AI Recreates Cartoon Characters As Real People

By molly atherton 4 months ago
In a fantastical world where pixels seamlessly intertwine with personalities, and art liberates itself from the confines of the canvas to joyfully frolic in the expansive realm of reality, artificial intelligence has fearlessly taken a whimsical plunge into the delightfully unpredictable universe of cartoon characters. Picture, if you will, Bugs Bunny nonchalantly grabbing a frothy latte at your local café, or SpongeBob SquarePants skillfully navigating the chaotic currents of rush hour traffic.

1. Carl Fredricksen

This face is someone we all know and love - how many of us can honestly say that he didn't bring laughter, sadness and a tear to our eyes? The film UP was one of those films that really pulled on the heart strings no matter what age, or whether you even like cartoon films.Original content sourced from
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How realistic does this generated image look of our favorite cartoon character?! For me, its all about the nose and glasses combo, thick frames and a large nose are a tell tale sign of the elderly and reminds us of our grandparents. I'd love to see another film like UP!

2. Moe Szyslak

As much as he is a grumpy character in The Simpsons, something I always loved about Moe was his empathy and child-like crush on Marge. It must have been tough for him to see Homer come into the bar day in and day out, talking about Marge, when all he wanted to do was be in Homer's footsteps too.
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This generated image of Moe looks a little scary to me, and I don't think I would take him up on an offer for a drink either - what about you? The more I look at the image, the more I feel like he would fit right into a scene from Home know what we mean, right?

3. Ariel

I for one never really got into the hype around Little Mermaid but this classic movie has grown through the ages and caught the hearts of every single generation over the last few decades. Strangely in this generated image, I think it's quite obvious that it isn't a real human.
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It looks more like something the AI program would throw out - it reminds me much more like something you see on a generic computer game or animated movie. The way AI is able to get the hair and eye resemblance will always freak me out - its uncanny!

4. Elsa

We didn't quite see grown men dressing up as Elsa, but there was a time when the entire world of under 12s were an exact replica from head to toe! She took the world by storm and I'm very impressed how AI has managed to capture someone so life like here!
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Be honest, you'd expect to see someone looking like this on your local high street on a Saturday afternoon wouldn't you? I think I need to do some digging to see what AI would generate to create a human version of Olaf, now that is something I want to see!

5. Ned Flanders

I’d love Ned as a neighbour – over the years he took a bit of a pounding from Homer and his antics but he never quit with the do-good attitude did he? I think this AI generated image looks almost too human like, and maybe doesn’t even look like Ned, I’m so confused...
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This image looks like he’s a salesman who is ready to sell me some home insurance, instead of saying howdily-doodily! One things for certain, I don't think this AI generated image of Ned looks like he would let anyone steal his power tools like Homer.

6. Dash Parr

The Incredibles - what a movie! I think every man and boy had a crush on the Mum in both of the films. Dash as a cartoon looks like quite the little trouble causer, but the AI generated image of Dash from The Incredibles, doesn't look like he would cause much trouble at all!
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I'd say he's more into helping his family around the house with chores and light house work...what do you think? He's definitely more nice than naughty! One things for sure, the cartoon version of Dash looks like the cooler version of the AI generated human version.

7. Mulan

Mulan, maybe one of the most empowering films back in the pre-2000 days? A girl who didn’t want to see her father go into the army, due to his weakness, decided she would take it upon herself to do the unthinkable...dress like a man, and join the army herself!
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For the Mulan fans out there, what do we think, this generated image looks more like what Mulan should have looked like, or does the 2020 version of Mulan do the film justice? I know the reviews certainly didn't think that the 2020 version got a thumbs up!

8. Ursula

Ursula was a real nasty lady wasn't she - how many of us can relate to either knowing someone like her, or having someone like her in the family? Someone who is always stirring the pot...The AI generated image of Ursula looks like the aunty who always wants to grab you by the cheeks, smush up really close to your face (too close in fact) and plant a big red lipstick kiss on your cheek.
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I mean, Ursula was inspired by the iconic drag queen Divine, which definitely comes across here! I think it's the brows. This recreation captures the essence of Ursula's larger-than-life personality, blending the animated mischief of a Disney villain with the extravagant flair of drag queen royalty.

