30 Ways Men Flirt That Women Do Not Know About

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Welcome to the clandestine world of male flirtation, where the art of subtle gestures and signals reigns supreme. Brace yourself for a revelation-packed expedition into the uncharted territory of male flirting.

1. Looking up when you walk in the room

If you walk into a room, you can bet he's going to look up and swivel his head around to try and get a look at you if he's interested in you.
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He'll even move in your direction or turn his body towards you with open body language to try and feel closer to you even if you're not speaking. Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Constantly coming up with reasons to be near you!

He might go that extra mile to be in the same places that you're going to be. You might have been thinking all this time you're destined
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soul mates because he always seems to pop up where you are, but in reality, he's probably trying to work up the courage to talk to you!

3. You notice he smiles more with you

You may have noticed he barely smiles at other people, but his face lights up when he sees you or when he is talking to you.
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This can be a natural reaction because seeing you makes him happy, but he also might be consciously trying to smile more at you to look attractive!

4. You've never seen him act nervous - until he's with you

If you've noticed that this usually-cool and calm guy is suddenly being a little fidgety, avoiding eye contact or getting a little sweaty
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under the collar, it could be because he's trying to flirt and is super nervous about it. We all know how nerve-wracking it is talking to someone we like!

5. Is he biting his lip?

So people can do this unconsciously without knowing, or on purpose, when flirting with someone they like - it can be a natural reaction.
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This might be the act of biting his lip or licking his lips slowly. It sounds a bit gross out of context, but biting the lip can be a sign.

6. Does he look at your lips when you're talking?

One subtle way people can flirt or show their attraction to you is looking at or glancing at your lips while you're talking. Not only that,
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but their eyes pretty much roving all around your face as well as keeping eye contact. A lot of this because they're trying to take it all in.

7. He straight up ignores his friends!

If he's hanging with a group of friends at a bar or any other social outing and you're spotted, it's likely he's going to stop listening
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to whichever one of his friends were just talking and focus only on you. You have his undivided attention, and he's going to pick you.

8. Pay attention to his cheek color!

Guys can blush, too! And they will if they're flirting and nervous about it, or if you've got them a little hot under the collar with your flirt
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back game! If he likes you a lot and he's in a conversation with you, you might spot him blushing, and it's all part of him being nervous.

9. Does he stand with his legs wide?

Standing with legs wide in the power stance can be something that a guy unconsciously does when he's trying to impress a woman, and it's all about
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appearing more protective and masculine. You might see him move into the power stance if he's talking to you, or if he's trying to catch your eye.

10. He's probably going to speak in a deeper voice

Men can do this in a bid to try and look more masculine or appealing to the person they like. The shift might be forced or they might not even realize
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they're doing it when they're too distracted with trying to flirt! Men can think that speaking in a deeper voice or register will make them appear more masculine.

11. His eyebrows will likely be moving a lot

He might open up his face more by raising their eyebrows at you when speaking or listening, accompanied by a smile,
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and it can be a very open gesture because they want you to see that they're listening and invested. It can also be a way for them to 'see' you.

12. His eyes are going to roam up and down

A guy who is attracted and preparing to flirt with you, he might not even realize he's done it because he just automatically checks you out
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when you enter a room. They will likely try to be subtle about it, and just look you up and down quickly before turning their eyes away.

13. He will lean in when talking/looking over your shoulder

If they make the effort to always lean into you, it's a gesture for them to tell you they're interested in being close to you. They might lean in
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when they're listening to you, maybe even very close giving you their ear if you're in a nightclub or noisy bar, to try and get you attracted to them.

14. He finds excuses to touch you (not in a weird way)

This could be helping you on with your coat so he can pull it over your arm, telling you that he'll walk on that side of the sidewalk
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so he can swiftly touch your back as he passes... just small touches and gestures, but he's going to try and do it as much as he possibly can!

15. He will try and get your attention, no matter what

He might move on purpose to stand so that he's in your line of sight. He might go to the bar conveniently when you're standing near it, or getting a drink
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yourself. He might move so he's standing facing you across the room rather than with his back to you so that he can hopefully catch your eye!

16. He compliments your outfit

We all know that down the line in serious relationships it's less likely to get a compliment from nowhere on what you're wearing, but in the early days,
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they desperately want you to know that they've noticed your outfit and how good you look in it! And if you wear that outfit again... you might like him back!

