Bizarre Mormon Rules You Won’t Believe Are Real

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Welcome, curious minds and eager adventurers, to the intriguing world of Mormonism, where the rules are as unpredictable as a game of musical chairs at a unicorn rodeo! Grab your skepticism and buckle up because we're about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the land of jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, and utterly bizarre Mormon rules that will have you exclaiming, "That can't be real... can it?!" From socks to sodas, from the mundane to the mind-boggling, get ready...

1. Passing the 'Chastity' Test

Females as young as 8 and up to the age of 12 are asked questions about their sexual knowledge and, hopefully, the lack of it.  A Mormon girl must be as pure and white as the driven snow in order to be a suitable life partner for her future husband.Image source PinterestAny known form of previous hanky-panky would deem the girl to be tarnished. We don't know how that's measured for the guys, though... it seems to be a lot of focus on women remaining 'pure' while not many rules about the men... think what you will about that!Original content sourced from

2. Hair should NOT be risqué...

In the intricate tapestry of Mormon traditions, the threads of modesty are tightly woven, creating a fabric that extends even to the way women wear their hair. Picture a landscape where hairstyles aren't just about personal preference but are emblematic of a larger communal code.Image source PinterestWomen are encouraged, or rather have to, wear their hair in a way that doesn't draw attention so as not to shine a negative light on the Church community.  A simple pony tail or plaits are the most risque styles that would be permitted.  No stand-up spikes or brazen backcomb then!

3. Vegetarian Summer

In the fascinating world of Mormon dietary practices, there exists a scriptural whisper that resonates through generations, guiding their culinary choices with a gentle yet resolute hand. Picture a tableau where the sizzle of meat on a grill might not be forbidden, but it certainly walks a tightrope.Image source The Spruce EatsOfficially, Mormons are supposed to be entirely vegetarian as the scriptures state that meat 'should be used only in times of winter, or of cold or famine'.  That means a barbecue of bean burgers and Quorn sausages with a side of corn on the cobs is the only way to eat without being frowned upon.

4.  Keep Quiet...

In the intricate infrastructure of the Mormon Church, there exists a clandestine force—a committee shrouded in mystery, known as the 'Strengthening Church Members Committee.' This enigmatic entity operates as a silent observer, meticulously cataloging the thoughts, words, and actions.Image source More.comThe church has a committee called 'The Strengthening Church Members Committee' and they keep files on every church member, especially what these members might write. If a member is caught criticizing the leadership, the committee notifies their bishop, who must confront the person about it.   It's a case of button up and shut up if you have your own views.

5. Missionaries Restricted to Seeing Family

Imagine the life of a young Mormon missionary—a journey that threads dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment through the tapestry of their days. For these intrepid souls, the concept of holidays bore a different hue, painted with the colors of duty and service rather than festive merriment or familial reunions.Image source Utah Public RadioChristmas Day and Mother's Day were, at one time, the only two occasions where a missionary could go home to see his family.  The young missionaries had to spend pretty much every waking hour knocking on doors and trying to convert as many people as possible to the Mormon religion.

6.  It's OK To Lie

In the intricate moral landscape of Mormonism, an intriguing paradox emerges—one that dances on the thin line between truth and the protective veil shrouding the Church. Within this complex tapestry of ethics, a peculiar acceptance prevails: the notion that certain untruths find a curious acceptance.The Untold Truth Of PinocchioImage source Dreamstime.comNo one should be encouraged to tell porky pies but throughout the history of the church, it has been acceptable to lie to outsiders to protect the Church.  Mormons share the Ten Commandments with Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The commandment about not giving false testimony doesn’t really hold the same ground in Mormonism that it does in the other religions.

