9+ Signs You’re Being Lied To

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. They fidget - twiddle their hair

Image source Botox CapilarFidgeting is very often a clear sign of nervous energy.  Even liars who are well practised can worry that you won’t believe them, so they release that nervous energy.  They may play with their hair, touch their ears or tap their feet, the feet mainly stating that they want to flee.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Their Eye Pattern Changes - they look down

Image source Skabash!They say that the eyes can be the 'windows to the soul' and this certainly can refer to lying. Some people look up and to the right when they’re trying to remember information but look down when they’re lying.  A change in eye movement can be a strong indicator of lying.

3. They Get Aggressive - for no reason

Image source Den of GeekLiars can become aggressive in a conversation for no good reason. Sometimes they will become hostile and point aggressively in your direction.  At other times, a fibber will maintain excessive eye contact without even blinking, in an attempt to appear truthful.

4. Words And Body Language Don’t Match - they smile at bad news

Image source WikipediaIt’s easy to lie with words but our bodies tend to show the truth.  A clear sign that someone is lying to you is when their words are saying one thing but their body language is on a completely different page.  An example of this is if the fibber is telling you a sad story but smiles and gestures with their hands., then something doesn't add up

5. Their Breathing Changes - gets heavier

Image source InsiderPeople almost always start to breathe more heavily when they are telling porkies as lying causes changes to heart rate as well as the blood flow. Sometimes liars will even have trouble speaking as the mucous membranes in the mouth become dry as a response to their made up tales.

6. They Prepare To Escape - and stand upright

Image source InsiderIn an unconscious attempt to escape, people who are being untruthful often angle their bodies toward the door if they’re in a sitting position or they will physically move towards the exit if they are standing.  Their posture could change from relaxed to upright as they are guarding their bodies.

7.  They Don't Like Silence - fill the time making up more stuff

Image source Jollybengali.netLiars do not like silence so they will often try to fill it up by talking more than they need to. They can provide too much information and the longer you stay silent, the more details liars will throw in to support their made-up story , trying to convince you and themselves of their deception.

8. They Repeat Phrases - over and over again

Image source PepperstormIn an effort to make their lies sound truthful and authentic, a fibber will often repeat the same phrases over and over again.  It's a case of the more it is said, the more likely they think the other person will believe them.  They also repeat sentences because they are struggling to gather their thoughts.

9. They Cover Their Mouth - to close off communication

Image source QuoraPeople often cover their mouths when they are lying.  It could be a hand on their mouth or a quick touch of their lips that shows you that they are telling a pack of lies because this unconscious body language represents they want to close off the communication.

10. They’re Inconsistent - change the story

Image source Make a MemeIf the untrusted individual keeps altering small details about their story, then that is your clue that not everything they are saying is ringing true. Inconsistencies in their ever changing tale can lead you to the conclusion that they are not being straight with you.

11. They Cover Up Body Parts - feel vulnerable

Image source QuoraWhen lying, people also instinctively cover vulnerable body parts including the head, neck or stomach.  This is because lying makes them feel exposed and vulnerable, open to attack.  Touching the abdomen, in particular, shows they are trying to protect themselves.

12. They May Stutter - thinking what to say

Image source Born RealistWhen someone is being extremely greedy with the truth, we mean being a downright liar, they may stutter when telling you their story.  This is a sign that they are most likely stalling to give themselves some extra precious seconds to come up with a good lie that you will trust is real.

13. Answering A Question With A Question!

Image source The TelegraphLiars can be cunning and manipulative, especially when you ask them a question and they reply with a question of their own, thus putting the onus on you to give the answer.  It's all a stalling technique and is something that politicians do when being interviewed with an uncomfortable question.

14. They Place Objects You - create some space

Image source Cleveland ClinicThis is a common trait and you can look out for this if you are ever in such a situation.  If you aren't believing what you are being told, see if the person moves a coffee cup, a book or a laptop, in front of them, to create distance between the two of you, thus giving them space to relay their lies.

15. They Overdo Sincerity - far too much

Image source The Denver PostLiars use verbal tip-offs all the time!  They will say things like 'to tell you the truth', 'I swear on the bible' and 'to be perfectly honest'.  In their minds they seriously think this will seal their lies and transform them into the truth, because of the false sincerity behind them.

16. They're Relieved When you Change The Subject

Image source TwitterIf you are suspicious that you are being wound up and not being told the real facts of a story or situation, try changing the subject and watch out for the reaction you get.  An innocent person will look puzzled and confused but a liar will be relieved and think they are off the hook.

17. They Give A Little Smirk - think they've fooled you

Image source RedditDid you detect a smirk from the person who is filling you in on an important topic?  This micro-expression, that may last for half a second, could speak volumes and what it might be shouting out is that you are being kept in the dark regarding the whole truth.  It's a nervous sign that what they are concentrating telling you, isn't the real story.

