AI Reveals What Celebrities Will Look Like As OAPs

By Juliet S 7 months ago
In a world where curiosity meets technology, the latest marvel from the realm of artificial intelligence is here to whisk you away on a time-traveling adventure. Brace yourself for a captivating journey as we unveil the laugh lines and wisdom-filled futures of your favorite celebrities. Forget crystal balls—our guide to the future is none other than cutting-edge AI, ready to spill the secrets of what stars will look like when they exchange red carpets for rocking chairs.

1. Kylie Jenner

As we gaze into the AI-rendered crystal ball, envisioning Kylie Jenner as a stunning, mature woman in the hypothetical future, it's hard not to marvel at the transformation. Yet, as we revel in the image of her grace and poise, a lingering thought emerges—will Kylie herself embrace the vision of a face adorned with the distinguished marks of time?
Image source/ futurism
While we think that Kylie Jenner looks like a beautiful, mature woman here (supposedly in 60 years time), we aren't sure she'll feel the same way. Can you imagine Kylie Jenner with a single natural crease in her perfectly smooth face? Probably not. There will be more Botox, surely.Original content sourced from Femanin.

2. Justin Bieber

From the youthful crooner who once serenaded us with catchy tunes to the teen heartthrob grappling with the trials of adolescence under the scrutiny of the spotlight, Bieber's journey has been laid bare before our eyes. Now, the virtual brushstrokes of artificial intelligence paint a picture of him.
Image source/ mymodernmet
Now we've seen it all. From his youth days singing 'baby, baby' to his awkward, spotty teenage phase, to his now very handsome we have Bieber as a silver fox. And we're here for it. It totally suits him. Bieber can be safe in the knowledge that he ages well...

3. Lionel Messi

In the AI-rendered gallery of aging celebrities, Lionel Messi emerges as a distinguished elder statesman, a testament to the inexorable passage of time. In a world where the likes of other celebrities seem to have struck deals with the digital fountain of youth, Messi appears to have been dealt a different hand.
Image source/ buzzfeed
Okay, so Lionel Messi as an older man doesn't half look bad. But we've got to admit that we think AI has done him no favours at all when we consider how the majority of other celebrities have gotten away without so much as a crease around their eyes or forehead!

4.  Ryan Gosling

Behold, the digital crystal ball has cast its gaze into the future, revealing a vision of Ryan Gosling that elicits collective sighs of relief and admiration. As we peer into the AI-altered tapestry of time, it becomes abundantly clear that Gosling, even in the hypothetical scenario of 50 years hence.
Image source/ mymodernmet
Ryan Gosling...if this is how you look in 50 years we will all be VERY happy. In fact, apart from looking slightly more mature and rugged he looks just the same. Gosling will certainly be losing no fan girls if this is how he really ages. The subtle transformation, marked by a touch of maturity and ruggedness, only serves to enhance Gosling's visual narrative.

5. Billie Eilish

As the virtual sands of time trickle down the hourglass of the future, the AI brush paints a portrait of Billie Eilish, the reigning queen of songwriting, in the distant horizon of 50 years. In an era where the pursuit of eternal youth has become a cultural obsession, Eilish's portrayal defies the norms of aging and emerges as a beacon of timeless beauty.
Image source/ mymodernmet
Here is Billie Eilish the queen of 50 years. She looks great. So great in fact that most of us would be happy to look like this in 10 years...never mind 50. What's her secret, a miracle anti-ageing facial serum? Or is AI just a fan of Eilish like us?

6. Harry Styles

Enter the digital crystal ball, and behold the AI-crafted glimpse into the future that brings forth an older, wiser Harry Styles—a vision that feels not only realistic but also eerily plausible. As we dissect the pixels and algorithms that compose this virtual aging masterpiece, there's an undeniable resonance.
Image source/ mymodernmet
There's something about this artificial intelligence creation of Harry Styles as an older man which seems SO realistic. He's got that flair of eccentricity still, but with the expression of an older man who knows more and has more experience in the world - while retaining his hair!

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Step into the virtual time machine, and behold Cristiano Ronaldo as envisioned by the all-knowing AI, now aged 75. If there were ever doubts about the man's status as a timeless heartthrob, the AI-rendered image swiftly dispels them. Ronaldo, the embodiment of athletic prowess and rugged charm.
Image source/ mymodernmet
This is what AI thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will look at 75 years old. And we can't help but agree. This hunk could never NOT look good. Does he even age? And here, he still looks the same with slightly greyed hair. This man ages like a very fine wine... no doubt because he's kept in shape!

