AI Predicts What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Not Rich

By Juliet S 7 months ago
If there's one thing we know about celebs, it's that most of them definitely don't look like they've aged naturally. Whether you think the work they've had done looks good or just plain bad, it doesn't change the fact that, without it, they'd look very different indeed! Fortunately, with the advances of AI, we can now see what celebs would actually look like if they'd avoided those cosmetic appointments - or if they didn't actually have the money to book them!

1. Courtney Cox

 Actress Courtney Cox looks very different from her days on Friends, to say the least, and it's clear she's had work done. So apparently this is what Courtney Cox would like if she hadn't made it on Friends and become one of the most loved stars...earning around $90 million for her iconic role of Monica Geller. Some people think Cox went too far with the surgery and that she'd have been better off aging naturally.
Image source: Reddit
To make a fair judgement, you really have to look at her face in action when she's starring in the latest movies... whether she can frown or not is a good indicator!Original content sourced from

2. Britney Spears

Now pop legend Britney Spears didn't have as much work done as many other celebrities have over the years, however, she's still used her money to make several facial adjustments as you can tell just by looking at her. It seems that if Spears wasn't so rich and hadn't made these changes, she'd still look just as amazing as she always did! But compared to others, the work she's had done looks more natural.
Image source: boredpanda
And with the latest revelations from her new book, The Woman in Me, it's no surprise that Britney felt pressured to have work done to adjust her image and always look her best.

3. Kylie Jenner

It's a very well-known fact that Kylie Jenner has had filler...and lots of it. And there are often before and after pictures floating around the internet showing us how much she's changed. So AI thinks she'd look like this...which looks fairly accurate from the teenage Kylie we're all familiar with! Kylie has to be one of the most shocking transformations within the Kardashian brood - and that's saying something.
Image source: pixelai
It just goes to show just how much a simple lip change can actually completely change the way your face looks. What do you think, does she look better with thinner lips?

4. Lindsey Lohan

Childhood star Lindsey Lohan became rich after having a very successful career super early on when she was still only a child - which doesn't always work out best for sensible spending. She went spiraling down a path that led to some self-destruction. Her struggles were exacerbated by her wealth, and her problems have definitely aged her...probably more than if she wasn't rich, but money has been the least of her problems!
Image source: Boredpanda
She's still only young, though, so still looks great, and she doesn't look like she's overdone it on the facial work (yet, anyway... she's still earning money, so let's see!).

5. Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow is an ultra-successful singer/songwriter, and as well as his music, he's also known for the condition of his face (as weird as that sounds, but you know what we mean!). He's one of these celebrities who felt the need to have a little bit too much plastic surgery... probably due to his celebrity status and the fact that he could afford it. Yet something tells us he'd have looked better aging naturally.
Image source: Reddit
Who's going to tell Barry that he looks great with natural wrinkles? There's also less pressure for singers compared to actors to have a smooth face when they don't have camera closeups!

6. Renee Zellweger

If Renee Zellweger wasn't rich and couldn't afford all the Botox she wants...she'd look a little bit more lined and wrinkled. But, lines are totally normal and natural and there's nothing to say that she looks any more beautiful having had work done to her face than she would have been aging gracefully! It looks like most of the difference would be around her eyes as around her mouth looks similar.
Image source: Boredpanda
One thing that is most recognisable about Renee is her lips and the way she talks - so at the very least it looks like she's thankfully never altered them much!

7. Demi Moore

Successful actress Demi Moore made the big bucks throughout her career and sadly, she used some of her income to have a LOT of plastic surgery on her face. This is what AI predicts she'd look like if she wasn't rich (and hence, probably hadn't had multiple facial surgeries). And she looks more beautiful than ever. That isn't to say she looks particularly bad with the work done, but still... this is what could have been.
Image source: Boredpanda
It looks like she might have had her buccal fat removed recently, which is something most celebs are spending their hard-earned cash on, so she's definitely not alone in that!

8. Victoria Beckham

As we can see Victoria Beckham (Spice Girls band member, Posh Spice) looks quite different now in comparison to her younger self. Her facial shape has changed a lot. If she hadn't have paid for the cosmetic surgery she'd look more like a more mature version of her younger self. In light of the recent documentary, we now know how much work goes into Victoria's look every single day - and how much spent on makeup...
Image source: Boredpanda
We do think Victoria has done the right in terms of her eyebrow shaping, and she doesn't look all bad - though it's obvious she's had work done around her lips.

