All The Different Wedding Dress Styles on the Market

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Explore the enchanting world of wedding dresses, where dreams turn into a myriad of styles. From the timeless elegance of ball gowns to the modern allure of mermaid silhouettes, each design tells a love story. Delve into this guide, as we unravel the tapestry of bridal fashion. Whether you fancy the romance of lace or the simplicity of satin, discover the diverse array of wedding dress styles that grace the market, promising to transform your special day into an unforgettable masterpiece.

1. A-line

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The clue is in the name with A-line wedding dresses. It’s usually a fitted bodice through to the waist and then it gets fuller from the waist to the hem, so it resembles a letter A. It’s similar to ballgown styles in some ways, but it’s a lot less puffy, and the skirt widens gradually. A-line is a great style for pear-shaped brides, as the skirt skims over the hips nicely.Original content sourced from

2. Ballgown

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This is the classic fairytale dress we all know and love. It consists of a fitted bodice with huge plumes of puffy skirts, and exudes that old-school Hollywood glamor. It’s a flattering choice for brides with a big bust or broad shoulders, but it can sometimes drown those with more petite frames.

3. Column/Sheath

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These slim-cut style wedding dresses are great for brides with athletic builds, as it drapes straight down from the neck to the hem. A column or sheath dress follows the body’s natural shape, so it’s a really good choice if you want to show off a willowy figure. However, this is one to avoid if you’re conscious of your hips.

4. Basque

Basque dresses can be absolutely stunning. They have a fitted bodice that sits just below your natural waistline and generally have a soft v shape at the front of the bodice, which lengthens your torso. As this style of dress draws attention to your waist, you might not want to wear this one if you’re conscious of your stomach area.
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The soft V shape at the front adds a touch of femininity and elongates the torso, contributing to a graceful overall look.  This style beautifully accentuates the waist, without drawing attention to the tummy area and makes you feel a million dollars!

5. Drop Waist

If you have smaller hips, this is the style of wedding dress for you. With a drop waist dress, the waist falls below the natural line to the mid-hip, which is usually seen on mermaid-style dresses. However, it’s important to bear in mind a possible issue.....
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With a drop waist dress, it may be difficult to pull off and you would probably be better removing it by taking it down past the legs.  On the plus side, this style gives the impression of adding length to your upper body.  On the negative, it can make your legs look shorter.

6. Trumpet

Trumpet wedding dresses are somewhere between an A-line and a mermaid dress. The fabric is fitted to the body from the bodice, and it gradually flares out from the mid-thigh into a “trumpet” shape. These are best for hourglass or pear shape brides, as the cut will accentuate your figure.

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It provides a balance between the fitted bodice and a flowing skirt, offering a touch of drama without the fullness of a ballgown. This style is versatile and can be found in various necklines, sleeve lengths, and fabric choices, making it a popular choice for those seeking a chic and contemporary bridal look.

7. Empire

Super flattering for apple shapes covering their waist, or for athletic figures wanting to create a bigger bust, the empire dress is nothing short of versatile. Empire dresses have a high waistline that starts just under the bust on a fitted bodice. The skirts skim the body and are long and flowing, which helps lengthen the body.
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The absolute beauty of an empire line is that it's a great dress for anyone, whatever your shape and, more importantly, it's easy and comfortable to wear for hours and hours, up to that first dance with your partner until the time you kick off your shoes at the end of the night!

8. Bardot

Named after the icon that is Brigette Bardot, these off-the-shoulder wedding dresses can be good for most body shapes. Just bear in mind that as the sleeves are moved down the arms, you might want to avoid this one if you’re conscious of your arms or shoulders, as this style of dress can make you look bigger.
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One huge advantage in the bardot dress is that it is timeless so if you are feeling nostalgic and want to walk down the aisle in your mom's or grandma's bardot dress, with a probable little alteration, you can still look on point!  Besides that, you can save yourself a wad of cash!

9. Fishtail/Mermaid

Fishtail and mermaid dresses are very similar to trumpet dresses, but the key difference between the two is where the flare begins. Mermaid dresses don’t flare until below the knee, and they do so in dramatic style! These dresses are super popular right now and are great for hourglass figures.
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The popularity of mermaid dresses lies in their ability to create a stunning and memorable bridal look, perfect for brides who want to make a bold and elegant statement on their wedding day.  is a show-stopping choice that accentuates the curves and shouts out "wow!"

