30 Times A Loved One Has Shown Their Presence From The Afterlife

By molly atherton 7 months ago
From unexpected encounters with animals and symbolic objects to profound dreams, visions, and near-mystical experiences, these stories offer solace, hope, and a profound understanding that love, once shared, is an eternal force that transcends the veil of the afterlife. In the following pages, we invite you to delve into the extraordinary and explore the ways in which loved ones communicate, leaving indelible imprints on our lives even after they've crossed into the great unknown.

1. They visit you in your dreams

Seeing people you love in your dreams is quite common, but if you're having a visitation or psychic dream, there's an easy tell. You dream approximately 4-10 times a night, and you don't remember most of them. If you have a very vivid and memorable dream of a loved one, it's most likely them trying to communicate with you.Original content sourced from Femanin.com
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Some people believe that dreams can be a form of communication from the spiritual realm, while others view dreams as a product of the subconscious mind processing thoughts and emotions. Dreams about loved ones, especially those who have passed away, are common during periods of grief.

2. You're often losing or misplacing things

Sometimes your loved one tries to get your attention by misplacing things that belong to you. So if you feel like you're positive you left your favorite necklace in a certain spot and it's not there, but then you go back later and find it, it might be a loved one communicating with you.
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You might notice it happening more frequently until you receive the message. Some individuals believe that departed loved ones might influence physical objects or create small disturbances as a way to signal their presence or convey a message from the beyond.

3. You notice an orb of light

We'll discuss later the ability of deceased loved ones to channel electric energy. However, your loved one may also appear as an orb of light. Many believe that these balls of energy are spirits, and a clear sign that a loved one is making themself known.
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The spirit is able to draw upon physical light energy to be seen in a very real way. If a spirit can draw upon physical light energy, it suggests a level of interaction with the environment. This concept aligns with the idea that supernatural entities can influence or manipulate elements in the physical world.

4. They make their presence known

You can feel the difference when you're truly in a room alone, and when your loved one's spirit is with you. They are sending a signal to every fiber of your being that they are with you. Some people even say that they can feel their loved one's emotions in these moments.
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You can feel the difference when you're truly in a room alone, and when your loved one's spirit is with you. They are sending a signal to every fiber of your being that they are with you. Some people even say that they can feel their loved one's emotions in these moments.

5. A psychic can read the energy

Psychics are able to clarify the meanings in electrical currents that you may be feeling. Spirits use electrical currents to communicate. So if you feel a shift in energy, this may be a loved one communicating with you. Whether it's a light flicker, an out-of-place song coming on the radio or random phone calls, these are all signs.
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Psychics possess a unique ability to interpret and clarify the meanings embedded in the subtle shifts of electrical currents. These individuals are seen as conduits between the spiritual and physical realms, providing insights into the messages conveyed through energy fluctuations.

6. They call you

Similar to the electrical energy mentioned above, loved ones can use phones to relay messages. These can take place in dreams or in the physical realm. The call will sound far away and feel like an actual call even though it's not. You likely aren't able to actually converse though.
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The primary purpose of these phone calls is to deliver specific messages. These messages could be words of comfort, expressions of love, or guidance for the living. The form of communication through a phone is chosen as a familiar and accessible method for the departed to convey their sentiments.

7. You keep seeing butterflies

We'll talk about various animals and insects that you might encounter when a loved one is trying to communicate. But butterflies are actually the top most common sign reported globally. This might be because butterflies are considered a representation of the human soul in a lot of societies.
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They bring hope to many people. If a butterfly lands on your shoulder or allows you to hold it, it's possible that a loved one is connecting with you! While butterflies hold universal symbolism, the interpretation of their significance in the context of spiritual communication is often highly personalized.