8. Greta Thunberg

As we peer through the digital looking glass into the future, the AI conjures an eerily accurate portrayal of Greta Thunberg as an older woman. The image is not just a speculative rendering—it's a testament to the AI's ability to forecast the nuanced evolution of one of the most prominent voices in the fight against climate change.
Image source/ mymodernmet
This AI representation of Greta Thunberg as an older woman looks scarily accurate. Her face has matured so realistically that it's hard not to think we really are looking at Greta Thunberg from the future here. And just imagine how wise she'll be then...

9. Dua Lipa

In the grand tapestry of time, where the inevitability of aging is an inescapable truth, Dua Lipa emerges as a beacon of timeless allure in the AI's rendering of her 50 years into the future. As we gaze upon this vision, the first thought that crosses our minds is a resounding acknowledgment: she wins!
Image source/ mymodernmet
Okay Dua Lipa - you win hands down. If we could all age like this we would. If there's any way possible, she might actually look even sexier in 50 years time. She's got the elegance and sophistication of an older woman and retained her former beauty...

10. Sandra Bullock

Behold, the digital oracle's projection of Sandra Bullock at 80, and the collective gasp echoes through the corridors of anticipation. The image presented is not just an artistic interpretation; a future where Sandra Bullock, the eternal Hollywood icon, dons the mantle of octogenarian glamour with an elegance.
Image source/ dailymail
So this is supposedly how 80 year old Sandra Bullock will look. And for an 80 year old woman, you can't deny she's looking good for her age. Although we have an inkling that when she really reaches the age of 80, she'll be looking even more glamorous than this.

11. Lady Gaga

In this age-advanced portrayal, Lady Gaga's countenance carries a hint of severity that deviates from the vivacious and avant-garde image we are accustomed to. It's a departure, but one that lends an air of gravitas and maturity, transforming Gaga into a figure of formidable sophistication.
Image source/ futurism
Is it just us or does AI aged Lady Gaga look exactly like actress Eleanor Bron? And wow, she looks good. There's something about her which looks a little more severe than we're used to. But either way, she looks extremely sophisticated as an older woman!

12. Paul Rudd

In the ever-curious realm of celebrity aging, Paul Rudd, once heralded as the perpetual Peter Pan of Hollywood, finds himself under the scrutinizing gaze of artificial intelligence. The digital crystal ball offers a revelation that some may have thought impossible—Paul Rudd has indeed aged.
Image source/ futurism
Some people say that Paul Rudd never aged. In fact, people were starting to wonder if he had some kind of miracle genes when it came to the ageing pool. But here he clearly has. And it looks as though it happened a lot more suddenly than others on this list. But if it's possible his face looks even kinder than ever.

13. Kim Kardashian

In the ever-captivating world of artificial intelligence's age predictions, the virtual crystal ball turns its gaze toward none other than the iconic Kim Kardashian. The AI brushstrokes conjure a vision of her aging gracefully, a prospect that elicits admiration from many who aspire to traverse the sands of time.
Image source/ buzzfeed
If Kim Kardashian ever sees this...we think she'll be speaking to her facialist right away. Most of us would love to age this way. But for Kim Kardashian ageing is not on her radar. In fact, she looks as young as ever so we don't think she'd be too happy with this.

14. Tom Holland

In the digital realm where algorithms wield the power to age even the youngest of stars, the virtual brush has, in the eyes of many, dealt a rather harsh hand to none other than the youthful Tom Holland. As one of the youngest stars on the list, the expectation was a portrayal that reflected a gentler progression.
Image source/ futurism
Artificial Intelligence has without a doubt done Tom Holland dirty here... Considering he's one of the youngest stars on our list -he should look younger in 50 years than the rest. But, this is definitely one of the more harsh transitions we've seen so far.

15. Gordon Ramsay

In the speculative world of AI-aged celebrities, Gordon Ramsay, the renowned culinary maestro, finds himself thrust into the future, donning the apron at the ripe age of 80 on a hypothetical episode of MasterChef. The digital brushstrokes of artificial intelligence paint a portrait of Ramsay.
Image source/ instagram
And here we have Gordon Ramsay at age 80...on MasterChef. Another AI trick. His ageing looks pretty natural and realistic if you ask us. The real question is, has age managed to mellow his personality or is he still yelling at everyone in the kitchen?