10. Mini

If you happen to be a petite bride, make the most of those shorter styles! Not everyone can pull off a mini dress for their wedding, but smaller frames can make this look super cool and edgy. Plus, you’ll be able to move around much more easily. Apple and pear shapes should probably avoid this one though.
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Shorter styles, such as mini dresses or tea-length gowns, also offer a playful and modern alternative for brides seeking a more unconventional and casual look. These dresses can be adorned with unique details, such as intricate lace patterns or embellishments, adding a touch of personality to the overall aesthetic.

11. Asymmetric/One Shoulder

One-shoulder dresses are chic and modern, and are generally good for most shapes. You’ll be able to show off a little flash of shoulder, but the bust will be modest. Just be careful to avoid these styles if you have broad shoulders though, as it won’t be all that flattering for your figure.
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One-shoulder dresses present a chic and modern style that effortlessly combines elegance with a touch of allure. The asymmetrical neckline allows brides to showcase a subtle and tasteful flash of shoulder, striking a balance between sophistication and fashion-forward design.

12. Princess

While a lot of people think princess dresses are ballgowns, they’re not one and the same. Princess line dresses are a completely different cut, and the seams that go from the top of the dress to the hem are long and curved. There’s no defined waist, so they’re great for bigger shapes, as well as athletic frames. A good all-rounder!
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Princess line dresses, also known as A-line princess dresses, offer a seamless and elongated silhouette by incorporating long, curved seams from the top to the hem. Unlike ballgowns, these dresses lack a defined waist, making them particularly flattering for a variety of body shapes.

13. Tea length

If you fancy a shorter hemline but you don’t want to go for a mini, tea-length wedding dresses are a great choice. These dresses will tend to sit between mid-calf to just above the ankles, and are generally flattering for most shapes. Plus, they can be a perfect option if you’re opting for a beach wedding.
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If you fancy a shorter hemline but you don’t want to go for a mini, tea-length wedding dresses are a great choice. These dresses will tend to sit between mid-calf to just above the ankles, and are generally flattering for most shapes. Plus, they can be a perfect option if you’re opting for a beach wedding.

14. Bateau/Boat

A classic and flattering bateau dress looks great on most figures. It was already a popular choice, but since Meghan Markle opted for one, they are literally everywhere you look!  A bateau neckline is cut in a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, which follows the collarbone.
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It is high both at the front and the back and looks amazing with or without sleeves.  This would certainly appeal to many brides to be as they can choose to show their arms or cover them with lace without spoiling the effect of the bateau/boat design.

15. Illusion

Illusion wedding dresses can be both strapless and A-line, but will usually have a sheer panel of fabric from the top of the bodice to the neckline, or along the arms. The sheer panel is often made of lace, net, tulle or organza and may have embellishments on it. It’s definitely a more modest way of showing off your decolletage.

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With the ability to cover up but appearing to show flesh, these dresses typically incorporate illusion necklines, sleeves or backs, adding a touch of romance and delicacy to the bridal look. The use of illusion details allows brides to achieve a subtle and elegant appearance while maintaining modesty.

16. Halterneck

If you’re not conscious of your arms or your shoulders, halternecks are a great look for a modern bride. It’s a sleeveless gown that either has two straps from the bodice that meet at the back of the neck, or a super high neckline with deep armholes and a backless design. Sophisticated, elegant and chic.
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The halter style provides additional support for the bust, making it a suitable choice for brides who want to feel secure and comfortable.  The straps around the neck help lift the bust, offering both support and a flattering silhouette.  If you have a good back, then go for it!

17. Spaghetti Strap

These delicate, floss-thin straps (which resemble spaghetti) will give the look of bare shoulders but will provide a bit more support for your bust. They’re simple and elegant and are a great alternative to strapless and Bardot styles. However, if your bust is on the larger side, tread with caution.

