Body Features That Give You Clues About Your Ancestry

By Juliet S 6 months ago
We all know which features we get from our parents - you might get your big brown eyes from your mum and your pointy chin from your dad! But there are certain features that have been passed down from generation to generation and you might not know who exactly you inherited them from - from your feet and toes, to hairs, hands and eyes - here's what your body features say about your ancestry!

1. Celtic Toe/Feet

 The Celtic toe, or foot shape, is where you have your second toe longer than the big toe, and longer than the other toes. The rest of the toes will be a similar length going down to the little toe being the smallest. This toe shape is a mixture of a few different cultures, though, due to the fact that the Celts could be present in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.Image Source / WikipediaWhilst it doesn't exactly pin down the area you might be from, it does suggest that you might have descendants that are British - who knows you might even be related to the Queen?!Original content sourced from

2. Greek Toe

The Greek Toe is very similar to the Celtic toe, but the big toe will be a little bigger in comparison. For the Greek Toe, you will have a regular big toe but your second toe will be longer than the big toe, and the rest of the toes. It's a common trait associated with Greeks, and you can actually see it on a lot of Greek statues.Image Source / WikipediaSo, just to be clear, if your second toe is slightly bigger than your big toe, it's a Celtic toe, but if it's much bigger and longer than your big toe, then it's most likely to be Greek and your ancestry is rooted in Europe!

3. Roman Toe

The Roman Toe is probably the most symmetrical and straight foot shape you can find. It shows the largest three toes (the big two, second toe and third toe) being pretty much the same length in a line, and then the last two toes being slightly smaller. This foot shape can actually be a pain for trying to find comfortable shoes, as you have more toes pushing against the front of the shoe!Image Source / RedditDo you always need shoes that are marketed for extra wide feet? Then you've probably got a Roman foot! The Romans originated in Rome - of course - but ruled many countries including Britain. The Roman Empire had a massive effect on language, culture and history of a tonne of countries all across the world!

4. German Toe

A German Toe shape is where the big toe is - literally - the biggest toe. This is the most prominent toe, and then all the other toes will be the exact same size in a line - and smaller than the big toe. The German foot toe type can also been seen in others, like the Celtic foot. As you can see, the foot goes in a perfectly linear slope, looking like it was perfectly formed!Image Source / RedditIt's probably really difficult to find shoes for people who have this foot shape and shoes are generally quite pointed at the end rather than completely sloped!

5. Egyptian Toe

The Egyptian Toe is probably the most satisfying to look at compared to other toe shapes, because it's very neat. This toe shape will have the big toe as the longest, and then have every other toe size reduced downwards in a very neat slant. Interestingly, prosthetic toes have actually been found on the feet of Egyptian mummies!Image Source / DeviantArtIn ancient Egypt, feet were considered a very important part of someone's beauty. So if you had nice feet, you were generally considered a higher social status than someone with ugly toes!

6. Roman Nose

This refers to a nose shape that has a very obvious ridge and then a hook at the end of it. It's also known as an 'aquiline' nose which can be used as a description in lots of books for someone with a bird-like nose. This shape is very distinctive to the Romans, but it could also be a stereotype. In Europe, it could also be seen as a noble facial feature.Image Source / WordReference ForumsThe roman nose (or aquiline) is easily one of the most recognisable nose shapes in the world - it's strong, distinctive and a very prominent feature of a person's face! If you've got this nose - you will definitely know about it!

7. Wide Nostrils

Nostril width actually used to say a lot about the type of climate people lived in. Your ancestors might have lived in more hot climates if their nostrils were wider, because the nose is there to filter inhaled air to turn it warm - so a hotter climate means nostrils don't need to be as narrow to keep out the cold air.Image Source / Rhinoplasty in SeattleOn data from west African and European ancestry, it was found that nose shape was highly heritable, with a strong link between nose shape and the climate that a person's ancestors lived in!