16. Chris Hemsworth

In the realm of AI projections, the virtual crystal ball unveils a future version of Chris Hemsworth, adorned with the distinguished marks of time at the age of 75. As we gaze upon this digital rendering, a collective agreement resonates—of course, Chris Hemsworth was destined to age like a fine wine.
Image source/ yahoo
Well...we knew Chris Hemsworth would look good as older man (it was impossible he wouldn't, right?) but now we can actually see it! And there's something about this AI depiction which seems to have aged him super naturally and we wouldn't be surprised if he really looks this way at 75.

17. Kevin Hart

The digital crystal ball, guided by the hand of artificial intelligence, beckons us into the future to catch a glimpse of none other than Kevin Hart as a distinguished OAP (Old Age Pensioner). The image presented is nothing short of a testament to the comedian's seemingly timeless charm.
Image source/ yahoo
Kevin Hart looks as good as ever in this AI image of what he will look like when he's an OAP. In fact, besides the slightly whiter hair, he could be 40, 50, 60...never mind supposedly 70 years old! If he really does age like this he can be a very happy man indeed.

18. Millie Bobby Brown

In the realm of AI's speculative creations, the crystal ball turns its attention to the youthful Millie Bobby Brown, envisioning her as an older woman, a portrayal that has sparked a collective admiration for the actress who, at just 18, has barely embarked on the journey of adulthood.
Image source/ futurism
Okay, how good does Millie Bobby Brown look as an older woman? She's currently only 18 years old, so the thought of ageing has probably never even occurred to her yet. In fact, she's only just become a woman. But here she looks so good that if she ever does think about ageing, she can know she'll look hotter than ever.

19. Timothee Chalamet

In the digital realm of hypothetical futures, the virtual crystal ball turns its gaze towards none other than Timothée Chalamet, the embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. The AI's projections paint a picture of maturity and rugged charm, adding a new layer to Chalamet's already magnetic allure.
Image source/ futurism
Timothee Chalamet...tall, dark and handsome. Now he's got the look of maturity to go along with it and he's perfected the rugged look. He's managed to retain his cool look with the silver chain. Of course this is all hypothetical. But we like the vision anyway!

20. Salma Hayek

In the ever-fascinating realm of age predictions, the spotlight turns to the timeless beauty that is Salma Hayek. Known for defying the conventional expectations of aging, Hayek has, in the eyes of many, mastered the art of remaining perpetually youthful. At 56, she has effortlessly retained the allure.
Image source/ nypost
Salma Hayek is one of those women who has been graced with the ability to never look older. Nobody could guess that she's currently 56 years old when she barely looks a day over 30. So it's no wonder that AI prosed she would look THIS good at 80 years old.

21. Zendaya

In the realm of AI projections, Zendaya emerges as a beacon of grace and success, transcending the boundaries of time in a captivating vision of her at 60. At 26, she is already celebrated for her talent, poise, and a presence that commands attention. The AI's brushstrokes paint a picture of Zendaya.
Image source/ nypost
Okay Zendaya...your AI aged image is really setting the bar here. Zendaya is currently 26 years old...and this is supposedly her at 60 years old. She looks like a powerful and successful business woman (even more so than she already is) and we're here for it!

22. Anya Taylor Joy

In the vast landscape of Hollywood, where beauty comes in various forms, Anya Taylor-Joy stands out with a stunningly unique allure. As the star of "The Queen's Gambit," she has captivated audiences not only with her acting prowess but also with a beauty that defies conventional standards.
Image source/ pinterest
Queen's Gambit Star Anya Taylor Joy has a very stunningly unique kind of beauty. And, if the artificial intelligence is right (which who knows, it seems to know most things!) then Anya Taylor Joy will retain this as she ages. She also looks even more endearing here somehow.

23. Selena Gomez

In the realm of artificial intelligence's creative projections, Selena Gomez emerges as a subject of digital transformation, albeit one that prompts a certain disconnect. The AI's depiction envisions Gomez as an older woman, and while the result is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, there's a subtle nuance missing.
Image source/ nypost
There's something about this AI depiction of Selena Gomes as an older women which just really doesn't recognisably look like her at all. She look good, don't get us wrong, but there's something missing which doesn't seem to quite capture Gomez's look. Maybe it's the smaller lips?