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Spaghetti straps pair well with various neckline styles, including sweetheart, V-neck, or scoop necklines. This adaptability makes them compatible with different dress designs and enhances the overall bridal look.  Spaghetti strap dresses have a modern and trendy appeal,

18. Scoop

Scoop neckline wedding dresses are low-cut in a rounded U-shape and are good on pretty much everyone. As it’s deep and wide, it’s super flattering as it draws the eye down to lengthen your neck, highlighting your collarbones. It’s also a good way to show off your cleavage without displaying too much.
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Brides can use the scoop neckline as an opportunity to personalize their look with a variety of necklaces, from delicate chains to statement pieces, adding an extra layer of style to the overall bridal ensemble.  This versatility allows brides to complement their gown with jewelry that resonates with their individual taste and wedding theme

19. Square

Square necklines aren’t too dissimilar to scoop dresses, but they have straight lines cut across the top instead of curved ones. The angular shape will still show off some cleavage but a little less than a scoop cut. Plus, the angular neckline will downplay a round face and give shoulders a broader look.
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Square necklines beautifully highlight the collarbones and shoulders, creating an elegant and elongating effect. This is particularly advantageous for brides who want to draw attention to their upper body features.  It's a suitable shape for brides with an athletic or inverted triangle body shape.

20. Strapless

Strapless wedding dresses are super popular thanks to their romantic, feminine look. They’re generally favored by brides with a fuller bust, as there’s potential to show some cleavage but they’re also great for brides with angular faces too. This is because the curved neckline adds contours and softness.
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Another advantage of strapless wedding dresses is the opportunity they provide for showcasing statement necklaces or intricate jewelry. With an open neckline, brides can opt for bold and eye-catching accessories that complement the gown, adding a personalized touch to their overall bridal look.

21. High Neck

A high neck is a modest, classic option for brides and looks great on those with athletic builds.  Fuelled by the Victoriana trend where the neckline comes up to the mid-neck or underneath the chin, it’s a solid option for those with long torsos. You might want to avoid this one if you’re petite though.
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Br.ides who appreciate intricate detailing and want to make a statement with the texture of their dress can find the high neck style an excellent canvas for showcasing craftsmanship and design.  The ample fabric in a high neck design allows for the incorporation of detailed patterns or beading, adding a layer of sophistication and intricate beauty to the gown.

22. V-neck/Plunge

In contrast to the high neck, a V-neck/plunge is great for petite brides as it adds more length to the body.  A V-neckline is formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meet over the chest, and the plunging ‘V-shape’ exposes the neck and décolletage. The depth of the plunge can vary, from a little bit of bust to right down to the navel if you’re feeling brave!
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For brides with a smaller bust, a well-designed V-neck can enhance and create the appearance of curves.  For those with a fuller bust, the V-neckline can provide an elegant and tasteful way to showcase décolletage without being overly revealing. This versatility makes the V-neck or plunge neckline a great choice for many.

23. Sheer

This isn’t a style of wedding dress for everyone but if you’re confident, a sheer dress will definitely turn a few heads. As plenty of brides look to bring more unusual elements to their bridal looks, the sheer dress is a great option for those will hourglass, petite or athletic body types.
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Whether it's a beach wedding, a garden ceremony, or a contemporary urban celebration, a sheer gown can seamlessly blend with the surroundings, offering a unique and versatile bridal look.  The sheer fabric can enhance the romantic atmosphere of an outdoor wedding while still making a bold statement.

24. Floral

A twist on a classic, floral wedding dresses bring some gorgeous detailing to the table. Even a simple flourish of this touchy-feely texture adds opulence to classic bridal styles but you can go all out with sparkles and sequins if you want something more eye-catching. A great style no matter what your body type.
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Brides can select floral patterns that hold significance or sentimental value, incorporating elements of personal or cultural importance into their wedding attire. This adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the dress, making it not only a stunning fashion statement but also a unique representation of the bride's story.

25. Bows

Wedding dress bows are a very popular trend right now. Rather than having little, delicate bows all over your dress, most brides are opting for a big, statement bow which is usually found at the back of the dress.  Bows look great on short and long styles and can work well as the train of your dress.
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Beyond their visual appeal, a significant advantage of having a statement bow on a wedding dress is the ability to customize and tailor it to suit the bride's unique style. Brides can choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes for the bow, allowing for a personalized and distinctive touch to their gown.

