Celebrities Caught Doing Gross Things

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Welcome, dear readers, to the glitzy world of fame where the red carpet isn't always rolled out, and the glamorous façade sometimes crumbles to reveal the unvarnished truth – celebrities doing downright gross things! Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride through the less-than-flattering escapades of the rich and famous, because let's face it, even our favorite A-listers aren't immune to the occasional lapse in poise. So, grab your popcorn, or perhaps a nose plug, as we embark on a sensational journey to unveil the surprising, the cringe-worthy, and the downright gross moments that make celebrities just as wonderfully imperfect as the rest of us.

1. Kanye West - Eating His Own Earwax

Eating your own earwax is disgusting on so many levels.  Not that I would know, but it must taste beyond awful and surely it would stick to the inside of your mouth and you wouldn't be able to get rid of it.  Kanye obviously doesn't mind though.  He was snapped doing the dirty deed for all to see.Image source DistractflyWhile most of us would be left desperately scouring for a glass of water or, better yet, a memory-erasing elixir, Kanye appears unfazed, embracing the unorthodox with an air of indifference. Perhaps, in the grand tapestry of his eccentricities, munching on earwax is a mere footnote – a peculiar punctuation mark in the saga of Kanye being, well, Kanye.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Justin Bieber - Spitting From A Balcony

Here we find ourselves, pondering the finer nuances of etiquette and the unwritten rules of romance. Surely, in the grand curriculum of marital bliss, "Thou shalt not spit over the balcony" must be a fundamental commandment, right?Image source The MirrorAs Justin casually transformed a romantic vista into a potential splash zone, one can't help but picture the unsuspecting fans below, blissfully awaiting a glimpse of their idol. Little did they know that they were unwittingly participating in an unorthodox baptism by celebrity saliva.

3. Christy Turlington - Sweat Stain

Ah, the glamorous world of celebrity workouts – where the pursuit of fitness sometimes collides with the unexpected, and even the most iconic figures are not immune to the pitfalls of bodily functions. Enter Christy Turlington, the epitome of elegance and grace, whose recent gym escapade left bystanders questioning whether they had stumbled upon a hidden chapter in the model's fitness diary.Image source BuzzFeedSweating buckets after an intense spin class is par for the course, but the wet patch at the zenith of Christy's leggings hinted at a narrative beyond the ordinary. Speculation arose, like curious whispers echoing through the gym: had the former supermodel dared to play a game of bladder brinkmanship?

4. Harry Styles - Vomiting In The Street

Ah, the highs and lows of life on the road – a journey that, for Harry Styles, took an unexpected detour into the realm of motion-induced discomfort. While the world is accustomed to seeing the pop sensation as the epitome of cool, captured in the midst of lively concerts and chic red carpet appearances, this offered the opposite.Image source Daily MailIn a world that often glorifies the polished veneer of celebrity life, Harry Styles' impromptu pit stop to the side of the road serves as a refreshing dose of authenticity. No amount of chart-topping hits or sold-out concerts can shield one from the inevitable grip of motion sickness.

5. Ethan Hawke - Picking His Nose

Ethan Hawke, like the rest of us mere mortals, succumbed to the universal allure of a good nostril investigation. After all, who among us can claim to have never wondered what's going on up there? However, as fate would have it, Hawke's curiosity was caught in the act.Image source TwitterIt seems the seasoned actor momentarily forgot the cardinal rule of celebrity life – when you're in the public eye, even the most innocuous actions can become headline news. In this case, the finger-in-nostril escapade became a viral sensation faster than you can say "action."

6. Zayn Malik - Filthy Ears

In a surprising turn of events, the former boy band heartthrob, fresh from the pages of a GQ spread, finds himself at the center of a rather unglamorous saga involving, of all things, potatoes sprouting in his lug holes. Surely someone might have told him right?Image source Irish MirrorIt seems Gigi Hadid's ex might have missed the memo on the finer points of hygiene etiquette, or maybe he's embracing a newfound aesthetic that pairs well with a post-breakup beard. Regardless, one would assume that Zayn's mum, in her infinite wisdom, might have imparted some pearls of hygiene wisdom during his coming-of-age years.