8. Narrow Nostrils

And vice versa, narrow nostrils are therefore more common of people from colder areas, because the nostrils will need to filter the cold air as it's inhaled to make sure it's warmed up to go into the body. A narrow nose would therefore be more helpful for people trying to survive in a colder climate.Image Source / Saigal Facial Plastic SurgeryAn expert says that because narrower nasal passage increase the moisture content of air and warm it, it's better for those in higher latitude. There is no universally 'good' nose shape - a person's ancestors were adapted to the environment where they lived.

9. Skin Tone

One of the most key body features that can give away your ancestry is the tone of your skin. It's a genetic trait passed down from your ancestors, generation to generation. Your appearance can be made up of a variety of skin tones and pigments to make you look the way you do, so your unique makeup is a result of all your ancestor's skin tones!Image Source / AllureIt's a bit of an obvious one, but you can generally tell a bit about your heritage from the colour and type of your skin. Do you burn in the sun? What shade is your skin tone? Have a think and you'll be able to work out where your ancestors may have been from.

10. Your Eye Colour

Your eye colour can also be a big hint to your genetic history, too. It can relate to the geographical location of your ancestors, and whether a mutation might have been introduced somewhere along the genes being passed down. Brown is the dominant eye colour, which is why blues and greens can give more of a hint to a rare ancestry.Image Source / WikipediaGenerally, blue and green eye colour points towards US and Europe and brown points towards hotter countries like Africa and Asia, but it's all a bit random!

11. Your Height: If You're Tall, It Could Link To Northern Europe Or Africa

Did you know that your height is actually a hereditary trait too? It can give a hint to ancestry because of how height developed to help survival. Tall people have been linked to northern Europe or tribes in Africa because of needing to handle livestock or travel for food. Bodies had to be larger to be able to deal with that excess physical labour.Image Source / Bored PandaIt makes sense, if you're taller, generally you're stronger and more able to physically handle yourself when you need it the most. The smaller people may have had different jobs in the tribes.

12. If You're Shorter, It Could Be A Hint At Island Communities

People who had a smaller stature were more likely to have come from closer communities, like island groups in a hunter-gatherer type situation. The short stature is because they could adapt better in smaller societies with no need to grow any taller in order to have more strength.Image Source / Bored PandaIt also makes sense that if you're smaller, you're more compact and suited to different roles in a family or tribe than the taller members - your height will determine your role.

13. Have Lactose Intolerance? You Might Not Have Northern European Roots

If you have roots in Northern Europe, it's very likely that dairy products aren't a problem for you. Even though it's not a physical body feature, it's actually an interesting one in terms of genetics. The genes that make it so you can enjoy dairy products are most commonly found in Northern Europeans!Image Source / Balgove LarderThere are certain parts of the world that has more dairy than others, for example parts of Asia have a lot less diary products than others!

14. East Asia Genetics Can Make Lactose Intolerance More Likely

The opposite is found in East Asia, as well as China, where it's much more likely you'd be faced with lactose intolerance. This can be a lot about the type of food ancestors ate and how genes have developed. Northern Europeans are much more likely to spend time with dairy products like cheese and milk, and be around goats and cattle, whereas people from Asia might not have been exposed as much - therefore find it more difficult to digest dairy.Image Source / WikipediaIt makes sense, if you don't consume many dairy products or your family doesn't, then it's likely you'll be more intolerant to some than others!

15. Do You Have A Preference For Sweet Foods?

Preferences for certain foods may also indicate gene traits due to what your ancestors would have had to survive on and the type of food in their climate. It's very likely to find that people with European genes prefer sweeter and sugary snacks - but of course that isn't exclusive to Europeans, and people all over the world can enjoy sweet foods, while Europeans can still enjoy salty, too.Image Source / WikipediaNext time you find yourself craving a sugary treat, you have the perfect excuse! Just think to yourself 'it's what my ancestors would have wanted!' and you won't feel so bad!