7. Here are the rules on kissing

In the intriguing realm of Mormon romantic customs, the art of kissing dances to the beat of a unique set of guidelines—a script that adds a touch of innocence and restraint to the melodious symphony of budding affections. Picture a landscape where teenage romance unfolds.Image source QuoraWhen it comes to kissing, Mormons have they their own set of guidelines.  Teenagers are allowed to pucker up providing there is no passion.  The kiss can't last long (not sure if a stop watch is used) and absolutely no tongues.  Hugging and holding hands follow the same rules.

8. Divorce? Not a chance

Within the fabric of Mormon beliefs, the sanctity of marriage is woven into the very essence of their faith—a sacred bond meant to endure through the ages like an unyielding pillar. Divorce, in this intricate tapestry, appears as an unwelcome intruder.Image source PinterestDivorce is a filthy word to Mormons.  The Church considers it a necessary evil although they will accept an annulment (probably if cash is handed over).  Mormons have two weddings, one where families are invited and there is the usual food and cake (maybe even a chocolate fountain).  The other wedding is the sealing (for ever) of their marriage at the Temple and that seal can never be broken, even in the afterlife.

9. Non-Mormons Don't Love As Much

Within the intricate framework of Mormon beliefs, the concept of love takes on a nuanced hue, woven with threads of faith, purpose, and divine orchestration. In this worldview, the belief extends beyond mere chance encounters or serendipitous romances.Image source QuoraMormons believe that the love felt between spouses and families of 'outsiders' is not as strong as for those within the faith.  Their views are that they are brought together on this earth for a reason and that creates a higher love.  Meeting a partner in Wetherspoons, falling madly in love and living happily ever after cannot be judged as the love between two Mormons.

10. Marrying Age

In the unique world of Mormon tradition, the path to matrimony often diverges from the mainstream, weaving a narrative that unfolds at a remarkably young age compared to societal norms. For a young man in the Mormon faith, the journey toward marriage embarks on a distinctive trajectory.Image source The Knot NewsIt is quite usual for Mormons to marry in their late teens so much younger than the rest of the British and American population.  Once the man has completed his missionary work, at the age of 18, he sets his sights on finding a wife.  There is no need for him to register on Tinder as there will be an abundance of females that he knows in the Church and one of them will win his heart.

11. Same Sex Relationships?

In the Mormon faith, the perspective on romantic relationships is deeply rooted in traditional interpretations of religious texts, particularly the Bible, which emphasize the sanctity of unions between a man and a woman. This foundational belief shapes the Church's stance on same-sex relationships.Image source WikipediaChurch leaders in the Mormon faith believe the Bible's teachings that romantic relationships can only be ordained by the Lord if they are between a man and a woman.  They are not allowed to engage in same-sex 'liaisons' so that must mean a large number of gay people have to live a lie or go behind the Church's back - how sad in this day and age.

12. Stock Up

n the realm of Mormonism, the concept of preparedness takes on a fascinating dimension—a belief that extends beyond the spiritual realm into the pragmatic realm of day-to-day life. At the forefront of this preparation stands the notion of storing three months' worth of provisions.Image source Economic NewsOne of the more unusual, some would say bizarre, rules in this faith is that a family should stock up with 3 months' worth of food in case any untold emergency happens to be thrust upon them.  Broken down, this adds up to an extremely large pantry and freezer as well as 48 packets of Haribos (or is that just me?)

13. Under-Clothing

The transition into wearing sacred garments marks a profound milestone in the life of a devout Mormon—a symbolic embodiment of commitment, devotion, and a steadfast adherence to the tenets of their faith. These undergarments, known reverently as 'garments,' are far more than mere pieces of cloth.Image source All That's InterestingAfter going through the temple, Mormons have to wear special under-clothing which are known as 'garments'.  They are usually made from silk or cotton and are a reminder to be honest, virtuous, pure, chaste and to keep the Commandments.  It is a myth (thank goodness) that they protect the wearer from evil and harm).

