Body Language Signs He Is Attracted To Someone

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Unlock the silent signals of attraction! Delve into the intriguing world of body language as we unveil signs that reveal his unspoken interest in someone special.  You may be surprised at the results!

1. You can tell a lot by a man's body language

Body language holds many subtle (and not so subtle) signs of attraction and interest. Some of the signs that men display you may not even realize unless you're really looking for them.
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So if you or your friend is trying to figure out if he's into you, watch out for these signals!  They're staring you in the face, right back at you!Original content sourced from

2. He will stand close to you

When a man is interested in someone, there will be an attempt to stand physically closer to that person. They might do something as simple as choosing to sit next to you.
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You may find them leaning in or lightly making contact with you. Make no mistake - this shows a comfortability and most likely an obvious attraction.

3. His torso will be turned open towards you

If you're looking for a sign of interest, look at if he turns himself towards you when you're talking. If he opens up his torso to face you vs turning to close you off, then ......
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..... you'll get a pretty clear sign of where he's at! If he's REALLY interested, he might position himself where it would make it more difficult for other people to interrupt his conversation with you.

4. He will preen himself... yes, like a bird

Men preen themselves to be their most attractive, especially when they're around someone they like! This could be anything from unbuttoning the top button of his shirt or adjusting his jacket.
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If you walk past a mirror and he glances at himself and fixes his hair, then he's probably making sure he looks okay for you!

5. Check out his pupils

Without being a total weirdo, keep an eye on his pupils. If they dilate, then his body is signalling that he's aroused and interested.
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If they constrict, then sorry but you're out of luck because this happens when someone finds something unattractive, whether it be food, music, or other people.

6. You can also look for this in his eyes

If a man is attracted to someone, his eyes will likely perk up or light up as soon as they see the person they like, even if they're tired.
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This is something that will happen almost automatically, even if they cover it up quickly, it's likely something you'll be able to notice if you're paying attention.

7. His nostrils will flare

Your nostrils flare when you're trying to take in a greater amount of oxygen. It's common when your body is about to go into fight mode, but it also happens during arousal or attraction.
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You may start to notice a definite widening of the nose because of the excitement and anticipation. It will also increase his intake of your pheromones.

8. He'll tinker with his drink

If you meet a guy at a bar and the conversation is flowing, you may see him circling the rim of the glass with his finger. This is a subtle indicator ....
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...... that he wants to touch you or be close to you and is transferring that energy to the object in front of him. If you're also interested, you can mirror his body language.

9. Speaking of mirroring body language...

When you notice a guy mirroring your body language, it's a sign that they find you interesting and want to build trust and a rapport with you.
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Try crossing your arms and see if he crosses his too. Or if you're standing and place a hand on your hip, does he follow suit? There you go!

10. He goes out of his way to touch you

NOT in an inappropriate way! But if you want to see if a guy likes you, lightly touch his arm or hand and then see how he reacts.
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If he's into you, his body language will almost automatically respond with a touch back. If he's attracted to you, he may engage in this without you even touching him first.

11. He will subtly show that he's fertile!

Did you know that even if you're not aware, a man's body language is often connected to sexual excitement and attraction, due to biological fertility?
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For a man, this may display as standing up tall and proud when talking to someone he's attracted to, or a more feminine expression of tilting the head to release more pheromones.

12. His toes will be pointed towards you

Just like in the show New Girl, when Jess is trying to see if Nick likes her and he always stands with his toes pointed towards her. This is a real thing!
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Men point their toes towards whatever or whoever they're most interested in. If there's no interest, their toes will typically point towards the door or at an outward angle.

13. Licking of the lips

If a man finds you attractive, there is a part of him that will likely be nervous around you. Because of this, it can activate the saliva glands OR lead to dry mouth.
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Either of these will make a man lick his lips more. It could also be his way of drawing your attention to his mouth.  It usually works, as well!

14. He will flex his muscles

Did you know that men's muscles flex when they're attracted to someone? You'll likely notice them straightening out their back to increase the size of their chest.
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They will keep their shoulders rolled back to show off a V-shaped body and tighten their forearms and upper arm muscles. While this sounds very obvious, the movements are actually quite subtle.

15. You may notice that he's blushing

While some body language may be intentional or even controllable if he's trying to contain it, there are some things that a man just can't control from a physiological standpoint.
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For instance, if a man is experiencing attraction, you may notice that there is a sudden rush of blood to the face, which could result in blushing.

16. He gives you his full attention

Another indicator of attraction is when a man gives you his full attention. This is his way of showing he cares about what you have to say, and he will genuinely listen to you when you talk.
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He will ask follow up questions and remember the details that you tell him down the road.  He will give the impression that you are number one.