16. East Asian Descent Prefer Salty Foods

Whereas at the other side of the world, there's a large preference for salty food for those of East Asian descent. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't enjoy sweet food, either, but it does look like that food preference is very common in this genetic line from that part of the world!Image Source / WikipediaJust like every part of the world has different cuisines, some parts enjoy salty food more than others. If you are used to this kind of you and your family has had it for generations - it's no doubt you'll crave it.

17. Red Hair: European Links

If red hair runs in your family, then it's likely that you have genetic links back to Europe, because this is where the red hair variant is often found. The interesting thing about the red hair gene is that some research has also found that red hair started to appear in Europe after people had already settled there.Image Source / RedditHave you noticed you see more people with red hair when you're in Europe? Ginger people are very very uncommon in most parts of Asia too!

18. Freckles

People with freckles are also commonly people with red hair, but of course that's not exclusive! But this link also makes sense when it's found that freckly skin can likely be traced back to the northern part of Europe. It's also suggested through studies that the same genes that make it likely to have light skin (from Europe) also make it likely to have freckles.Image Source / WikipediaFreckles can be a sign of fair, sensitive skin that does not fare well in the sun - so it's no doubt that freckles are most common in areas where there is a lot of darkness and colder weather.

19. But Having Freckles Doesn't Necessarily Mean Northern Europe!

While it's likely that lighter skin tones and freckles in particular are passed down from northern Europe, it's of course not exclusive to this area of the world - it's always possible to have freckles no matter where you're from, and as we know, sometimes things like the sun can bring them out on your face when you didn't know you really had them!Image Source / Simple WikipediaNearly everyone can get freckles - it's really just like getting a tan - sun damage! Remember to wear sun cream, especially if you have skin that's sensitive and burns easily in the sun.

20. Having Dark Eye Color

Your eye color can't immediately tell people the exact country you're from, but it can be very helpful in pinpointing a specific region. There does seem to be a trend of darker eye colors being more common in people of African or East Asian descent, with brown eyes being the most likely.Image Source / WikipediaEye colour is also linked to hair colour. If you're naturally blonde, it's more likely that you'll have eyes that are blue or green. Whilst darker eyes have darker hair too.

21. But Dark Eye Color Isn't Exclusive To These Regions

But of course, anyone can have dark eyes! And with brown being the dominant eye color, it's more likely than other eye colors no matter where you're from. So obviously skin tone and genetics needs to be taken into account alongside dark eyes to understand whether you have African or Asian genetics.Image Source / Wikimedia CommonsYour eye color is likely to come from your parents, so if your mum has brown eyes and your dad has brown eyes, there's a pretty big chance you'll have - guess what - brown eyes!

22. Having Light Eyes

Lighter eye colors are very common in European regions, and in people of European descent. Though, again, light eye colors can be found anywhere and don't necessarily mean you definitely have European genetics! And of course your eye color is always influenced by your parents genes.Image Source / WikipediaIf you have light eyes, you've probably also got light hair. If you've got dark hair then more often than not your eyes will be a darker colour too!

23. What Can Your Nose Shape Indicate About Your Personality? Big Noses Can Mean Strong Leaders

Those with a bigger nose will have a long bridge, a wide tip and larger nostrils. It's common to see people with bigger noses be very strong and powerful leaders. They might be ambitious and driven, as well as working well on their own. It's likely to see big noses on important leading historical figures, or with people who like to be their own boss.Image Source / Zenith Cosmetic ClinicsOf course, if you have a smaller nose, you can also be ambitious too! But if you've got a larger nose, then you probably have a more natural advantage in that ambition is literally in your genetics!

24. Small Nose: More Cheerful

People with smaller noses can be on the more positive, playful and cheerful side. They can prefer to be more sociable than working alone, and are best in group situations or group activities where they can work creatively with others. They enjoy working hard and have a more optimistic outlook on repetitive work.Image Source / AEDITOf course, if you've got a bigger nose, there's nothing to say you can't be extra cheerful too! It's just a general fact that those with smaller noses have reputation for being positive!

