Big Brother US Cast Then And Now

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Eddie McGee

Image Source: Reddit
Eddie McGee was the original winner of the first Big Brother Series and throughout the show he often told the other housemates about how he didn't trust the others and how he wanted to win the 500k. These days he actually works as an actor making appearances in shows like The Equalizer, 9-1-1 and Amazon Prime's Hunters. Have you spotted him anywhere?

Josh Souza

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Josh Souza was the runner-up within the first series of the show and he was often seeing trying to work out which of the two housemates, Jordan or Brittany he'd end up pursuing. Despite this, throughout much of his time on the show, many people were questioning his sexuality. These days he actually works as a Business Development and Marketing Consultant over in Florida.

Curtis Kin

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Although Curtis came third in the original season he was actually still paid $50,000 for his time on the show! He originally appeared to be a little arrogant although people warmed to him eventually. Crazily, Curtis, since the show, has gone on to build a great legal career for himself as he is now a judge for the Superior Court for California in Los Angeles.

Jamie Kern

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Jamie Kern entered the original Big Brother house and she seemed to be fairly popular amongst most of the other housemates. She was even seen spending some of her time in the house trying to flirt with a camera man! Following the show she went on to work as news anchor in Washington and Oregon and she's now even a billionaire after selling her cosmetic company to L'Oreal in 2016!

Brittany Petros

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Brittany Petros gained herself a name as one of the most dramatic houseguests of all time and was seen to dye her hair numerous times during her time within the Big Brother house. She seemed to be a little too needy and often had other people sleeping in her bed with her. Nowadays, although she tried her hand as an actor she actually works in the industry as a talent scout.

Will Mega

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Will Mega might just be able to take over Brittany for his dramatic nature, and he was actually the first person in the history of the show to ever be evicted. Crazily, it was revealed that he was a member of the Black Panthers following his time n the show too! He seems to be much calmer these days working as a lifestyle consultant and education advocate in Philadelphia.

Will Kirby

Image Source: Us Weekly
Dr Will became one of the most popular Houseguests in the history of the show when he, alongside Mike Malin created Chilltown, a friendly alliance together. He works as a dermatologist although he has also made appearances on the All Stars version of the show whilst also appearing in Dr. 90210 and he even played a small role in the blockbuster Disney series The Book of Boba Fett.

Lisa Donahue

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Lisa Donohue became the first female winner of the show during season three and developed her name as someone who garnered the popularity of the male viewers on the show thanks to her looks.  She made a few episodes on TV in shows like Entourage and Yes, Dear but these days she actually works as a photographer creating a number of vivid portfolios.

Jun Song

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The big surprise twist during season four of Big Brother was that there was a number of houseguest's ex's introduced the house and Jun Song was one of those unfortunate guests! Despite this, she became the first winner of Asian descent and since the show she moved to Belgium with her partner where they co-owned a Korean Restaurant for a couple of years.

Drew Daniel

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During season five of Big Brother, you might remember that Daniel was part of the 'four horsemen' alliance that worked together to try and make it as far through the show as they could; although he did turn on his romantic partner Diane in order to get to the final two! He has kept a pretty low profile since his exit from the show and apart from being arrested in 2012 there isn't much to be said.

Maggie Ausburn

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Similarly to Daniel before her, Maggie Ausburn has had a pretty quiet life since her enthralling win during season six of the Big Brother series. She was introduced to us as a nurse working from Las Vegas. but little is known about what she went on to do following her spectacular win where she managed to take home the grand prize everyone was playing for.

Mike Malin

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Mike Malin had appeared in season two but reunited with Dr Will durin season seven to reunite the Chilltown duo. Somehow though, this relationship deteriorated massively and he was even arrested and found guilty of felony stalking towards his former duo. Troubles have followed him since his win as he has also been arrested for a DUI and filed for bankruptcy too.

Dick Donato

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Dick Donato or Evel Dick played the villain throughout season eight and somehow managed to make that work all the way through to a victory where his estranged daughter Daniele got to the final two together. He returned to Big Brother for season 13 but left early and now makes YouTube content regarding the newer series of the show as they go on.

Adam Jasinski

Image Source: Adam Jasinski
Adam Jasinski has had quite an up and down lifestyle since he managed to win the $500,000 grand prize in 2009. He was arrested in 2009 for selling oxycodone and then in 2011 he served 4 years in federal prison for drug trafficking which he blamed on addiction. These days however, he has turned his life around and even released a book about beating drugs!

Dan Gheesling

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Dan Gheesling has become known as one of the best ever Big Brother guests of all time having won season 10 and then coming second for season 14, a few years later. These days he has developed something of a life coaching role and even streams himself playing games and talking to his fans via the popular streaming service Twitch and uploads a number of videos to youtube.