14. Tattoos

In the intricate tapestry of Mormon beliefs, the canvas of the body remains a sacred landscape—a vessel to be revered and kept pure, free from the artistry of tattoos that might mar its pristine surface. The stance on tattoos within the Mormon faith holds a steadfast conviction.Image source UnsplashThese are strictly forbidden if you are of the Mormon faith.  Not even a butterfly on your bum or your parents' initials on your wrist is allowed.  The reasoning is because the body will no longer be pure.  The few brave soldiers who go against their religion's wishes, with a full sleeve, are ordered to have the ink removed by laser.

15. Sundays

In the tapestry of Mormon tradition, Sundays unfold like a carefully scripted sonnet—a day reserved not for the bustle of errands or the delights of leisure, but rather as a sanctified interval, a sacred pause amid the symphony of the week.Image source QuoraForget about heading out to the garden centre for a Begonia plant or meeting up with friends for Sunday lunch and a giant Yorkshire pudding.  Sunday is Church day for Mormons and a day of reflecting.  That means no tv, no radio, no shopping and not doing anything that might be seen as enjoyment.

16. No Caffeine

The intricate tapestry of Mormon beliefs weaves a unique perspective on everyday consumption, especially when it comes to beverages. In the world of Latter-day Saints, the cup of tea or coffee doesn't just hold a brew—it carries with it the stigma of caffeine.Image source CoolThings.comCosta and Starbucks are definitely off the menu for Mormons as they do not partake in tea or coffee due to the stimulant, caffeine which is seen as being a drug.  Latter Day Saints have found ways to fill the gap by drinking concoctions of other drinks from recipes handed down by ancestors.  Have they not heard of decaffeinated?

17. Set Forth And Multiply

Within the mosaic of Mormon beliefs, the concept of family takes center stage, radiating an aura of reverence and divine purpose. The idea of children as blessings bestowed by a higher power permeates the fabric of their beliefs, fostering a perspective that transcends the societal norm of family size.Image source Third HourIn Britain, 2.4 children is the usual size of a family.  With Mormons, it is more like 9.8 for an average brood.  Their religion states that children are a gift from the Lord and even if the parents are experiencing financial hardships, this should not be taken into account when looking to fill those other bedrooms.

18. Sexy Clothing

In the intricate framework of Mormon culture, the sartorial choices of women—particularly the modesty in attire—echo a tapestry woven with threads of tradition, respect, and a reverence for familial values. The concept of modesty transcends mere fashion.Image source PinterestEven reading the word 'sexy clothing' would lead to shame in the Mormon religion.  Females, even married women, should not go sleeveless or wear anything tight or figure-hugging.  This is seen as, to be blunt, trashy and disrespectful to the whole and extended family.

19. Fasting

In the rhythm of Mormon tradition, Fast Sunday emerges as a day that transcends mere physical sustenance—a time of spiritual fortitude and communal generosity woven into the fabric of the faith. This monthly ritual unfolds as a testament to the power of sacrifice.Image source Religion News ServiceMormons fast one Sunday every month for 24 hours.  That extends to not drinking any water either for the duration.  The money that would have been spent on two meals for the family is then donated to the poor and is known as 'Fast Sunday' - who thought that name up?   

20. Dinosaurs

The intersection of dinosaurs and Mormon teachings may seem like an unexpected rendezvous in the vast landscape of religious beliefs, yet within the doctrinal tapestry of the faith, a unique perspective on the prehistoric giants emerges—one that might raise eyebrows and ignite curiosity.Image source The GuardianYou read that correctly!  What on earth are dinosaurs to do with the Mormon religion?  Well, 'earth' is the operative word as this faith teaches kids that fossilized dinosaur bones come from other creatures living on other planets that were destroyed when Earth was created.  I don't know what planet these teachers were from!