24. Henry Golding

In the mesmerizing world of artificial intelligence and age projections, Henry Golding, the charismatic actor, takes a leap into the future. At 36, he's captured the hearts of audiences with his charm, and now, the AI offers a speculative vision of Golding at the age of 75.
Image source/ futurism
Henry Golding is a TV presenter, he's currently 36 years old. This is supposedly him in 2062 when he is 75 years old. And there' something so realistic about this AI image that it's hard to unsee. It's like taking a glimpse of Golding into the future which is kind of freaky...

25. Ryan Reynolds

In the realm of speculative AI depictions, the virtual crystal ball offers a peek into the future with none other than the perennial heartthrob, Ryan Reynolds. At 46, he's already secured a place in the hearts of fans with his charisma and good looks. Now, the AI presents an intriguing vision of Reynolds.
Image source/ dailymail
We can totally see this. 46 year old heartthrob Ryan Reynolds when he's 80 years old. And if we're honest, he still looks good. We can totally see Reynolds looking like this at 75 years old starring, still starring as the main role in our favourite movies.

26. Robert Pattinson

In the surreal realm of celebrity aging, Robert Pattinson, known for his seemingly ageless visage (perhaps a lingering effect from his Twilight days as Edward Cullen), takes center stage in the AI's projection of his future self as an Old Age Pensioner (OAP).
Image source/ dailymail
Along with the likes of Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, Robert Pattinson is one of those starts who does not seem to age (just like Edward Cullen...suspicious!?). So, imagining him looking a day older is a little bit strange to us. But for an OAP he's not looking half bad at all.

27. Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard, the once-adorable kid from Stranger Things, finds himself catapulted into the distant future through the lens of artificial intelligence. At 19, he's teetering on the brink of adulthood, and the digital crystal ball attempts to project him into the age of 84.
Image source/ insider
Finn Wolfhard - can we ever look past him as that cute little kid from Stranger Things? He's currently just 19... and this is him at 84 years old according to AI which is totally mind-blowing. And we have to say - age doesn't suit him so much - we were all thinking it!

28. Margot Robbie

In the ethereal realm of artificial intelligence's creative predictions, Margot Robbie, already heralded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, takes a leap into the future. At the purported age of 64, according to AI, the digital crystal ball paints a vision of Robbie that defies the conventional.
Image source/ futurism
Okay only Margot Robbie could look THIS good at supposedly the age of 64 years old. As one of the most beautiful women in the world right now, it's only fair to assume that she'll still be one of the most beautiful at 64. And according to AI she most definitely will.

29. Anne Hathaway

In the timeless tapestry of celebrity evolution, Anne Hathaway emerges as an emblem of perpetual youth and enduring beauty. At 39, she appears to have mastered the art of aging with a grace that defies the conventional markers of time. The assertion that she hasn't changed in the last 10 years echoes.
Image source/ futurism
Anne Hathaway is currently 39, and we could swear she's not changed in the last 10 years. This woman never seems to change, she always has that youthful and natural kind of beauty. So, apparently this is what she'll look like at 68. And it's Anne Hathaway so if anyone can look this young at 68 it's her!

30. Melissa McCarthy

In the ever-entertaining world of comedy, Melissa McCarthy stands as a beloved figure, adored for her infectious humor and undeniable talent. As the favorite comedy actress for many, the prospect of McCarthy aging becomes a contemplative yet delightful exploration.
Image source/ insider
Melissa McCarthy, everyone's favourite comedy actress. So this is her AI image and does anybody else feel like she hardly looks any different. We assume if she's looking like this at 70 years old, then she's also going to carry on making us belly laugh till this age too.

31. Robert Downey Jnr

In the kaleidoscope of Hollywood, few actors have managed to embody the essence of timeless charisma quite like Robert Downey Jr. With a career that has spanned decades, the assertion that he "never seems to age" resonates with the collective perception of an actor who, much like fine wine, appears to improve with time.
image source:
Robert Downey Jnr is the actor who never seems to age - though this AI image would have us believe differently! But it's good to see that he wouldn't lose the stylish specs and the goatee, even in old age. He's still handsome, just more salt and pepper handsome now!

32. Kit Harrington

In the hypothetical world of aging fantasy characters, Kit Harington, forever etched in our minds as the stoic Jon Snow, takes a leap into the future as an old guy. The playful nod to Jon Snow finally knowing something at this age becomes a delightful twist on the iconic catchphrase.
image source:
We'd like to think that at this age Jon Snow would finally know something, at least. Kit Harrington as an old guy definitely looks like one of those seasoned Hollywood actors who would start appearing in any mafia or retired-hitman movie, where they've still got the moves.