Jordan Lloyd

Image Source: Big Brother Network
Jordan Lloyd is one of the only Big Brother guests to have appeared on the show and found their actual life partner as she married her co-houseguest Jeff Schroeder years later, even getting engaged on a later show. Although she has made a few more appearances on reality TV, she also works as an influencer via social media applications like Instagram.

Hayden Moss

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Hayden Moss, like many of the other winners of the show was part of an alliance, this one titled the Brigade, as a way to try and increase his chances of making it through the latter stages of the show. Following his victory he went on to appear with his then girlfriend Kat Edorsson in the 27th season of Survivor but other than that has kept a pretty low profile.

Rachel Reilly

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Rachel Reilly also met her future husband on the show during her victory in season 13 where they returned after actually being part of the season 12 cast. She somehow went on to win a further $150,000 via other reality shows Fear Factor and Snake in the Grass in the following years. She still keeps in close contact with the Big Brother group though, sometimes hosting the how and commentating on it.

Ian Terry

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Ian Terry became popular for his gamesmanship during the show as he actually turned on his coach, former winner Mike Malin once he became a guest himself. He worked alongside The Quack pack which also featured former winner Dan Gheesling to win the series. He returned for an all-stars season in 2020 and he also streams on twitch whist raising awareness for autism.

Andy Herren

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Andy Herren made history by being the first openly gay person to win the show during season 15 and managed to avoid much of the drama that followed the show in regards to racism by some of the other males. He began using his platform to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community through public speaking roles and opportunities given to him.

Derrick Levasseur

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Derrick Levasseur actually claimed to be a parks and rec coordinator when he arrived on the show although it later turned out he lied, trying to hide the fact he was actually a police sergeant. He has since appeared in true-crime series' like Is O.J Innocent? and he has even founded his own private firm 'The Break Group' to help assist people with any criminal needs they may have.

Steve Moses

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Steve Moses never really appeared to be someone that would be able to win the show as he chose to lay low around his fellow houseguests. This obviously worked for him as he went on to win the grand prize! Following this he went on to create his own senior consulting franchise, something he continues to pursue through life from his offices in Orlando, Florida.

Nicole Franzel

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Nicole Franzel had previously appeared in season 16 of Big Brother, although she'll be glad she returned as not only did she win 18, she also went on to meet her husband Victor Arroyo. She is one of a few contestants to even appear a third time coming third in 2020! She now co-hosts the Coco Caliente podcast with her husband and works as an influencer on the socials.

Josh Martinez

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Josh Martinez, for some reason referred to himself as 'the Meatball' although that clearly didn't bother him or the fans as he went on to secure the grand prize. Since the culmination of his series he has gone on to appear on MTV's The Challenge numerous times and also returned for the Celebrity edition of Big Brother in 2018. Besides this he also streams on Twitch for his fans.

Kaycee Clark

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Kaycee Clark became the first openly lesbian winner of Big Brother in season 20 and in similar fashion to Josh Martinez she went on to appear in The Challenge. Her athletic prowess and social skills definitely helped her to victory and since the show she has maintained a career as a professional footballer as well as working as an influencer via social media, advertising fitness equipment.

Jackson Michie

Image Source: People
Jackson Michie managed to win season 21 of Big Brother, working alongside his romantic partner, Holly Allen on the show to achieve first and second place together. This relationship soured quickly and quite publicly in the months following the culmination of the series however. As with many of the other winners of the show he has gone on to work as an influencer.

Cody Calafiore

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Cody Calafiore also previously appeared in season 16 of the show and returned to win the second version of the All Star series in 2020. He has also gone on to appear in a series of The Challenge and he also appeared in The Traitors. Besides this, he has also began hosting the Winner's Circle podcast via streaming platforms with his friend and former winner of the show Derrick Levasseur.

Xavier Prather

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Although there had previously been many former popular black housemates, Xavier became the first to win the show. He is another of the many former guestmates to have appeared on The Challenge and he has continued to work as an attorney in a similar fashion to how he did before appearing on the show. He has made guest appearances in the 2 series following his victory.

Taylor Hale

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Taylor Hale was a personal stylist who became the first black female to win Big Brother in 2022, and she has since made an appearance on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful. Not only did she win the show, but she was actually the favourite houseguest as voted by the public too, earning $800,000 for her time on the show. She has signed numerous brand deals to model for them too.

Frankie Grande

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Frankie Grande might be one of the most popular houseguests to have appeared on the show without going on to win it! This might have been helped by him revealing that he was actually the brother to Ariana Grande. He then went on to appear in the UK version of the show and has since made some appearances on TV, including the revival of Rock of Ages.