Beauty Rules That Royals Must Follow

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

1. Nails Need To Be Kept Short

Image Source / Dukes AvenueA long talon of a nail just won't fly when you're part of the royal family. Nails need to be kept very short and neat. They're not allowed to wear long acrylic nails, because apparently these are seen to be quite 'vulgar' when you're a royal.Original content sourced from

2. And They Need To be Clean, Of Course!

Image Source / MDS AssociatesAnd short nails aren't just the end of it. It won't cut it if royals are having short nails but they're dirty and unpolished. Another rule is that short nails also need to be kept very clean and manicured to look their best at all times.

3. And Nail Varnish Colour Shouldn't Be Bright (Ideally Pale Pink Specifically)

Image Source / RedditAnd, of course, nail varnish colour - no matter how short the nails are - shouldn't be ridiculously bright. We're talking bright neon pink or yellow. The Queen was the only one who could get away with wearing bright neon colours as part of her fashion, but for everyone else, its a simple pale pink that's the ideal nail colour.

4. Hair Color Needs To Be Natural

Image Source / HairboristSorry royals, but now's not the time to start experimenting with rainbow shades on your hair, so put that box of Live XXL Color back on the shelf! If you're a royal, then your hair colour needs to be 'natural' - if you are dying, then it'll need to be natural shades like browns and soft blondes.

5. Speaking Of Hair - It Should Be Tamed

Image Source / ElleIt might be a lot to ask, but hair needs to look 'effortlessly beautiful' in terms of the way it hangs and sways. You know, that dreamy hair look that most of us struggle to achieve with bed-head that just won't quit. For a royal, it needs to be silky smooth and just in good condition.

6. And It Should Look Perfectly Neat At All Times

Image Source / GlamourRoyals always need to look perfect. It's as simple as that. And that includes their hair and makeup being utter perfection. Hair can easily get unruly - split ends, unbrushed, a piece of gum stuck in it - but if you're a royal, that's unacceptable. Your hair needs to look tidy, neat and well-put-together.

7. Messy Buns Are A No-No

Image Source / HairstyleCampWith most people trying to perfect (and failing) the messy bun, for the royals it's the complete opposite. The messy bun look is just a nope. You can't be sporting the high-top messy ballerina bun if you're a royal. It's probably for the best, anyway, based on the amount of hats they wear.

8. Eye Makeup Must Be Very Simple

Image Source / Jane IredaleThere's a reason you've never seen a royal with a block-black smoky eye look with huge winged eyeliner (would look pretty badass, though). This also applies to bright and neon eyeshadow colours, too. The royals have to have simple eye makeup - mascara and a little eyeshadow.

9. But Lipstick Is Actually Encouraged

Image Source / Who What Wear UKFor a rule book that seems to have a lot to say on makeup, it may be surprising to learn they're actually encouraging royals to wear lipstick. Though - shock horror - it shouldn't be anything dramatic like black or bright pink. It should be a muted coloured, like nude.

10. Face Makeup Should Be Flawless And Natural

Image Source / Refinery29The faces of royals should never look 'overdone', and that means not going to town on the latest contour trends, or making sure they don't get a shade of foundation that's a little too orange. Royals should stick to their natural shade with an understated look of simple foundation.

11. But Touching Up Your Makeup Is A Big NOPE (Unless You're The Queen)

Image Source / Philadelphia MagazineWhile it's important to look flawless, it's also important to never let anyone see you topping up that flawlessness. Apparently royals aren't allowed to fix their makeup, powder their nose or apply a new coat of lipstick in public. They shouldn't even be snapped by paps applying their makeup in the back of a car. But the queen famously applied her lipstick in public sometimes - like a true queen can.

12. Hairspray Is A Key Item

Image Source / All Things HairYou may have been wondering how the royals were supposed to keep that tamed-hair look when out and about so much - and especially in windy weather - but guess what the secret is? Hairspray! Without hairspray, a royal might risk a flawless hairstyle before leaving the house but a messy bird's nest when the wind hits.