8. You randomly find their belongings

Even more so than them sending a random sign or symbol, you might find the person's actual belongings in a strange spot. This is a sure sign that a loved one is reaching out. If you go into the kitchen and find a pair of glasses or their favorite scarf that you KNOW shouldn't be there.
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The intentional placement of belongings in unusual or mismatched locations emphasizes the deliberate nature of the spiritual communication. It's a departure from the ordinary, inviting the living to take notice and engage with the mysterious presence of their departed loved ones.

9. Their voice is almost audible

It's very common for your loved one to communicate you via auditory mechanisms. People have said this can be external and audible, and others have felt it internally as if their voice is not their own, but a completely separate entity. Either way, if you experience this, it's a sign that they're reaching out.
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The communication is often accompanied by indistinct messages. They may convey guidance, comfort, expressions of love, or even specific information that holds personal significance. The content of the messages contributes to the meaningful nature of the encounter.

10. They send you signs and symbols

Sometimes, our loved ones will send us signs or symbols from the beyond, because they know that we love and miss them. This will often happen repetitively. So take note of synchronicities where it feels things are beyond just coincidence. If you're seeing the same thing over and over and it's of significance, take note!
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Recognizing these signs does empower the living with a sense of agency in their connection with departed loved ones. It really encourages them to actively participate in the ongoing relationship, fostering a sense of shared awareness and communication.

11. They help guide your life

When you're going through a rough time or need help from the Spirit world, your loved one can actually send you signs or moments or people to help show you that you're on the right path. This may come in validation of choices or learning something new or taking a leap of faith through a major change.
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The concept of spiritual assistance underscores the lifelong connection between the living and the departed. It suggests an enduring relationship that transcends the boundaries of life and death, emphasizing the ongoing support from those who have passed on.

12. They send you repeating numbers

Beyond the signs and symbols we discussed, there are repeating numbers that loved ones use to communicate from the Spirit world. These are known as angel numbers. So if you're constantly seeing 111 or 222 on your clock or in phone numbers or license plates, it could be your loved one sending you a sign.
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Angel numbers become a symbolic language that bridges the realms of the visible and invisible. The repetitive nature of these numbers creates a dialogue between the living and the departed, allowing for a unique form of communication through numerical patterns.

13. Your children mention it

This is kinda freaky when it happens, but it's also very endearing. Many people have reported that a sure sign a loved one was trying to communicate was because their children noticed their presence. Kids are able to access the spirit world more easily because of their openness.
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So if your kid says they had a conversation with grandma, or you notice them talking to an empty corner of a room, your loved one might be reaching out! It reinforces the belief that the love and connection between family members persist beyond physical existence, forming a bridge that connects the past and the present.

14. They visibly show themselves to you

Loved ones who have passed have been known to make partial or full appearances to loved ones. This can appear in a mist-like form or in a full-body apparition. It's said that the person appears healthy and luminous, as if they are at peace in the world beyond.
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Most people say they experience this when they're in those moments of awake and asleep. The tangible presence of loved ones goes beyond abstract faith, providing a direct and personal encounter that affirms the continuity of an existence beyond death.

15. Their scent lingers in rooms

Everyone has a distinct scent that you probably associate with that person. Maybe it's the smell of your grandma's perfume mixed with peppermint. If you enter a room and catch a waft of a scent associated with a deceased loved one, it's likely that they are visiting you and trying to communicate.
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The notion that catching a waft of a scent associated with a deceased loved one is a potential signal of their visitation introduces a subtle and sensory form of communication. The scent becomes a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms of existence.

16. They show themselves through nature

If you see a hummingbird, or their favorite creature lingering near you, it could very well be a manifestation of your loved one coming to look after you. When you're in nature, your energy and vibrations are aligning with the earth and elements, which allows you connect more deeply to your loved one.
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The belief that being in nature enhances the connection with departed loved ones underscores the idea that natural elements serve as conduits for spiritual energy. The alignment of personal energy and vibrations with the earth and its elements creates an environment conducive to profound connections.