26. Sweetheart

One of the most popular necklines around, sweetheart wedding dresses, dip to form a heart-shaped neckline which accentuates your chest. While this is a style that’s generally preferred for curvy and apple-shaped body types, just be wary of how much bust you want to show as some of these necklines can have a fair amount of depth.
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Sweetheart wedding dresses are compatible with various dress silhouettes and styles. Whether incorporated into a ballgown, A-line or mermaid silhouette, the sweetheart neckline adapts to different designs, making it a versatile choice for brides with diverse style preferences. This adaptability allows brides to achieve the desired overall look.

27. Long sleeve

Sleeved wedding dresses offer a classic and timeless look and are great for brides that are a little conscious of their arms and shoulders. Depending on the fabric and neckline, as well as the silhouette, wedding dresses with sleeves can be modest or daring and can be worn in most weathers.
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Long sleeves add a touch of elegance and grace to a wedding dress. The extended sleeves can create a sophisticated and classic look, adding a level of refinement to the bridal ensemble. Long sleeves provide additional coverage, making them an excellent choice for weddings in cooler seasons or climates.

28. Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves aren’t for everyone but if you want some upper arm coverage without going all out with long sleeves, this is the look for you. They can also add a cute little vintage twist to your bridal outfit and soften up your look as your show off a little décolletage. However, if you’ve got broad shoulders, tread carefully, as cap sleeves can accentuate them.
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Cap sleeves add a touch of delicacy and femininity to a wedding dress. The short, dainty sleeves create a subtle and charming look, enhancing the overall romantic appeal of the dress.  The coverage can be particularly advantageous for weddings in more conservative settings or religious ceremonies.

29. 3/4 Sleeves

The three-quarter sleeve wedding dress can be super dreamy. The sleeves fall midway between the elbow and the wrist, and look particularly good in lace. This style doesn’t quite work with sweetheart necklines but is especially effective with square, V-neck and scoop styles.
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Three-quarter sleeves offer more coverage while still allowing for ease of movement. Brides can enjoy the comfort of covered arms without feeling restricted, making three-quarter length sleeves both stylish and practical.  It can help can help balance the silhouette of the dress, especially when paired with a fuller skirt or intricate bodice.

30. Short Sleeves

In between the three-quarter sleeve and the cap sleeve is the short sleeve. Offering more coverage than a cap sleeve, as well as less irritation directly under your armpit, the short sleeve is a super flattering look on most brides and works especially well with tea-length dresses.
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Half sleeves provide coverage without restricting movement. Brides can comfortably dance and celebrate without feeling confined, making a half-sleeved wedding dress a winner in anyone's book!  It offers a little modesty but still enhances the whole aesthetic.

31. Boho

Boho dresses are for the free spirits and unconventional brides who want a dress inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle. The boho style wedding dress has a romantic effortless feel and they are often flowing and embody a more natural aesthetic. The relaxed kind of beauty is becoming more a more popular with brides who want to stray from the traditional style of wedding dresses.

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Boho dresses often deviate from traditional bridal styles, offering unique and unconventional designs. This appeals to brides who want a one-of-a-kind dress that reflects their individuality and stands out from more conventional options.  The dress will often be colored with earthy tones.

32. Vintage

The beauty of a vintage wedding dress is that you can take style inspiration from any era to achieve an elegant look. They are typically styled around the 1950-1980s era. Vintage dresses are popular because they have a dense of nostalgia as well as a connection to history.

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One thing with a vintage wedding dress - you will never look back and regret that your style has gone out of fashion because vintage pieces are forever timeless.  Then there is the sustainability factor of re-using and maybe adapting a second hand dress.

33. Ballerina

A ballerina style wedding dress is of course, inspired by the graceful aesthetic of a ballet dancer. These dresses take different elements of a ballet dress. For example, some incorporate the tutu style, or the fitted bodice and some are sleeveless, replicating the iconic ballet dancer image.

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This is perfect for those brides who want to feel like a princess on their special day!  Ballerina dresses have a whimsical and romantic quality, reminiscent of fairy tales and ballet performances. The flowing, voluminous skirts create a dreamy and ethereal look that many brides find enchanting.

34. One shoulder

One shoulder dresses are a modern wedding dress option. They offer an alternative from more traditional variations and add a modern appeal. They also have an ability to flatter and make the bride look super elegant. They look effortless, yet they add a little something extra. They reveal more shoulder and more neckline which can look very elegant and sensual.