9. Violet Parr

It took Violet a little bit of time in the film, but once she got into the flow of using her powers, she was unstoppable! I think the AI generated image of Violet has done a great job of capturing a few different personalities here - it gets the cute and innocent high school girl who is just trying to get by!
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But it also manages to capture the dark and mysterious superhero that we grow to love in the films. I don't know, maybe its the black and red super suit but I can see in the AI generated image that gives off the appearance of already being a superhero!

10. Homer Simpson

How can the AI program do Homer like this? Absolutely no way does this look like our beloved Mr Simpson - what do you think? I was expecting a little fatter, a little more facial hair, and certainly not those big googley eyes. I know Homer only has 2 strands of hair in The Simpsons but maybe the AI generated image of Homer here has gone too far.
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I think a real life Homer would have a different hairstyle to that, more of a tuft rather than just the little strands. But I guess sticking to the images, it got it spot on! It's as if he's stepped out of a parallel universe where the rules of Springfield's animated reality have taken on a whole new dimension.

11. Barbie

I think this is kind of spooky - does this not remind you of every single American blonde teenager that you usually see in films? I guess I might be stereotyping here, but it really is uncanny! I'm on the fence with this one, it looks too generic to be good!
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I wonder if there is an AI program that can give personalities to these images too, because I think I already know and can imagine what Barbie's personality would be like. If this person walked down the street past you, do you think you'd instantly recognise it as Barbie or not?

12. Maleficent

Ok this is cool, and let me tell you why. With the film Maleficent, we've already been able to build up an idea of what the real Maleficent would look like. So, seeing this AI generated image of Maleficent to compare to lets us really inspect whether this passes for a human version of her.
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I must admit, I think I'd always expect to see Angelina Jolie on this image because she does it so well! But, one thing is for certain, the scary eyes, the dark colours and the overall facial expression here is spot on. But does it capture the essence of Angelina Jolie's portrayal?

13. Jasmine

Princess Jasmine was one of my all time favourite princesses when I was a kid. The fact that she had a pet tiger definitely earned her a few points, how adorable was Rajah? But what I loved the most was how she was independent, sassy and knows how to stand up for herself!
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In the era of princesses being well-behaved and waiting for their prince to save them, Jasmine stood out as rebellious and courageous. Her strong-willed and assertive personality made her a role model for many. AI Jasmine hasn't disappointed me, I can practically feel the sass oozing out of her on this image.

14. Joe Gardner

If you haven't seen the movie Soul yet, you need to! It's a feel-good movie for both adults and children. It essentially tells the tale of Joe Gardner, who's struggling to find his purpose in the world. It really portrays a strong message about the importance of living in the moment.
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Joe's passion, creativity and kindness make it impossible not to love him! I feel like this generated image did him a favour, they chose to normalise his face shape, but they have definitely kept his kind eyes - emphasizing the universality of Joe's relatable and genuine qualities.

15. Moana

What I want to know is what skin routine is Moana using? Because her skin is absolutely glowing here! I'm not mad, because she deserves her gorgeous skin. I feel like this image perfectly captures how I imagine the real life Moana to look. She's gorgeous inside and out and is a great role model to young girls and boys everywhere!
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She proves that it's possible to be both brave and strong-willed, whilst still being compassionate. Moana's determination pays off, which gives the movie a great moral - following your dreams and never giving up is always possible, even when life is against you!

16. Snow White

I don't know about you, but I'm really not feeling this one. I personally think it's because Snow White just looks far too modern! I feel like she's an old soul and the hair seems far too trendy for her. Besides, she isn't anywhere near pale enough! Has AI forgotten that her skin is as white as snow?
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Her personality is arguably naive, she's willing to move into a house in the middle of the woods with 7 men she knows nothing about! Although, who am I to judge? If I was being hunted by an evil queen who wanted my heart, maybe I'd do the same in her situation.