9. Simon Cowell

Everyone knows Simon Cowell best for being a judge on America's Got Talent. And it's not just us that have noticed Simon Cowell seems to look younger and younger as the years go by. Cowell's money has allowed him to bypass the facial aging experience. And he has A LOT of money. One thing we can't quite wrap our head around though is how he always looks like he has eyeliner on... is that a cosmetic procedure?
Image source: pixelai
Could it be eyeliner tattoo or something? Maybe he's had his eyelashes dyed darker? Either way, one of the most unnatural looking things about him is how dark his eyes are.

10. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has been dunned as one of the most glamorous women in the entire world. This is what AI thinks she would look like if she wasn't rich. Let's face it, in any capacity Megan Fox would look amazing - she may just have a few more natural lines on her face! Does anyone else think she looks a little like Courtney Cox in the photo of her without any expensive work done? She's still a beauty, and always has been.
Image source: Boredpanda
One thing remains a mystery about Megan, though - has her cosmetic work meant she can't move her face much for acting? Or is she always given bad direction by moviemakers?

11. John Travolta

Okay, so John Travolta has faced a lot of attention over the years for his drastic changes to his appearance. His face and his hair are just a couple of things that the successful actor has changed. So AI thinks he has a lot less hair, but according to predictions, he'd have aged very well! We all know he looked great in Grease, but most would agree his cosmetically-updated look in recent years doesn't look too natural...
Image source: Boredpanda
We do think it's all about the hair, though. Maybe if he spent less money on dark black and a softer light brown it might look a little more natural around his eyebrows?

12. Katie Price

Katie Price has made media headlines countless times over the years for her apparent or alleged 'addiction' to plastic surgery. Her boobs have been altered more times than we can keep track of, her teeth have been changed and her face has also had a lot of surgery. If she wasn't rich, she'd look VERY different. Though let's be honest, most people have had a fixation on her chest rather than the changes on her face!
Image source: Reddit
During her time in the jungle during I'm A Celeb, most people agreed she looked best natural without makeup - but at the end of the day, it's up to her whether she wears it!

13. Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn, the famous American actress, is now 77 years old...and she doesn't look a day above 30. Goldie Hawn is one of many celebrities who seem to have revered the clock and beat time. But some critics do think she's completely overdone it on her lips. The natural look without money would see her lips extremely thin though... so what do you think? Is she justified in wanting them a little bigger?
Image source: Boredpanda
We suppose it all depends on how well she does her lip makeup, too, as in some photos it seems a lot more obvious she's had work done than others! It looks like some eye work, too.

14. Gordon Ramsey

Who can forget when Kris Jenner famously airbrushed that photo of her with chef Gordon Ramsay, getting rid of both of their wrinkles! That gave an insight into what he'd look like without so much money. According to AI, if Gordon Ramsey (aged 56) wasn't rich, he'd look just like this picture on the left. He'd had white hair...and a few more lines around his eyes and creases around his mouth to say the least.
Image source: pixelai
But... would he be any more amenable in the kitchen? No, definitely not. And he could still get a haircut and beard trim without a lot of money if he wanted to!

15. Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni is a French singer who was as well known for her looks as she was for her amazing voice. The brunette beauty decided to use her riches and spend on trying to preserve her looks and retain her youth - which we don't blame her for, seeing as she's in the public eye all of the time. Yet, we can't help but wonder if she'd have aged better naturally... what do you think? Here's how she'd look.
Image source: Boredpanda
We know that eyebrow shape can completely change how a person looks, and it's all in the eyes really... which is why she looks so different here based on the work she's had done.

16. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore was a famous American model, and in her younger days she was an icon and she became known for her luscious lips. We know the amount of pressure that's put on models to always look their best, especially women. Leopore wanted to maintain her legacy and decided to have some plastic surgery, and lip fillers to keep her lips plump. Yet, many people agree she overdid it on the 'improvements'.
Image source: Boredpanda
We do love how vibrant and creative her makeup look is though, and even though she's had a lot of work done, it's in-keeping with her vibe of not looking completely natural!