7. Ansel Elgort - Looking For Bogies

Ah, the perils of the prying lens – a lesson Ansel Elgort learned the hard way amidst the chaotic symphony of film production. In a scene that played out off-script during the shooting of 'The Fault In Our Stars', Ansel, in a moment of apparent nasal exploration, unwittingly thrust himself into the spotlight of the ever-watchful cameras.Image source US TodayWhile Ansel's on-screen charm may have wooed audiences in 'The Fault In Our Stars', this off-script nose-picking incident serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of celebrity life. In the grand saga of Hollywood blunders, it's a reminder that even the most polished performers are, at their core, wonderfully human.

8. Ariana Grande - Licking Donuts

In a scene reminiscent of a toddler's uninhibited exploration of the culinary world, Ariana, despite her mature status, was caught red-handed, or rather, sugar-fingered, engaging in an unexpected bout of donut-licking. Now, one might argue that the allure of a delectable donut can be overpowering, but surely, by the age of Grande, one should have mastered the art of donut consumption without resorting to such playful antics.Image source Daily MailOne can only imagine the reactions of onlookers, perhaps torn between admiration for Ariana's carefree spirit and a raised eyebrow at the unexpected culinary audacity. Donuts, after all, are meant to be savored, not affectionately licked like a lollipop.

9. Britney Spears - Digging Up There

Caught in the act of a public nostril investigation, Britney's concentration suggests a level of dedication to the task at hand that one might reserve for a high-stakes performance. The paparazzi lens, relentless in its pursuit, immortalized the scene, leaving Britney to navigate the unexpected journey from privacy to public spectacle.Image source Irish Post
Regardless, Britney Spears, an icon in her own right, will likely weather this unexpected storm of embarrassment with the resilience that comes from decades in the limelight. So here's to Britney – a queen in the realm of pop, an inadvertent nose-picker in the theatre of life, and a reminder that even celebrities have their cringe-worthy moments, whether they like it or not.

10. Kristen Dunst - Eating Salad Weirdly

n a scene that could be straight out of a dining etiquette tutorial, Kirsten Dunst, despite her sweet demeanor, finds herself in a culinary conundrum that leaves onlookers questioning the boundaries of table manners. It's a moment that, while not super gross, certainly ventures into the realm of cringe-worthy dining habits.Image source Eonline.comSo here's to Kirsten Dunst – a star on the silver screen, an inadvertent performer in the world of dining decorum. In the grand banquet of celebrity quirks, her unconventional knife-and-fork ballet adds a touch of weirdness to the otherwise refined act of dining, or something like that!

11. Sienna Miller - Shoes, What Shoes?

No matter how I try, I cannot get my head around walking barefoot outside.  I have to admit I once wheeled the bin up the driveway on collection day without wearing my trainers but to actually go out on roads and pavements without footwear is gross.  Just look at the soles on Sienna Miller's feet!Image source Life & StyleYou have to wonder what was going through her mind to head out and about without any footwear on right? Surely she might have put even some socks on to offer some form of protection to her soles in order to make sure they never got quite as dirty as they did.

12. Brody Jenner - Drinking From A Shoe

Am I missing something here?  Is there a ritual where it makes you extra manly if you drink from your shoe?  Brody Jenner doesn't seem to think it's anything other than the norm.  Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the Australian.  There could be a simple explanation like a shortage of clean drinking glasses.Image source Las Vegas Review JournalIt turns out though, that the 'Shoey' as it's affectionately known in Australia, is actually a common tradition amongst students and sportspeople in particular. Even the famous F1 driver Daniel Riccardo has been spotted doing this on the big screen during his driving time.

13. Pink - Peeing Publicly

As Pink's kids embark on an outdoor watering expedition, one can't help but marvel at the raw, unfiltered moments that transcend the glitzy facade of stardom. After all, in the grand tapestry of parenting, unexpected pit stops for a bathroom break are par for the course, whether you're a global icon or an everyday mom.Image source Verywell FamilyThe irony of Pink having been snapped in a similar situation just days earlier adds a touch of comedic continuity to the family saga of sudden bathroom emergencies. It appears that when nature calls, it doesn't check the celebrity status before making its demands, even if you're a chart-topping pop sensation.