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The one-shoulder design can be universally flattering. It draws attention to the shoulders and collarbone, creating a visually appealing silhouette. This style often enhances the upper body, regardless of body shape or size.  Also, the single shoulder strap provides a secure and comfortable fit.

35. Keyhole back

Key hole backs have a distinctive style shape in the back, in the shape of a keyhole! They may be oval, or tear shaped and the benefit to this design is that it offers a balance between open and closed back. This means that you are able to see the elegance of the brides back, whilst having the convenience of some closed fabric to hold the dress in place.

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With the focus on the back, a keyhole design encourages attention to this area of the dress. It complements hairstyles that showcase the back and provides an additional opportunity for the bride to express her style.  The beauty with a keyhole backs back means that designs can be incorporated into various dress styles,

36. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical dresses are a modern look which create an unconventional look where the dress has a different look on each side. They are very high fashion and are a great choice for the modern bride wanting a non traditional look, adding elements of new style and trends but retaining a very chic and flattering look.

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Asymmetrical designs can have a flattering and slimming effect on the body. Diagonal lines can create the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette, accentuating the bride's curves in an elegant way.  Asymmetry provides opportunities for customization. Brides can work with designers to create unique asymmetrical details that suit their preferences.

37. Open back

A woman's back is very beautiful, and for this reason open back dresses are becoming more and more popular. Some women prefer a lower front whereas others prefer to show their back. An open back reveals the entire back with no covering, and they are very stylish and beautiful and a popular dress for the modern woman.

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An open back pairs well with updo hairstyles or styles that allow the back to be visible. This can create a cohesive and polished look, drawing attention to both the dress and the bride's hairstyle.  Brides who want a contemporary and stylish look may be drawn to this type of design.

38. Convertible

If you can't decide which dress to go for, or you want multiple styles and cannot choose then a convertible dress is a wonderful idea as it can change into different styles  by simply removing or changing an aspect of the dress. It is designed so that a simple alteration by hand can give a whole new look. It's great for brides who want a day-to-night look and outfit change!

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A convertible dress may come with a removable lace overlay or jacket, adding a touch of modesty for the ceremony and can be taken off to reveal a more revealing or contemporary look for the reception.  In some cases, the dress may be reversible, with different fabric or embellishment on each side, providing two distinct looks with a single garment.

39. Corset

In the past corsets were uses underneath dress to give a woman a 'synched in' waist. In modern times the corset style has been embraces, using the corset as the actual look rather than underneath. This is because with a corset you can alter it to fit your body and and accentuate your figure as you desire.

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Even if the corset is not functional for adjusting the fit, it is often used as a design element in wedding dresses. The corset-style bodice can add texture, visual interest, and intricate detailing to the gown.  The corset back can be visually stunning in photographs.

40. Flutter sleeves

Sleeves are a very stylish addition to a wedding dress. They add elegance and a sense of effortlessness. Flutter sleeves are designed to create a kind of fluttering movement when the bride moves which makes the dress so much more dynamic and graceful.

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They are made of light, flowing material which can sometimes be sheer and they are a beautiful addition to a wedding dress!  Flutter sleeves can create beautiful, whimsical movement in photographs, particularly during outdoor ceremonies or in natural light.

41. Tiered skirt

Some brides wants a skirt and train that falls neatly next to them, with as much volume in their skirt as possible for their special day. A tiered skirt manages to achieve this look as the layers of material add volume to give that iconic bell shaped skirt look. The layers often have graduated lengths to achieve the real princess aesthetic.

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The tiered skirt not only provides the desired volume but also creates a sense of movement and fluidity as the layers cascade gracefully. This dynamic design allows the bride to effortlessly glide down the aisle, making a dramatic entrance on such  special day.

42. Lace

Lace has been used for wedding dresses for centuries. It has a romantic and feminine look which flatters the bride, making her look completely elegant and delicate. Lace can be used to make intricate patterns which makes it a favourite for those who want a detailed wedding dress with embroidered patterns.

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Lace wedding dresses will never go out of style, and always look elegant.  Lace offers a timeless quality to wedding dresses, transcending trends and ensuring a classic and enduring appeal. The delicate nature of lace allows for a subtle glimpse of skin, adding a touch of sensuality to the overall romantic appearance.

