Buddhist Reveals 10 Hacks To Self Calm Quickly When Stressed

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. Focus On Breath

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When we're stressed, we can quite quickly lose touch with ourselves. It is super important to get back in touch with reality as quickly as possible, otherwise, you may find yourself in a lot of distress. One easy way to do this is to focus on you breath as it goes in and out, which will bring you back to the now and help to calm you down.

2. Meditate

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Meditation is magical when alleviating stress; doing so frequently will help you to become less stressed, less often. The great thing about it is that it doesn't need to take up a lot of time and effort, you can meditate in the shower, brushing your teeth, or just when you've got 10 minutes to spare. Buddhists live in a meditative state through continuous practice, and consistency is key.

3. Grounding

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Being in tune with your surroundings is a great way to de-stress, as it helps you to feel more in tune with yourself. A good way to achieve this is by grounding yourself, which involves feeling and noticing the earth beneath you, either by sitting on standing. Try walking on grass barefoot and see how you feel!

4. Connect With People

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Buddhists believe that connection is the key to handling feelings such as stress, and connecting with people is crucial. If you feel yourself getting worked up, try calling a friend or meeting a family member for a coffee - you're sure to feel better after human contact.

 5. Herbal Tea

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Buddhists say that herbs are nature's medicine, and there's no better way to medicate than with a hot cup of herbal tea. The sensation of the warm drink is comforting whilst the herbs you ingest work their magic. You can buy herbal teas very easily now and there's loads of choice, so don't worry if you don't have any fancy tea-making equipment!

6. Journaling

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Journaling is a meditative practice within itself, and can work wonders if you're feeling stressed. Just the act of putting pen to paper and furiously writing, will let off steam and feel like a great big purge of feeling! You may even come to some conclusions as journaling helps with clarity of thought, and daily journaling can help you to recognize patterns of behavior.

7. Hydrate

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Being thoroughly hydrated will help your brain to function, meaning that it is less likely to enter a state of stress. If, however you do become stressed, then sipping a glass of ice cold water will help to slow your heart rate, calming you down in the process.

8. Cook A Nourishing Meal

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The act of cooking for yourself is and declaration of self-love, and sharing that with others is an act of service. Eating the meal will give you the comfort that humans need to feel safe, letting your body know that there is no danger. Knowing that your needs are taken care of will help to calm your nervous system as you relax over a plate of lovely food!

9. Rest

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Sometimes stress is an indication that your body needs to rest, so taking a step back from daily life and allowing yourself time to sleep, is central to de-stressing. It can be difficult to rest sometimes, especially if you have a to-do list, so make it an event. Have a bath, drink hot chocolate and watch a movie - you deserve it.

10. Yoga

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Moving your body in a loving way is an active tool in stressing less. You don't have to be fit or flexible for yoga - your practice is individual to you and it's most effective when you just do what feels good. Regular yoga practice can help you to feel more grounded and in turn, less stressed!

11. Get Outside

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Connecting with nature is an amazing calming experience, as it offers great sights, sounds and smells to give you a sense of calm. If you don't live in the country, many cities now offer green areas or parks where you can get out for a walk. Try going without your headphones and notice what's around you - you'll be surprised by how much you usually miss!

12. Stargaze

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There's nothing quite like looking at the stars to make you feel humble. That we are a part of something so vast is incredible, and the stars are a great reminder of that. When you think of yourself as a being that is a part of the whole universe, your problems are put into perspective.

13. Self-Massage

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When having a massage we rarely think of it coming from ourselves, but doing so will leave you with a sense of calm. Get some essential oil and try massaging your hands and feet, then your arms and legs, then all of where you can reach. Not only does it feel good, your body knows you are showing yourself kindness which reminds you not to feel stressed.

14. Practice Gratitude

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Quite often we can forget just how blessed we are - we usually all have at least something to feel grateful for. If you're grateful for your community, your job, your sister's happiness or simply just existing, find it within yourself to write a list or an item of something you are thankful for.

15. Share Your Feelings

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Getting your stresses off your chest in a constructive way is an excellent way to feel better if you're upset. Just make sure you seek out someone who you trust to listen, as any judgement may hinder the de-stressing process. You also may say things that you don't really mean so be sure to find someone neutral.