14. Aziz Ansari - Nose Dunking

As Ansari, known for his wit and charm on 'Parks & Recreation,' engaged in the age-old pursuit of excavating nasal treasures, he likely didn't anticipate that the street would turn into an impromptu theater for an unexpected act. There's always someone watching in the celebrity world though!Image source OK MagazineOne can't help but chuckle at the sheer audacity of a nose-pick in broad daylight. The nonchalant demeanor, the casual stroll – it's as if Ansari temporarily forgot that the streets are lined with invisible paparazzi, ready to turn any unassuming moment into a headline.

15. Niall Horan Doing The Same

Ah, the saga of celebrity antics continues, and this time, it's the charming Irish heartthrob, Niall Horan, stepping into the spotlight of the 'gross' list. It appears that the allure of nose-related adventures is not limited to Harry Styles and Zayn Malik alone, as Niall takes center stage with yet another notable "nosey" incident.Image source Pinteresthe recurring theme of nose-related adventures in the realm of celebrity gossip sparks a certain curiosity – is there a hidden allure to these seemingly impromptu activities, or is it merely a case of stars embracing their humanity in the most unfiltered way possible?

16. Miley Cyrus - Spitting Water On Fans

where Justin Bieber's balcony escapade serves as a mere appetizer for the main course presented by none other than the irrepressible Miley Cyrus. In a bid to outdo the balcony spitter extraordinaire, Miley took the proverbial stage – a concert stage, to be exact – to showcase her own unique approach to hydration and crowd engagement.Image source Grazia DailyPicture this: the crowd, eager and anticipatory, their excitement reaching a fever pitch as Miley takes a dramatic swig of water, a seemingly ordinary act that transforms into a spectacle of unexpected proportions. For in that fleeting moment, Miley forgets the cardinal rule of beverage consumption – thou shalt swallow, not spit.

17. Natalie Portman - Scratching Her Butt

The butt itch has a way of demanding attention at the most inconvenient times, like a mischievous itch fairy determined to test one's composure. Your first-hand account of the denim dilemma strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced the exquisite torture of an unreachable itch in the most delicate of locations.Image source RedditAlas, the unforgiving eyes of the public were not to be deceived. Natalie's covert operation was exposed, a brief but telling moment captured by the watchful lens of the camera. Sorry, Natalie, but even Oscar-winning actresses can't escape the scrutiny of the itch fairy's relentless gaze.

18. Mischa Barton — The Ultimate Queen Of Nose Picking

In this unexpected episode of candid human moments, Mischa Barton was caught mid-rummage, venturing into the depths of her nasal passages with what could be considered a touch of misplaced elegance – the pinky finger, the epitome of refined gestures, attempting to lend an air of sophistication to an otherwise unglamorous act.Image source PaperblogSo here's to Mischa Barton, the inadvertent pinky pioneer of nasal rummaging, proving that even in the glamorous landscape of television stardom, the unfiltered authenticity of human habits prevails. After all,  sometimes the pinky finger can't rescue us from the candid exposure of our less-than-ladylike tendencies.

19. Justin Bieber - Mooning

The first two-time gross appearance is Justin Bieber! In a tale that blends the historic allure of Mayan ruins with the modern spectacle of a pop sensation's antics, Justin found himself entwined in a narrative that could rival even his hit single 'Sorry.'Image source PopdustIn a moment that's part historical transgression, part contemporary pop culture folly, Justin Bieber scaled the ancient stones and decided to share a bit of his, ahem, personal moonlight with the world. The Mayan ruins, once a solemn testament to a bygone era, became the backdrop for a show that even the most avant-garde of Mayan architects couldn't have anticipated.

20. Ed Sheeran - Farts When Singing

Behind the dulcet tones of "Thinking Out Loud" lies a revelation that may add an unexpected note to the symphony of love: Ed Sheeran, the maestro of romantic lyrics, is not immune to the less-than-melodic charms of flatulence. I mean who is though, really?Image source Irish ExaminerIn a moment that could be described as both candid and, well, cheeky, Ed Sheeran shared a tidbit that took the edge off the emotive words of his chart-topping ballad. It turns out that, despite his soulful crooning and heartfelt serenades, Ed has a penchant for letting one rip while gracing the stage in front of a live audience.