17. You're taking more notice of wildlife

Perhaps you're on your daily walk and you become acutely more alert of creatures like squirrels or deer. This is a common sign that someone is trying to communicate with you. This is especially true if the person who passed had an affinity for nature, and especially if you see said creature in an obscure place.
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The emphasis on the departed person's affinity for nature suggests that the choice of creatures is deliberate and personal. If the loved one had a special connection with animals or nature, it becomes a fitting and meaningful way for them to communicate.

18. Your pet senses their presence

Did you know that your fluffy-faced dog is actually really attuned to the spirit world? If you notice your pet randomly perk up or start whining, it might be a loved one's presence making them take notice. People report that dogs will often wag their tails and act as if they're greeting someone who isn't there.
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The belief that dogs can react to the presence of departed loved ones aligns with the idea that animals possess a heightened sensitivity to energies beyond the visible spectrum. Dogs may respond intuitively to the subtle vibrations associated with spiritual visitations.

19. They come to you in visions

This is different than the person appearing to you or speaking to you. This feels more like a vision you're given of the great beyond. Perhaps it comes to you almost as more of a projection type image when you close your eyes. The person is likely showing you themselves in their afterlife so you can be at peace.
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The purpose of showing oneself in the afterlife through these visions is described as a means to bring peace. It suggests that the departed loved one actively participates in creating these visual experiences to offer comfort, reassurance, and a sense of tranquility to those they left behind.

20. They reach out and touch you

Similar to being able to physically smell their scent, departed loved ones can show their presence through energy shifts. This can include touch where you almost feel as if they're hugging you or touching your shoulder or hand. While it can be unnerving at first, this is meant to bring peace to you that everything is okay.
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Encountering energy shifts prompts a shift in the perception and understanding of the living. It challenges conventional notions of reality, inviting individuals to explore the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical, between the known and the mysterious.

21. They leave you little gifts

If your loved one is trying to contact you, they might leave little gifts or objects in obvious places to get your attention. This could be small things like seashells or feathers or coins. Your gut will probably make it clear that it's a gift, because it will be something that makes you think of them.
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The intuitive sense that one's gut feeling will make it clear that the object is a gift underscores the personal and internal nature of the experience. The recognition is not solely based on external cues but involves an innate understanding and connection with the departed.

22. Let's break that down a little more

Did you know that coins are considered to be a special sign from a loved one who is no longer with us? There have been MANY people who report finding pennies in strange places that they feel is representative of their loved one. Dimes are also considered to be a sign of someone trying to communicate with you.
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This could be an individual coin or a unique grouping of them. Some people have even said a coin fell out of the sky and hit them on the head! Coins, being a form of currency, may symbolize the exchange of value and the ongoing connection between the realms of the living and the departed.

23. And a little more on feathers too

Aside from coins, feathers are considered one of the strongest signs that a loved one is trying to connect with you. It's said that it can also represent the presence of an angel. Perhaps you find a feather in a place it shouldn't be, like in a pocket or a cupboard.
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If this happens, perhaps spend some time in meditation to hear more clearly from the spirit world. Feathers discovered in personal spaces may carry a more intimate and tailored message, encouraging individuals to reflect on the symbolism within their unique surroundings.

24. They encounter you while meditating

When you're spending time in meditation or prayer, this is called an "alpha state" of consciousness. It means that in your relaxed state, it's easier for your loved ones to communicate with you. This can be either verbal or nonverbal. It's often a way for your loved one to let you know it's okay to move forward without them.
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Engaging in meditation or prayer becomes an active participation in the process of connection. It reflects a willingness to attune one's consciousness to the subtle frequencies of the spiritual realm, inviting a meaningful and reciprocal exchange between the living and their departed loved ones.