21. Church Dress Code

In the halls of Mormon congregations, the dress code isn't just about attire—it's a visual representation of deeply ingrained beliefs and traditional roles within the family structure. The guidelines for attire serve as more than just a directive on clothing.Image source QuoraThere is a strict dress code at Church which stipulates men must wear a white shirt and tie and females are forbidden from wearing trousers.  This is to separate the sexes as to their duties within the home.  The male is the bread winner and goes out to work to support the family and the female, in her dress or skirt, will cook and clean.

22. Piercings

Within the intricate framework of Mormon beliefs, the guidelines surrounding body piercings extend beyond mere aesthetics—they carry a deeper significance tied to notions of purity, commitment, and reverence for the body as a temple.Image source Glamour UKThat should read 'lack of them' if Mormon rules are to be abided by.  Females may have their ears pierced but only once at each side whereas males are not permitted to get anything pierced, not even their nipples!  It's all to do with purity and disfiguring the body which, in turn, means you are not totally committed to your religion.

23. Teachings

In the intricate social fabric of the Mormon community, the concept of regular visits and teachings emerges as a tangible manifestation of communal support, spiritual growth, and a commitment to nurturing the collective spirit. For men, the practice of home teaching beckons as a sacred duty.Image source MormonWikiEach member of the Church must visit other members once a month and deliver 'teachings'.  For men these are called home teachings and for women they are visiting teachings.   The Church will do random tests on members around 3 o 4 times a year to check their knowledge.

24. No Abortion

Within the moral framework of the Mormon faith, the stance on abortion is deeply rooted in the sanctity of life and the reverence for the divine gift of existence. The guiding principle, drawn from the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill," underscores the belief in the preservation and protection of life.Image source Dreamstime.comMembers of the Church strongly oppose abortion and refuse to allow it as one of the Commandments says ' Thou shalt not kill'.  Church leaders have opened the possibility for abortion in extreme instances such as danger to the mother’s life, incest and rape.

25. Pornography

Within the moral framework of the Mormon faith, the perception of pornography transcends mere moral transgression—it's regarded as a grave violation that strikes at the core of personal integrity and respect for others. Mormons view pornography as a deeply sinful act. Image source CrazyleafMormons see pornography as a sin.  Viewing it in a magazine or online is treated as seriously as burglary.  They believe it is incredibly belittling to women to treat them as objects and again refer to the Commandments which say 'Thou shalt not covet'.

26. Polygamy

Polygamy, historically associated with the early years of the Mormon faith, remains a complex and nuanced aspect within certain pockets of the community today. While it's important to note that mainstream Mormonism disavowed polygamy over a century ago.Image source Macleans.caAlthough polygamy (being greedy and having more than one wife) still exists in the Mormon faith, it is not the usual practice this days.  However, there are communities who still practice polygamy and it is accepted.  I wonder if a rota is drawn up with wife A and wife B?

27. Basketball

The curious restriction on missionaries playing full court basketball stems from a concern for their well-being and safety within the framework of their mission work. Missionaries, as representatives of the Church, are insured by the institution, and their health and safety are of paramount importance.Image source WikipediaThis is a strange one - missionaries cannot play full court basketball, only half court.  The reason is that the missionaries are insured by the Church and are more likely to get hurt and sustain injury if paying full court basketball.  They also can't play basketball in leagues or in tournaments.

28. Dating

For individuals under the age of 16 within the Mormon faith, the emphasis on refraining from dating or engaging in mixed-gender socialization beyond academic pursuits is a reflection of the guiding principles aimed at fostering a focus on personal development and spiritual maturity.Image source Learn ReligionsForget dating, if you're a Mormon.  That is the case if you are under 16 years of age.  Mixing with the opposite sex for reasons other than studying is strictly forbidden and if a couple of teens are caught together, they both have to undertake hours of studying to repent for their sins.

29. No Smoking

For Mormons, the prohibition against smoking extends beyond mere health concerns—it's intertwined with a deeper spiritual belief system that revolves around purity, self-discipline, and the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. Smoking is not just considered detrimental to physical health.Image source SpineUniverseIt has always been forbidden for Mormons to smoke, not just for the health implications, which is understandable, but also that it neutralizes the purity of a person and all the goodness inside them.  When it comes to their passing, they can only be part of the Afterlife if they have followed all the rules.