21. Kate Moss - Drugs Leak

Years ago, during a period when Kate Moss wasn't in the best of ways, the tabloid narrative took a sharp turn as her struggles with drug addiction became widely known. This wasn't just a personal battle; it became a public spectacle that cast shadows over the designer brands she so elegantly represented.Image source MetroThe designer brands that once basked in Kate's modeling brilliance were now faced with a dilemma. The pristine image they sought to project clashed with the stark reality captured in that incriminating video. It was a collision of worlds – the ethereal beauty of fashion and the raw, unfiltered vulnerability of a person navigating personal demons.

22. Miley Cyrus - Moved On From Squeaky Clean

Picture this: Miley, eager to shed the shackles of her Disney past, enlisted a friend to capture a rebellious moment on video. A bong, illegal substances, and an unapologetic desire to shock became the ingredients of a scandalous cocktail that echoed through tabloid headlines and left fans and critics alike collectively gasping.Image source The MirrorThis all came on her 18th birthday too! She was clearly going for rite of passage into adulthood, Miley celebrated her 18th birthday with a splash that shook the foundations of her squeaky-clean image. Over the years, Miley's journey has been a rollercoaster of boundary-pushing stunts and eyebrow-raising escapades, each one seemingly more audacious than the last.

23. David Hasselhoff - Eating Off The Floor

David Hasselhoff. In a moment that blurs the lines between hilarity and questionable decisions, his daughter, armed with a smartphone and a cheeky sense of humor, decided to document a shirtless and inebriated Hoff indulging in a floor-burger feast.Image source Daily MirrorOne can't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. The clash between the legendary Hoff persona and the down-to-earth, burger-grabbing dad is both amusing and, for some, cringe-worthy. After all, when your father is a pop culture icon, every moment caught on camera has the potential to become a headline.

24. Sophia Urista - Festival Pee

The members of  'Brass Against' were as shocked as the festival goers when lead singer Sophia Urista peed on the face of a fan during the set at 'Welcome To Rockville'.  She apologised on Twitter afterwards and said that she probably shouldn't have done it - probably??Image source SpinThe word "probably" hung in the air, a testament to the surreal nature of the incident and the unforeseeable consequences that accompany unscripted moments on stage. I can't imagine that anyone there could quite believe their eyes as things began to unfold.

25. Mike Tindall - Kissing Mystery Blonde

It's a wonder Mike Tindall didn't get sent to the Tower of London after being spotted snogging a mystery blonde weeks before his forthcoming nuptials to Princess Anne's daughter and the Queen's grand daughter.  He found himself entangled in a whirlwind of whispers and raised eyebrows.Image source Daily MailNow, with three mini Tindalls in tow, the couple stands as a testament to love's ability to weather the storms of scandal. The Tower of London, it seems, can remain a historical relic rather than a destination for wayward rugby players. He's definitely one lucky man.

26. Winona Ryder - Shopping Spree

Every one loves a shopping spree and being able to splash the cash.  Winona Ryder is partial to a bit of retail therapy herself.  In fact, the Hollywood star was under the impression it was 'buy one get four free' when she 'inadvertently' acquired various items without paying for them.Image source US WeeklyThe catch? The ever-vigilant CCTV cameras, silent witnesses to this unintentional shopping spree. Winona, caught in the act, couldn't resort to the age-old art of fibbing to wiggle her way out of the situation. The cameras, after all, don't fall for Hollywood charm.

27. Lady Gaga - Meat Dress

Even with her amazing talent and an Oscar on her mantelpiece, Lady Gaga is best known for shopping at her local butchers for 4 kilos of rump steak and instead of using the meat on the bbq, decided to make a dress out of it for a forthcoming awards ceremony.Image source DazedGaga's carnivorous dress stands as a testament to the fact that, in the world of fashion, the only limit is one's imagination – and sometimes, the result can be as gross as it is unforgettable. After all, in Gaga's world, meat isn't just for grilling; it's a medium for making a bold and, yes, grossly fabulous statement.

28. Britney - Meltdown

Britney Spears has been through the mill.  After a successful stint on the 'Mickey Mouse Club' and a number 1 single where she dressed as a school girl, she lost the plot.  Two failed marriages and a snog onstage with Madonna couldn't stop her meltdown where she burst into a barber shop and shaved her head.Image source The MirrorThe world watched in a mix of concern, confusion, and tabloid-fueled frenzy as Britney's iconic tresses were replaced by a close-cropped head. It was a visual representation of a star unraveling, shedding the expectations and constraints that came with her image.