17. He looks happier with others when you're close by

It might be that in a group situation he was looking a bit on the sidelines, neutral facial expression, maybe slouched in his seat...
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but you walk in the room, suddenly he's beaming at his mates, engaged in their conversation, sitting up straight and looking a lot happier.

18. He'll probably playfully flirt with others in front of you

He might playfully "flirt" with one of your female friends, or maybe playfully tease one of his own, just to see your reaction to it and whether you seem jealous.
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He needs to gauge if you are, because if you are it means you feel something back! And then he'll tell you afterwards it didn't mean anything.

19. He goes out of his way to get involved in your hobbies

So you had a conversation about how much you love (X hobby) or your favorite book is (X). You best believe that he's going to go out
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and buy that book and read it, or if he's lazy read a summary on Wikipedia, so that he can bring it up the next time you talk to him.

20. He'll do something playfully mean and then take it back

He's going to do something on purpose you won't like, just so he can then cutely apologize and make it better! He might elbow you playfully
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in the arm and when you say 'ow!' he can then put a hand on it, rub it and apologise and say oh I didn't mean to hurt you!

21. He likes to tease you

Much like in the same vein of cuteness of Jim and Pam, he likes to tease and taunt you. He wants to make you smile and bring a brightness
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to your day that you may not have otherwise had. He's a sweetheart, and while it may not be the most obvious, and can be the most fun!

22. He gets super close to you

He gets close to you, not just emotionally, but physically too. He wants to spend more time with you. He wants to walk with your arms linked
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together. He wants to know about you. These are all signs that he's flirting and he is most certainly into you.

23. He checks his appearance far more than with his friends

He is so much more concerned about his appearance since meeting you. He's changed his hairstyle, he's working on his beard (because he heard you liked it!)
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and he's taken an interest in the kind of clothes he's wearing. He cares about your opinion and wants you to know that you make a difference.

24. He tries to pivot the conversation around you

Ten minutes ago, before you arrived, he was talking about topics that only interested him. But since you entered the room, he wants to wax lyrical
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about the issues and interests that you like to talk about and is constantly trying to steer the conversation back to you. Irritating to his friends but great for flirting!

25. He speaks to you differently

It's not just about tone, it's about the language he uses and the topics he talks about too. He isn't focussed on sports or gaming
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or anything even remotely masculine. He opens up about his home life, asks you about what you've been up to and take an interest.

26. He tries to make you jealous

The green-eyed monster can sometimes be a little off-putting, but other times, it can be used by men as a way to flirt. When he's talking to
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that other woman in front of you but still casually glancing over to check you're still watching, he's totally flirting with you.

27. He becomes nicer to his friends

You have a way of making him sweeter, not just to you, but to his friends too. If he is generally nicer to his friends when you're around,
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it's a telltale sign that he's interested in you, because he wants you to see that he's a good guy and that his friends mean a lot to him.

28. His body language changes around you

Subtle changes in body language can signal so many things. When he's stood by himself, he crosses his arms. When he's sat with his friends,
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his hands sit on his lap. But when he's with you, if you can see he's opening up, showing his chest, or his arms are wide apart, it means he's at ease.

29. He fidgets when he's around you

This one is sneaky but it's a sure fire way of working out if a guy is flirting with you. If he cannot stop fidgeting or messing with
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his buttons or you see him playing with his keys when you're around, it means he's absolutely flirting with you. You make him nervous!

30. He tries to find out your relationship status

There are few things more embarrassing than giving your all flirting, only to realise that that person is fully committed to someone else.
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So if he's poking about your Facebook profile or asking your friends if you're single, it means he doesn't want to waste his time flirting with the unavailable.

31. He wants you to know he's single

If a guy is trying to make it abundantly clear that he is not seeing anyone, he doesn't have a girlfriend or wife, and that he is absolutely 100% single,
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he is flirting with you! It's not an accident that he casually let it slip. It's to signal to you that he is fair game and you should go for it.

32. He tries to make plans with you

This is possibly one of the more obvious tactics. If a man is trying to make plans with you, and it's not to go watch the newest Star Wars film
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or get you to watch his kids, it means he's flirting with you. He wants to spend more time with you, and make future arrangements.

33. His compliments are sincere

He compliments your hair, your makeup, your wit, your smile. He lets you know that he's thinking about you, that he's interested in you,
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and that he admires you, and not from afar. It feels lovely too, to know that he believes what he says and that he likes letting you know.

