Body Features That Reveal Secrets About Our Past Life

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Birthmarks In Specific Patterns

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Do you ever gaze at any of the birthmarks you have on your skin and think 'Is this the ticket in to my past'. If so, then you might not be too far off! Some people believe that birthmarks might actually be a secret map to their past lives, especially dependent on the shape and where they are on your body.

Unexplained Scars

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If you're born or find scars on your body randomly it can be quite terrifying. You probably don't notice them or remember how they got there. But there are a few people that believe that if you've got a mysterious scar that it could be a sign of a wound from one of your previous adventures through life.

Physical Deformities

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Many people like to follow the motto that our flaws are what make us fabulous, and many people actually use this as part of the reasoning behind some our physical deformities. This might be some unusual proportions like larger heads or additional fingers which were part of our former life.


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Have you ever felt as though your ears were whispering to you, even if no one was around? This might be a sign of your past life, as they are listening to the echoes of your previous self's wisdom! If you're ears seem to be picking up some gossip though you could get a little confused!

A Wonky Nose

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Is your nose a little more quirky then the traditional schnoz? Well that's fine, we're all born with different sized body parts, it doesn't mean anything bad really! However, it could be that you're nose is wonky as it was broken in a previous life or you just had a past tense for sniffing out treasure!

Skin Blemishes

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I bet you thought all those basic marks on your skin were just hormones playing chaos on your skin right? You're probably right, but there are a few people out there who truly believe that every single zit or acne scar can actually tell a story about some of your former stories.

Unexplained Chips In Your Bones

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Who needs a time machine to travel back in to the past when your bones could actually be relics themselves! Obviously they've grown inside you as you get older but many people have unexplainable chips in their bones that they believe could be tokens of some of their previous life escapades.

Your Eyelashes

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Eyes really are your windows to the world right, but what about your eyelashes? I suppose they're the curtains? Well if you notice that you or someone you know has some abnormally long eyelashes they might have spent time in their previous life alongside Cleopatra in ancient Egypt.

Random Bald Patches

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Why settle for having perfect, ordinary hair when you could instead have some random bald patches spread across your head and body. Maybe you were a trendsetter in a past life or maybe this is the spot in where you were once struck down and it left the mark for you today.

Unusual Phobias

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Are you afraid of something completely bizarre like dolls or moths or something like that? It might just be a quirky fear or it could be a sign of one of your past life experiences. Maybe you were once haunted by a children's tour or you were smothered by thousands of moths. Or maybe they're just spooky.

Birthmarks That Look Like Wounds

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I've already mentioned how birthmarks can signify your past life, some people take this even further and claim that the position and shape of them show your former battle wounds. Yes this might be a little bit of a stretch but could you imagine if it really was some colosseum battle wounds?

Recurring Vivid Nightmares

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Have you noticed that your nightmares and dreams have actually been extremely vivid and potentially action packed? A couple of folks around the world believe that these vivid nightmares might actually be a glimpse in to your former life. Or it could just be your subconscious having a laugh!

Freckles That Mimic Constellations

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Yep, we're back with the birthmarks and freckles again, they are usually the most common body feature people talk about! Look at your freckles and then look up at the night sky, can you notice any cosmic connections from up there an your freckles? It's probably just genetics though, right?

Unexplained Birth Defects

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There are a wide range of birth defects out there, some of which people can often feel quite degraded about having. The thing is though, that we're all human and you're just unique. Or you could even look at it as being a potential quirk of one of your former trips through the universe.

Missing Fingers Or Toes

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One surprisingly common birth defect that people attribute to their former life is when someone is missing a finger or toe. It could be tempting to believe that you were once a pirate or thief that had their limb chopped off, although it seems more likely to just be a result of some congenital condition.

Eye Color Changes Over Time

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Some people out there are lucky enough to go through the phenomenon of having their eye color change as they grow older. Although fluctuating eye colour is known, the superstitious out there believe this could be a sign of some past life connections. I don't quite know how though.

Different Coloured Eyes

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Sticking with the eyes, some people also believe that people who are born with two eyes of differing colours could be the sign you were a higher life form in a previous life. This is probably unlikely and it's usually a genetic condition, but I suppose it would be cool to believe that for a little at least.

Unusual Hair Coloration

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There are a few people out there who are actually born with some pretty crazy coloured natural hair, in contrast to the usual brown, black or blonde. But you might want to check that the person you're thinking this about hasn't been dyeing their hair before you go too far!

Being Left Handed

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I'm sure you might remember some of the many stories you heard in history classes as to how the left-handed were regarded to be on the side of the devil. Although we don't believe this anymore, what if it is true and all you left handers are actually on the dark side deep down!?

Unexplained Talents

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Have you ever tried something for the first time and been inexplicably good at it? This could be a sign that in a former life you might have been practiced at the talent or maybe you were one of the best out there. Some people are just naturally gifted though so it might not be some mystical follow up.

Being Blind

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Yet another of the body features or issues that some people believe can be attributed to their former life is blindness. Although optometrists will say otherwise, the conspiracy theorists online believe that it could be a result of an injury or punishment to something you did in a former life.

Webbed Feet

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Are you one of the many people out there who were born with some webbed feet that make you look more amphibian than human? Although this is a genetic issue many people often claim that it could be a sign of some past life aquatic adventures. Maybe don't try a deep swim though.

Knowledge Of Languages Never Learned

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Learning a foreign language can take some people absolutely years to master, but there are some people that just get it fluently at the snap of the finger. If you're able to sprout French or Spanish phrased quickly then it could be a sign that you were once a Parisian or Spaniard in a past life.

Deja Vu In Specific Locations

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We've all experienced Deja Vu at some point in our life, we walk into a room or drive through an area and instantly recognise it. But have you ever got that feeling despite knowing you've never been there, perhaps it was in a different country? Who knows maybe you've been all over in a past life.

Preferences In Specific Time Periods

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There will be a few people reading this that truly believe they were born in the wrong time period, perhaps you like 50's fashion or you really like your history. Well, before you start thinking too far ahead as if you were once there, think how that preferences are often as a result of exposure, not a past life.

Strong Connections To Cultures And Countries

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Just as you might have a specific connection to a particular period in time, some others have their preference in a specific country. And again, although this could be a sign of a former life, you probably just associate with the style, aesthetic, food and weather of the place you feel connected too instead.

Unexplained Illnesses

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There are millions of people every year who have some form of mysterious illness that no one knows what's going on. Although some people claim this is past life karma, you should always focus on what the medical professionals are saying to you instead of the superstitious online.

Random Pains

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Similarly, you might end up feeling some random pains at certain parts of your life and although simple reasons like stress or injuries are likely, some don't believe it. They tend to actually think that these random pains could be echoes of an injury you suffered in a past life instead.

Unusual Memories

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It isn't just vivid dreams and nightmares that bring conversation of a past life, but also general vivid memories too. Have you ever been sure something happened to you only for it to be confirmed it didn't? It could be your mind playing tricks on your or it could be your past life creaking back in. This can happen more often with a stimulus like a place or some old music.

Past Life Regression

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If you want to uncover some of the past secrets of your life then you might want to take part in some past life regression sessions. This is where a hypnotherapist tries to get in to your head to pull out the former details. I don't know how much you can trust it, but it might be enlightening for some.