Airplane Food From Around The World

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

Ryanair - Ireland

Image Source: InstagramAhhh, the traditional Irish breakfast. A soggy potato patty, inedible sausage, shriveled mushrooms and some some of unknown white pudding. Whilst Ryanair claim that its breakfasts are "the perfect option to fill up and start your day with", we are feeling a little bit nauseas at the thought of stomaching this first thing.Original content sourced from

SpiceJet - India

Image Source: InstagramOk, we are not exactly sure what this one is... but we know for sure it's not something we'd enjoy. SpiceJet seem to have served raw sausage, hash brown and omelette. How could they have got it so wrong? but hey, at least there's some water to wash it all down with!

Air Europa - Madrid

Image Source: InstagramHELLO delicious looking pizza! Air Europa clearly know how to satisfy their customers. We don't really have any complains about this one, however, of course, the TINY pizza could be SO much bigger! But at least there's a nice bottle of red to wash it all down!

Qantas Airways - Australia

Image Source: InstagramServed in a sustainable carboard box (a good start!), what once may have been a Shepherd's Pie, now resembles something entirely unrecognisable. With brown bits of meat, an odd mash like substance and overcooked peas, the whole thing just isn't quite right.

Norwegian Airlines

Image Source: InstagramNorway is known for being one of the healthiest countries in the world, serving the freshest, most nutritious dishes. This airline has let the country down serving this unidentifiable pile of slosh that is, apparently, chicken and mash. It's fair to say the gravy doesn't make things any more appealing either.

Air France

Image Source: InstagramCouscous salad, peanut chips, oily dressing, potato puree, Camembert. It sounds so fancy! Whilst this meal may look the part, apparently, the taste wasn't quite as expected. The mashed potato tasted fake, the bread was not yet defrosted and the dessert still had frozen strawberries on.

Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet - Taiwan

Image Source: InstagramHow adorable is this! Eva Air runs a Hello Kitty themed services that travels to eight destinations across Asia. The theme runs through to whole flight, starting with the check-in screens and your boarding pass. Nothing escapes the branding, including the mealtimes!

Malaysia Airlines - Kuala Lumpur

Image Source: InstagramForget about the food... The crockery that is serving these dishes is INSANE! It just make it looks SO much more appealing! No more cardboard or plasticky taste that's ruining your food, this presentation is the real deal - they even have a butter dish!

TUI - England

Image Source: InstagramSpot the difference between the delicious-looking 'all day English breakfast' and the squashed omelette, dry sausage and well, can we really call them beans? I'm not so sure. We really just can't imagine trying to eat this brekkie on an empty stomach...

Jet2 - Wales

Image Source: InstagramAnyone for a salad sandwich? No takers? We can't say we're surprised. With the remains of a tomato, an old piece of cucumber and a quarter of a lettuce leaf, this sandwich would certainly not be at the top of our lists for lunch. The worst bit? There's absolutely no butter on the bread.

Lufthansa Airlines - Germany

Image Source: InstagramLufthansa Airlines really do give their customers the best experience from start to finish. With seared tuna on a bed of salad, cured ham with parmesan topping and a tasty looking bread and butter pudding, we're definitely ok with travelling with them!

Vanilla Air - Tokyo

Image Source: InstagramAnother airline who've got the right idea are Vanilla Air. Japanese airlines really are the best! Despite being such a low cost airline, they know that their customers appreciate good food. This bento box for lunch is only €8.00 and included a miso soup too.

Uzbekistan Airways

Image Source: InstagramIs it chicken? Is it pork? We are not entirely sure. All we know is that this horrendous looking dinner really was served by Uzbekistan airlines. David Cann, the receiver of this meal, said: "It was billed as chicken with aubergine and pasta, which sounded promising. It tasted like an assortment of cardboard packaging which was a great disappointment."

Iran Air - Tehran

We've never seen sandwiches so beautifully presented. Good job, Iran Air! Also that chocolate mousse desserts definitely looks like it can be demolished within seconds. With salt, pepper, sugar and all the condiments, this dish gets a sold 7/10!