17. Melanie Griffith

American actress Melanie Griffiths undoubtedly looks glamorous right now. But, AI thinks she looks completely different from how she'd look if she hadn't been rich and she hadn't been able to pay for a lot of work to her face. (and we mean a lot). Still, her natural look would've been just as great, but we guess that's the pressure of looking good in Hollywood for you! She's not the first - and won't be the last.
Image source: Boredpanda
To be fair, even the AI results looks like a completely different person than how she looked when she was younger, and these three pictures could easily be three different people.

18. Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is almost unrecognizable from her younger self - and her younger self was famous for being jawdroppingly beautiful. Her facial features have changed a lot, and the picture created by AI actually seems to look a lot more true to herself. Yet, if Presley is happy with her facial modifications, then that's all that matters! We suppose AI can't take into account how much eyebrow pencil you'd wear...
Image source: Boredpanda
Most people would admit that the work Priscilla has had done looks less than natural, and maybe coupled with the bright red hair instead of natural auburn makes it worse?

19. Madonna

Madonna is of course famous for a lot of things, but most recently it's been the amount of excessive work done she's had on her face. Madonna has hit the media for the extreme lengths she's taken to look young. In fact, at 64 years old Madonna now looks younger than she did at the age of 25. People on the internet have criticized her for looking completely unrecognizable from her younger self, when she had such a unique look.
Image source: Boredpanda
She's also been criticized for changing her face so extremely that her age is completely obscured - not to mention it looks like she's had some sort of b*tt implant, too!

20. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is an American actor. He was a very handsome guy, and most people will admit he was their acting crush growing up - especially that 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' scene... and fans were shocked when he underwent drastic facial changes which totally changed his appearance. Many people believe that he would have been better at embracing his natural aging appearance. And AI thinks he'd look great!
Image source: Boredpanda
With that tight shiny forehead and lack of eyebrows - along with bigger lips - it really does, unfortunately, look like he's had an allergic reaction to something.

21. Jocelyn Wildenstein

One of the most drastic changes that we have ever seen in terms of changing their appearance is Jocelyn Wildenstein (a Swiss Socialite who divorced her billionaire husband in 1999). She has changed so dramatically that she now is renowned for her cat-like, false appearance. This has to be one of the most shocking examples of how money + cosmetic procedures can go very very wrong... or maybe she thought it was right.
Image source: Boredpanda
It's her face, after all! It's just amazing how the AI generated picture looks like anyone's sweetest, adorable grandmother (we love the addition of the glasses).

22. Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is a famous actress and model. She felt the pressure to retain her looks which she had become renowned for. Using her wealth, she paid for several procedures which have frozen her face in time. There's not a single crinkle to be seen on her face. Not only that, but her huge lips are often a topic of conversation - how could they not be? - or a camera lens. As we know, she's now on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Image source: Boredpanda
There was even a recent interview where the camera did a zoom in on her face after the presenter asked to talk about her lips... Lisa didn't seem too impressed by that!

23. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace, the famous Italian fashion designer has had facelifts, implants, fillers, rhinoplasty, and an eyelift. As a VERY rich woman, having surgery was a cost she was willing to pay. But, she doesn't look SO unrecognizable from her AI prediction. At least with Donatella, we know her talent lies in designing clothes, and not designing a naturally-looking face... otherwise we'd be asking for our money back.
Image source: Boredpanda
We don't know why AI thinks she'd suddenly get a bob cut in her older age, though. And we guess a whole load of eyeliner makes a difference, too! Not the worst we've seen.

24. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton spent 1 million dollars on cosmetic surgery, including breast implantation, augmentation, a chin operation, a nose job, a brow lift, and an eyelid operation. She claims that wasn't naturally pretty and she admits to looking artificial now - but she loves it! One thing about Dolly Parton is that she's so loveable that you can't even say she looks bad - she just looks like Dolly, and that's fine by us!
Image source: Boredpanda
It's all part of her image, and she definitely wouldn't be the same Dolly Parton we know and love if she didn't have that huge hair and that particular makeup style.