25. Long Nose: A Good Sense Of Business

Just like with bigger noses, people with longer noses can be more ambitious and driven, and more likely to have a sound business head. This makes them great at working independently, at being their own boss, or leading others in a workplace environment. They're also likely to have great instincts - follow your nose, after all!Image Source / Medical News TodayA longer nose may just be genetic and inherited straight from your parents or grandparents, but there are other attributes that it might suggest too!

26. A Fleshy Nose: Quick And Clever

If you have a more fleshy nose, it can be narrow at the top but move into a more fleshy, bulbous shape down the length of it and be quite snubby on the end. If you have this type of nose, you might be very clever and able to think fast in difficult (or just normal) situations. You might be very caring and loyal, too.Image Source / Dr. Michel SiegelFleshy can be described as bits of extra skin, flab or just a larger shaped nose - this is what defines a 'fleshy' nose. Of course, it could mean nothing at all, but it's interesting to look out for!

27. Hooked Nose: The Rebel

This nose type will see a longer nose with a curved hook shape towards the tip which will then point downwards. You can often see a curve on the ridge, too (think Snape from HP). People with hooked noses are likely to follow their own path. They don't care what others think, and for this reason can also be very independent.Image Source / RedditYou might also find a rebel in a person with a hooked nose - they like to go against the grain and are always standing up for what they believe in!

28. Nubian Nose: Creativity

The Nubian nose is a nose that is long, but is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom across the nostrils. This nose shape can often reflect a creative and passionate person. They can be more expressive and open-minded, as well as having a very charismatic personality.Image Source / PinterestA person who is creative may also be kind, compassionate and clever - the qualities tend to go hand in hand! So count yourself lucky if you have a Nubian nose!

29. Pointed Nose: A Little Bit Complicated

People with more pointed noses - where the tip sticks out at a point - tend to be more complex people. This can mean both positive and negative, because you might find you don't know where you stand with a pointed nose person! They act on their own reasons and can be assertive with their beliefs - which can cause controversy.Image Source / CosmopolitanNot all pointed nose people are unpredictable, you may know lots of people with pointy noses who aren't, but generally it's the impression most people get!

30. Greek Nose: Hard-Working

A Greek nose - or a straight nose - can be seen as long with a narrow ridge. This can indicate a very hard-working person who's great at staying organized. They enjoy facts and working towards a goal, so the Greek nose can be seen as very 'scholarly'. They work very well under pressure, too!Image Source / RedditThe roman nose (or aquiline) is easily one of the most recognisable nose shapes in the world - it's strong, distinctive and a very prominent feature of a person's face! If you've got this nose - you will definitely know about it!

31. Next Up: What Your Body Says About You! Asymmetrical Face? You Might Be A Better Leader

Some studies have suggested that people with an asymmetrical face shape or facial features - where your features aren't a perfect mirror of each other on either side - are actually better at taking charge and showing more initiative in group settings. This means you're more likely to be a great leader and be able to work with others.Image Source / RedditPeople with asymmetrical faces are also thought to be a lot better looking than those with uneven faces, which means if you've got one of those faces, as well being a better leader, you might be better looking too!

32. O Blood Type? Mosquitos Are More Likely To Want You

Fantastic news for people with O blood types - you could be a more tasty meal for a mosquito. According to research, mosquitos have been found to be more likely to go for a person with O blood type to feast on. It's not actually known why this is the case, but it might be that O blood type tastes differently to mosquitos for some reason?Image Source / RedditIt seems crazy, but obviously mosquitoes are A LOT cleverer than we all think - they can smell what blood type you are just by hovering around you!

33. Index Finger Longer Than Your Ring Finger? You May Be Less Likely To Get Prostate Cancer

This isn't, by any means, scientific fact, but more and more research is being done into this. Some scientists have claimed that longer index fingers compared to ring fingers means that the person is around 33 percent less likely to get prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime.Image Source / RedditThe reverse has also been studied, in that people with longer ring fingers have a higher chance of that diagnosis. Isn't it crazy how small features like thi scan be such a big indicator of health.