33. Daniel Radcliffe

In the whimsical world of Harry Potter and the metamorphosis of Daniel Radcliffe, a playful exploration of his evolving hairstyles becomes a captivating lens through which to view his imagined future. Radcliffe carries this particular hairstyle from the fourth movie into his golden years.
image source:
Does anybody else agree that Dan's hair looked the best in the fourth Harry Potter movie? Though you have to admit, he kind of looks like a woman in a retail store who's definitely going to complain about something. But we suppose he has a right to complain when he's Harry Potter.

34. Terry Crews

As we playfully envision Terry Crews flexing his muscles in the gym of the future, the statement becomes a nod to the power of determination and the ability to shape one's own narrative, even in the realm of speculative AI predictions. Crews, with his infectious energy and dedication to health.
image source:
The macho man himself here proving that he'd still have those killer muscles even in old age - he'd definitely be that older dude at the gym that you'd have mad respect for for still working out 'at his age'. And apparently Terry himself is very happy with the results about his future self.

35. Peter Dinklage

The visual projection of Dinklage in his old age, with the assurance that he wouldn't lose his mop of hair and would sport a generous grey beard, adds a layer of continuity to the imagined narrative. It's a recognition of the visual elements that have become synonymous with his on-screen persona.
image source:
As his Game of Thrones character, he drinks and he knows things - and this actor apparently ages like fine wine, too. We're glad to see he wouldn't lose his mop of hair in his old age, because he really suits it that length - same with the generous grey beard!

36. The Hulk!

In the realm of superheroes, where Marvel Avengers are the stars of the show, even the mighty Bruce Banner/The Hulk is not exempt from the inexorable march of time. The acknowledgment that Marvel Avengers are celebs too adds a playful touch to the contemplation of their aging trajectories.
image source:
Because Marvel Avengers are celebs too, of course! And it's good to know that Bruce Banner/The Hulk survived End Game so that this OAP look is actually going to be a reality now. At least he already had the cozy cardigan loaded up ready, and the glasses on standby.

37. Kanye West

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal style, Kanye West has become synonymous with bold and distinctive choices, and his shaven head is a key element of his current aesthetic. However, the speculative vision presented by AI suggests that, in later life, this once-defining feature might become non-negotiable as he appears to be losing his hair.
image source:
While Kanye West's shaven head looks like a key personal style choice at his current age, it sure looks non-negotiable in later life if this AI is anything to go by - because he looks like he's losing his hair. He keeps the silvery beard, though - along with his simple black clothing fashion choices.

38. Bruce Lee

The legacy of Bruce Lee, a legendary martial arts master, transcends time, and the contemplation of what could have been, had he not left us too soon, evokes a sense of melancholy. The statement acknowledges the sadness associated with the untimely departure of such an iconic figure.
image source:
It's always sad to see what could have been in terms of legendary actors who died far too young - and Bruce Lee was no exception. The legendary martial arts master would no doubt still be making movies and kicking a** in his old age - which doesn't even look that old based on this.

39. The Jonas Brothers

In the realm of pop culture heartthrobs, the Jonas Brothers have carved a space for themselves, and the playful contemplation of their potential heartthrob status in old age adds a touch of whimsy to the narrative. The statement presents the audience with the power to decide based on this AI update.
image source:
Would the Jonas Brothers still be heartthrobs in their old age? You decide based on this AI update! It looks like Joe Jonas would maybe get the raw end of the deal based on aging, but maybe it's because it looks like he's trying to hard with box dye instead of embracing his natural gray!

40. Pharrell Williams

In the realm of music and style, the musician and record producer in question has already established himself as a paragon of superior taste and sartorial elegance. The assertion that he would age well becomes a nod to the enduring allure of his aesthetic, suggesting that his superior style transcends the conventional markers of time.
image source:
The musician and record producer would age well - we know this already, because this man has superior style! It doesn't matter what he looks like because those huge hats are enough to hide it all anyway. But apparently he would age very well with a few fine lines.

41. Thor!

In the grand tapestry of Asgardian mythology, Thor, the god of thunder, has weathered various storms and challenges. The playful assertion that he is not just the god of thunder but also the god of aging introduces a whimsical twist to the narrative, envisioning Thor in his later years.
image source:
The god of thunder and the god of aging, apparently. We've had 'fat Thor' so why not old Thor? What do you think, does he take after his father, Odin? We're sure his family would be proud of that older man beard. Maybe it's time to retire though and put up his feet in New Asgard.