30. Popularity

The growth in conversions to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), also known as Mormonism, reflects an intriguing trend in the realm of faith and spirituality, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds into its fold.Image source QuoraRecent statistics have shown that conversion to Mormonism, Church of the Latter Day Saints, is growing at a rate of one million people a year.  There is an almost even split of men and women and many of them have not followed any particular religion previously.  It just goes to show that the rules attached to being a Mormon may not be as bizarre as we think!

31. There’s More than One Heaven

In the tapestry of Mormon beliefs about the afterlife, the concept of multiple heavens brings a nuanced perspective on the eternal destiny of individuals, painting a diverse landscape beyond the binary notion of heaven and hell.Image source Bibleinfo.comIn the Mormon faith everyone goes to heaven - how reassuring!  That sounds like a good deal, but there is a catch. There are three levels of heaven, the highest and best one which is the Celestial Kingdom.  Next step down is the Terrestrial Kingdom for those who follow the law of Moses and the lowest Kingdom is the Telestial one, for those who follow carnal law.  At least there's no hell!

32. God, Jesus And The Holy Spirit Are Separate Entities

The distinctive doctrine within Mormonism regarding the nature of the Godhead stands apart from many traditional Christian beliefs, presenting a unique perspective on the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, in contrast to the traditional Christian concept of the Trinity.Image source DeviantArtIn many religions, such as Catholicism, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are all different sides of the same coin. to put it simply.  In Mormonism, they are actually three distinct beings and not just spirits but made from flesh and bone.  That goes against almost every other faith but who is to say who is right and who is wrong?

33. Side By Side

The idea of a woman walking neither ahead nor behind her husband signifies a symbolic representation of equality and partnership within the context of their relationship. Rather than positioning one ahead or behind the other, the principle underscores the belief in complementarity.Image source PixabayIt's a slap on the wrist if a Mormon woman walks in front of her husband and gives a bad impression to others if she walks behind him.  The roles of men and women complement each other and they should walk side by side.  This is a sign of equality and even includes joint decisions when it comes to parenting skills.  I always thought mother knew best!

34. Prayer Is Powerful

In the realm of Mormon practices, the use of olive oil for healing rituals reflects a belief in the power of faith, prayer, and divine intervention in promoting physical and spiritual well-being. According to Mormon teachings, anointing the sick with consecrated olive oil as part of a healing ritual involves more.Image source Redeeming GodMormons believe that if you say a prayer over olive oil, you can heal the sick - not sure if it has to be Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  They do say that the power of the mind can do extraordinary things but to have such a strong belief over a serious issue is a tricky one to go along with.

35. Tell The Future

Patriarchal blessings hold a significant place within the Mormon faith, offering members guidance and insight into their lives, akin to personalized spiritual roadmaps for their future journeys. Unlike seeking guidance through clairvoyants, tarot cards, or horoscopes...Image source Wales OnlineIf you are one of those many people who would love to know how their future will pan out, you may visit a clairvoyant, if you are a believer, or invest in some tarot cards or even read your daily horoscope.  For Mormons, all they have to do is have a Patriarchal Blessing at Church where their life predictions will be made.  Sounds cheaper than the alternatives!

36. Submarine Snippet

The notion of traveling in an ancient submarine with windows, believed to have been envisioned by some within the Mormon faith, might indeed seem surprising and unconventional to many, even to those who are open to exploring diverse beliefs and perspectives.Image source www.history.comHere's a bit of news you might be surprised to hear, even those of you who are open minded and hungry to learn new things.  The Mormon way of thinking is or was that it is possible to travel in an ancient submarine with windows, especially if you have rocks that glow (because God touched them with his finger).  I think I'll stick to a European cruise, myself.

