Candy Bars That Should Be Brought Back

By molly atherton 7 months ago
From the iconic crunch of forgotten classics to the creamy centers that once delighted our senses, the candy bars on our revival wish list hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts yearning for a sweet reunion.

1. Cookies & Creme Twix

What could be better than a regular Twix bar…a cookies & creme version of course! This popular candy was first brought out in 1990 and they were flying off the shelves.

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They are made with a delicious sweet creme and crunchy cookie pieces, we can really only hope they bring back this ultimate Twix candy bar.Original content sourced from

2. Hershey’s TasteTations

Hershey’s are, of course, most well-known for their range of creamy chocolate bars which is why fans were surprised when they decided to bring out TasteTations.

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These hard candies came in a variety of flavours, including caramel and butterscotch, but surprisingly fans didn't love them and they didn’t last long on the shelves. 

3. Wonka Donutz

It wasn’t just the Wonka Bar we used to be excited about…Wonka’s Donutz were just as popular when they were released, featuring donut-shaped candy pieces.

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They have a creamy chocolate filling covered in sprinkles. Despite the initial popularity, they didn’t sell enough to keep manufacturing them once the initial phase had died down.

4. Reggie! Bar

Have you ever seen a candy bar named after a baseball player? Well, you have now! The ‘Reggie!’ bar from the late 1970s was the first of it's kind

Image Source: The Candy Wrapper Museum

It was named after New York Yankee player Reggie Jackson. The bar was a tasty combination of peanut butter and roasted peanuts encased in milk chocolate. 

5. Summit Bar

We like the sound of a Summit bar…a chocolatey peanut wafer cookie bar, what could be any better? Despite being a popular tasty treat, people reported that the chocolate melted way too quickly.

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And they complained that the chocolate bars ended up leaving a complete mess everywhere! They tried to alter the recipe but eventually they just gave up.

6. Nestlé Butterfinger BB’s

If you remember Butterfinger Bars, then you will remember Butterfinger BB’s! These little balls filled with crunchy peanut butter were first released back in 1992.

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They released with Nestlé bagging an advertisement deal with The Simpsons which helped the chocolate bar's hype. But, despite their popularity, they were discontinued in 2006.

7. Curtiss Coconut Grove Bar

If you’re a fan of Mars Bounty bars, you would have loved a Coconut Grove made by Curtiss Candy Company with a very similar combination of flavors: coconut and chocolate.

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This tasty candy bar features a creamy coconut centre covered in bittersweet dark chocolate. It was popular in the 1950s but they are not available to purchase anymore.

8. Hershey’s S’Mores Bar

The idea of a s’mores inspired candy bar sounds like a great idea…but sadly the Hershey’s S’Mores bar did not take off as they had hoped.

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But people didn’t seem to enjoy this combination of a graham cracker base topped with marshmallow and covered in milk chocolate and they ended up left on the shelf. 

9. Willy Wonka's Dweebs

Willy Wonka’s Nerds were such a success the company tried to keep the momentum going by producing Dweebs. These plump soft sweet treats were pretty much the same as Nerds.


One difference was that they came with 3 flavour compartments rather than just 2, but this wasn’t enough to make them popular enough to stick around.

10. Peter Paul's PowerHouse Bar

You might be wondering why this chocolate bar was called a ‘PowerHouse’…well, it’s because the bar weighed 4 ounces! In comparison, a regular Snickers bar only weighs 1.86 ounces.

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It had also had a similar filling of caramel, peanuts and fudge all encased in milk chocolate. It sounds like a pretty good chocolate bar to us!

11. Reese’s Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Cups

If you’re wondering why there is a picture of Elvis on the wrapper of these peanut butter and banana creme Reese’s cups, it’s because his favourite sandwich filling was peanut butter and banana!

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Sadly these delicious treats were discontinued in 2008 as they weren't making enough profit from sales, which came as a blow to some people out there.

12. Mars Marathon Bar

Have you ever wondered where the Marathon bar got its name? It was marketed by Mars as “the candy bar you can’t eat quickly” because the caramel was SO chewy!

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Despite their great popularity in the 1970s with many people taking on the chewy challenge, they were discontinued in 1981 when their popularity quickly faded. 

13. Hershey’s Kissables

The original Hershey’s Kisses were released all the way back in 1907 and are still a popular candy today, they're a household name at this point!

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However, when the Kissables were released they were not met with the same popularity…these colourful miniature versions of the original Kisses only lasted 4 years on the shelves. 

14. Nestlé Wonder Ball Minis

Being a kid in the 1990s really was a great time for candy treats…similar to the Kinder Surprise Egg, the Nestlé Wonder Ball Minis consisted of a milk chocolate sphere.

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They also came containing a small plastic figurine toy in the centre of the chcolate. This was the Disney version, but they also had Pokémon.