42. Adam Scott

The exclamation that this is one of the most realistic-looking AI old filters suggests a sense of awe and perhaps a touch of amazement at the accuracy of the digital transformation. The playfulness in the statement implies that the depiction of actor Adam Scott in his older years is remarkably convincing.
image source:
This has to be one of the most realistic looking AI old filter we've seen! We don't know what that says about the way actor Adam Scott looks now though.. either way, he'd keep all his hair, which is always a plus (though it needs a brush) and he's rocking that gray beard!

43. John F. Kennedy

The contemplation of what assassinated President John F. Kennedy would have looked like if given the chance to age takes on a poignant and reflective tone. The acknowledgment that this exploration might evoke strong emotions, getting "you right in the feels," sets the stage for a thoughtful consideration of what could have been.
image source:
This is another one that will get you right in the feels - what assassinated president John F. Kennedy would have looked like if he'd been given the chance to age. AI aging filters can be a lot of fun, but they can also be really great tools for stuff like this in those we've lost!

44. David Guetta

The statement begins by praising DJ David Guetta's perfect caption, implying that his choice of words perfectly encapsulates the sentiment conveyed by the accompanying image. This sets the stage for an exploration of the visual transformation brought about by the AI aging filter.
image source:
DJ David Guetta couldn't have captioned this more perfectly! He also looks like one of those old, seasoned cruise captains who have a lot of stories to tell, doesn't he? And a lot of money at that. He doesn't even look like the same person - too realistic for my liking!

45. Tyler, The Creator

The statement kicks off by acknowledging the American rapper Tyler, The Creator's memorable style and face, emphasizing their enduring qualities even in the context of aging. This sets the stage for a playful exploration of the aged depiction, suggesting that Tyler, The Creator maintains his distinctive characteristics over time.
image source:
The American rapper Tyler, The Creator sure has a memorable style and face - and that doesn't change with age, apparently! He definitely looks like an old, rich man you'd see on the golf courses in luxury locations, doesn't he? Or maybe it's just the white top and the hat!

46. Rhett & Link

The statement begins by noting that the comedy duo and hosts of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link, typically exude a youthful look. The anticipation builds as the AI filter unveils their aged depiction, revealing that they transform into very seasoned-looking old men.
image source:
The comedy due and hosts of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link, usually have a very youthful look about them - and according to this AI filter, they turn into very seasoned-looking old men, still with a fabulous sense of style! Do you think they'd still be hosting their YouTube show in old age?

47. Drake

The statement opens by noting that rapper Drake's skin appears unchanged, maintaining its youthful quality. The emphasis on the lack of visible changes in his skin suggests that, in terms of complexion, Drake appears ageless. However, the mention of whispers of white in his beard and hair introduces a subtle hint of aging.
image source:
Okay, so rapper Drake doesn't look any different skin wise - the only clue to his old age is the whispers of white in his beard and hair! He's going to have to drop that skin routine fast if he looks like this when he's an old man! We need to know what his secret is.

48. Sam Smith

The statement begins by drawing attention to a distinctive glam earring that, in the aging process, appears to take on an enhanced appeal against the backdrop of a white beard. This observation infuses a sense of style and glamour into the contemplation of singer Sam Smith's older self.
image source:
Is it just me or does that glam earring look even better in old age against that white beard? Singer Sam Smith definitely looks good in their old age, and we're glad if they keep the beard, because the white hair definitely suits them - as does the jewelry, of course!

49. Marques Brownlee

The assertion that the unfamiliar old man on the right is "absolutely smashing old age" injects a positive and lighthearted tone into the narrative. It suggests that, even in the speculative realm of aging, Marques Brownlee's older self is visually appealing and embodies a sense of vitality.
image source:
If you're a fan of tech and YouTube (which of course you will be) you'll know Marques Brownlee's face - the one on the left at least, because the old man on the right is one we don't recognize! But that isn't to say he isn't absolutely smashing old age, because he looks great.

50. Taylor Swift

The mention of her having the "ultimate skincare routine" adds a touch of admiration and humor to the narrative. It implies that Taylor Swift possesses a skincare regimen so effective that it defies the conventional signs of aging, at least on her neck.
image source:
Why is singer Taylor Swift the only celebrity on this list whose age shows everywhere but her neck? She apparently has the ultimate skincare routine when it comes to the skin on her neck because who'd know? Old Taylor looks like she'd present a midday chat show.