37. Mary Wasn't A Virgin

The belief within Mormonism regarding the conception of Jesus Christ diverges significantly from traditional Christian teachings. According to Mormon theology, the birth of Jesus involves a unique perspective that emphasizes the physical lineage of Jesus Christ.Image source PinterestNews bulletin - a large chunk of the bible should be re-written with immediate effect.  We know that different religions have their own beliefs on the Almighty although the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus doesn't quite follow our human biology lessons at school.  Well, it's all become clear now as Mormons believe (and they say they have proof) that God had a one night stand with Mary, resulting in baby Jesus.

38. Curse Of Cain

The historical perspectives on race within the early leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, specifically regarding the beliefs about black people, are complex and have undergone significant evolution and change over time.Image source Third HourThe Church's first presidents, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, believed that black skin was the result of the Curse of Cain or the Curse of Ham.  As early as 1844 leaders suggested that black people were less valiant in the pre-existence.  I wonder what the Mormons of today would make of that.

39. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Indeed, the life of a missionary within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is both demanding and rewarding. While many missionaries are young adults in their late teens or early twenties, there's a diverse range of individuals, including older parents, who choose to serve missions after their children have grown up.Image source Dreamstime.comMissionaries are usually in their late teens although some are older parents whose children have grown up and left home.  They can be posted to any country and often learn a different language along the way.  It's tiring work, spreading the word and the rules are that missionaries must go to bed at 1.30am and get up at 6.30 am.  They must be dog tired!

40. Celestial Name

Within the context of Temple sealings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there's a sacred and unique aspect regarding the celestial names that are bestowed upon individuals during the ceremony. It's believed that each person receives a special, sacred name known as their "celestial name."Image source ParadeWhen a marriage is sealed in the Temple, a husband will have found out his wife's celestial name but she is not allowed to know his.  This is so he can, if he chooses, resurrect her after her death by calling out her celestial name.  The wife doesn't share that luxury (if she did want it).

41. Banned From Sex

Mormons are banned from having sex before marriage so they get round it by 'soaking'.  It's nothing to do with hosing your partner down in an erotic way but rather the man inserting his penis into the woman's vagina and not moving - definitely no thrusting!Image source ABCThe issue with 'soaking' is that even without thrusting or movement of any kind, you're still at risk of s*xually transmitted diseases - or even pregnancy, as it doesn't take much movement to... you know. You may as well do it right, or not at all - at least, that's what some might think...

42. Family Tree

In some circles within the Mormon community, there's a cultural emphasis on dating individuals of strong moral character and family values. The process often involves a thoughtful approach to evaluating potential partners, where families play a role in assessing the character and values of a prospective partner's family.Image source iStockAnother recommendation in the Mormon church is that they only date people of strong moral character. The way this is done is by the parents checking out the whole family of the boy or girl and seeing that they have good family values.  Once it's agreed they are a match, the two are allowed to date in a public place and nowhere dark!

43. Tarnished Characters

The early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints indeed reflects a complex and often contentious period, characterized by challenges, controversies, and individuals whose lives were marked by tumultuous events. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church, faced numerous legal issues during his lifetime.Image source Ask GrampsWe learn from experience, as we get older, that some people have a dark or tarnished past.  The early years of the church are a bit of a mine field.  Joseph Smith was an outlaw and arrested in 3 States and his successor, Brigham Young, was a wild and dangerous individual.

44. Strictly No Lesbians

The story of the 12-year-old girl bravely coming out to her Utah congregation despite the Church's stance against same-sex relationships has indeed garnered widespread attention and support from various quarters. Her courageous act has resonated with many people.Image source MashaleWe have already previously touched on same sex relationships being a no go in the Mormon faith.  A 12 year old girl came out to her Utah congregation and was asked to sit down.  She refused and announced she had been made that way and the place stayed silent.  However, through coverage in The Guardian and New York Times, she has amassed millions of viewers on her YouTube channel.  Good for her.