13. Cheeky Hair Nets Are A Secret Ingredient

Image Source / InsiderIf you're wondering how Kate Middleton's hair always looks flawless, then take another look at the photos and zoom in. Kate has been known to wear almost-invisible hairnets to keep those perfect up-dos in place - and who can blame her when there's so much pressure on looking flawless?

14. Hairstyles Must Be Regularly Switched Up

Image Source / Vanity FairJust to keep it interesting, you know? In the same way a celeb would be judged for wearing the same outfit to an event twice. Royals are allowed to express themselves with changing the way they would like to have their hair, and are allowed to not have to have the very same hair do all the time.

15. Taking Care Of Your Skin Is A Must For A Royal

Image Source / PinterestObviously, if you want to look flawless but aren't allowed to wear 10 layers of makeup at the same time, then the only solution is to actually take care of your skin and hopefully look good enough naturally! Faces should be kept clear and glowing, which is why regular facials are a must.

16. There's A Very Strict Dress Code (Unsurprisingly)

Image Source / Business InsiderMembers of the royal family must choose every outfit with the idea of 'modesty' behind it. At the same time, modest shouldn't mean 'casual', so royal outfits should be formal and pleasing to the eye, whilst also not being too... you know... revealing.

17. Royal Family Members Must Carry A Black Outfit With Them Everywhere

Image Source / The TelegraphBecause the royals do so much travelling about, they must always carry a formal black outfit with them in case the worse happens and they must attend a funeral without being able to nip home for a quick change. They must be ready for the eventuality.

18. Tiaras Can Only Be Worn By Married Female Royals

Image Source / Marie Claire AustraliaIf you're a princess, you wanna wear a tiara, right? Thems just the rules. But this is only the case if you're a married princess, unfortunately. If you don't have a ring on your finger, then you can't have a tiara on your head.

19. There's A Rule For Royal Wedding Bouquets

Image Source / Blooming HausOkay, so this isn't really a beauty rule, but it's adorable so it's worth mentioning. Royal wedding bouquets must contain myrtle, which is a plant that symbolises love and good luck - just what you need on your special day!

20. A Monarch's Accessories Cannot Be Touched

Image Source / Daily ExpressQueen Elizabeth II was legendary for her handbag that she never went anywhere without. She actually used it as a prop to send non-verbal signals to say she was ready to leave a conversation (she would move the handbag from one arm to the other). But - and this probably goes without saying - no one was allowed to touch her handbag.

21. Wedding Dress Designs Must Be Approved

Image Source / Vanity FairFor most people, your wedding dress is one of the most important choices you'll make in your life. So imagine actually having to wait to have your dream design approved - or, having your dream design told 'nope'. The queen had to say yes to any intended wedding dress when she was the monarch, which included Kate Middleton's gown.

22. Hats Must Be Worn At Every Formal Event

Image Source / House BeautifulImagine taking all that time on your hair to make it look flawless, as required, only to then be told to cover it with a hat! But yep, if you're a royal, you must wear a hat to every occassion which is deemed a 'formal' one (so surely that's every time a royal steps out of the house, right?).

23. There Was A Reason The Queen's Clothes Were So Bright

Image Source / The TelegraphWhen we're talking about all these rules of remaining simple and nude-toned if you're a royal, you may be wondering why Queen Elizabeth was always dressed in bright colours with bright pink lipstick. Aside from the fact that she could probably do whatever she wanted, the reason for the bright outfits was actually because it was important for her to stand out in a crowd - quite literally.

24. No Cleavage, Thanks

Image Source / Good HousekeepingYou may have noticed that every single time you've seen a female royal, even at more glamorous events, they have a high-necked outfit on, or at least one that adequately covers the chest. Princess Diana was also famous for covering her chest with her clutch back when stepping out of a car if she happened to be wearing a lower neckline.