25. Cher

Now singer Cher underwent a huge cosmetic transformation making her kind of unrecognizable to the Cher we used to know. Looking at her now, there's no way you would ever guess that she was 77 years old. Cher looks younger than she did a few years ago! Cher is definitely prime example of money spent on cosmetic updates done right - or at least as right as it can look when it isn't exactly natural!
Image source: Boredpanda
We suppose when you're Cher, though, and you still have pipes that sound that good, it doesn't really matter what your face looks like when you're singing on stage!

26. Diana Ross

Now, many of us will remember Diana Ross in a totally different way from how she now looks at 80 years old. If Diana Ross has had cosmetic surgery, it is not public knowledge, however, most experts think she has. And AI thinks she'd look super different if she wasn't rich. So she's either spending A LOT of money on skincare and makeup, or she has secretly had a little work done... what do you think?
Image source: Reddit
One of the most notable things about Diana Ross as she's gotten older is she still seems to have a baby face - but is that achievable with plastic surgery that usually removes fat?

27. Hector Elizondo

Hector Elizondo at the age of 86 looks as handsome as ever. This man ages like a fine wine. At least, perhaps with a little help he does! Elizondo has never confirmed or denied any cosmetic work, yet surely nobody's face can be THIS smooth at the ripe age of 86? He's obviously got wrinkles on his forehead and eyes, looking natural, so he can't have gone OTT with it, but we seriously need to know his secret.
Image source: Reddit
We do think facial hair in older men makes a difference to how old they look, though, so maybe if he got rid of the grey beard he'd look even younger! Or maybe have wrinkles there.

28. Meryl Streep

The iconic Meryl Streep is one of the more natural-looking celebrities. Her AI prediction and her real-life image aren't much different at all. Yes, she's had a few tweaks... possibly a little bit of Botox. But, she's not totally tried to reverse the natural aging process like some celebs. It's also hard to tell the work she might have had done because she now wears glasses most of the time outside of movies.
Image source: Reddit
And while you can still see a few natural wrinkles and lines around her eyes, those frames might be hiding evidence of more work done (and more money spent!). She looks great.

29. Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is one of the most glamourous 86 years olds we've ever seen. There's no doubt most people would want to look like her when they reached that age and she definitely carries it well if she's had any work done. However, we can't have helped but notice that she looks very different from how she used to, and with his AI image we can see just how different she would really look if she wasn't so rich!
Image source: Reddit
If AI is anything to go by, Julie Andrews should look exactly as she does now with thinner lips - could it be she's had work done on those, or is her lipstick game just strong?

30. Jessica Lange

So, AI thinks that Jessica Lange would look VERY different if she wasn't rich. Here she is on the right, exactly as she is right now - surely she's not 74 years old! On the left is what she'd look like without having spent all of that money on cosmetic work. Jessica Lange looks amazing, and we all have to admit we have a crush on her... it isn't very obvious she's had any work done at all, to be honest!
Image source: Reddit
It looks like one of the biggest differences would be around the jawline - maybe Lange has paid for jowel- and chin-tightening work? (And she can clearly afford it).

31. Joan Rivers

Comedienne Joan Rivers was very well known for having a lot of money - and spending a lot of money on plastic surgery, right up until she passed away. Apparently, if she hadn't had enough money to pay for plastic surgery she would have aged gracefully - and looked quite different! The thing with Joan Rivers was she was always open about how much she wanted plastic surgery, and how much she didn't like her natural face.
image source:
She even spoke herself that plastic surgery was one of her life's passions, and she had so many cosmetic procedures its easy to lose count! Well, it was her money - and her face!

32. Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah has always been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, known for her roles like Splash, so many people would think she never needed any work doing at all. If she hadn't had money to pay for surgery, she would have had a few more wrinkles but nothing too drastically different! She looked like the quintessential mermaid when she was younger, but it all changed when she got a bit older.
image source:
Daryl has always had quite a strong, squared jawline, but it seems to be emphasised more these days - is that a result of skin-tightening cosmetic work? Or does she do exercises?

33. Joan Van Ark

American actress Joan Van Ark is best known for her role in soap opera Knots Landing - and also for the amount of money she's spent on surgery for her face. If she'd aged naturally without paying a penny, she'd look like a completely different person - with a lot more wrinkles, to say the least. As her face began to change, it even took on a weird hue like was wearing the completely wrong foundation color!
image source:
The interesting thing about Joan Van Ark is that, out of everything, she never seems to have overdone it on getting her lips done - which is usually the number one for celebs!