25. They send you a cardinal

This is a very specific sign that a loved one might show you. There's a saying that "Cardinals appear when angels are near." So if you see a Cardinal, it's a visitor from the afterlife. Many people see these birds after someone passes, and it's a way of getting your attention and showing you that you're not alone.
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The shared symbolism of Cardinals resonates with cultural and personal meanings. Red is often associated with passion, love, and vitality, amplifying the significance of Cardinals as symbols of enduring love and connection. The shared understanding of this symbolism enhances the impact of the messages conveyed.

26. They refocus you on the present

When you get too caught up in looking for signs of your loved one, this can actually limit your ability to receive them. You must allow the universe time to respond and not focus too overtly on a specific idea. This is you simply trying to control the narrative.
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Trust becomes a central theme, highlighting the importance of cultivating a sense of trust in the process of spiritual communication. Trust involves surrendering the need for absolute control and having confidence that meaningful signs will reveal themselves in due course.

27. You have a conversation with them

We already talked about someone visiting you in a dream or communicating with you via a dream. But there's also a chance that you find yourself also in the dream and having a full conversation with the person who has passed. Maybe you see your dream self entering the bedroom and chatting with them.
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The presence of one's dream self becomes a conduit for the conscious self to engage with the departed loved one. This dream self serves as a vessel through which meaningful exchanges occur, facilitating a unique form of communication that transcends the limitations of the waking world.

28. They show you a special stone

This maybe sounds weird, but there are people who have said that their loved one has presented themselves through a stone or pebble. It's similar to the other objects and animals we're discussing throughout, but this small stone is usually found in a weird spot.
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For example, maybe you open your drawer, and it's laying on top of your favorite sweater. It's considered a wishing stone. Unlike dreams or abstract symbols, the stone provides a tangible and visual presence. Its physicality invites touch, creating a sensory experience that reinforces the reality of the encounter.

29. You see a dragonfly

We've talked a bit about various animals and insects that you might see as a representation of your loved one. This is also true of dragonflies. Many have said that when a loved one who has passed on was trying to make themselves known, they would reveal themselves through a dragonfly.
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These insects represent light and wisdom. The attributes of light and wisdom associated with dragonflies extend to notions of guidance and insight. Encountering a dragonfly may be seen as a heart warming moment of guidance from the departed loved one.

30. You have an out-of-body experience

There are some studies that show that some people have an out-of-body experience where you're separated from your physical body in order to communicate more clearly with your loved one who has passed on. It's almost like having a near death experience.
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These are uncommon and usually occur in people who know how to direct themselves and go into a liminal space. Drawing a parallel between out-of-body experiences for communication and near-death experiences aligns with the belief that moments of transitioning between life and death may open unique channels of perception.

31. Signs you have a guardian angel: finding feathers

Your guardian angel may be a passed loved one themselves, or another angel watching over you. So what are the signs to look for? Feathers are one of the most common signs of angels, and especially white feathers. If you're finding white feathers in places you shouldn't ignore it.
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Especially if all of a sudden, it could be a sign your guardian angel is with you. Any feather can still be a sign even if it's not a white one, and even if you're in a place with birds, the feathers themselves appearing to you can still be a firm sign your angel is there.

32. You have a sensation of warmth

As long as you don't have cranked up heating or a log fire to explain away the sudden influx of heat! We're talking more a subtle sensation of warmth against your skin, sort of when you get a chill down your back but the opposite! This can be a sign that your angel is near!
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Because they're giving off warm light energy that's going to touch your skin. You may also just have a general nice, feeling of 'warmth' and contentment come across you as you're sat there, rather than something directly warm or physical on your skin.

33. Or even a tingling sensation

If you're getting sensations on your skin, you might also get a 'tingling' sensation rather than any temperature changes. This tingling sensation can be very much associated with a strong guardian angel presence near you. This is because energy from angels can often manifest as 'tingling' on the skin.
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This can be whether your bare arms, the back of your neck or anywhere, really. It might seem a bit weird at first, or make you jump if you suddenly get these tingles, but it's nothing to be afraid of! This can be an angel validating that they're there with you.

