screen, he's apparently not too fussed with washing his hair - which is probably not too problematic when you have short hair on a man rather than waist-length locks.

41. Orlando Bloom Gets A Little Sloppy With His Clothes

Image Source / Daily MailAnother serial clothes-dropper is apparently actor Orlando Bloom, who doesn't have time to pick up after himself when he's too busy playing elves or blacksmiths or pirates. His ex, Miranda Kerr, apparently made some big time hints for him to wash his clothes and take a shower.

42. Adele Not Only Picks Her Nose, But Seeks Out Her Son's Bogies, Too

Image Source / The SunAdele is usually the queen of 'I can relate to what everyday people do' and apparently this includes picking her own nose. But it goes a little more gross than that, too, because she apparently loves looking for her son's boogies, rolling them up and then flicking them away.

43. Miley Cyrus's House Of Pee And Poop

Image Source / OK MagazineUndoubtedly a lot of celebs don't have time to clean, but they sure have the money to hire a cleaner. For Miley Cyrus, the singer has been known to have cluttered houses to say the least. But apparently, when she was with ex Liam, it drove her crazy how dirty it was: namely, dog poop, dog pee, empty pizza boxes, old food and dirty dishes.

44. Matthew McConaughey Goes Au Naturel

Image Source / Republic WorldMatthew has been said to smell very natural - which basically means he smells like BO. And he's fine with that fact, too. Co-stars, including Kate Hudson, would bring deodorant to set - which he refused - and he also apparently stunk out the cars he was using for Lincoln car commercials.

45. Julia Roberts Apparently Doesn't Like Showering (To Save The Environment)

Image Source / Showbiz Cheat SheetAccording to the actress's former bodyguard, she's not a fan of showering - at all - to conserve water. I don't know what this means for regular washing though because even if it's a quick splash in the sink, it's still water... so what does she use? She also doesn't use deodorant, so she'd get along with Matthew McConaughey just fine.

46. Britney Spears And Her Flatulence Problem

Image Source / The MirrorThe pop star's previous bodyguard apparently had some things to say when he talked about Britney's gross habits. Alongside heavy smoking, he also said she had a problem with heavy flatulence as well as picking her nose!

47. Christina Aguilera's Smell Has Been Described As 'Hot Dog' To '12 Year Old's Bedroom'

Image Source / iNewsI mean, that quite a broad spectrum - unless 12 year old's bedrooms smell like hot dogs anyway these days? But yes, apparently she's been said to smell like hot dogs and also a scent akin to a school-disco night. She apparently doesn't wash her hands in public bathrooms, either.

48. Jessica Simpson Doesn't Wanna Brush Her Teeth

Image Source / The ListWhile the rest of us are trying our best to brush and floss twice a day, the celebs are out here casually brushing when they feel like it and still having them whiter than white. Jessica Simpson - whose teeth really are dazzling white - told Ellen DeGeneres that she only 'washes' her teeth three times a week. So there's that.

49. Courtney Cox Smells Like A Truck Driver

Image Source / Yahoo FinanceRenowned for playing Monica the clean-freak, you might be surprised to learn that Courtney Cox is the opposite - at least when it comes to her personal hygience. According to her ex husband David Arquette, she 'smells like a truck driver'. Then again, what if there's a truck driver with some seriously nice aftershave?

50. Zac Efron Doesn't Do Showers

Image Source / Man of ManyAs well as oopsing on the red carpet and dropping a condom, Efron apparently doesn't do showers, either, at least not post-workout (which is arguably the most important time to have a shower!). After a sweaty workout, he opts instead to use baby wipes to clean himself up. Have you been talking to Brad Pitt, Zac?