18. They Leave Themselves Out Of The Story

Image source Insider

Have you noticed that liars tend to leave themselves out of a story?  They avoid identifying words such a 'I' or 'we'.  The reasoning behind this according to a recent University of Michigan study, is  because 'they’re attempting to distance themselves from an action or narrative that may not be true'.

19. They Use Different Wording Than Usual 

Image source Inc. Magazine

Liars have been known to mix up their typical use of vocabulary with different words with the same meaning.  For instance, if a person says that they drove their car home but call it a 'vehicle', this could indicate that they are thinking about their wording too carefully - is it because it's not true?

20. They Can’t Re-Tell The Story

Image source Jump into the Word

Liars use what researchers call a reverse order narrative. 'We find that when asking a respondent to tell a story in forward chronological order and then again in reverse chronological order, people who are lying tend to report the facts in different ways than people who are telling the truth,' says Drew Leins, Ph.D., who is a senior scientists at Aptima in Washington, D.C.

21. Their Complexion Changes - they go white

Image source Reddit

Have you ever noticed a time when someone you're having a conversation with becomes pale when they start speaking.  It could be nothing at all but be wary that it's a sign of untruthfulness because the blood starts rushing away from the face, down the body.

22. They May Get A Sweaty Forehead - it's stressful lying!

Image source Imgflip

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, the nervous system becomes triggered when a person is lying. This can cause liars to sweat on the forehead, above the upper lip, around the mouth and on the chin (the 'T' areas of the face).  It can be stressful lying and having to keep it up!

23. Blinking Excessively - over-thinking

Image source Sky NewsMany people blink a lot and that's just them - it means nothing.  However, if a liar blinks excessively and this, coupled with constantly biting their lip and maybe swallowing hard, are signs that they are concentrating so hard on their story, because it's mainly made up.

24.>They Abruptly End The Conversation - when texting

Image source ReviewPro

It’s the text equivalent of not being able to look you in the eye. If you ask them about something specific, they will text you back with a BRB or G2G.  They will, of course, have a generic reason why.  If you bring up the conversation again, they still won’t want to talk about it.

25. People That Lie Will Tell You To Verify It's True!

Image source Bold and BloomThese people have come up with a story already and will have spoken to friends and convinced them to lie.  After they have relayed the story, they'll tell you to confirm with these friends that it's all true but don't bother asking as they're all in it together.

26. A Person Lying Will Text Back Slower

Image source Rice MediaWhen people are being deceitful, they very often text back slower.  A person who is usually honest may take some time to get the nerve to send a text that is a lie as it's out of character for them. They may need more time to come up with a believable story as well.

27. They Accuse You Of Being Dishonest - turn the tables

Image source Developer Experience Knowledge BaseThis red flag is by far the easiest one to spot.  If someone is lying to you, they are more likely to accuse you of not telling the truth.  For example, if you say that you don’t believe them, they might get back on to you by saying that they remember a time when you weren't honest.  It's so they can justify their actions.

28. Short One Word Answers - yep

Image source The Modern Man

When they can’t get out of a conversation and don't want to try one of the longer tactics, such as a descriptive story, a person might stick to very short answers. Expect them to respond with a quick yes or no which will make you feel like you’re prying for information if you continue the conversation. That's what they want.

29. They Control Their Emotions - mentally prepared

Image source RedditUsually, when you accuse a person of being dishonest, they will get defensive as soon as you point the finger at them. This time, however, the liar is in complete control of their behaviour because they have already prepared themselves for being accused of not telling the truth.

30. An Over-complicated answer - to a simple question

Image source Inc. MagazineWhen innocently asking someone a question during a conversation with them and getting a long-winded answer which doesn't really make sense, should bring up the red flag as a downright lie.  It's that thing of trying so hard to sound honest that you end up doing the exact opposite.

31. Change In Speech Patterns

Image Source / Maryville OnlineWhen you know someone well, you usually know their normal speech pattern, such as when they're telling a story of how their day has been. Even if it's not someone you know well, you can tell their normal speech pattern by asking how they are and how their day has been. You can then easily recognise when a person's speech pattern changes when they're answering something - which can indicate a lie!

32. When Their Gestures Don't Match What They're Saying

Image Source / BBCTheir voice may sound as strong and confident as possible when they're lying, but their gestures might reveal something different. A good example of this is if the person is saying yes while shaking their head, or vice versa. Their body movements may betray them!

33. No Extra Details Can Be Offered

Image Source / WikipediaThis can be a big one if someone is telling a huge, well-prepared story that's a full on lie. If the person can tell you every single detail of the story they've planned (because they've planned it, it's a lie!) but can offer no further details because they're lying, it's a sign - someone telling the truth would be able to come up with some other details from memory.

34. Their Voice Pitch Might Rise And Fall

Image Source / Mindfully HealingThere's no telling whether a liar will talk in a higher or lower pitch when they're lying, as it can vary from person to person. But a good indicator is when their pitch changes from what it normally is, whether that's deeper or higher, or maybe in the same conversation they go from too high to too low.