43. Feathers

Feathers as part of a wedding dress are a luxurious embellishment for brides who want a bit more drama and sense of extravagance to their wedding gown. They give a very 'high fashion' feel and give the dress and the bride an opulent and glamorous look.

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feathers can create a whimsical and ethereal effect, adding a light and airy quality to the dress that enhances the bride's movement. The tactile and textured nature of feathers brings depth and dimension to the gown, making it a captivating focal point.

44. Slit skirt

Slit skirts are a fairly modern wedding dress addition and they can add a little bit of 'sexiness' to the more traditional bridal look. A slit skirt offers a sensual and modern look and they show some of the bride's legs which would have usually been covered by the skirt of the wedding dress.

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The slit starts at the bottom of the dress and can reach up to a variety of lengths.  The versatility of slit skirts allows brides to strike a perfect balance between sophistication and a hint of daring, creating a memorable and fashion-forward bridal ensemble.

45. Minimalist

Minimalist styles are a style that never fail to look elegant and classy. They also look on trend at any time, in any era. Minimalist dresses have been popular throughout history, yet they retain a modern, simplistic look. They are flattering and the 'non fuss' dress brings attention to the beauty of the bride herself, rather than the sole focus being on the dress.

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The timeless appeal of minimalist styles allows brides to exude a sense of confidence and sophistication without being overshadowed by intricate embellishments. The simplicity of these dresses not only complements the bride's natural beauty but also offers a canvas for personalization

46. Tulle overskirt

A tulle overskirt is a detachable skirt/ layer of (usually sheer or mesh) fabric that can be added over the top of the wedding dress. It can add volume tot he skirt making it appear bigger, and some people add embellished overskirts to add some detail and drama to their wedding dress look.

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Additionally, a tulle overskirt provides brides with the option to create a two-in-one look, transitioning from a more traditional ceremony style to a chic and contemporary reception ensemble.  Brides can explore various lengths and styles of overskirts, allowing for a customized and dynamic appearance that suits their individual taste.

47. High neckline

High neckline wedding dresses are a classic, one that will never go out of style. They come in many different styles, some reaching half way up the neck. They are a modest look and an option for brides who want to appear demure.  However, they are also ultra refined and exude elegance from brides who wear high neckline wedding dresses.

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Also, high neckline wedding dresses offer versatility by allowing brides to explore various sleeve lengths and silhouette options while maintaining a sophisticated and polished appearance. The demure nature of the high neckline can be complemented by intricate lace or embellishments.

48. Cape

A cape style wedding dress is when the veil not only comes from the head but also from the shoulder.  Sometimes it comes only from the shoulders, appearing as a mesh, elegant kind of cape. Some people opt for a cape dress, or go for a cape attached, to add elegance to the dress.

Image source: Reddit
Cape style wedding dresses offer a dramatic and regal flair, providing brides with a unique alternative to traditional veils. The flowing fabric cascading from the shoulders creates a captivating silhouette, adding a touch of enchantment to the overall bridal look.

49. Bell sleeves

Some brides-to-be opt for a wedding dress with bell styled sleeves. This means that the sleeve forms a bell shape, falling from the shoulder the the wrist. This style is continually in and out of fashion during different eras, making it a timeless classic.

Image source: Reddit
The bell shaped sleeve was named after the distinctive appearance of instruments and they make an elegant addition to a dress!  This style adds a touch of vintage charm to the wedding ensemble, evoking a sense of nostalgia and romance. The classic sleeve design not only complements a variety of dress silhouettes but also allows brides to embrace a bohemian or ethereal aesthetic.

50. Wrap around

A wrap style wedding dress is basically exactly how it sounds, featuring a style in which the dress wraps around the body, creating distinct layers. It can mean that the dress is very flattering as the wraps accentuate the figure of the person and they can create a more figure-hugging look.
Image source: Reddit
It makes the dress more dynamic and adds a dimension for those who want something a little different.  The layers created by the wrap design not only enhance the visual appeal of the dress but also provide an opportunity for creative detailing such as ruffles or draping. This style is particularly appealing for brides seeking a chic and modern look.