29. Azealia Banks - Wardrobe of Dead Chicken

Ah, the mystifying world of Azealia Banks, where shock and surprise are the bread and butter of her narrative. In a moment that blurred the lines between reality and the bizarre, the rapper and provocateur extraordinaire decided to give her fans and the world a glimpse into a closet-cleaning session that was far from the ordinary.In 2016, Azealia Banks posted some videos showing her cleaning a closet in her apartment.  It appeared to be filled with decaying and dead chickens, feathers and dried blood (sorry if you're eating).  It was supposedly some sort of witchcraft behaviour.  We know she loves to shock but this is plain revolting.

30. Hugh Grant - Sex Scandal

The cautionary tale of Hugh Grant, a moment in Hollywood history that unfolded like a script from a cheeky British comedy. Picture this: Hugh Grant, the charming actor with a burgeoning career, finding himself in a rendezvous not with a leading lady but an escort discovered on the bustling corner of Sunset Boulevard.Image source Daily Express

It's been 25 years since that fateful night, and yet, the memory lingers like the punchline of an inside joke. Hugh Grant, in a moment of sheer plonkerhood, unwittingly thrust himself into the spotlight in a way no PR team would recommend.

31. Actor Chris Pine Is Another Nose Picker

Ah, the pursuit of a peaceful moment on a balcony, where one can bask in the serenity of their own space. For actor Chris Pine, however, even this seemingly private retreat proved to be a stage where the quirks of humanity came to light in the most unexpected way.Image Source / Just JaredThe irony of a balcony, traditionally a haven of personal relaxation, becoming the backdrop for such a humanizing act is not lost on anyone. Chris Pine, in this unfiltered moment, becomes a relatable figure, a reminder that celebrities, are not immune to the quirks that bind us all.

32. Fergie Peeing Herself On Stage

The show must go on, according to Fergie. While performing with The Black Eyed Peas, it seems Fergie had a little accident. Fans spotted a wet spot near her crotch and photographed her. Photographs found their way to the press, turning what was meant to be a musical spectacle into a tabloid sensation.Image Source / New York PostFergie, caught in a moment that transcended the boundaries of glamour, found herself at the center of an embarrassment that she candidly describes as "the most unattractive moment of her life." The showbiz adage "the show must go on" took on a whole new meaning for Fergie that day.

33. Robin Thicke Blurs The Lines

A fan picture turned into a scandal for Robin Thicke in 2013. He had a picture taken with a young blonde woman that looked innocent enough apart from a poorly placed mirror behind them. In the mirror, you can see the married singer’s hand firmly on the backside of this woman.Image Source/ NY Daily News

As fans, armed with smartphones and a penchant for drama, shared the incriminating image far and wide, the internet erupted with speculation and commentary. The viral nature of the photo even prompted fans to send it directly to Robin Thicke's wife, adding a layer of digital drama to the unfolding scandal.

34. Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage

Yep, he's actually back again! the pop sensation with a penchant for surprising twists, found himself in a moment that added a new definition to the phrase "giving your all on stage." I can't imagine the fans found him quite so attractive after this one!Image Source/ Hollywood ReporterBut wait, there's more. As cameras captured every moment, Justin Bieber, in an unfortunate display of the realities of the human digestive system, makes a pit stop at the side of the stage for an impromptu rendezvous with his own stomach contents. A puddle of vomit becomes an unexpected addition to the choreography, and his dancers are left to navigate this unexpected turn in the show.

35. Zac Efron Drops A Condom On The Red Carpet

In 2012, at a premier for children's film, The Lorax, Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet and laughed it off like a pro. His very skinny jeans may have seemed like a good idea, but it was the classic 'hand in pockets' cool guy pose for the Paparazzi that stitched Zac up.Image Source/ PinterestSwiftly collecting the errant accessory and seamlessly returning it to its pocket sanctuary, Zac transformed what could have been a wardrobe malfunction into a moment of suave recovery. The red carpet, known for its glamour and grace, became the stage for Zac Efron's unwavering coolness under pressure.

36. Brad Pitt Uses Wet Wipes As A Hygiene Solution

Brad Pitt apparently reaches for the nearest wet wipe instead of showering when he's due a freshen up - he's claimed that it's because he has a busy life with kids, though, and should one of them pee, poop or sick up on him, he doesn't have time to shower.Image Source / Glamour UKOne can't help but imagine Brad Pitt, A-list actor and father extraordinaire, armed with wet wipes as his secret weapon against the unpredictable messiness of parenting. The red carpet might be a distant memory as he tackles the day-to-day challenges of spills, splatters, and unexpected surprises.