17. He will make eye contact

Next time you're out with your friends, be sure to look at the men around you. If someone is attracted to you, they will try to make eye contact with you.
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If you see repeated attempts of eye contact from the same person, then you're in! T heir mouth, eyes, and face should be gentle... they should NOT look like a serial killer!

18. He stands with his hands on his hips

As we've discussed, a man will try to display himself when he's attracted by standing up straighter and broadening his shoulders. He will also potentially take a power stance.
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You'll see his feet hip width apart and his hands on his hips. This is a way to subconsciously draw attention to his crotch. But this doesn't mean you have to look!

19. He will smile a LOT

While he may try to hide it, if a guy is attracted to you, his natural reflex will be to smile. Smiling is how men show that they're available and engaged in the conversation with you.
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Or they want to be! Smiling makes you accessible, more attractive and inviting to someone, so be sure to flash one back if you want to!

20. His face will become more expressive

Women's faces are typically more expressive than a man's. However, a man who's attracted to someone will show more facial expressions. There are small things like ......
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......  the movement of his face around his eyes and the subtle but genuine smile crossing his face. Studies show that men's facial expressiveness is an attraction indicator for women.

21. He moves to protect you

If a guy is into you, he might do an actual material gesture like giving you his coat, but he will also position his body in a way to protect you.
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Whether it means turning so others don't have access to your conversation or moving himself to the side of the sidewalk closest to the street, he will move his body  to make you feel safe.

22. This specific eye movement is a give away

Apparently men say a LOT with their eyes. Do you know what the eye dip moment is? You've probably seen it happen even if you're not aware of it.
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When a guy is interested, his eyes will dip as if he's taking you all in. As mentioned, they will make eye contact, but it will be accompanied by the occasional dip.

23. The way he moves his hips is a sign

Subtle hip motions can indicate a sign of interest. It means that he feels at ease with you and could show romantic attraction. His body chemistry is pulling him towards yours.
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He may also lightly touch your hips to signal attraction. If you're moving through a crowd, and he touches your hips to guide you, it's a pretty clear sign he's attracted.

24. His heart will beat faster

This one may be hard to notice, but a bodily response to attraction is a rapid heartbeat. Of course, you can't take a guy's pulse on a date but ......
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...... it's often also accompanied by slightly elevated breathing and warmer palms.  Keep an eye out for these subtle things and then make your move!

25. The intonation of his voice will change

When a man is psychologically aroused and attracted to someone, it will be shown in their voice. You may notice a change to a more positive or excited intonation.
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His voice will sound more expressive. If they're truly excited and trying to play it cool, you may notice an intentional deepening of the voice, trying to sound more masculine.

26. His body language will be open towards you

If someone's attracted to you, then he will not be crossing his arms or putting a barrier between the two of you. He won't turn his torso away from you.
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Instead, he will open his posture to you, keeping his forehead pointed towards yours with uncrossed arms.  Be sure to check this sign out if you want answers!

27. Check out his eyebrows

We know that a man's facial expressions might change when he's attracted. One of the most noticeable will be a quick raise of the eyebrows, especially one eyebrow.
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This would happen within the first 1 or 2 seconds when he sees you, and it will be quick, so keep an eye out! It's an automatic response to attraction he can't control!

28. He will try to make you laugh

When a guy is trying to get your attention, he might do so by trying to get you to laugh. It's said that this ability to make someone laugh is actually a dominant trait.
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So if he's cracking a lot of jokes, it could be a sign of flirtation. Laughing releases dopamine, which means, you will find him more attractive if he's successful!

29. Did you know movements might slow down?

It's interesting to learn that moving slowly or deliberately is actually a sign of attraction. It's said that these deliberate movements and taking your time displays confidence.
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If a guy is making jerky movements around you, it can indicate that he's nervous. This could also mean that he's attracted, but it's really dependent on his personality!

30. He will subtly part his lips

When a man is trying to draw your attention to his lips, he will keep them slightly open. He may part his lips when he first makes eye contact with you.
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This is his body language telling you that you've caught his attention. Men often also do this right before they're ready to go in for a kiss.

31. Signs he's attracted to someone else: he's suddenly giving them A LOT of attention

You might have suddenly noticed he's disappeared when you went back into the room, only to see him outside chatting to the new neighbor for the 20th time that day.
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Or at a work party, you turn around for a second and he's gone to his colleague across the room. Is he suddenly giving someone else a lot of his time?

32. He seems a bit twitchy

Have you noticed he seems a bit more on edge, and especially if you mention a certain person's name he seems to get all defensive and twitchy?
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As though he has something to be nervous about? This could be because he is well aware of his crush and he feels paranoid about it.

33. He won't let you see his phone!

One thing is for certain and that is if your partner is making a huge effort to hide their phone, it's because there's obviously something to hide!
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Especially if he never had a problem with you seeing it before. We're not saying he's saved a number as 'CRUSH <3' but he could be messaging them, or searching their social media feed.

