Average Price Of a House Around the World

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

1. Singapore - $791,294

Singapore's Young Super-Rich Snap Up the Island's Priciest Homes - Bloomberg(Image/ Source: bloomberg.com)Singapore happens to be one of the most expensive places for a house in the world. Monthly salaries are pretty high here, and tons of super-rich young people are snapping up luxury properties, which is driving up costs even further. You’d need to make about $15,828 in monthly mortgage payments to keep your property going here!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Poland - $28,787

Typical Polish house and family(Image/ Source: polishforums.com)By contrast, Poland is the most affordable place to buy a house, where the monthly mortgage repayments are just £391.24. On average those living in Poland earn £1,915 a month, meaning just 20.4% of their salary is needed towards their mortgage. So if you’re looking to settle down in Europe, Poland is a budget-friendly option.

3. Thailand - $111,210.68

Houses for Sale in Bangkok | Dot Property(Image/ Source: dotproperty.com)Average house prices are generally cheaper in Thailand, especially in the capital of Bangkok. You’d need to make a salary of $3919 to keep up with your property, and pay back $ 1,175.49  for your those mortgage repayments. And plenty of Americans have already made the move to take advantage of these prices.

4. United Kingdom - $710,800.75

Zoopla's 11 Houses For Sale In Need of Renovation - Fixer Uppers(Image/ Source: housebeautiful.com)The UK is getting a lot pricier these days, and actually makes it in the top ten most expensive countries in the world to buy property in. If you’re looking to hop across the pond, you’re realistically looking at spending $710,800.75 for a bang-average house, which means you’ll need a salary of $3,814 (alone or combined) to keep it.

5. United States - $582,163.60

23 America Ave, Wheeling, WV 26003 | realtor.com®(Image/ Source: realtor.com)The United States isn’t quite expensive as the UK, but it’s not exactly cheap either! You’re looking at $582,163.60 for a standard house, but this will obviously be more or less depending on where you want to live. You’ll need to make average mortgage payments of $11,645.34 to keep your property.

6. Brazil - $>17,027.81

Brazilian Houses: 9 Examples of Residential Vernacular Architecture | ArchDaily(Image/ Source: archdaily.com)Yep, you heard this one right. Average houses cost just $17,027.81 in Brazil, which makes it one of the cheapest countries in the world to buy property. To put things into perspective; less than 70% of the average salary would be needed towards house costs here, which is a huge contrast to the likes of the United States!

7. Russia - $254,672.79

The slower you go, the farther you'll be – The Travel Stories(Image/ Source:thetravelstories.com)Europe is more generally expensive than most areas of the world- especially Russia. Here, around 340% of the average salary is needed for mortgage costs, which is pretty eye-watering. Budding homeowners also need to have an average monthly salary of $11,061.21 to keep their chosen property going.

8. India - $382,849.85

Top 10 affordable localities in Delhi for buying a house | Housing News(Image/ Source: housing.com)India might seem cheaper compared to United States, but as average salaries are a lot lower here, it’s much more difficult for people to get onto the property ladder. They say that housing costs shouldn’t be any more than 30% of our income, but in India, this percentage is estimated to be a whopping 881.3%!

9. Kenya - $245,818.00

Low-cost housing the way to high returns - Nairobi Business Monthly(Image/ Source: nairobibusinessmonthly.com)Kenya has a similar situation to India. While the average house price of $245,818.04 may not seem all that bad, it’s actually a huge sum of money in comparison to most people’s salaries here! Housing income costs come to a total of 516.19%, which makes Kenya ridiculously expensive for first-time buyers.

10. The Philippines - $450,174.61

Resilient Housing in the Philippines, in the Era of COVID-19 | Build Change(Image/ Source: buildchange.org)If you thought Kenya was expensive, the Philippines is on hand to blow your mind. It’s the most expensive place in the world to own a house, where  mortgage repayments total £5,079.82. The average salary here is really low compared to other countries, so for someone living in the Philippines, an eye-watering 1112.7% of their income would be needed to cover their mortgage.

11. Switzerland - $743,757.95

(Image/ Source: abode2)Switzerland is expensive, so it’s no great surprise that average house prices here are more than most. While it costs $743,757.95 for an average house here, it actually works more in line with people’s salaries, so it’s not as difficult to get onto the property ladder as in other countries. Housing incomes come to 119.4%.