37. Megan Fox Doesn't Flush The Toilet

Megan Fox, known for her stunning looks and on-screen charisma, surprised many when she candidly admitted to being, in her own words, "horrible to live with." The revelation, a refreshing departure from the carefully curated images of celebrity life, offered a glimpse into the everyday quirks that make us all wonderfully human.Image Source / Glamour UKIn a revelation that raised eyebrows and sparked a few laughs, Megan Fox admitted to occasionally neglecting the crucial act of flushing the toilet. And we're not talking about a minor oversight after a quick visit; we're talking about the full deal, left behind for others to discover.

38. Johnny Depp's Bad Breath

It's no secret that Johnny Depp enjoys a cigarette, which naturally is going to give him smoker's breath a tad. Well apparently that's the sort of thing your co-stars pick up on, because Angelina Jolie in particular has said he had unpleasant ciggie breath and asked him to chew some mints.Image Source / NDTV.comSo here's to Johnny Depp, the charismatic smoker, and Angelina Jolie, the candid co-star who wasn't afraid to address the less glamorous side of on-set interactions. In the grand narrative of Hollywood, where smoke and mirrors often create illusions of perfection.

39. Kesha Smells Lke 'Shrimp In a Diaper'

Oh, the quirks and candid confessions of Kesha, the pop sensation known for her unapologetic individuality and colorful persona. In a revelation that ventures into the realm of both the unusual and the humorous, Kesha has bestowed upon the world the intriguing description of her own unique scent – a delightful blend she fondly refers to as 'shrimp in a diaper.'Image Source / Glamour UKIn the world of pop culture, where artists often adhere to carefully crafted personas, Kesha's candid admission stands out as a refreshing moment of authenticity. She invites us to embrace the peculiarities that make us who we are, even if it means describing our own scent in a way that might raise a few eyebrows.

40. Robert Pattinson Doesn't See The Point In Hair Washing

n a twist that brings the supernatural into the realm of everyday habits, the spotlight turns to Robert Pattinson, known for his portrayal of a brooding vampire on-screen and, it appears, his nonchalant attitude toward a certain aspect of personal hygiene off-screen.Image Source / Know Your MemePicture this: Robert Pattinson, the heartthrob who charmed audiences with his vampire persona, navigating the mundanities of personal care with a distinctly relaxed demeanor. Unlike the elaborate grooming rituals often associated with immortal beings in folklore, Pattinson, with his short locks, seems unbothered by the fuss of frequent hair washing.

41. Orlando Bloom Gets A Little Sloppy With His Clothes

the curious case of Orlando Bloom, a versatile actor known for his roles as elves, blacksmiths, and pirates, and apparently, a serial clothes-dropper when the cameras are off. Behind the scenes of fantasy realms and swashbuckling adventures, it seems Orlando may have a lackish approach to the mundane task of picking up after himself.Image Source / Daily MailThe revelation adds a touch of humor to the larger-than-life roles that Orlando has portrayed on the big screen. In a world where he transforms into mythical beings and seafaring rogues, the everyday act of tidying up seems to take a back seat to the demands of his diverse characters.

42. Adele Not Only Picks Her Nose, But Seeks Out Her Son's Bogies, Too

Ah, the down-to-earth charm of Adele, the queen of relatability, known for her soul-stirring vocals and genuine connection with her audience. In a revelation that takes relatability to a whole new level, Adele's everyday habits are not spared from the spotlight, and it seems she doesn't shy away from embracing the less glamorous side of parenting.Image Source / The SunAdele apparently extends her nose-picking prowess to include a rather unique activity – searching for her son's boogies, rolling them up, and then expertly flicking them away. The image of the Grammy-winning artist engaging in this not-so-glamorous parental duty adds a touch of humor to her relatable persona.