45. No Swimming

The belief that Satan has dominion or influence over bodies of water like lakes and rivers is not a standard or official doctrine within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There isn't a specific teaching that prohibits Mormons or missionaries from swimming in lakes or rivers.Image source Swimming.comBeing a missionary is a tiring 2 year vocation that is expected of late teens, early twenty year old Mormons.  After a hot day traipsing around and spreading the word, wouldn't it be nice to take a dip in the pool and cool off.  No, sorry, not if you're a Mormon.  Satan allegedly has power over the lakes and rivers so it's out of bounds for those sweaty young people.

46.  No Oral Sex

The guidelines and teachings on intimacy within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have indeed evolved over time, reflecting the evolving perspectives and interpretations within the Church's leadership. Historically, the Church has emphasized teachings regarding sexual purity.Image source Dreamstime.comSo Mormons get a raw deal when it comes to intimacy, no kissing with tongues before marriage, no 'thrusting' before marriage and no oral sex AFTER marriage.  It was decided as late as the 1980s that this act was both  not pure, unnatural and an unholy practice.  Whether everyone of that faith agreed to abstain is another mater we will never know (or want to know).

47. Lukewarm

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does have guidelines concerning the consumption of hot drinks. The Word of Wisdom, a health code followed by Mormons, advises against the consumption of "hot drinks," specifically mentioning coffee and tea.Image source WikipediaWe are aware that Mormons do not indulge in coffee or tea because of the caffeine content but did you know they are to refrain from any liquid that has a hotter temperature than lukewarm.  That also applies to cocoa (hot chocolate), lemon tea and any hot fruit drink.

48. No Tight Jeans

Within the Mormon community, there are cultural and modesty guidelines regarding clothing that members are encouraged to follow. While there's no specific Church doctrine prescribing the exact style or fit of clothing, modesty in dress is emphasized as a principle in maintaining respect for oneself.Image source Business InsiderTeenagers like to wear the latest trends and skinny or stretchy jeans are part of the everyday wardrobe of many.  Unfortunately, Mormons are kindly asked (ordered) to wear something a little looser, the female so she doesn't appear too sexy to the outside world and the male so it doesn't hinder his sperm count!

49. Red Lipstick

Within some segments of the Mormon community, there's an emphasis on modesty and maintaining a conservative appearance, particularly among young women. While there aren't specific Church doctrines dictating makeup usage or prohibiting red lipstick.Image source Story BlocksYoung Mormon teenagers, like any girls of the same age, like to experiment with make up but they are discouraged so as not to look too provocative to the opposite sex and to prove they are still 'pure'.  They are permitted to wear a 'light dusting' of colour on the face but absolutely no red lipstick under any circumstances.  That would give an unthinkable impression that would shame the whole family.

50. Swearing At Parents

Respect for parents holds significant importance within the Mormon faith, reflecting the broader emphasis on family values and relationships. The teachings emphasize honoring and showing reverence to parents as a fundamental principle.Image source Daily MailFor a Mormon to swear at his/her parents would be serious enough to be put on the rung of the ladder just under murder.  A parent must only be referred to as 'mother' or 'father', be showed the utmost respect and anything less would result in a visit to the Temple to repent.

51. Have Two Wives

In the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, plural marriage, commonly known as polygamy, was practiced for a period and was taught as a principle during the leadership of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. This practice involved some male members of the Church having multiple wives.Image source PinterestIt was thought at some points in Mormon history (a little bit less now) that men actually need at least two wives to get into the highest degree of heaven. The idea first began with a divine revelation that was delivered to church founder Joseph Smith.

52. Accept Any Job Given

Within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members may be asked to fulfill various roles or responsibilities within the Church community. These assignments or roles, often referred to as "callings," are seen as opportunities to serve others and contribute to the functioning of the Church.Image source Religion & Politics

You cannot accept some jobs and refuse others, you do not get any say in what kinds of jobs you would prefer to do or which you would rather steer clear from and avoid. No, you must accept whatever job or "calling" the church gives you, whatever it may be.