35. They'll Literally Point The Finger

Image Source / Bravo TVThis can very much be because the person wants to take the focus off themselves, so turns the focus on you. If they suddenly start actually pointing a finger at you as a gesture when they've never done that before, they could be lying. And especially if they're pointing aggressively!

36. They Tell Everyone They're Really Good At Lying

Image Source / ReutersA good liar may get to the point where they actually need to brag about that fact. They've told so many successful little lies over time that they might openly go around telling everyone, 'Oh, you'd never know I'm lying - I'm such a good liar!'. Anyone like this isn't someone to trust!

37. They Repeat A Question Instead Of Answering It

Image Source / Know Your Meme'Where were you last night?' you ask, and they respond with, 'Where was I last night?'. They might be buying themselves time to think of an answer or just avoiding answering altogether, simply because they're lying, or know they want to lie.

38. They Speak In Fragmented Sentences

Image Source / BetterHelpThis could be because the liar is trying to think of too much at once to keep up with, so their sentences come out fragmented and missing a main point. It makes them sound like they're muttering random pieces of sentences which make no sense.

39. They Don't Know How To Respond When Something They've Said Is Challenged

Image Source / PinterestThey've rehearsed a certain story to perfection and it looks like their lie has gone undetected. But then you ask something about their story that doesn't make sense, or challenge the whole thing completely. They don't know how to respond because they didn't plan that far ahead with the lie.

40. They Gesture With Their Hands After Speaking Rather Than During

Image Source / Undark MagazineA lot of us talk with our hands when we're telling a story, but a person who is lying might have so much to think about and so many made-up details to remember that you might find their gesture is delayed until after they've said something, because their mind is working overtime.

41. Itching Or Scratching

Image Source / YouTubeWhen people are lying, it can make them become nervous, and in turn, the nervous system can make a few things happen in the body which promotes fidgeting and movement. The nervous system might prompt a person to feel itches or tingles in their skin, which could make them scratch and itch at themselves when telling a lie.

42. Their Palms Are Facing Away From You, Or Hidden

Image Source / campmoxie.orgHolding your palms out to someone when you're gesturing or talking is a very open movement, but when someone's lying, you may find their palms are nowhere to be seen. They might shove their hands in their pockets, put their hands under the table, or palms facing down on the table.

43. Rolling Their Lips Back

Image Source / English StackExchangeIf someone is talking to you and they're pulling their lips back, pressing their lips close together or anything that means their lips are pretty much vanished, it could be a fidget gesture that they're not exactly telling the truth. They could be holding something back, shown through them pressing or rolling their lips to stop from speaking.

44. They Might Be 'Dried Out'

Image Source / PinterestWhile someone who is lying could be sweating profusely, the opposite can also actually occur. You might find that their eyes or mouth have become dry. It's hard to see that someone is dry just by looking at them, but you can usually tell based on the things they'll do to try and tackle the dryness, such as squint, blink, lick their lips or keep swallowing.

45. A Sudden Change In The Volume Of Their Voice

Image Source / TwitterYou could be enjoying a pleasant conversation and then ask a question only to find them suddenly shouting at you. Or, they could be telling an untruthful story, get the details wrong and suddenly start speaking louder as though to defend what they're saying.

46. When They Say 'Honestly' Or 'I'm Telling You The Truth'

Image Source / USA TodayOvercompensating much? If someone starts to talk a lot and says 'honestly' between every other word, or says, 'Let me tell you the truth' before they start talking, it's an indication they're trying a little too hard to come across as truthful.

47. Truth About Things Slips Out At Different Times

Image Source / SALTO Educational Tools PortalA person may have told you a story that's a lie, and it might not be until a few weeks later when the topic comes up again and they casually let the truth slip out only to then backtrack. This is because the lying is in the past and their guard will be down at a different time, so they can easily slip up.

48. Their Head Might Start To Do Some Weird Things

Image Source / Pro Rehab ChiropracticIf you ask someone something and they decide they need to lie in return, you might see their head move a certain way before they answer. They might suddenly bow their head down, they might tilt their head before answering or they might just have an involuntarily jerk of the head in panic. This is more likely if they're taken off guard by a question they need to lie to.

49. They Might Not Actually Move At All

Image Source / CBS NewsWhen you think of someone who is lying, you might think of someone nervously fidgeting, shuffling their feet and eyes and head moving everywhere. While this is true of many liars, the opposite can also be true. A person's fight or flight instinct might kick in when they're lying, so they might actually 'freeze' and stand very still and not move at all.

50. Watch Out For Repetition

Image Source / Hunter & ScribeA lot of the time, when a liar is repeating certain words or ideas, it's because they're trying to convince themselves as much as you. If they're lying when denying they've done something, they may constantly say, 'I didn't' or 'I would never' and keep repeating the same words or phrases.