15. Hershey's Bar None

Here we have the Hershey’s Bar None which consisted of two wafers that were filled with chocolate cream, and then covered in milk chocolate and crushed peanuts.

Image Source: 20 Years Before 2000

They used to be really popular until they added caramel which seemed to put people off and sales dropped. Bar None was discontinued in 1997.

16. Kinder Surprise Eggs

Who remembers these when you were a kid? There was nothing better than getting a Kinder Surprise Egg and cracking open the hollow chocolate egg to reveal a hidden toy.

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Unfortunately, they were banned as the tiny toys were a potential choking hazard…we wish they could bring them back safely because these were super tasty and fun!

17. Nestlé Alpine White with Almonds

As if white chocolate couldn’t get any better…just add almonds! The Nestlé Alpine bar consisted of creamy white chocolate which was embedded with crunchy smooth almonds.

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They were essentially just the perfect combination for a candy bar. But unfortunately, they were discontinued in the late 1980s because they failed to take off.

18. PB Max

You’re probably wondering if the PB Max is similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…and you would be correct! Mars brought the replica out in 1990!

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And, although they initially did well on the market, making a whopping $50 million in sales, they were then discontinued just 4 years after their initial popularity.

19. Pearson's Seven Up Bar

Who remembers Pearson’s Seven Up bar? This unique candy bar was split into seven sections which each contained a different filling - what an amazing concept!

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Some of them included mint, fudge and coconut. There was a dispute over the name with the 7Up soda which meant they were taken off the market in 1979.

20. Garbage Can-dy

How do you get kids to buy candy? Make them in the shape of garbage! This was the genius idea by the manufacturing company Topps who also released Wacky Packages.

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Although Garbage Can-dy took the candy scene by storm and it was still popular up until the 1990s, the product was discontinued due to company cutbacks. 

21. Reese's Swoops

Swoops were first brought out in 2003, boasting a unique melt-in-the-mouth experience in the form of thin chocolate discs which stick to the roof of the mouth

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These ones are the special Reese’s edition  with swirls of peanut butter. This Reese's-infused delight enjoyed only a very fleeting three-year stint on the shelves.

22. Willy Wonka's Peanut Butter Oompas

Willy Wonka’s Peanut Butter Oompas were like a cross between a Reese’s Pieces and Skittles, featuring a chocolatey peanut butter cream filling coated in a hard coloured candy shell.

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They didn’t last very long before the manufacturer changed them to a fruit flavoured candy which weren’t a success. But the legacy of these whimsical confections lives on.

23. Max Headroom Candy

Topps brought out this candy based on the fictional computer-generated TV host Max Headroom. He was so popular in the 1980s that all sorts of products were created for him.

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Of course, this also had to include his very own candy. As his popularity died down, so did the sales for this product which was soon discontinued.

24. MilkShake Bar

This one of the most retro candy bars on the list…the Hollywood Candy Company brought out the Milkshake bar in the 1920s which featured soft nougat and smooth caramel.Image source / Snack HistoryThey were popular for decades until the company was taken over by the Leaf Candy Company who discontinued the product much to many people's utter disappointment!

25. Hershey's Mr. Goodbar

If you’re a fan of the sweet and salty combo, you would definitely have loved Hershey’s Mr Goodbar. It was first released in 1908 and remained popular throughout the years.

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It became well known as a staple sweet treat. Sadly, Hershey’s discontinued the bar in favour of new and more exciting candy ranges as they have done with many other products.

26. Bonkers! Candy

Who remembers this iconic candy from the 1980s? Coming in a range of both fruity and chocolate flavours, these chewy rectangular-shaped candies were equally as popular with both kids and adults.

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Despite their widespread popularity, whispers of a triumphant return in 2005 sparked much anticipation, only to fade away, leaving behind a trail of unfulfilled nostalgia.

27. Wonka Bar

If you’ve ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you will be familiar with the Wonka Bar…you can imagine the excitement when these became a real thing!

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Back in 2005 when Tim Burton’s remake of the film was released, there was a real golden ticket hidden in one of the bars which was everybody's dream!

28. Hershey's Rally Bar

Another one of Hershey’s popular candy bars is the Rally which features a nougat centre covered in caramel which is coated in peanuts and milk chocolate.

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It was originally brought out in the 1970s but Hershey’s keep discontinuing it and then bringing it back to help create some excitement for the product.

29. Willy Wonka's Jumbo Nerds

Another favourite from the Willy Wonka Candy Company are Nerds which are neon-coloured flavoured candies in the shape of mini pebbles - sounds good to us.

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Due to their success, the company brought out these Jumbo Nerds which are the exact same as the original but in a bigger version. Unfortunately, they weren’t very popular.