16. Recognize Your Feelings

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If you start to feel adrenaline then try to recognize what is causing it. Once you can recognize it, there may be a solution. If there is not an obvious solution, then simply taking your triggers seriously can help to release them as it provides you with self-respect and comfort.

17. Find Wisdom In Difficulty

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Buddhists believe that there is a lesson in everything. Whatever life throws at you can be used as a lesson, and experience is invaluable. Many people are grateful for hardships once they're through them, so use these tools to de-stress and know that once you're through it, you'll be a wiser person.

18. Be Of Service

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Stress can feel like an overwhelming internal sensation. It can close you off to the world as you become shrouded in a dark cloud where everything is on top of you. Being of service to another person can help to free you from this invisible cage and boost your self-esteem. Next time you feel stressed, ask yourself - how can I be helpful today?

19. Swim Outdoors

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Water is the elixir of serenity, and immersing yourself will do wonders for your nervous system. Add that with being out in nature, then you're on to winner! Find a lake near you, or even an outdoor swimming pool, and get in. Have a swim, splash around, feel yourself float - you'll be rejuvenated!

20. Think About Loved Ones

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Thinking about loved ones; friends, family, animals or people you may not know, is a great way for you to feel calm. It reminds you that you're not alone in the world, even when you feel lonelier than ever. In the world of the internet, we can meet people so easily, so even if you have none of the above, then forge your own tribe!

21. Look Up

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We very often think of our problems as being the biggest thing in the universe, and the sky can remind us that they aren't. The everchanging sky is so relaxing to see, whether it is cloudy, starry, or even filled with heavy rain! Just be reminded that there's a vast existence above, and the universe is bigger than your issues, however important they may be.

22. Breathe In Loving Kindness

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Simply taking a deep inhale and telling yourself that you breathe in love and kindness, can be enough to help you to feel less stressed. It's a great way to stop stress as it comes on, as you don't need to set aside any time or resources to do so. It's a quick meditation technique that is highly effective.

23. Read

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Reading can help you to feel calm, and there are many books that actively help you stress less. Whether you get lost in another world of fiction, or you read something instructive, turning those pages will lead to a greater sense of calm and can be done almost anywhere!

24. Get Creative!

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No matter how advanced your skills are (or not), being creative will help with self calming. Writing or crafting, painting or crocheting, having something for your hands to focus on will release the energy built up by higher levels of stress. Making things will help you feel good, too!

25. Comfort Your Inner Child

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Feeling stressed may sometimes come from an unmet need that your inner child is experiencing. Think back to what you found comforting when you were young, and offer yourself that gift. You can give yourself what you need now that you're grown, and that is the biggest act of love you can offer!

26. Notice Your Senses

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Just feeling alive can help you with you stress levels, a noticing your experiences will help you self soothe. Try to consciously observe what you can see, smell, hear, feel or taste. It'll remove you from a stressful state of mind and put you in a state of meditation, even if only briefly.

27. Smell Flowers

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Flowers and plants have the ability to help us relax. Even if you can't get out in nature, flowers can be a great connection to achieve similar calming effects. Not only are they pleasant to look at, they mostly have lovely smells as well, which will help you to feel less stressed.

28. Splash Face With Cold Water

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When we get in a stressful state, it's often important to try and snap ourselves out of it. Sometimes we get so worked up that going through the motions slowly just doesn't work, so we need a good shock to bring us back to life. Cold water therapy is a great way to do this!

29. Remember You're Alive

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The possibility of your existence is insanely small, we won't even try to write the likelihood in numbers here as it'll take up the whole page! Remind yourself just how miraculous your existence is, and you're sure to feel humbled! It's human nature to feel stressed sometimes; it is extraordinary that you can even feel it at all!

30. Pray

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Praying may not be for everyone, but it is a tool used by Buddhists as an act of intention. If you're not religious, it's important to change the narrative around praying and realize it's just a way of voicing your intention, offering focus and a moment of pause. Try it, see if it can give you some soothing clarity.