34. Lights are flickering

Flickering lights are always associated from signs from the 'other side' no matter what the sense - angels, ghosts, passed love ones - because their powerful energy can often interfere with the electrics in your home, or they could actually be manipulating a light pattern to try and send a message to you.
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If you have flickering lights, especially in a certain spot over and over again, it could be a sign there's a presence of angels. You might also experience a light turning itself on, or off, as opposed to flickering, which can also be a sign (as long as you don't have ghosts!).

35. You see signs in the clouds

Cloud watching and trying to make shapes out of the clouds is a great pastime on a sunny day! And if you happen to notice anything angel-shaped up there, this is a huge sign. This could be the full shape of an angel, or it might be something you would relate to them, like a halo, or a feathered wing.
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There's also the possibility that your angel is trying to send a personal message through the clouds, in which case you might see other things related to you, like a love heart during times of struggle, or anything that has a special meaning to you personally.

36. You feel a breeze

Just like that feeling of warmth, or the tingling on your skin, you might also get a sense of a breeze around you (during a time that can't be explained away by the wind). This could be the gentlest, ticking of air around you, as long as you're not standing by an open window.
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This could be a guardian angel trying to make their presence known. You might just get a feeling in your gut that you're getting the sensation of air moving differently around you, either when you're sitting still, or moving from room to room. It might also be that the breeze is warm.

37. You've noticed pleasant scents

When it comes to anything supernatural or paranormal, certain smells are often huge indicators. Bad smells are related to bad omens or spirits, while very pleasant smells can be related to angelic presences - but you might get the smell of a loved one's perfume, or something related to them.
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That is if it's a passed loved one trying to communicate. The main sign here is if you suddenly catch a very pleasant scent where there's no other explanation for it, and nothing else causing it. It could be something like a floral smell, or even your favorite smell, like chocolate or sweet treats!

38. You've seen pets or babies looking at something

We've all had that weird moment at least once when our pet has stared at something across the room and we wonder what they're looking at. It's true that animals - and babies - are attuned to supernatural presences like ghosts, they're also attuned to positive angel presences.
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This is because animals and babies have a more open mind when it comes to energies like that, because they don't have the barriers that adult minds do when trying to explain things away. So if a baby is looking at something and smiling, or your pet is taking notice of something and doesn't look troubled, it could be a positive angel presence!

39. You can hear angelic music

Music is also something hugely connected with 'the other side', just like all our other senses, are. For passed loved ones, this could be a particular song used to try and communicate with you, but with guardian angels, angelic music in particular is a big sign.
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This could be angelic music popping into your head, without being played in the environment around you. You could also experience music being played to you directly through the radio, or on television, if you keep coming across choir pieces or angel-related music.

40. Finding coins in your path

If you keep finding coins on the street in the path in front of you, you might have been thinking you're just lucky, and promised yourself you'd start saving them all for a bit extra cash! Actually, continuously finding coins and currency in your path can also be a sign of your guardian angel.
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This can be their way of trying to guide you, or offer support. You might want to look closely at the coin to see if it has any meaning to you - like the type of currency, or the date on it - or maybe it could be in response to you asking your spirit guides for financial aid.

41. Glimmers of light

Guardian angels in themselves are beings of positivity, warmth and light - so if you're seeing glimmers and shimmers of light around you, even just a few, or maybe in the corner of your eye, this might be a sign of one being in your presence, too. They might usually try to catch your eye with this glimmers of light.
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You may not be able to otherwise explain where the light is coming from (with their being no other light sources around you). A good way to be able test this is to close your eyes when you spot the light and see if the light stays with you in your vision.

42. Spotting orbs

A bigger source of light is of course the orb, which a lot of people associate with ghost or spirits. Orbs of light can also be angels in your presence if they want to make themselves known to you, and you may even have cases of only noticing orbs after the fact when you spot them on a photograph you took, for example.
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This can all depend on whether you knew your camera lense was free of dust, or the environment was free of dust, so seeing one with your naked eye can sometimes be better at telling what could be an angel or not. If it's a genuine orb, it could be and angel!