30. M&M's Chocolate Bar

In the world of irresistible confections, Mars, the maestros behind M&M's, orchestrated a sensational treat that sent fans into a frenzy—the M&M's Chocolate Bar.

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This solid milk chocolate bar studded with M&M candy pieces was a big hit. The release created a big rivalry with Hershey’s but eventually they were pulled from the shelves in 2008.

31. Space Dust

There were many things about this candy bar which people - especially parents- were not so happy about. Farewell to the candy bar that ignited debates and concerns.Image source/ wikiOne, because it sounded like an inappropriate substance. And two, because the sugar content was so high. So, this candy bar was one that had to go...

32. Chicken Dinner

Okay, so this has to be the winner of the all-time weirdest candy bar name. Chicken Dinner. And no, thankfully there was no chicken inside.Image source/ PinterestIt did have peanuts inside and it was actually a really great product. But it was discontinued back in 1962. Perhaps the name was a little bit too unique after all.

33. Wonka Peanut Butter Oompas

Everything about this sounds good. It's a shame they didn't last long on the shelves. This cholate bar was made of peanut buttercream, milk and hard candy.Image source/ goodtoBut soon after launching it was switched up for a different product. We need this back to try it because it did sound like a great idea!

34. Mars' White Maltesers

Mars white Maltesers seemed like they'd be here to stay - I mean, what's not to love. There was a massive hype about these, and everyone seemed to love them.Image source/ PinterestBut clearly, they didn't get sufficient sales to keep them as these were discontinued just a few years back which is a massive shame because this was a good product idea!

35. Quality Street Toffee Deluxe

This one is something that Quality Street classic lovers are still mad at. In 2016 after 80 years the producers decided to switch the Toffee Deluxe up for the Honeycomb Crunch.Image source/ IrishdailymirrorBut did it beat this hard chocolate covered toffee?  Bring back the original we say. It was a sure staple and the honeycomb doesn't come close.

36. Cadbury's Tiffin

Cadbury's Tiffin bar was tried and tested twice and was scrapped twice. It was delicious, but the sales didn't impress Cadbury enough to keep it around!Image source/ eightieskidsBut, it did come back as a special bar in 2016 briefly in the UK where you could get it for a limited time. However, as for a permanent feature you can no longer find it.

37. Time Out Bar

The Time Out bar as we knew and loved it does no longer exist. In 2016 Cadbury revealed that they had been slowly reducing the sales of the bar until they stopped altogether.Image source/ eightieskidsThey made a new wafer version of the bar - which thankfully is still delicious too, which just adds a little extra crunch to the original.

38. Snaps

Why did these have to go? They were pretty much the Pringle of the chocolate world. And best of all, there were so many good flavours including orange as well as mint chocolate!Image source/ PinterestAnd there was something about the thin and crispy texture that made it way too tempting to scoff the entire box in one go. We need a petition to start these again!

39. Toffo

There was nothing more satisfying than the texture of chewing a Toffo, chocolate covered gooey, chewy caramels. What wasn't there to love about this chewy treat?Image source / PinterestWho'd have thought that we hadn't seen these delicious chocolates since 2008. And if you remember, they also had mint flavour. These were surely too good to go.

40. Astros

Anyone remember these delicious chocolate biscuit balls? They were aimed at children and of course, loved by adults too. But their popularity sadly waned very quickly.Image source/ netmumsAnd so, they were pulled from the shelves in most places over the world. But apparently, they are still available in South Africa if you want to find them.

41. Mingles

For a lover of mint chocolate there really was nothing better out there in terms of mint chocolate products. It had it all - crunchy mint, soft mint, milk and white chocolate mint.Image source/ blogspotAnd it was all there in one box. But it seems there aren't enough mint choc lovers out there to keep these delights going. But these will be sorely missed by many.

42. Texan

The Texan bar had it all, chocolate, nougat, AND gooey toffee. What's more to love, as well as the slogan Sure is a mighty chew.Image source/ chesterchronicleApart from the fact that in 2005 these chocolates stopped completely! Which, a lot of people were very disappointed about. They brought it briefly back in 2005 and took it back again.

43. Milk Tray chocolate box

Let's put everything into one tray and see if it works...strawberry cream, lime, fudge, Turkish delight. This must have been the concept of this boxImage source/ eightieskidsThe thing is, they really did pull it off. Although sadly this Milk Tray was stopped. Perhaps it was a little too out there for most people.

44. Fuse bar

Nuts, fudge, raisings, even CEREAL...all in one bar. It really was a fusion of everything. These are one of those bars which sound like they shouldn't work - but they DO.Image source/ eightieskidsHow can over 15 years have passed since we tasted one of these iconic fuse bars. These are a taste of nostalgia, and one we would love to bring back and taste again.