Turkish Airlines - Istanbul

Image Source: InstagramWOW! Whilst we've absolutely not a clue what is being served here, it certainly looks the part. With salad, olives, cheese sides, dessert, lemonade, bread and mayo as side dishes too, there's no way that we'd go hungry here!

Air China - China

Image Source: InstagramWe have to admit, some of these do dishes look a little odd and the bread does look a little bit dry and the salmon is drowned in soy sauce. It might be the pale blue tray that makes the food look a bit like it might be served in a hospital, rather than on an airplane journey.

British Airways - England

Image Source: InstagramCould this be any more quintessentially British? A cuppa, a scone with cream and jam, perfectly square sandwiches and delicious freshly baked cake! Oh and not forgetting a nice bottle of wine for after you've supped your tea. British Airways really do know how to treat us!

Hawaiian Airlines

Image Source: Instagram
This meal is one of the only vegan dinners that are served on airlines - and it looks a solid 3/10. The salad, bread and veg look incredible bland, but the tofu curry actually looks pretty tasty. Oh and those water packets, can we just have a bottle next time, please?

Singapore Air

Image Source: Instagram
This beautiful breakfast is getting the seal of approval. With fresh fruit, pastries and croissant to choose from, if you're still feeling hungry after that (or just greedy!), why not enjoy the delicious looking curry with special fried rice. What a treat!

Vietnam Airlines

Image Source: Instagram
This meal is presented so nicely, but it does strike us that there's really not much on the plate. Cue hunger mode. Is that half a piece of cucumber on the plate? It might look pretty, but there's no doubt in our minds that our bellies would be rumbling after this.

Japan Airlines

Image Source: Instagram
Again, there's not much of a dinner here. It mainly consists of white rice and half a boiled egg (come on, just give us the whole thing) which, although looks fluffy and tasty, is not exactly going to satisfy our hunger for a long haul flight. Still at least the crockery is pretty!

Qantas Airlines - Perth

Image Source: Instagram
Apart from the very dry piece of bread without any butter (which we'd definitely still eat anyway), this actually looks like a super healthy, fresh lunch to have! Lots of colour, lots of nutritious flavours and enough to fill us up. We'd rate this a solid 9/10!

American Airlines - Philadelphia

Image Source: Instagram
This whole meal seems like it's straight out of a packet. With Jacob's crackers, Dairylee dunkers, bread and cherry crumble cake all still in the wrapper, it doesn't exactly scream fresh. Still the meatballs look edible and the rice looks OK. A 5/10!

Alaska Airlines

Image Source: Instagram
One of the best meals we've seen so far. Looking very posh, even the dressing is in it's own adorable miniature bottle. With a crispy feta salad, freshly baked bread on the side and a well-presented main meal, Alaska Airlines have certainly impressed here!

ANA (All Nippon Airways) - Switzerland

Image Source: Instagram
WOW! There's no mistaking this dinner as being served in first class only. Never have we seen such a big tin of caviar! This 5 star meal looks like it's been served by a Michelin star chef - in fact, it probably has! We don't want to even begin to think how much this flight cost...

Iberia Airlines - Spain

Image Source: Instagram
This might not look that tasty, but that really is froe-gras being served there. With soup, salad and pate to choose from, this airline does really spoil its customers. 10/10 for crockery too. Just one thing... is that really just one grape for dessert?

Korean Air

Image Source: Instagram
Dim sum in the sky is pretty special, especially when it looks THIS good! Not only is there plenty of it to go round so we wouldn't be left hungry, it also looks utterly delicious! From noodles to curry to fruit platters and pastries, this meal leaves nothing to be desired.

Japan Airlines

Image Source: Instagram
WOW! A five start meal in every way! Beautifully presented, delicious looking, lovely crockery and champagne to top it all off - as if it couldn't get any better! The only unfortunate thing is this meal is part of a business class service, which means that it's probably cost thousands of pounds!

Qatar Air - Dubai

Image Source: Instagram
The customer who took this revealed: 'I was really looking forward to flying Qatar, as I never had before. I was initially really impressed with what was set down in front of me — it looked like a very substantial and filling breakfast. But when I had my first bite, it was not what I was expecting. Tasteless, dry and disgusting'.