34. Ear Crease? You Might Be More At Risk For Coronary Artery Disease

If you have a bilateral ear crease, where the crease appears on both sides, you might actually have an increased risk of developing coronary artery disease in your lifetime. It's been researched in China and resulted in a strong suggestion for this to be the case. It can also be an increased risk if you only have a unilateral ear crease.Image Source / RedditObviously if you have an ear crease you don't automatically have to worry that you are going to have coronary artery disease, but it is worth keeping an eye on your health, as you always should.

35. Brown Eyes? You Might Get Drunk Faster

Have you been wondering your whole life why you can't hack your alcohol like all your blue- or green-eyed friends? Well it turns out that brown-eyed people might actually suffer more easily with a lower tolerance for alcohol. Apparently this is down to people with brown eyes having more melanin in their brains...Image Source / RedditThis which means the brain processes things quicker, including alcohol. So you get drunk faster! The melanin-inducing hormone increases alcohol consumption, so you'll suffer with those hangovers a lot more than your lighter eyed mates.

36. Large Forehead? You Might Be A Tad More Intelligent Than Others

It's not quite as literal as 'bigger forehead means more room for big brain', but it's something like that. Studies have shown that babies born with larger foreheads are likely to be a bit cleverer than those with smaller heads. This was shown by babies' foreheads being measured and then their academic abilities measured during their lifetime.Image Source / RedditTurns out, those big-headed babies did better! So next time you're in the mirror measuring just how big your forehead looks, just remember you're holding all those brains in there.

37. Belly Button In A Weird Position? You Might Be A Better Runner/Swimmer

Apparently your belly button can show a lot about you, and it's very specific when it comes to your running or swimming capabilities. Because your belly button is the 'center of gravity' when it comes to your body, the position of it can determine your response to gravity when it comes to physical exercise.Image Source / RedditFor example, runners who have a high-up belly button have a higher center of gravity, resulting in them being faster than those with belly buttons lower down.

38. Long Eyebrows? You Might Be Great At Dealing With Stress

According to studies done by expert facial readers, those blessed with longer eyebrows are apparently great listeners. This means better equipped at listening to loved ones problems and dealing with pressure. Alternatively, people with short eyebrows apparently had a short fuse, too, and don't deal with stress as well.Image Source / RedditDo you think it's probably time to grow your eyebrows out and automatically lessen your stress? We absolutely think that's a great idea! Let us know how it goes!

39. Blinking Rapidly? You Might Fancy Someone

According to those super-duper body language experts, rapid blinking could actually be a sign of heightened excitement, specifically if you fancy someone. A lot can be read from eye blinking but it's something most of us don't pay attention to! Apparently a blink rate of more than 10 a minute means high emotions, excitement or lust!Image Source / The GuardianWe've all heard the phrase 'fluttering her eyelashes' but this is actually what it means! Also it has been proved that men are more attracted to ladies who blink more as they speak - it's basically peacocking, for women!

40. Contaminated Hair Follicles? Evidence Of Illegal Activity!

Did you know that your hair follicles can actually snitch on you? Even just one hair follicle can have traces of certain substances on it ,like marijuana, cocaine or opioids, for a whopping 90 days! That's 90 days for others to be able to find out what you've been up to in your spare time. Some drug tests even use hair follicles instead of urine to check for substances.Image Source /  RedditSo, next time you're doing something you shouldn't be, make sure you check your hair follicles, as they could just grass you up if you were to get arrested!

41. Short King? You Might Actually Live Longer

If you're often lamenting about not being 6 feet tall, don't fret - turns out that if you're shorter, you might actually live longer. According to research from the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine, shorter people have a gene which taller people don't have, which could actually help them to live longer.Image Source / Tastefully OffensiveAt least being short can have some advantages than being tall! When you're short, it can feel like you wish you were tall and vice versa, but it's best to see the positives in things1

42. Big Nose? You Might Be More Successful At Business

You might already have a head for business, but how about a nose for business, too? If you've a big one, that is. According to expert face readers, if you have a bigger nose, it increases the chances that you're more successful in business ventures. This also means more likely to make some serious money! People with big noses can be ambitious, which is great for business.Image Source / RedditOf course, if you have a smaller nose, you might still be ambitious too! But if you've got a 'roman nose' then you might have a genetic headstart with those ambitious qualities.