53. Return To Missouri

The belief about Mormons returning to Missouri stems from teachings about the historical and spiritual significance of the area within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In Mormon teachings, Missouri holds a special place in Church history and theology.Image source Viaggi USA

All Mormons are supposed to return to Missouri before Jesus returns - whenever this is to be. But this is because Missouri was apparently the location of the Garden of Eden. So, the aim of the mission is to return to Missouri before the arrival of Jesus...

54. You MUST Attend All Meetings

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, regular attendance at meetings and gatherings is strongly encouraged and considered an essential part of being an active member of the Church. There are various meetings throughout the week that members are encouraged to attend.Image source Church Of Jesus ChristMeetings in the Mormon religion are not something that you can opt in and out of. You must attend because it is obligatory and if you don't then you may no longer be allowed to be considered a Mormon. And no, this is not just on a Sunday. This could be anytime throughout the week for whatever calling you receive.

55. Never Question Mormon Authority

Within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is an emphasis on respecting and sustaining Church leaders and authority. Members are encouraged to follow the teachings and guidance of Church leaders, viewing them as spiritual guides who provide direction and counsel for the Church.Image source Church Of Jesus ChristA Mormon should never question Mormon authority. And, any Mormon who writes public statements against the church, can get into trouble, and the church can stop him. So, if you want to maintain your place within the Mormon community never question the authority.

56. Prove Your Worth

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worthiness interviews are a standard practice for members who wish to participate in temple ordinances and ceremonies. These interviews are conducted regularly, usually on an annual basis, by local ecclesiastical leaders, such as bishops or stake presidents.Image source Church Of Jesus Christ

There are lots of strict rules to be Mormon and it only do you have to stick to them but you must also pass a worthiness interview once a year. This test happens every single year and if you pass it then it allows you to continue attending the temple.

57. Penalties

In earlier iterations of temple ceremonies within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there were indeed elements referred to as "penalties" or "penalty oaths." These penalties were symbolic gestures incorporated into temple rituals, signifying the seriousness of making sacred covenants and promises.Image source Religion & Politics

Before the 20th century there was something in the Mormon tradition called penalties. And these are what would happen when you failed one of the rules. But these weren't small penalties - they were even referred to as a blood oath. Then in the 20th century they were discarded for being too extreme.

58. The Rule Changed

Absolutely, the rules and practices within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have evolved over time, reflecting changes in society and adjustments aimed at better meeting the needs of members. In the past, missionaries were often encouraged to have limited contact with their families during their missions.Image source PinterestA lot of the rules within the religion have got less harsh overtime. It used to be a case where those on a mission would not even be allowed to contact home - there were two exceptions, Mother's Day and Christmas. But, youngsters are now allowed to phone home every week.

59. The Church's Assets Are Thought To Be Worth More Than 30 Billion

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints indeed has a diverse portfolio of investments, including real estate, businesses, and other financial holdings. One of the entities responsible for managing these investments is the Deseret Management Corporation (DMC).Image source Wall Street JournalThe church has a lot of real estate and for-profit business investments which create them a very impressive amount of profit years. These are managed by Deseret Management Corp which is a company is one of the largest owners of farm and ranch land in the U.S. Having investments is actually encouraged.

60. Donate

Tithing, the practice of donating one-tenth of one's income to the Church, is indeed a fundamental principle within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members are encouraged to contribute a tithe to the Church to support its operations.

Image source Religion News Service

An interesting thing about the Mormon religion is that they should donate one tenth of their annual income to the church in order to be allowed to pray in the Temple. This practice is known as tithing. From this, the church reportedly receives more than $5 billion in tithes every year. Which considering the rise in members must also be rising.