25. Outfits Must Be Perfectly Coordinated

Image Source / Vogue AustraliaEvery single element of a royal's outfit, down to the tiniest earrings, must be chosen with the entire outfit in mind. The whole thing must look cohesive, including the top, trousers or skirt and the shoes. No clashing colours or fabric patterns, thanks!

26. Clutch Purses Are A Must

Image Source / Marie ClaireFemale royals are encouraged to always carry a clutch. Aside from the Princess Diana cleavage trick, it's also apparently to deter members of the general public from trying to shake the hand of a royal. Clutches are encouraged over large purses for the sole purpose that clutches have to be held in the hand.

27. Pantyhose Must Be Worn

Image Source / Etsy - HausOfGlamourAnother fashion rule you might think is pretty outdated: all female royal family members must wear pantyhose when out in public. The Queen was never seen without them. Kate Middleton wears them all the time. It's just the done thing.

28. Hide Any Grey Hairs

Image Source / Red magazineAt least that's the case if you're not a very, very old royal. Apparently having your grey hair on show is a no-no if you're a royal on the younger side, like Kate Middleton. Grey hairs must be dyed over - and only using a 'natural' shade of hair dye, remember!

29. No Fabrics That Wrinkle Easily

Image Source / Textures.comThis one does make sense seeing as they're hopping in and out of cars - and in and out of events - quite often. If they're wearing anything that wrinkles immediately then they're going to look less-than-perfect for the rest of the day! This is also why thicker fabrics like wool are more often seen on a royal than something like silk.

30. A Blowout Is The Must-Do Hair-Do

Image Source / PinterestYou may have noticed that Duchess Kate often has that ultimate blow-out do, and that's because it's highly encouraged as a royal. The hair down and blown out look is the optimal hair style for female royals (though, as mentioned, royal ladies are highly encouraged to switch things up, too).

31. Purses Must Be Held In The Left Hand

Image Source / CosmopolitanHandbags are a must-have accessory for royals, but there's also a rule about which hand to hold your purse in. Purses must ideally be held in the left hand so that the right hand is free to wave at folk, shake hands or use for greeting members of the public.

32. Dresses And Skirts Are Preferable To Pants

Image Source / CosmopolitanIt was the Queen in particular who preferred dresses or skirts over pants as a more traditional look for royal women, which is why you can also spot people like Kate Middleton wearing a dress or skirt (with the pantyhose and heels, of course).

33. And Those Dresses And Skirts Should Always Be An Appropriate Length

Image Source / CosmopolitanIn keeping with tradition (or the idea of what's traditionally 'appropriate' for a skirt length), royal women wearing these items of clothing should ensure that they are around knee-length, and also - very specifically - no short than a few inches above the knee.

34. Jeans Are Allowed - But Only To Casual Events

Image Source / CosmopolitanIt might be surprising to learn that jeans are actually allowed, but it must only be to the most casual events or public appearances. This includes if royals are going about their daily business, like taking the dogs for a walk or something where a skirt and heels wouldn't really be practical.

35. Bare Nails Are Also Allowed

Image Source / Cosmopolitan
There is a strict rule on nail colour, with no bright colours allowed and pale colours (like soft pink) being preferable, but there's also the option to not wear any nail colour at all. Bare nails are permitted, as long as they look nice and clean and at an acceptable length, of course!

36. Clutch Bags Can Be A Tool To Avoid Shaking Hands

Image Source / CosmopolitanMore than just an accessory, clutch bags can also be a necessity if royals want to avoid shaking hands completely. Holding the clutch bag at the front of you with both hands signals that you don't have a hand free to greet.

37. Wearing Hats Is Actually Part Of Old English Tradition

Image Source / CosmopolitanLike most things with the royal family, it's all about tradition! And that tradition is an old one which dictates that women should keep their hair covered up, which is why hats are a must-do. Until the 1950s, it apparently wasn't considered proper for a lady to show her hair in public so hats have always been a thing.