12. Argentina - $27,032.76

Vacation Apartments & Rentals in Buenos Aires from $8 / night - momondo(Image/ Source: momodo.com)Argentina is one of the cheapest countries in the world to buy property in. For an average house price of $27,032.76, you’ll be looking at just $285.44 for each monthly mortgage payment. While prices are starting to rise thanks to the popularity of Buenos Aires, you’ll still be able to pay for a decent-sized house and have some cash left over.

13. Israel - $553,804.80

The Housing Shortage Could Be Solved by Israel's Latest Project – BRINK – Conversations and Insights on Global Business(Image/ Source: brinknews.com)Unlike Argentina, Israel isn’t exactly cheap when it comes to house prices. In fact, it’s listed as one of the most expensive countries in the world! It costs 553,804.80 for an average house here, with monthly mortgage payments totalling $11,078.07. Even if you have two salaries contributing to house payments, you still might struggle here.

14. Norway - $534,065.89

Housing in Norway | ArchDaily(Image/ Source: archdaily.com)Scandinavia is well known for its high prices, but when it comes to housing, the costs aren’t as bad as you might think. Don’t get us wrong – it isn’t exactly cheap! But as salaries are high here, they work more in alignment with the average house price of $534,065.89. Housing incomes here come to 175.6%.

15. Spain - $264,658.47

Spanish housing market: is a correction looming? | Article | ING Think(Image/ Source: think.ing.com)European countries aren’t exactly cheap these days, but Spain fares slightly better than Norway. An average house here will set you back around $ 264,658.47, which means you’ll need a monthly salary of $3,231.41 to keep your property going. This becomes a lot easier if you’re sharing with someone though.

16. Australia - $574,915.52

Australia Housing Market: Sydney, Melbourne Lead Home Price Fall - Bloomberg(Image/ Source: bloomberg.com)After a property boom, housing in Australia is in something of a crisis right now. At the moment, Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world to buy a house, and comes in just behind the UK in terms of average prices. In terms of housing income percentages, you’ll need 287.8% of the average salary to afford mortgage costs.

17. Indonesia - $31,191.55

Indonesia - Housing | Britannica(Image/ Source: britannica.com)Over in Indonesia, the housing market looks a lot different. Here you’ll pay an average of $31,191.55 for a house, and you need a salary of just $634.72 a month to keep up with mortgage payments. And considering Indonesia is home to beautiful beach destinations like Bali and the Gili Islands, it’s a great place to move to!

18. Japan - $298,603.28

What is the secret to Tokyo's affordable housing? | by Brendon Harre | New Zealand needs an urbanisation project | Medium(Image/ Source: medium.com)Japan has a reputation for being VERY pricey to visit (not to mention its expensive railways), but with an average house price of $298,603.28, it’s actually more affordable than the United States! Here you’ll need 205.5% of the average salary to afford the mortgage costs, but bear in mind this will be much higher in Tokyo.

19. Italy - $238,871.06

The picturesque little town in Italy selling homes for just 85p - Somerset Live(Image/ Source: somersetlive.com)While there’s been a few houses in Italy that have gone viral after it was revealed they were being sold for just 1 euro, this isn’t the case across the board! Average house prices here are $238,871.06, which makes it a little bit cheaper than in Spain. You’ll need an average monthly salary of $2,970.05 to keep your property on here.

20. Austria - $375,846.27

Cahdco's New Intern and Subsidized Housing in Vienna » Cahdco(Image/ Source: cahdco.org)Meanwhile, over in Austria, the average house price undercuts those in Italy. Here you’ll find average house prices at $375,846.27, but this really depends on where you want to live in the country. The capital of Vienna has worked hard to create more affordable housing options, which means you’ll be looking at 121.9% of the average salary to settle here.

21. Vietnam - $177,046.80

Tube houses' dominate Hanoi's streets, as millions vie for limited living space - Taipei Times(Image/Source: taipeitimes.com)On the surface, average house prices in Vietnam don’t seem that bad. But just like in India and the Philippines, salaries are super low here, which means people are having to fork out a whopping 325% of the average salary to afford housing costs. And chances are, these prices will be even higher in desirable cities like Ho Chi Mi.

22. Canada - $414,758.02

Nowhere to live: Rents in Canada surge as home prices fall | Reuters(Image/ Source: reuters.com)In Canada, the picture is similar to that of the United States – but slightly cheaper. Here an average house will set you back approximately $ 414,758.02, which is well over $100,000 less than America. If you want to keep up with your mortgage payments, you’ll need a monthly salary of $3,538.53 to do so.