43. Miley Cyrus's House Of Pee And Poop

Undoubtedly a lot of celebs don't have time to clean, but they sure have the money to hire a cleaner. For Miley Cyrus, the singer has been known to have cluttered houses to say the least. But apparently, when she was with ex Liam, it drove her crazy how dirty it was.Image Source / OK MagazineIt appears that the state of disarray, particularly the presence of dog-related mess and the remnants of indulgent takeout nights, drove her to the brink of cleanliness-induced insanity. You probably wouldn't want to have to deal with all that poop though would you?

44. Matthew McConaughey Goes Au Naturel

The laid-back Texan whose casual charm and easygoing attitude extend to his approach to personal fragrance. In a revelation that ventures beyond the traditional realms of Hollywood grooming, it seems that McConaughey has embraced a "very natural" scent – a euphemism that, in plain terms, suggests he's fine with a touch of body odor.Image Source / Republic WorldThe narrative takes an amusing turn when it comes to the reactions of his co-stars, including Kate Hudson. Faced with the prospect of sharing scenes with McConaughey's au naturel aroma, they reportedly took matters into their own hands, bringing deodorant to the set in a subtle attempt to nudge him

45. Julia Roberts Apparently Doesn't Like Showering (To Save The Environment)

According to the actress's former bodyguard, she's not a fan of showering - at all - to conserve water. I don't know what this means for regular washing though because even if it's a quick splash in the sink, it's still water... so what does she use?Image Source / Showbiz Cheat SheetBut that's not all – in a twist that aligns her with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, this Hollywood eco-warrior reportedly abstains from using deodorant. The omission of this conventional grooming product may raise eyebrows in a world where fragrances are carefully curated, but for her, it's a small sacrifice for the greater cause of reducing environmental impact.

46. Britney Spears And Her Flatulence Problem

The pop star's previous bodyguard apparently had some things to say when he talked about Britney's gross habits. Alongside heavy smoking, he also said she had a problem with heavy flatulence as well as picking her nose! She's not the only one here though is she!?Image Source / The MirrorI suppose at least she embraces her quirks and she comes across very human in comparison to some other celebs out there. And who knows, this guy might be a former bodyguard for a reason; he might be trying to get one over on Britney for losing his job!

47. Christina Aguilera's Smell Has Been Described As 'Hot Dog' To '12 Year Old's Bedroom'

Christina Aguilera, the powerhouse vocalist known for her chart-topping hits and dynamic performances has been claimed to have a scent that has become a topic of discussion, with descriptions ranging from 'hot dog' to the curious comparison of a '12-year-old's bedroom.'Image Source / iNewsThere's so many layers to that description too, who knows what a hot dog in a 12 year old's bed room smells like anyway? Surely whoever said this could have come up with something a little more relatable for us to understand instead of something quite so obscure.

48. Jessica Simpson Doesn't Wanna Brush Her Teeth

In this episode of celebrity dental confessions, the spotlight shines on Jessica Simpson, the pop icon known for her chart-topping hits and, evidently, her stunningly white teeth. In a revelation that might leave dentists raising their eyebrows, Jessica shared with Ellen DeGeneres a dental hygiene practice that defies conventional norms.Image Source / The ListJessica's revelation stands out as a testament to the unpredictability of celebrity practices. Her teeth, whiter than white, become a symbol of the unique paths that stars tread on the journey to maintaining their iconic smiles. It doesn't look as though she's had too much trouble either.

49. Courtney Cox Smells Like A Truck Driver

Courtney Cox, the actress renowned for her portrayal of the meticulous and clean-freak Monica on "Friends." However, as revealed by her ex-husband David Arquette, it appears that in real life, Courtney might embrace a hygiene routine that defies the tidy image associated with her on-screen character.Image Source / Yahoo FinanceThe comparison to a truck driver introduces a playful ambiguity. Does it suggest a casual and unfussy approach to personal scent, akin to the stereotype of a truck driver on the road? Or does it leave room for the possibility that this particular truck driver is equipped with some seriously nice aftershave?

50. Zac Efron Doesn't Do Showers

As well as oopsing on the red carpet and dropping a condom, Efron apparently doesn't do showers, either, at least not post-workout (which is arguably the most important time to have a shower!). After a sweaty workout, he opts instead to use baby wipes to clean himself up.Image Source / Man of ManyThe comparison to Brad Pitt introduces a whimsical note to the narrative, as if Efron and Pitt share a secret pact in the realm of unconventional hygiene practices. It wouldn't be surprising though would it? They're both two of the well-known hunks in the acting industry!