38. Which Is Why, When The Queen Wasn't Wearing A Hat, She Still Covered Her Head

Image Source / Cosmopolitan
With the many photos of the late Queen Elizabeth, you've surely seen one of her wearing a headscarf when she's out walking the dogs or not at official royal events. Or, if not a headscarf, then a crown during public appearances. This is so that she always has something on her head, no matter what!

39. The Rule About Packing Black Clothes Was Started Due To King George VI's Death

Image Source / Cosmopolitan
When King George VI - the late Queen Elizabeth's father - passed away, Elizabeth was away in Kenya and hadn't any black clothing with her. She had to wait for black clothes to be delivered to her before she could make her way to the funeral. After this, the rule became official that royals must pack black with them wherever they go.

40. Young Princes Must Wear Only Shorts

Image Source / CosmopolitanPrince George and Prince Louis are always seeing wearing shorts, and there's a reason for that - it's a fashion rule and tradition that young princes (as well as some aristocracy) must be dressed in shorts instead of pants (which they're allowed to wear when they get older).

41. Wedge Shoes Are A No-No

Image Source / CosmopolitanAt least they were if you were in the presence of Queen Elizabeth. The rule can be broken if you're not actually in the presence of the queen, as she apparently wasn't the biggest fan of wedges (which Kate is seen wearing here, away from the queen's eyes).

42. Queen Elizabeth Actually Had Someone To Break Her Shoes In

Image Source / CosmopolitanWe all know that new shoes can rub and cause blisters before they're broken in, and when you're a monarch, you definitely need to avoid all that if you're on your feet all day for royal events. Well, Queen Elizabeth had someone to wear her shoes to break them in to make sure she could comfortably wear them.

43. Gloves Are Definitely Encouraged

Image Source / CosmopolitanGloves look great anyway if you're wearing them for a formal event, but there's actually a more practical reason for royals, too. The Queen used to wear gloves to engagements that saw her shaking hands with a lot of people, to protect herself from germs!

44. Clothing Chosen On Royal Tours Should Be A Shout-Out To That Country

Image Source / CosmopolitanWhen royals are travelling overseas, it's a tradition for them to pay tribute to the country they're visiting by wearing clothes which symbolise something about that country, or an outfit which shows the country's national colours. For her visit to Canada, Kate Middleton wore a hat adorned with maple leaves.

45. Alternatively, They Can Wear Clothes By A Designer From That Country

Image Source / CosmopolitanIf outfits aren't made from the colours of the country or made with something symbolising it, royals might also wear clothes which have been designed by a designer from the country they're visiting. That way, they can show off the style and creation of someone native to that country.

46. And Sometimes This Rule Can Be Taken To The Max

Image Source / Cosmopolitan
An example of how royals can really embrace this rule and have fun with it is when Kate Middleton visited Ireland for St. Patrick's Day and wore an entire green outfit, a corsage of clovers and even had a clover pin. And, of course, a pint of Guinness to finish off the look!

47. Royals Shouldn't Wear Fur

Image Source / Cosmopolitan
It was actually a rule declared back in the 14th Century by King Edward III, that nobody at all - not just the royal family - could wear fur. The modern day royal family does tone down on the fur, but it may still crop up in things like scarves.

48. But The Queen Did Wear Fur

Image Source / CosmopolitanOnce again, the queen proved she could definitely be the exception to any rule - when she's the one that makes them - when she was seeing wearing a large fur coat to a visit to Russia in 1994. To be fair, this is a country that's very cold, after all!

49. Men Should Wear Military Gear for Special Events

Image Source / CosmopolitanFor special public events or state occasions, like Trooping the Colour, Remembrance Day or any special royal event, the men of the royal family should wear royal military dress to honour the military and British troops.

50. But The Military Garb Isn't Restricted To Men

Image Source / Cosmopolitan

Female royals can also wear military gear to state events and occasions - Princess Anne in particular is often seen in full military uniform at royal events. She's never actually served in the military, but she has honorary rank of admiral.