23. China - $659,841.38

Is China's housing bust bottoming out? | Fortune(Image/ Source: fortune.com)China isn’t exactly cheap for property right now. The country’s real estate is unraveling after decades of debt-fuelled growth, which means average house prices currently stand at $659,841.38. However, this obviously depends on which cities, towns or villages you’re looking to buy a house in! You’ll need to be earning a monthly salary of $2,740 to keep up with mortgage repayments.

24. Romania - $19,984.61

Over 1000 new housing units available in Bucharest(Image/ Source: businessreview.com)Romania is fairly low down on the list of global average house prices. You can get a house here for just $19,984.61, which makes it even cheaper than in Poland! However, wages are a bit lower in Romania, so you’ll need to cough up housing income costs of 77.6%. This is a drop in the ocean compared to other countries though.

25. Turkey - $<56,620.05

Housing in Turkey | ArchDaily(Image/ Source: archdaily.com)Turkey is developing pretty quickly. As demand for housing grows, especially in the capital of Istanbul, average house prices are now $56,620.05. This is a lot cheaper than in other countries, however, wages are struggling to keep pace with house prices, which means you’ll need 243.4% of the average salary to afford the mortgage costs.

26. Egypt - $81,589.67

Anger in Egypt as government demands citizens register homes or lose electricity – Middle East Monitor(Image/ Source: middleeastmonitor.com)Egypt is more expensive to live in than the United States. You’re realistically looking at $81,471.12 for a house here, which might not sound too bad, but when wages are low compared to other countries, it’s tough for people to get on the property ladder. In terms of housing income percentages, you’ll need 254.4% of the average salary to afford mortgage costs.

27. Germany - $460,345.29

Yes, Other Countries Do Housing Better, Case 2: Germany - Sightline Institute(Image/ Source: sightline.org)Germany is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to get a house in. As demand for housing is pretty high right now (especially in cities) you’re looking at an average house price of $460,345.29, which means you’ll need to have an average monthly salary of $4,272.13 to keep up with those mortgage payments.

28. France - $561,392.92

Can France Restore Renters' Faith in Fair Housing With Pricing Caps? - Bloomberg(Image/ Source: bloomberg.com)France is slightly more expensive than Germany for a house, but wayyy less than the United Kingdom. If you fancy escaping the USA for a beautiful property on the French Riviera, you’ll be looking at an average price of $561,392.92. You’ll also need housing income costs of 190.2% to keep your property going.

29. South Africa - $81,405.34

Township Residential Property Markets in South Africa - CAHF | Centre for Affordable Housing Finance Africa(Image/ Source: housingfinanceafrica.org)South Africa is a lot cheaper for houses than most other countries. While it’s not as budget friendly as the likes of Brazil and Poland, it’s still just $81,405.34 for an average house, which isn’t too bad at all. Just bear in mind that living conditions aren’t fantastic in South Africa, as it underperforms the average in income, jobs, health and education.

30. Mexico - $120,100.25

RESHIM: Rethinking Social Housing in Mexico - Harvard Graduate School of Design(Image/ Source: harvard.edu)Mexico is ever so slightly more expensive than South Africa at $120,100.25 for an average house price. However, this will depend on where you want to live. If you’re heading for a city, be aware that the capital of Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, so it’s going to be busy! You’ll need an average monthly salary of $1,260.52 for your mortgage repayments here.

31. And Now... The World's Best Cities To Live! Valencia, Spain

image source: reddit.com
This particular Spanish city comes in at number one, and for good reason - it's such a lively place to live, with a huge focus on culture, a vibrant nightlife for those who like to party and it's also a very safe place to live - which is always a plus when you're looking for a new home abroad!

32. Dubai

image source: reddit.com
While you might think a move to Dubai is very expensive - and you'd be right - it's this idea of wealth that attracts a lot of people to move here. The reality is that you can get very high-quality accommodation, high-paid jobs and a low tax demand when you live here.

33. Mexico City, Mexico

image source: reddit.com
Mexico City is a fantastic place to live if you're looking for somewhere that's budget-friendly without compromising on quality! Not to mention its scenery and climate is beautiful. Things like public transport and groceries can run in very cheap in this particular city!

34. Lisbon, Portugal

image source: reddit.com
Lisbon is very much a cultural capital, which is why it attracts a lot of people every year. The great thing about this place is that it's perfect no matter your age bracket or working life - it's vibrant, has great weather and even greater food, for young digital nomads or old retirees.