TUI - England

Image Source: Instagram
Spot the difference between the delicious-looking 'all day English breakfast' and the squashed omelette, dry sausage and well, can we really call them beans? I'm not so sure. We really just can't imagine trying to eat this brekkie on an empty stomach...

Lion Air - Indonesia

Image Source: wiki
Presentation is clearly not something of a priority here. Plus the main dish looks like more rice in comparison to the little bit of meat and sauce and vegetables.  The side salad looks fairly standard as well as the fruit. But, where's the dessert? And we don't mean the yoghurt.

Jet Airways - India

Image Source: nationsonline
The first thing that we notice here is that there isn't that much food. Okay, the curry looks quite good. But then after you've finished the trio of different melons i think you'll be left craving something sweet. The drink also looks highly unnapetizing.

Finnair - Finland

Image Source: buzzfeed
If we were on this Finnair flight, we'd be happy. What speaks to us the most is definitely that slice of chocolate cake. And, eggs and steak for breakfast is very luxurious indeed and not just your standard breakfast by any means. This has to receive around 7/10.

Simply Aviation - Estonia

Image Source: buzzfeed
The colours are bright, the chicken casserole looks good and the mash looks creamy and the green beans unusually do not look over boiled. That being said, apart from the main dish which looks okay, the rest of the meal looks highly bland and unsatisfying to eat.

Air Canada - Canada

Image Source: buzzfeed
This Air Canada meal scores around 6/10. The main meal actually looks pretty good to eat and it has sauce so it is not dry like many plane meals. The fruit salad has kiwi, strawberry and orange which is also a lot more exciting the standard apple and grape.

Bangkok Air

Image Source: insider
This does not look appetizing at all. One, it looks completely dry. Two, it also looks very tasteless. But also, it is hard to actually distinguish what the foods are. We are not inspired by this Bangkok Air in flight meal and would probably have to rate it around 3/10.

Delta Airlines

Image Source: elledecor
Delta Airlines are not providing a very interesting meal here. It also looks a lot less fresh than some of the other meals as a comparison. For example, everything here looks like it definitely comes with that horrible plasticky taste. No thank you...

Emirates - Dubai

Image Source: brightside
It's no surprise that Emirates pulled it out of the bag in terms of the in flight meal. This salmon fillet dish looks really good and you even get a side of pasta salad. If there was a nice dessert to go alongside it then this would be a very good meal indeed.

Egyptair - Egypt

Image Source: nationsonline
This chicken curry looks fairly tasty. That is a generous portion of chicken in proportion to vegetables and rice and there's some sauce hiding underneath. But, the three cucumber slices as a side salad is definitely letting down the rest of the meal.

Fly Jamaica - Jamaica

Image Source: Airratesnet
This main dish looks pretty good. Some kind of delicious looking stew with seasoned potatoes and green beans - not bad at all. It definitely looks one of the least mass produced meals and the one that resembles home style cooking the most which is definitely appreciated.

Virgin Atlantic

Image Source: Insider
There's something about the colour of the stew that is a little unsettling. Then again, for a meal having stew rice and veg and a bowl of pasta salad is not something to complain about. There's no doubt that you'd be left feeling nice and full for the flight.

ITA - Italy

Image Source: Wikipedia
Okay this looks really good. That pasta has to be one of the best meals on here. Its ravioli in a very tasty looking tomato sauce. In flight or not...we could eat this and be very happy. The dessert portion could do with being a little bit bigger however.

Cathay Pacific

Image Source: airlinemeals
This meal looks very fancy indeed. A lot of the illusion comes from the presentation but the stew looks tasty and that swirled chocolate dessert looks extremely good.  The side salas also offers a lot more than the standard lettuce and tomato too. Not a bad effort.

Air Tahiti Nui

This is the breakfast meal on Air Tahiti Nui. That omelette has definitely been over cooked and it looks like it would be pretty rubbery to eat. Everything also looks a little bit dry. But, you certainly wouldn't be hungry after this breakfast at least.

Thai Airways

Image Source: Insider
Now this looks like one of the best meals because it does not look bland. that a big piece of raw fish? It's certainly not for everyone but for sushi and sashimi lovers it would go down a treat. However we have to say, raw fish on a plane does seem a little bit risky...

