All The Things That Count As Cheating In A Relationship

By Aaron Love 7 months ago

Physical Intimacy With Others

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Perhaps the most obvious form of cheating in a relationship is engaging in some physical intimacy with someone else. This could be sexual, but pretty much any form of physical contact that would cross the boundaries of a relationship. You wouldn't like it if it happened to you, so DON'T DO IT!

Romantically Kissing Another

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A romantic kiss shared between you and someone that isn't your partner is an unmistakable act of cheating. This is a betrayal as kissing is usually seen to be a deeply intimate and affectionate gesture reserved for people who feel a romantic relationship has formed between them.

Sending Messages To Others

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With the introduction and advancement of tech, phones have brought a new dimension to cheating. If someone is found to be sending explicit messages or engaging in some flirty conversations with someone outside the relationship it could be devastating to the other person in the relationship.

Developing An Emotional Connection

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Whilst cheating is often associated with physical actions, it has to be recognised that some people can become offended by emotional infidelity. If someone builds an emotional connection with another partner and they share personal thoughts it could be an act determined as cheating.

Keeping A Secret Dating Profile

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Many people have turned to the use of dating apps and profiles these days in order to find the one for them. However, if you get in to a relationship and you don't delete the app then it could signify that you still have an intent to explore further connections with other people.

Going On Secret Dates

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Undisclosed dates with someone other than a partner can be yet another obvious and quite significant betrayal of trust. The secret aspect of the entire thing also suggests that you know you're doing something wrong and don't seem to care that it could cause some emotional harm.

Flirting With Someone Else

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Flirting, especially if it can take on an inappropriate or suggestive tone, can definitely be described as being a form of emotional infidelity. Taking part in this sort of behaviour can convey a lack of respect for the boundaries of your relationship and cause people to become insecure.

Consistently Calling Another

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Just as messaging someone can be regarded as cheating, so can consistently calling someone else. If anything, phone calls will be seen as a more personable form of interaction and therefore it would probably be worse, especially if you were choosing to keep the nature of the calls secret.

Lying About Your Whereabouts

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When in a relationship, your partner doesn't need to know where you are at all times, but they do need to be honest. If you find out someone is covering up where they are by creating fake stories then it could be a significant breach of the trust that you've built with one another.

Hiding Secrets

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As with your location, you're allowed to have some secrets in a relationship (although some people might disagree). However, if you're keeping secrets from a partner because if they would be hurt by them then it's a form of emotional betrayal. Always try to be honest with your partner.

Giving Romantic Gifts To Others

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Presenting a romantic gift of any form to someone other than your partner would suggest there is some form of emotional involvement involved in the relationship. This could imply a level of romantic interest that would extend past the sort of friendship your partner might find acceptable.

Sharing Personal Details

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If you're going to share some personal or intimate details about your life with anyone then you might want to make it your partner. This sort of act could cause your partner to feel like they can't trust you anymore as you might be more emotionally close with them instead of you.

Confiding In Another Person

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Similarly, if you're going to confide in someone looking for support or advice then you should first consider your partner. Obviously having friends who are supportive is a great option to have, but choosing someone other than your partner could signal your bond is weakening.

Deleting Messages

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Deleting messages you might have sent or received from someone other than your partner might cause them to become suspicious of something sinister going on. Usually, when you delete a message it comes up and shows that something was once there so they'd always know.

Meeting With An Ex

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Whilst maintaining a friendly relationship with an ex isn't the worst thing in the world, you should always be aware about the impact this could have on your current partner. Even if the intentions of the trip are innocent, it could raise the levels of jealousy and mistrust in your relationship.

Sharing A Bed With Another

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If you choose to share your bed with someone other than your partner then you have to be aware as to how that might come across. This could be a massive violation of the boundaries within your relationship, even if the entire scenario is completely platonic. Just sleep on the sofa!

Crushing On A Co-Worker

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I'm sure many of us have developed some form of romantic interest or just had a little crush on someone we work with a little. However, if this comes to light then it can be extremely emotionally damaging to your partner, especially if you allow these feelings to be nurtured and increased.

Liking And Engaging On Social Media Posts

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If your partner constantly sees you liking, commenting and engaging on someone else's social media posts then they're probably going to get a little annoyed. This could signal to them that you have an interest in these people and are potentially even losing some interest in them!

Having A Work Wife/Husband

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Like I mentioned before, we've all had a little work crush here and there, but many people who work in offices or in large groups find they get themselves a work wife or husband. Although this is just a playful term, given it goes too far your partner might get a little upset.

Keeping A Backup Partner

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Once you're in a relationship you should be looking positively towards the future and nothing else. So if someone seems to be keeping someone as backup option in case of failure it could and should be seen as cheating. You'd be undermining your partner and degrading the entire relationship.

Comparing Your Partner To Someone Else

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If you find yourself, either in secret or openly, comparing your partner to someone else in an unfavourable manner then this could be emotionally hurtful to them. You don't want to damage your relationship by comparing your partner by comparing them to a celeb do you?

Avoiding Exclusivity

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If you get into an emotional relationship but are trying to avoid being exclusive or committed then you're probably doing the wrong thing. If you want to keep your options open then you need to let the other person know or else you'll be leading them on to a boatful of pain.

Financial Infidelity

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Some forms of cheating don't include anyone else! One form of cheating that people usually overlook is financial infidelity. This includes someone keeping secrets like hidden bank accounts or undisclosed debts from their partner and completely erode some of the trust you've grown.

Fantasizing About Someone Else

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I'm sure we all have a celebrity crush or two and that's fine, you're allowed to find people attractive. But if you become fantasizing over these people, or you're fantasizing about a 'normal person' could be a massive factor towards the overall trust within the relationship with your partner.

Devoting Time To A Hobby Instead

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Another way you can 'cheat' on your partner is by devoting all of your time to a hobby instead of them! This can create some emotional distance between yourself and your partner. They might come to believe that you're neglecting their needs in favor of your own personal interests.

Stalking An Ex's Social Media

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If you like to keep checking up on your ex's social media page then it might begin to raise some concerns and doubts in the mind of your partner if they found out. This behaviour could result in some unresolved feelings or closure being brought back up and creating some damaging effects.

Getting Too Close To A Friend

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It's nice to have a close group of friends that you can spend time with, but if you notice that you're getting too emotionally close to them you might need to take a step back. This could jeopardize the emotional intimacy within your relationship and they might feel threatened.

Venting About Your Partner To Someone Else

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As with many points here, you should always try and resolve any problems you have straight up with your partner. If they've done something to annoy you or you have worries tell them! Don't tell everyone but them about their shortcomings, they might feel embarrassed and let down.

Lying About Who You're With

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Another thing you should never do to your partner is lie about who you're spending your time with. If you have to lie, then you probably shouldn't be doing it right? If they find out your lying it's only going to look one way and your relationship might take a turn for the worse.

Telling People You're Single

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If you choose to lie to other people and suggest your single then this is a clear breach of the trust that you and your partner have grown. This could lead to some misunderstandings and not only might you hurt your partner, but yourself and anyone else that gets involved too!