34. Gretchen

Gretchen is a Brazilian singer and actress - and 'Meme Queen' - and she's earned enough money to pay for quite a bit of plastic surgery - most notably, her huge lips. If she'd been stuck with an empty bank balance, it looks like her natural lips would have kept their thin look - which isn't a bad thing at all! It also looks like she's had work done around her eyes if her eyebrows are anything to go by.
image source:
Once again, Gretchen is a celeb that has spent her hard-earned cash on getting her lips bigger and fuller, giving her mouth and face an altogether different shape.

35. AI imagines what late celebrities would look like today: Princess Diana

A lot of people who follow the royal family wonder what Princess Diane would be doing today, as well as what she would look like, if she were still alive instead of tragically dying at such a young age. And especially with her ex husband being made king, and her son moving countries to be with his American wife. Well, it's no surprise that she would have aged beautifully, and if we know Diana, based on how she lived...
image source:
... she very much would have embraced aging naturally and gracefully instead of having any sort of cosmetic work done, and kept that style. Truly the people's princess!

36. Michael Jackson

This is obviously based on when the King of Pop hadn't had any surgery done and what he would look like these days if that was still the case. Michael Jackson started to change his appearance back in the 1980s, but we can all agree he would have looked fantastic for his age these days if he'd kept it natural! Do you think he would have grown out his hair and facial hair, or kept it smoothly shaved?
image source:
We expect when he got older he would have been more lazy with a razor and saved his energy for those moves on stage! We imagine he'd have more gray hair than this, though!

37. Heath Ledger

As we know, actor Heath Ledger was taken from us far too soon. He had his whole life and career ahead of him. One of the things that made Heath Ledger's death more tragic was his recent Oscar-worthy performance as The Joker right before it happened. He's kept in our minds as the young actor he always was, but if he'd survived, it's interesting to see what he'd looked like today - with a full head of hair!
image source:
We never got to see what he would look like as he aged and developed more in his on-screen roles. Do you think he would have embraced the gray or kept it blonde?

38. Paul Walker

Paul Walker was tragically killed in a car accident when he was only 40 years old, in a tragic twist of fate considering the role he was best known for. And if he was still alive today, no doubt he'd still be making Fast and Furious movies like he knew and loved., and we'd still be watching him in them! He'd also still look very good for his age, aside from a few understandable eye wrinkles and sun damage!
image source:
Walker seemed like the kind of guy and actor who would continue to have a great deal of charm when getting older, and likely would have continued to bag a lot of leading roles.

39. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was taken from us - and from the music scene - way too soon, but his amazing rock hits have lived on. If there's one thing we can say about Freddie, it's that he never looked old and always had tons of energy on stage - so this is really strange to see the legend with some grey in his moustache! Do you think he would have kept his moustache all his life, or do you think he would have shaved it?
image source:
We think Freddie still would have switched up his looks and continued to perform on stage, probably dying his hair every other color and making his moustache into quirky shapes!

40. John Lennon

John Lennon was another music legend taken from the world far too soon, after he was killed by a so-called fan and man obsessed, on the steps of his own home. He was only 40 years old when he was shot, so it's very strange to see what John Lennon would look like with full grey hair and a beard. Needless to say, he'd likely still be making music. And he definitely would have kept long and unkempt hair, wouldn't he?
image source:
And if you want any idea of what Lennon would look like today, you only have to compare him to Beatles band member Paul McCartney, who's looking great for his age these days!

41. Tupac

The death of Tupac Shakur is still surrounded in mystery, when the music star was killed at the young age of 25. Any photo we have of Tupac is him looking his young age, of course, so it's interesting to see him looking like a worn and experienced older man! There has been recent information into who could have been behind the murder, and who stopped us from seeing Tupac live his full life - and look like this.
image source:
He was known for having a shaved head and facial hair when he was still alive - do you think he'd have grown his hair out getting older, and kept the graying facial hair?