45. Kit Kat Senses

They look, and they pretty much were a Kinder Bueno bar. And perhaps that's why they didn't work out. Because they definitely tasted good enough.Image source/ swiatzcoledyBut they were competing with the already established Kinder Bueno - which is a very difficult feat for any chocolate bar to undertake. So, in 2008 we said ''bye, bye'' to this bar.

46. Caramac bar

Crispy wafers... with creamy caramel... and milk chocolate - it's a yes from us. This classic chocolate bar is still now considered one of the best.Image source PinterestAnd there are still fans of the Caramac candy bar who want it back NOW. Sadly, this hasn't happened yet. Revered by generations, this classic chocolate bar has etched its place as one of the best.

47. Aztec bar

The Aztec chocolate bar is a blast from the past. Anyone from the 70s will probably know, and remember as well as LOVE, this bar.Image source/ doyourememberNow, we have the Mars bar which is pretty similar in many respects. But those who had the Aztec will still claim it was better.

48. Banjo bar

There is one person who loved this bar so much, can't let the Banjo bar go. In fact, they've started a petition to get this chocolate bar back.Image source/ The MirrorSo, if you're feeling passionate about getting this throwback, back - you know what to do. But we do admit, it was a very good bar.

49. Wispa Mint bar

Who remembers the Wispa mint? It seems that mint chocolate is a divisive one - you either love it or hate it. And so, the market is not as huge as classic choices.Image source/ goodtoFor example, the Wispa gold was discontinued but it has now been brought back, but sadly Wispa mint has not. Sorry to the mint lovers out there.

50. Mint Crunchie bar

Again, it seems that the Mint Crunchie bar just could not live up to the sales of the other products such as the classic Crunchie. But nougat, chocolate, and mint together?Image source/ goodtoFor those who reveled in the minty symphony of flavors of the bar, and we are definitely keen to see this reinstated back on the shelves!

51. Goo Goo Cluster

This candy bar was named after the sound that babies make - hence the Goo Goo Cluster was created!  It brought great excitement to the masses as it was the first combination candy.Image source FlickrIt contained marshmallow nougat, caramel, roasted peanuts and milk chocolate.  Launched in the 1920, has been pulled and re-launched from the shelves several times over the decades.

52. Oh Henry!

Join us in celebrating the enduring sweetness of the chocolate bar fondly named Oh Henry! One of America’s oldest candies must surely be be Oh Henry!Image source / FlickrIt consists of layers of caramel and nougat, similar to a Mars bar but with the added treat of peanuts.  Launched as a single bar, it was re-branded to incorporate two fingers.  Gone but never forgotten.

53. Bit-O-Honey

This honey and almond toffee bar treated us to six segments divided by wax paper, to stop each piece sticking and us losing out on every morsel of the delicious toffee.Image source / FlickrNestle bought the brand but fortunately, brought no alterations to the beloved recipe, preserving the essence of this sweet symphony for the generations that followed.

54. PayDay

Crunchy and oozing with soft caramel, we wished every day could be a PayDay. Every bite brought forth the enchanting symphony of sweet and salty flavors.Image source / FlickrI think it was the sweet and salty taste, mixed together, that made us want more.  Part of the Hershey's treats, a spin-off included one bar with honey and a bar with chocolate.

55. 3 Musketeers

Named 3 Musketeers because, when it was first introduced in 1932 by Mars, there were three different flavored sticks in one pack, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Image source / FlickrAs a kid, I remember thinking about the tough decision of which one to go for first.  No such decision these days as it's only available in one flavor.

56. Nestle Chunky

This 4-segment chocolate bar was introduced by New York confectioner, Philip Silverstein in the 1930s.  It used to contain a medley of raisins, brazil nuts and cashews.Image source / Wikimedia CommonsBut was simplified in the '80s, when Nestle acquired the brand, to just peanuts and raisins to whittle the bar down. Simplifying its composition to a delightful combination.

57. Hershey's Krackel

Another Hershey’s creation that was to die for was the Krackel bar, incorporating chocolate and crispy, puffed rice, it was all round a perfect combination.Image source Wikimedia CommonsThe full size version was discontinued in 1997 and that was a dark day for all of us chocolate lovers. It was a harmonious marriage of rich chocolate and crispy, puffed rice.

58. Denver Sandwich

Neither a sandwich nor from Denver, we're not sure why it was named as such but what we do know is that the chocolate covered salted nut roll, got our taste buds tingling.Image source PinterestOriginally priced at a modest 10 cents, this confectionary marvel emerged as a cherished delight.  Unfortunately, it was dropped, alongside Chicken Dinner and we will never get over it.

59. Almond Joy

Mound’s younger sibling, Almond Joy had almost the same packaging apart from being blue instead of red.  The coconut centre had the identical texture but was coated in almonds and milk chocolate.Image source / Flickr