35. Madrid, Spain

image source: reddit.com
If you're looking to move to Spain, Madrid is going to have to be one on the top of your list. This city is full of life with an exciting social scene, and it also has a lot of high-quality living and work opportunities. It's rich in culture and diversity, too, making it a great place to be!

36. Bangkok, Thailand

image source: reddit.com
Bangkok comes in as one of the safest places for a foreigner to visit and move to, so that's a huge plus right there. It's also very affordable, which is also a plus when you're looking to move countries. The lively and beautiful scenery of Thailand is also attractive to people looking to work as teachers.

37. Basel, Switzerland

image source: reddit.com
If you love arts and culture, then this is the place for you. This city is a great place to live if you want to hit one of many, many museums by day, enjoy classical music, and visit the many bars and restaurants by night. Who wouldn't want to live in an artsy place like this?

38. Melbourne, Australia

image source: reddit.com
There are many nice places in Australia to set up home, but Melbourne is one of the best cities to live. Not only is it ranked one of the safest spots to live, but it's also awash with the best of Australian culture, foods, arts as well as beautiful buildings and landscapes.

39. Abu Dhabi

image source: reddit.com
For starters, living here means paying zero income tax - so that's enough of a reason for most people to consider living here! Aside from that, it's a stunning place to live with a wealth of people from different cultures, as well as boasting an amazing night life you'd expect in big cities.

40. Singapore

image source: reddit.com
Singapore is an example of comfortable, happy living. It offers the best of schools, healthcare and way of life, which means it's great for people with families to consider or people who just want a comfortable retirement. It's also got a great climate and plenty to see!

41. Tallinn, Estonia

image source: reddit.com
This city is one of those classic capitals that you'd want to see as a tourist looking for a European medieval vibe - and that doesn't change if you live there, of course. It's full of beautiful buildings, plenty to see, warm weather and also low cost living with great co-working spaces.

42. Miami, US

image source: reddit.com
Everything you think of when someone mentions Miami is true: party central, hot weather, beautiful beaches and plenty to see and do. So of course it's a great place to live! The lifestyle of Miami is enough for anyone to want to live there - as long as they can afford it, of course.

43. Sydney, Australia

image source: reddit.com
Sydney is not only one of the best cities to live in Australia, but the world. It's considered one of the most beautiful places, with a low crime rate, amazing beaches and plenty to see and do in terms of art and culture. And, of course, the Sydney Opera House is a bucket list must!

44. Barcelona, Spain

image source: reddit.com
Barcelona is not only a beautiful city, but it offers a great quality of life which is appealing if you want to move there, of course. This city is known for its amazing architecture and building layouts, as well as its rich culture. It's also known for a happy balance of city life and beaches.

45. Nairobi, Kenya

image source: reddit.com
This city in Kenya is perfect for couples or families looking for the best of everything in everyday life - this is because Nairobi is known for an easy way of life when it comes to schools, churches, social events and sporting events, with welcoming people and a good way of life.

46. New York City

image source: reddit.com
When you think of city life, New York City might be the first place you think of - it's the city, after all. The biggest appeal of living in New York is that it would never, ever get boring - because there's enough to do to fill your calendar for the rest of your life, and more.

47. Copenhagen, Denmark

image source: reddit.com
Copenhagen is the perfect example of a beautiful European city that suits any season. One of the biggest appeals is the ease of getting around - without a car. It's perfect for bike-riders, and extremely easy for people using public transport. It also has plenty to see and do.

48. Lausanne, Switzerland

image source: reddit.com
This city is truly a cosmopolitan haven, and if you're a business-headed person looking for a lucrative place to live, this one's for you! Many businesses have their headquarters in this city, and it's the perfect balance of career-minded people also wanting beautiful sights to see.

49. Toronto, Canada

image source: reddit.com
Toronto is a great city live because of the amount of diversity different areas of the city can offer, whether that's people, bars, restaurants or cultural attractions. It's a great mix of vibrant life, festivals and more peaceful cultural exploration like museums and architecture.

50. Zurich, Switzerland

image source: reddit.com
Zurich is one of the best places to live in the world, there's no doubt about that. It's known for having very high standards when it comes to lifestyle and living, which is what you can expect if you can afford to live there. You can therefore expect dependable living, healthcare and public transport.