17. Anna

Anna is definitely pure and innocent at heart, which I feel comes across in the real life version of Anna in this image. My favourite thing about Anna is how fiercely she loves her family and friends. She will do absolutely anything to keep them safe, which she proves to be the case in Frozen!
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I love how it's Anna who is the one to save her sister, Elsa. This movie was one of the first to break away from the traditional 'damsel in distress saved by a man' narrative - and it definitely paid off! Here's to a strong and independent female Disney role model!

18. Milhouse

Ah, Milhouse. He is such a cutie! Milhouse's unwavering loyalty to Bart, despite the humorous and often challenging situations they find themselves in, is a heartwarming aspect of their friendship. I'm so pleased to see that the AI version of Milhouse is even cuter than the original cartoon version.
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I'm not quite sure why they made his hair purple when it is most definitely blue, but we move! His facial expression here looks like he'd be gullible and make an easy target - just like he is in the Simpsons. Milhouse's most adorable quality is how he remains fiercely loyal, despite all the pranks and questionable situations he gets him into.

19. Tinkerbell

Okay, so, is this Tinkerbell or Taylor Swift? Because I'm definitely seeing Taylor Swift in fancy dress here. Maybe this should be her costume next Halloween - someone needs to tell her! But putting Taylor aside, I'd say AI has done pretty well here.
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Tinkerbell is known for her ultra feisty and independent nature, which is captured perfectly in the facial expression. Tinkerbell is loyal and protective, known for looking out for Peter Pan and keeping him from danger, even when she's angry with him.

20. Aladdin

I think this has probably got to be one of the most accurate AI remakes. I imagine this is exactly how Aladdin would look if he was a real person! He has that youthful, innocent look about him but still looks like he could be pretty cheeky and cunning at the same time!
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These are definitely aspects of Aladdin - his quick-witted, bold personality makes him super lovable. He's extremely resourceful, always making the most of what he has. He falls on his feet when he meets Princess Jasmine. The two are the perfect pair.

21. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is super curious and intelligent. I personally feel like this AI image of her screams both of those things - her eyes look like they're ready for an adventure! Of course, we're going to have to assume that her golden hair does flow about seventy feet behind her, I'm sure it does.
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I'm glad Rapunzel isn't a real person for her sake. I dread hair washing day with normal length hair, can you imagine the pain and suffering of washing seventy feet of hair? Or tripping over your feet!  Maybe I'd rather stay locked in her tower and just allow the grease.

22. Eric

Prince Eric has definitely gotten veneers. I mean, he is a prince after all, so he can afford them! His eyebrows are very shapely too, he must have a great brow lady. Although, I always thought cartoon Eric had dimples and I don't feel they're prominent enough here!
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But hey, nobody's perfect, not even princes. Eric's personality is romantic and he loves to dream, which comes across in this AI image. He looks airy and very charming. But, Eric isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty and is extremely brave when needed!

23. Peter Pan

I for one am disappointed in this Peter Pan image. I mean, it probably has something to do with Jeremy Sumpter. Once I've seen him play Peter Pan, nobody else can do it quite like him! Of course, Peter Pan is known for his free-spirited and mischievous ways.
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I can't deny that AI Peter does most definitely look mischievous! He loves an adventure and although he is kind, he struggles to put others before himself. He really embodies what it is to be immature - acting reckless and irresponsible in the name of fun.

24. Pocahontas

AI generated Pocahontas is gorgeous! The portrayal of Pocahontas in the AI-generated image captures a sense of readiness and determination, In real life, I reckon she would put the Kardashian's out of business - just look at her! And her beauty isn't only skin deep, either.
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Pocahontas is wise, independent and free-spirited. Because of her, the war between the English and the Native Americans is prevented. She truly is a powerful role model and demonstrates how to be fierce without being mean or aggressive. On this image, she looks like she's ready to take on the world, just like the real Pocahontas.

25. Olive Oyl

For the younger generation out there, in case you were unsure, this is Olive Oyl - who was Popeye's girlfriend in the Popeye comics. I would say that AI pulled this one off, as she's pretty hard to imagine as a real person! Olive Oyl looks absolutely adorable and super sweet, just like her personality.
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However, don't be fooled! Although Olive is known to be absent-minded, she can be sassy and totally fiery when she wants to be and is never scared to speak up and stand up for herself! She has her own mind and is very independent. The kind of woman we all admire!

26. Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine's hair is definitely a lot more gray than it is in the AI version of herself. Plus, she's lost her signature hairstyle! Apart from the hair, I think her face is pretty spot on. Although, she doesn't look quite as nasty as she is in the Cinderella movies.
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Lady Tremaine takes great pleasure in making her stepdaughter Cinderella completely miserable and goes to great lengths to put her down. She is also very vain, obsessing over her appearance. In which case, you'd think she might even get herself some botox!

27. Kristoff

The AI version of Frozen's Kristoff looks super realistic! You could definitely walk past him in the street and not think twice about it. AI has captured his thin lips and shaggy hair, but they've also added a little bit of dazzle with an earring! One of Kristoff's most desirable traits is his humour.
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he's always funny and able to lighten the mood when his friends need it which highlights the depth of character that makes him so beloved in the Frozen franchise. Somehow, his image here looks like he's ready to crack a joke or he's trying to hold one back - in typical Kristoff style!

28. Bart Simpson

I don't know what this AI has against the Simpsons family, but AI Bart is even worse than his father, Homer! I suppose realistically judging by Bart's diet and lifestyle, he probably wouldn't have perfect skin. But why have they made him look like this?!
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I mean, there's no denying that Bart is definitely mischievous, rebellious and maybe a bit of a brat. This image does portray those characteristics for sure! In the Simpsons, Bart is downright hilarious there's no denying, but the real life him just looks plain annoying to me!

29. Handsome Hans

Real life Handsome Hans looks just as sickening and annoying as he is in the cartoon "The Frog Prince". Whilst I have to admit, he is of course very handsome, he certainly is far from desirable isn't he! His character is extremely manipulative and cunning!
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He knows how to work people's emotions to get them to do what he wants. Handsome Hans is also the definition of a man-child, he has no courage and always expects others to take care of him. He's definitely a coward and puts himself far above anybody else.

30. John Smith

John Smith is definitely a complicated character, I just can't work out how I feel about him! Whilst he is brave and determined, he also has arrogant and reckless characteristics. Although, without him, Pocahontas may have found it harder to mediate between the English and the Native Americans.
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Thanks to John, Pocahontas is saved from her father, Chief Powhatan. AI John's eyes definitely look like they belong to a hero. Although I'm not sure about the blonde curly locks, it seems a little dramatic. He might benefit from a trip to the barbers!

31. AI turns these celebs into cartoon characters! Rihanna

Rihanna has the skin and those beautiful big eyes of a cartoon character anyway, so it's no doubt she looks perfect as one! She's the perfect person to transition into a beautiful cartoon character! We could definitely see her taking the lead as the next Disney princess.
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And even better that the talented singer and actress would not only be able to play herself in the role but she'd be able to sing the soundtrack, too! We'd all definitely pay to see that, wouldn't we? It's something that all Rihanna fans would love to see!

32. Michael Jackson

Back in his younger days, Michael Jackson very much gave Disney character vibes, from his amazing vocal talents and his youthful face. He might not have translated very well into a cartoon character in his later years when his look changed drastically.
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But it's safe to say that the younger member of the Jackson 5 would have been the perfect Disney movie star! Picture a young Michael, with his signature glove and moonwalk, embarking on animated adventures that mirror the magic and wonder of classic Disney films.

33. Madonna

If there's one person we'd see a cartoon movie of their life, it has to be Madonna! She's has so many iconic looks, outfits and songs that it's just screaming prime Disney material! And when you're creating a cartoon version of her, there's no doubt you need to keep those stunning blonde tresses we know and love.
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If only they were longer she could be the next Rapunzel! Madonna's trademark blonde tresses would take center stage, swaying to the rhythm of her timeless hits. Each frame could showcase a different era of her career, from the '80s Material Girl to the '90s Vogue era, and beyond.

34. Will Smith

Actor Will Smith may have hit the headlines for some controversial stuff in recent years - yep, we all remember the slap - but if we forget that for a moment, we can just bask in how adorable he looks as a cartoon character, especially his face shape and those ears!
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The cartoon version of him looks years younger, too, so maybe he could play a Disney high school teen. The animated Will could navigate the ups and downs of high school life, bringing his trademark charisma and classic Will Smith humor to the screen.

35. Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson is known for her stunning beauty, so how does that translate as a cartoon character? Very well, apparently! The stunning blonde is just as stunning as a Disney princess version of herself, and - even better - the AI managed to still get that recognisable lip shape!
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AI managed to make her look more like the stunning Scarlett Johansson we know, and less like any other blonde cartoon character! Scarlett Johansson could grace the screen as a captivating Disney princess, weaving tales of adventure, romance, and magic.

36. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has that more striking beauty that's more sharp than soft, which means as a cartoon character, we reckon she could definitely play an evil stepmother very well! Or maybe that's just the Maleficent-lover in me talking. Or maybe she could give Mother Gothel from Tangled a good go, too.
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There's no doubt she'd looked great in an animated Disney movie, though! Her sharp features and commanding presence could breathe life into the animated antagonist, creating a memorable and captivating rendition of the fearsome and iconic Disney character.

37. Mariah Carey

We love how this cartoon version of songstress Mariah Carey actually looks like her - with those eyes and that bone structure! Even better when you get the perfect Disney princess who can actually sing in real life, too. We can imagine her doing a Christmas Disney special with this cartoon face!
image source:
The marriage of Mariah's vocal prowess and the enchantment of animation promises a spellbinding experience! In fact we can even imagine her singing a rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You! After all, who wouldn't want a dose of Disney magic with a sprinkle of Mariah's festive tunes?

38. Marilyn Monroe

There's not much you can do to improve perfection, and with Marilyn Monroe, she's the epitome of Hollywood beauty. Needless to say, that's probably a little less impressive when it becomes a cartoon, and even though she's still beautiful here with that famous hairstyle and solid lips.
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The cartoon version, though retaining her signature hairstyle and distinctive lips, seems to miss the mark with the absence of Marilyn's seductive, droopy eyelashes. Monroe's sultry gaze and fluttering lashes were iconic elements of her allure, accentuating her captivating persona.

39. Jennifer Lopez

And here's Jenny from the cartoon block, and we love that they kept the swept back/greased back hair style! Although huge cartoon eyes look similar a lot of the time, you can tell it's Jen from those huge eyes and big eyelashes, an icon of style even in the cartoon world.
image source:
The only issue is that J-Lo has a light brown eye color in real life, but hey, green works too, we guess. The portrayal retains J-Lo's iconic swept-back hairstyle, a signature element of her glamorous persona. In the animated adaptation, the oversized cartoon eyes, a common stylistic feature of AI imagery!

40. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez just always gives off Disney princess vibes, because she absolutely could be one anyway - live action or cartoon, it doesn't matter! But at least now in cartoon form we know she would absolutely kill it. And even better that she has some pipes on her, too, so that she can do all her own singing for the role!
image source:
Would you watch a Disney movie with Selena as the lead? In the realm of animated wonders, Selena Gomez reigns as a princess, ready to captivate audiences with her animated allure and melodious prowess. Would you not be enchanted by such a cinematic spectacle?

41. Dwayne Johnson

When you think of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as a cartoon character, you have to picture Maui (or is that just me?). We know he only voiced the character, but there's just something spot on about those big muscles, of course. Nevertheless, this version of him as a cartoon character is adorable!
image source:
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, a titan in both the wrestling ring and Hollywood, takes on a delightful animated form in this cartoon rendition. The resemblance is uncanny, capturing the essence of his larger-than-life persona and, of course, those iconic muscles. They definitely got his likeness in there with the stubble too.

42. Diana Ross

Diana Ross is very recognisable by her amazing hair, so it's actually pretty hard to tell this is supposed to be the cartoon version of her with her hair covered up! They have the texture right for the bit of hair peaking out, but otherwise, we're pretty sure this could be anyone in the Disney world!
image source:
She's known for her iconic and voluminous hair, it's somewhat surprising to see her cartoon counterpart with a more demure hairstyle. The subtle texture and glimpse of hair escaping from underneath do offer a nod to her trademark look, but it's a departure from the bold and glamorous image that fans associate with the music icon.

