30 Times Animals Were Found In Food Packaging

By Aaron Love 7 months ago


Image Source: Reddit
Most of us don't choose to go to fast food restaurants to pick up a salad, and maybe this image might make you want to do that even less! The problem with flies is that they'll go towards anything and this freshly made salad was clearly looking intriguing.

Skin Beetle Noodle Pot

Image Source: Reddit
On some occasions we like to go back to our routes and that might end up with us turning to some noodle pots, just like our days in education. It might help bring us some nostalgia, although I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy it quite so much if we spotted some little beetles hiding under the lid.

Mouse Curry Jar

Image Source: List25
The English, amongst many others, thoroughly enjoy eating and making their own curries. Many buy their sauces straight from the supermarket in jars, but this unlucky customer found a little mouse buried deep inside their tikka masala jar from Walmart sister company Asda.

Rat Head At Popeyes

Image Source: List 25
Popeye's haven't managed to get away from the other fast food restaurants with some unfortunate items found within their food. Back in 2016, a Harlem man was unlucky enough to come across this rat head which had been deep-fried alongside the rest of his chicken.

Frog Gloop

Image Source: List 25
PepsiCo appear to have had a few incidents they've had to deal with in the past as back in 2009 an unfortunate man ended up gulping down some dark slime. He immediately gagged and eventually it was confirmed by the FDA that the can did indeed contain a dead and mushed up frog!

Hash Brown Cockroach

Image Source: Reddit
Yet again, we're back at the fast food restaurants and McDonald's have even had some hidden animals found within their breakfast items too. This cockroach was found hidden inside a hashbrown and you have to wonder how much else was fried in the same oil as this little creature.

KFC Chicken Heart

Image Source: Daily Mail
Just as McDonald's is a popular fast food restaurant around the world, KFC isn't much further behind. But one Australian man found something pretty disgusting hidden within his chicken tender! Instead of the usual chicken breast he found an entire chicken heart instead!

KFC Lung Tender

Image Source: Reddit
It turns out that there are numerous mistakes that can occur when it comes to the production of chicken for fast food restaurants. It isn't just a heart that's been spotted in the KFC tenders but also a lung! There must be something going on over in that kitchen!

Chick-Fil-A Rat Burger

Image Source: X
It seems as though every single fast food restaurant chain has some issues with their food at some point or another. A Pennsylvania woman took a small bite out of her sandwich before she found that a dead rodent had actually been baked in to the bun!

Subway Mouse

Image Source: X
We're quite used to spotting mice and rats running around the subway we travel on, but maybe not so much in our Subway meals! Unfortunately, amongst this person's vegetables in their sub they ended up spotting a dead mouse hiding away. Probably not the protein they would have wanted!

Mouse Beans

Image Source: The Guardian
You might not like eating beans in general, they aren't so popular here in the US are they? But across the pond in the UK they like to eat them with all meals! Although I'm sure the man who bought this can didn't expect to find a fully grown and cooked mouse in his beans!

Caterpillar Broccoli

Image Source: Reddit
Broccoli is often one of the most popular choices of vegetable for someone trying to turn to a healthier diet. It's easy to cook and you can even get it pre-cooked in certain places. But I'm sure if you spotted these two caterpillar chrysalises hanging off them you might change your mind!

Frog Lettuce

Image Source: The Guardian
We all try to be somewhat healthy with our daily meals, but I'm sure there's nothing that would put you off eating your greens as finding a frog hidden inside the leaf. Back in 2005 this person found a desiccated frog trapped just as he was about to cut the veg up.

Maggot In Chinese

Image Source: Reddit
Sometimes we just can't be bothered to get home from work and make our own food and we usually turn to our favourite takeaways instead. But imagine settling down and chowing down some of your food only to find a maggot crawling amongst your sauce! GROSS!

Cockroach Leftovers

Image Source: Reddit
This unfortunate individual went one step further with their takeaway as they had already eaten a load of their spaghetti the night before. That would be fine, but when they went went back for some seconds the next day they ended up coming across some hidden cockroaches.