Ana Air

Image Source: Insider
Okay so there is definitely something very satisfying about looking at this in flight meal. The neatness of the separate compartments, everything is square and in place. It's also very colourful and healthy looking and you even get big king prawns - delicious.

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Image Source: Ranker
10/10 for presentation and we are definitely appreciating the rolled cotton white napkin in place of a standard piece of tissue paper. The colours are also very vibrant and that drink looks appetising. It's a veggies dream. For meat eaters...not so much.

Philippine Airlines

Image Source: Ranker
This is what is served on the Philippine Airlines. Here is a typical Hungarian goulash, with a side of rice and some (very bland looking boiled peas and carrots). But, the goulash does look flavoursome. And that cheesecake does look good. Presentation is a little bit lacking.

United Airlines

Image Source: Ranker
So this looks pretty much like a square container filled with mash...with the odd bit of spinach peeking through. Is it calling out to us? Definitely not. Oh and there's also a side of spinach and nuts... Healthy but it doesn't look the most exciting.

Qantas, First Class

Image Source / DeliciousThis first class offering from Qantas airline also comes backed by famous chef Heston Blumenthal - and he knows what he's talking about. This steak sandwich is a passenger favourite in first class - and apparently there was even uproar when it was almost removed from the menu.

Thai Airways, Business Class

Image Source / DeliciousThis delicious meal from Thai Airways is designed to be filling but light so that you don't feel too bloated for the rest of your flight. It's an aromatic noodle broth with a light omelette on the side.

All Nippon Airways, Business Class

Image Source / DeliciousFood on ANA (All Nippon Airways) flights is always spoke of positively, and here you can see why. This is a traditional Japanese bento style meal for business class flyers, created by a 3-star Michelin chef Toru Okuda. Even just one of these dishes would be enough!

Emirates, First Class

Image Source / DeliciousNo matter who you're flying with, a first class meal is never going to be a disappointment. Here in first class on an Emirates flight, you have Dom Perignon served before your delicious meal of canapes, confit duck and curried pineapple, poached prawn and guacamole tartlet, finished off with truffle arancino.

Singapore Airlines, Suites

Image Source / DeliciousWith Singapore Airlines, you can enjoy your own suite in their private cabins. Here is revealed the selection of suite meals you can expect (which you're also able to book in advance before you fly). The suite meal options include lobster thermidor, Cantonese roast duck and king prawns in green curry sauce.

Scandinavian Airlines, Business Class

Image Source / DeliciousThis option looks quite simple considering it's business class, but the quality of food appears top notch. It includes marinated salmon, a selection of cheese and wine alongside beef tournedos. It's also served up on Danish-designed crockery!

Air France, Le Premiere Class

YouImage Source / DeliciousCheese, cheese and more cheese! With this flight, you don't just have cheese as a side option, you have a whole course of it served. By the looks of it you can expect a huge variety, too, including the most smelliest - which is ideal for being inside a small plane cabin!

British Airways, First Class

Image Source / DeliciousTraditional British food is an acquired taste, but when you're flying first class, you can expect the very best. You can enjoy English afternoon Twinings tea (of course) served alongside sandwiches, petit fours, and scones, and for main meals, a delicious fillet of beed, rosemary jus, asparagus and other vegetables.

Etihad, First Class

Image Source / DeliciousAnd this is only the breakfast! This wake up selection on Etihad airlines includes first-class (both the cabin and the food) eggs, which you can even request how you would like cooked, toasted soldiers, fresh pastries, pancakes with banana and blueberry, and of course the perfect cup of coffee alongside some fresh juice.

Etihad, First Class

Image Source / DeliciousAnd just to finish off this first class journey with this airline, how about this first class dessert taster selection, too? That's if you've still got room later on after all those delicious pancakes. All of these look like the perfect amount of sweet desserts.

Qatar, First Class

Image Source / InsideFlyer UKFor this airline's first class service, you can expect the finest caviar service in their first class cabin. The Osietra caviar is served alongside salmon and blinis, and it's even served on a crystal plate. You can expect a glass of Krug champagne, too.