43. RuPaul

If RuPaul was a cartoon character, they'd have to get a million vibrant outfits and hairstyles readily animated to do him justice - but they've done pretty well with this one, in one of his most recognisable wigs, and the eye makeup and face shape is on point!
image source:
Who else would love to see a RuPaul/Drag Race inspired cartoon or Disney movie? We sure would! After all, who wouldn't want to see the animated adventures of RuPaul and a cast of dazzling drag queens on the screen? It would undoubtedly be a visual feast of creativity and charisma!

44. Beyoncé

Just like Rihanna, Beyoncé is definitely another stunning beauty that would be perfect for an animated or Disney movie to take the starring role, both as the actor and the singer of her part. With all her iconic hairstyles and hair colors, though, we definitely think the AI could have done better!
image source:
Nevertheless, the cartoon portrayal really does manage to convey Beyoncé's confident and powerful demeanor, and it's easy to imagine her animated counterpart gracing the screen with all the grace and charisma that Queen Bey is known for. But the hair is a little simplistic!

45. Cristiano Ronaldo

Maybe this is proof that not everybody should be made into a cartoon character - we're not sure. Maybe it'd be a good footballer cameo for an animated movie? In the AI's defence, it does look like Cristiano Ronaldo, but we can't say that we would be running to the cinema anytime soon!
image source:
Perhaps Ronaldo's larger-than-life presence on the football field doesn't quite align with the whimsical and exaggerated characteristics often associated with cartoon depictions. However, even the most recognizable faces might not necessarily find their best representation in the realm of animated caricatures.

46. Elvis Presley

If there's one person in history you have to think would make the most beautiful cartoon character known to man, it has to be Elvis Presley (from his younger years, perhaps). That's why it's surprising this is a little... off. Sure, it has the Elvis boyish charm, and the iconic quiff!
image source:
But we think they could have done a little bit better on the eyes and face! Elvis Presley's charisma and unique style made him a cultural icon, and any attempt to translate that into the animated realm requires a delicate balance. After all, Elvis Presley's unparalleled charm extends far beyond the boundaries of any animated caricature.

47. Katy Perry

You know a cartoon character has been done right if you can instantly recognize who it's supposed to be - unfortunately in this case, we don't think this looks too obviously like songstress Katy Perry. Not to mention that Katy has had a wealth of AWESOME hair colors, hair styles and vibrant outfits over the years.
image source:
If you were going to make her into a cartoon, you probably wouldn't go with simple blonde. Not when there's so many to choose from! Katy Perry, fans may find themselves longing for a more vibrant and characteristic portrayal of their favorite singer instead.

48. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber as a cartoon character could appear in any modern day Disney movie, ever, as 'that guy from high school', 'that guy from next door' or 'that cool kid from down the street'. For some reason, his cartoon face just works for Extra number 3 or something.
image source:
And we definitely think his style, like the sideways cap, gives cartoon/Disney vibes! The cartoon rendition captures the essence of Bieber's signature style, making him a seamless fit for an animated world where he could play the part of the effortlessly cool character.

49. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift as a cartoon character is definitely giving us Jessica Rabbit vibes here. Any pose from one of her tours - in one of her many amazing outfits - would just translate so well on the animated screen! And with her perky voice and vocal talent, we could definitely see Taylor doing an amazing cameo in any Disney movie, ever!
image source:
Taylor Swift making a cameo in a Disney film is an exciting thought, and her dynamic energy could undoubtedly add a touch of magic to the animated screen. It's a visual treat that sparks the imagination and leaves us eagerly anticipating the possibility of Taylor's animated adventure in the Disney realm!

50. Pedro Pascal

If there's anyone who's going to look perfect as a cartoon character, it's our favorite space daddy Pedro Pascal. You could definitely see him looking like this as the father in a Disney movie, couldn't you? We're glad the cartoon filter decided to keep that iconic Pedro Pascal moustache, too - he wouldn't be the same without it!
image source:
The inclusion of his iconic moustache adds a touch of familiarity, making him instantly recognizable as our beloved space daddy. The animated Pedro Pascal could effortlessly fit into the role of a single dad navigating all the challenges of parenthood!