34. He makes sure to smell nice whenever you're around

It's a subconscious thing. He makes sure to spray his nicest cologne (not Old Spice!) all over and everywhere. It's his way of flirting
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with you and creating an association in your mind. You don't want a man that smells like BO. You want a man decked in Sauvage by Dior!

35. He always agrees with what you're saying

A lot of men tend to disagree with what women are saying, regardless of opinions (we've all been there). But this guy can't help but nod along,
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smile every time you talk, and agree with everything you say. He values your opinions and wants you to feel both safe and comfortable.

36. His tone changes around you

Normally when he's with the boys, he speaks low and slow. But when he's with you, his tone shifts slightly higher, and he even sounds more excited.
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He sounds lighter, happier, brighter. It shows that he's comfortable with you and wants you to feel as at ease as possible.

37. He tries to find ways to talk about your interests

Remember that time the #Scandoval broke and he spent literally 45 minutes listening to you talk about how Raquel's name is actually Raquel?
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Yeah, that wasn't because he likes Bravo. That's because he wanted to know more about you and loved that you wanted to open up to him.

38. He texts you all the time

Is there anything more flattering than sending a message and immediately seeing those little blue ticks? Or the vacant red square? Or the read notification?
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It's like he's been waiting for your response and it is so incredibly sweet. He loves spending time with you in real life and over the phone.

39. He tries to get one-on-one time

Men and women share this flirtation tactic, but women tend to miss it. If a guy is trying to get one on one time i.e. walking you home or hanging back
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after a meeting to speak to you, he is absolutely interested. He loves spending time with you in a group, but that special one-on-one time means a lot.

40. He is always trying to make you laugh

When he's flirting with you, whether you've had a good day or a horrible day, he wants to make you laugh. He doesn't care about how much
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of a fool he makes out of himself - he just wants to make your day better, and make sure you know that he will always bring a positive energy.

21. He likes to buy you things

It could be the book that you casually picked up at the bookstore that one time, or maybe it was a type of candy you were eating a few weeks ago.
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Whatever it is, he finds little ways of buying and giving you gifts to show you that he listens and appreciates you. And you're certainly not complaining!

22. He always has something new to tell you

It's never the same old thing with him. He wants to show you he has exciting or interesting news to tell you, even if it's just about what he had
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for dinner last night. He's eager to make conversation with you about whatever he can muster. It's adorable, without fail, because you know it's an excuse to talk to you.

23. He asks about your day without fail

He is happy to go through the good, the bad and the ugly. Every time he sees you, he asks about your day, and then wants to hear about it
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in detail. And there isn't a vacant glare to his eyes - he is genuinely interested with what's happened with you. He's invested and it shows.

24. He talks about his private life

He wants to signal that he's comfortable with you when he shares personal details about his life, details he may not sure with his closest friends.
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Maybe his cat is at the vet, or he's having money struggles, or he's worried about his mom. He opens up to you because he knows that's the way into your heart.

25. He tries to impress you

This one goes relatively under the radar. It's not necessarily that he's telling you how much muscle he's gained over his time at the gym,
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but more him trying to pick you up in a cute way. He's not flashing cash; he's grabbing coffee for your entire friendship group. He wants to subconsciously tell you that he's capable.

26. He remembers all the little details

Your eye colour? Of course. Your dog's name? Obviously. That one time you ordered a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks
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and now every time you see him, he has one in his hand? That's him flirting. That's him saying that he listens to you, and he wants to get to know you even more.

27. He makes a lot of eye contact

You swear he normally only has eyes for his phone, but when you're around, he can't look anywhere else but in your eyes. Even when you're not looking at him,
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you can feel his gaze. It's his way of showing you that he's interested and interested in everything you're saying. It might not be the most obvious.

28. He starts wearing nicer clothing

What was once any opportunity to wear a baggy shirt and low riding jeans is now a wardrobe change to a cute shirt and chinos. He wants you to see him
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in a better light, to find him more attractive, to maybe see what he would look like if you were to go on a date. He's making an effort.

29. He always has time for you

You've never seen him drop plans faster. You know he's into his gaming every night with the boys, but, recently, he's started being available at all hours
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ready for if and when you call him. He responds to you as soon as you hit send. He's prioritising you and making time for you.

30. He shares his interests

He's not just interested in you - he wants you to know what he likes too. You can see the little sparkle in his eyes when he starts opening up
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about his favorite TV show or this new band he's just discovered or a sport he follows. He wants you to get to know him on a personal level.