43. Square Toes? You Might Be A Practical Person

This toe shape can be known as 'peasant foot', and if you have a more 'square' arrangement to your toes, it could mean that you look at situations with a more practical and logical viewpoint. It's more likely that this toe shape means you're someone who likes to think about every decision properly before making it. You're also likely to be a more dependable person!Image Source / PinterestThis might also say a lot about your ancestry - there's probably a reason why this type of foot is called 'peasant foot' and not 'royal foot'. What do you think?!

44. Wide Hips? You Might Be Promiscuous

Always say that wide hips mean 'child-bearing', but it might also mean you're more likely to do the thing you need to bear a child in the first place. Apparently people with wider hips are more likely to have more sexual partners - and, in particular, one-night stands! Might be time to get the measuring tape out.Image Source / RedditTheyObviously this isn't the case with every person, but as a general pattern - there seems to be a bit of a theme with people with gorgeous curvaceous hips!

45. Deep Red Tongue? You Might Need More Nutrients

The color and texture of your tongue can reveal a lot about your health, so if you've been rocking a dark red tongue for a while now, it could be a few different things. One of these could be entirely at fault of what you've been eating, such as high-acid foods making your tongue red for a bit. But a more serious cause of a red tongue can be missing out on key nutrients, like B12.Image Source / WikipediaYour tongue says a lot about your health, there are many features that indicate physical conditions that are manifesting in the way your tongue looks!

46. Can You Spread Your Fingers Really Wide? You're Probably More Independent

And even more so if you didn't need anyone to help you check the width of your finger spread! If you have a wide finger spread when you lay your hand down flat, it could suggest that you're someone independent, open to new experiences and more likely to go on solo adventures than with others. So wide fingers can suggest adventure-seekers.Image Source / RedditGo on - give it a go! It might seem so so weird to you, but for many people, it really is the case. And if it's not, well, it's just a bit of fun!

47. Fingers Tight Together? You're More Guarded

Alternatively, if you find that your fingers are very tight together even when you try to spread them, with limited width, it could mean the opposite - that you're very closed off and guarded as a person. This can also mean you're more cautious, which means you wouldn't rush into travel or adventure decisions, and especially not for traveling alone.Image Source / RedditAs well as being a physical feature, this is partly due to body language mirroring how you feel. Of course, if your hands are suggesting that you're guarded, you probably are!

48. Feet With High Arches? You're Self-Sufficient

Did you know that the natural arch of your feet can reveal things about your personality? If you have very high arches, it could mean you're very self-sufficient - and the higher the arches, the more independent you might be. You might be more on the lines of anti-social and preferring to do things alone, to spend time with just you and your high arches.Image Source / RedditWhilst not everyone with high arches will be an introvert, there are certain behavioural attributes that are linked with physical features - and this is one of the most common!

49. Low Arches? You're More Outgoing

On the flip side, if you have very low arches, you're probably more outgoing, which means you can rely on others more than somebody with high arches might do. You might find you prefer being around people, value the company of others more and also need more emotional support from those around you.Image Source / RedditSome physical features indicate certain emotional and mental attributes too - it's obviously not the case for everyone, but there are general patterns in many people!

50. Discolored Fingernails? It Could Suggest Health Issues

Your nails can actually give you the heads up about a number of different health problems, so if your nails are discolored, it might be worth checking with your doctor if you feel like they could be telling you something. Things like lines on nails, black nails, indentations and soft nails can all tell you something about what's going on in your body.Image Source / RedditHowever, your nails might just be dirty or it might indicate something else, so if you're worried, always go to see your doctor! And make sure they are kept nice and clean!