34. He doesn't make as much eye contact with you

One big sign of guilt is when a person avoids eye contact with you, so if you've noticed him doing this a lot lately, it could be because he genuinely feels bad.
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He is feeling bad about his attraction to someone else and he feels like if he looks you in the eye you'll somehow know about it.

35. He's very distracted in public

There may not be a specific other person that he's attracted to - he could just be scouting out anyone! So you might find if you grab lunch at an outside table in the street.
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Or you notice that when you're grabbing a coffee to go, he appears a little distracted because he's noticing all the (other) attractive people around him!

36. He'd likely ignore you if he spotted someone

If there's a specific person he's attracted to, it's likely he'll pay you far less attention when they pop on the scene. If he sees them in a restaurant, he might stop listening to you.
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When you are maybe half way through your conversation with him, his eyes will be wandering and he may wave at someone to get their attention!

37. He keeps mentioning a certain someone a lot!

There might be someone specific he is crushing on that he just can't help but gush about - maybe he doesn't even realize he has a crush on them.
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He may just say, "Oh the new girl at work, she's great, you'd like her, she's so funny, she did this thing the other day where..." - listen out!

38. You've actually caught him checking people out

You might have even caught him obviously checking someone out if he's the least subtle person in the world! There's a difference between glancing over someone.
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If you catch him doing a double take to ogle them for the rest of the evening when you're out together trying to enjoy a drink, then we think you know what's going on.

39. Or, checking out only one person over and over again!

Of course, there could be one person in particular who you've noticed them checking out every time you see them - a waitress at your favorite bar
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Maybe it's the receptionist at your local gym, or anyone you see regularly enough for you both to be aware of her. And he always has the biggest smile for them!

40. He seems eager to go to the same place all the time

And one huge indicator if there is one particular person he's always checking out or crushing on is if he purposefully wants to go to their place of work all the time.
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Or the place you know that person is likely to be. If you suggest one place to eat, do they always say, 'Oh why don't we go to (X) instead?'!

41. He seems distant with you

If he's suddenly gone more distant with you and seems to be tapping out during your time together, it could be because he's thinking about his crush.
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It could be he's feeling bad about being attracted to someone else so he's sort of pulled away from you to alleviate that guilt he is conscious of.

42. He gets more defensive

When someone has a guilty conscience, they're bound to get more and more defensive. They may react defensively if you ask them what they're thinking about.
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And defensive if you ask where they've been or what they're up to this weekend - even if you didn't mean anything by it and it's just casual conversation!

43. He's stopped inviting you to certain things

When you first started dating, maybe he always invited you to his work Christmas parties or his social meetups with friends - but now, is he saying something different.
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He says,  "oh don't worry, it's fine if you don't go to the Christmas party this year" or 'we're not inviting partners anymore'. This could be because the person he's attracted to is there.

44. He keeps asking about one of your friends

It could also be that the person they're crushing on is one of your friends! If this is the case, they may be asking about them a suspicious amount all of a sudden ......
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They may be casually probing if they're going to be there at a social event, or even giving you a nudge to invite them along!  Check out the signs.

45. His routine has completely changed

You might have always known them to keep a strict routine, or know where you stood with their daily tasks - like you always agreed to meet up and have lunch, or he'd pick you up at a certain time.
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If you find that their routine has suddenly changed? Are they now making excuses for why they can't make plans with you?  Does it all sound a bit unbelievable?

46. He's started being secretive

It makes sense as to why he might have also gone all secretive if he's keeping a crush from you and feeling attraction to someone else.
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He might not want to hurt you, might not want you to find out, or he's just viewing it as something he needs to deal with in private.

47. Your communication has taken a nose dive

Open communication in a relationship is all about complete honesty and having nothing to hide - so if he's suddenly got a crush he's feeling bad about, of course your communication is going to take a nose dive!
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He might pull back and not want to share as much with you.  When you suggest hooking up for a coffee, he makes every excuse under the sun to take a rain check.

48. He avoids going to certain places with you

While it's possible he could always excitedly drag you to the same place because his crush is going to be there/works there, the opposite could also happen.
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He won't want you to know about his crush, or he's avoiding facing up to it, so he'll refuse to go to a certain place in a panic if he thinks they'll be there.

49. He's started comparing you to people

He may even be getting frustrated if he's realized he's attracted to someone else more than you, so he might be making little digs about how you measure up in comparison!
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He could make comments on your hair color, the way you dress, the things you do... anything that he's comparing with other people he's realized he finds attractive!

50. Your gut is telling you so!

Always trust your gut - because sometimes, you just know. You might not need to pay attention to any other signs telling you that he's attracted to someone else.
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You just know deep down that something is going on with him. Never ignore that little feeling in your stomach!  Intuition can go a very long way.