43. Seeing light or energy when meditating

Another good way of spotting light from angels is during meditation, which is actually when guardian angels might want to make their presence most known to you due to the fact that this is the time your mind is open, your barriers are down and you're in a state of total relaxation.
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Some people reach out for their guardian angels or spirit guides during meditation for this reason. You can have your eyes closed during meditation and still have an influx of light that you might see in your mind's eyes, or you might even see something clearer like geometric shapes.

44. Tingles at the top of your head

The top of your head is where your crown chakra lies, and this is where you can most experience tingling sensations, or other sensations, from your guardian angel if they're trying to connect with you. You might feel a warmth radiating from the top of your head or a tickle on the top of your hair there.
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The reason the crown chakra, or this part of the head, is targeted by guardian angels is because they could be trying to open up this chakra to a 'higher' understanding of their realm, as well as focusing their energy right down from above, right onto you.

45. You see a lot of rainbows

Rainbows are often associated with 'the beyond' and the divine, and in a very positive way. Rainbows are usually a good way for angels to communicate if you have been reaching out to your guardian angel, asking them questions or asking for a message.image source: reddit.comIf you then see a rainbow afterwards, it could be a sign they're answering back to you. If you've asked for a general sign, you may also spot a rainbow as a response if your guardian angel is there with you. This is more likely if you see a rainbow when you shouldn't (when it hasn't been raining).

46. Big changes in temperature

We mentioned about the smaller sensations of feeling warm and tingly, but you may also notice huge changes in the temperature of the room around you, or your home in general. Or maybe even just wherever you are in public, like a coffee shop or the cinema! image source: reddit.comBeing in the presence of angels could cause the room temperature to drop in a significant way, and then go really warm again - maybe even too hot. Being connected to your guardian angel will likely show through big temperature drops so that you get the 'chills' and feel more heightened tingles.

47. Physical touch

Nobody is going to react well to the feeling of something they can't see touching them, because your first instinct can be a ghost! But you can usually tell when the energy is positive energy from a guardian spirit or angel, because it will be gentle and not meant to frighten you or make you jump.
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This physical touch could be a light brush across your hair, or the back of your neck, or might be a very gentle brush against the skin on your arm. This can happen if they really want to reach out to you or are trying to send you some peaceful energy.

48. You feel a sense of happiness and joy

Your guardian angel will know how best to send you warmth and joy. Guardian angels are there to try to protect you, guide you and offer you peace and comfort, which is why a big sign you might have a guardian angel is if you have periods of inexplicable joy or feelings of peace wash over you out of nowhere.
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You might have been going through something difficult only to suddenly feel like everything is going to be okay. This could be your guardian angel fulfilling its job in trying to comfort you and making you feel unconditionally loved. You can know your angel is looking out for you!

49. You've spotted messages on signs

There are many signs you can look out for when it comes to guardian angels, and many angelic signs you might spot, including angel numbers. Signs and billboards in public places are one of the ways you might spot these messages or signs - it really could be that obvious!
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This can most likely be after you've openly spoken out asking if you have a guardian angel presence, or asking for guidance. This can be their way of responding to you, by showing you thinks you'll notice on signs or billboards. It can be a direct solution, word or message you've been looking for.

50. You just feel it

When it all comes down to it, sometimes you just know. If you've just had this feeling that something is watching over you, or something is guiding you and filling you with warmth, it could be that you have a guardian angel close to you. You might just have a feeling in your gut.
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For example, when you're feeling tingles, hearing a certain song or seeing a certain sign on the street - that it's someone trying to reach out for you. Always trust your gut in this matter, and if you have a feeling about it, you can always reach out further through meditation if you wanted to.