Mouse Bread

Image Source: The Guardian
As I'm sure you're probably already aware, mice have their own little way of breaking in to places that they shouldn't be. This little guy managed to get in to a loaf of bread over in the UK, only to be suffocated and squished in the packaging once he did.

Ant Sweets

Image Source: The Guardian
It seems that over in the UK they have a lot of troubles with animals sneaking in to their foods. They have a certain sweet known as a Werther's' Original which is popular amongst the elderly. I'm sure they probably wouldn't want to eat the ants that came with it though!

Creme Egg Ant Colony

Image Source: The Guardian
I'm sure that we all like to indulge in some sweets or some chocolate every now and then, but this might make you second guess that desire a little! An unfortunate lady opened up her creme egg only to find that an entire colony of ants was living inside it!

Worm In A Filet

Image Source: Insider
McDonald's has very much become a comfort food for many of us as they continue to expand and grow their name even further around the world. Nothing quite beats seeing those golden arches towering above you, but I'm sure this person didn't appreciate finding a worm in their bun!

Mountain Dew Mouse

Image Source: Reddit
Back in 2009 PepsiCo, the company who own the Mountain Dew brand were forced to settle in court with a man who found an entire mouse within his can. He bought the can from a vending machine and surely he must have realised that something was wrong with the weight?

Maggot At Santa Fe Hotel

Image Source: Reddit
If you were heading out for a meal at a restaurant like the Santa Fe Hotel & Casino then you'd expect it to be of the highest quality. But amidst this person's meal, which they'd already eaten a lot of, they spotted a maggot crawling around on their fork. Could have been dangerous!

Spider Takeaway

Image Source: Reddit
Spiders are the source of many a people's biggest fear, so you can probably imagine the terror that might have been on the face of the person that unravelled their takeaway to find a spider. Not just a spider by the way, look at the size of that thing!

Spiders In The Cheetos

Image Source: Reddit
I don't know what's more terrifying, finding a huge spider in your takeaway, or coming across hundreds of tiny little spiders in your recently open snack bag. I'm not quite sure how you're supposed to react to finding that many spiders in your bag, but I'd want my money back!

Snake Bread

Image Source: HuffPost
Mrs. Baird's is quite the popular bakery in Texas and its surrounding states and many people rely on their baked goods. But did you know that a few years back someone took this image and claimed that an entire snake was found baked in to their loaf of bread!

The Cauliflower Slug

Image Source: Reddit
Cauliflower probably isn't everyone's favourite vegetable, but as you might expect with some veg there will always be the chance that little bug or something will come along with it. This person found a slug had slid it's way deep in to the florets as they were about to cut it.

Bakery Flies

Image Source: Reddit
If you're heading to a deli to pick up some fresh sandwiches or other food, the last thing you'll want to see is something like this. Imagine coming across this deli where all of the fresh sandwiches were actually covered in little flies right across the front counter!

Spider In Banana

Image Source: Reddit
I'm sure you've probably heard of many horror stories regarding little animals finding their way in to bananas. Occasionally, they can burrow in to the skin of a banana prior to them being picked and this can create quite a horrific moment when someone begins to unpeel their snack!

Bat In The Cereal

Image Source: Daily Record
I suppose if you're ever going to find a bat in your cereal box then you'd want to find it in the cardboard box and not hidden in the packaging. Still though, imagine waking up first thing in the morning and coming across a terrifying looking creature like that around the bowl.

Snake Head On A Plane

Image Source: Metro UK
This is really taking snakes on a plane to a whole other level! One air steward who works for a discounted flights company ended up coming across this severed snakes head in amongst his meal! At least it wasn't alive, or things might have got a LOT worse!

Fish Parasites

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, well, I can't say I'd be heading out to my local restaurant to order a fully deep fried and this image has decreased the chances of that even more so. Parasites can often live within a fish and this unfortunate restaurant goer got an entire deep fried parasite to go with his food.