42. Amy Winehouse

English singer Amy Winehouse was only 27 years old when she died from alcohol poisoning. Her career was already a huge hit and she had many, many years ahead of her to be a star - but it tragically wasn't to be. It's interesting to see her looking like a middle-aged woman rather than the young woman with iconic eyeliner. As much as we appreciate AI's attempts here, we definitely think she'd be more stylish...
image source:
We think she'd definitely be a quirky fashion icon, would probably go through a ton of different hairstyles and have makeup tutorials that everyone wants to try!

43. Bob Marley

It's great to see that music legend Bob Marley would keep the hair and the beard! He passed away far too young at the age of 36 when the Jamaican singer had so much left to give to the music scene. Do you think he'd be creating new music even now for people of TikTok to use? Do you think he even would have kept his facial hair at all? No matter what he would look like, we think he'd still be frontlining concerts.
image source:
And we definitely think he would have aged with grace and become a suave performer with a nice suit or two while up there with his guitar! It would have been great to see.

44. Elvis Presley

This one has to be one of the most shocking, only because we're so used to seeing photos and clips of Elvis looking like his young, handsome self. Our brains can't really compute what an Elvis in his 80s would look like if he was alive today - but apparently this is what the King would be rockin' today. We have a feeling he might have something of a John Travolta look about him though in terms of cosmetic upgrades...
image source:
We can definitely imagine him trying to keep those raven black locks instead of going grey and getting work done around his jaw! We already know his neck was an insecurity in life.

45. Kurt Cobain

American musician and frontman of Nirvana was only 27 years old when he tragically took his own life. Just like Elvis, we're only used to see photos of Kurt looking young, of course, so it's a bit jarring to see him looking like a middle aged man - and especially with a fuller beard going on! He would be just over 56 years old if he was still alive today, but how would he have aged in looks do you think?
image source:
We think he would have either been completely casual and unstylish with grown out hair, or he would be one of the most stylish men on the planet with a sharp suit or two!

46. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison is a famous name in the rock music industry, and he was only 27 years old, too, when he passed away... He'd only just moved to Paris when he died of what was labelled as heart failure. His is another face it is strange to see looking like a much older - and greyer - man. What do you think he would look like today? Most rock stars these days at a similar age would be a good comparison...
image source:
Either he would have embraced his age with gray hair and beard and settled down a bit, or he'd still be rocking it with long dyed-black hair and no shirt on! Either way is fine.

47. Janis Joplin

Another to join what is known as the '27 Club' (the 'club' of people like rock stars and artists who all died at the age of 27), singer and performer Janis Joplin was also 27 years old when she died of a heroin overdose. Due to her greyer hair, she maybe looked a lot older than she was, but it's still surprising to see her looking like the older woman she would be today! We think she definitely would have embraced aging.
image source:
We'd imagine she'd be very laid back about her fashion and looks, and wouldn't let anything like wrinkles or grays get to her. Based on this image, she'd still have great hair!

48. Jimi Hendrix

It's sad that Jimi Hendrix wouldn't keep the full hair, but we understand it might get harder to tend to when you get older! Or what do you think - do you think AI is wrong and he would have grown his hair even longer? And dare I say it... Hendrix died at the age of 27. The American guitarist's cause of death was ruled as him choking on his own vomit in his sleep, tragically. He left behind a legacy of great music.
image source:
If his outfits back then were anything to go by, too, he'd be a seriously stylish man in his older age, rocking a nice tailored suit. Even AI here seems to think so!

49. Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter was one half of the famous music band, The Carpenters - but no, she wasn't 27 when she died! She was 32, which is still so sad and so young, and tragically passed after heart complications following anorexia. Today she would be 72 years old - and apparently would look very good for her age according to AI! You can tell it's her in the same smile she always had, and we're glad to see laughter lines.
image source:
We have to say, though, we think we prefer the hairstyle she rocked on the left when she was younger - but we can all agree we had better hair when we were younger, didn't we?

50. Keith Moon

Keith Moon was a legendary drummer in the rock band, The Who, who died far too soon at the age of 32, just like Karen. Which means he'd also be in his 70s if he was still alive today instead of passing away from a drug overdose. It is good to see he would keep a head of graying hair, though, if he was still around. Or do you think he'd get out the box of hair dye to continue his rock-star good looks?
image source:
AI seems to think he'd still have all his hair at this age, which is great to see - but maybe he would have grown out a stylish beard instead of stubble, too. What do you think?