30 Things We Only See On Public Transport

By Tom Pearson 8 months ago

Aggressive People

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Public transport like trains and buses are known to bring out the worst in us sometimes. Maybe it is the heat, the crowds or the general lateness, but people using the public transport network seem to get a little more eggy a lot quicker than those who don't.


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Now the vast majority of people who use public transport are just regular folks, simply getting from A to B. However, there seems to be an uncanny correlation between bus and train users and absolute creeps. Again, maybe this just brings out the worst in people?

Embarrassing Conversations

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We have all been in this situation. Paused music but earphones in, making a big effort to look like you aren't listening in to one of the most embarrassing conversations you have ever heard. Why do people treat public transport like some kind of therapy room?

Messy Foods

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Did we all miss the memo about eating whilst on the move? Of course it is completely understandable when people grab a quick sandwich or bag of chips on the bus, but why do some folks insist on digging into smelly fish or an entire nachos plate whilst on a public vehicle?

Mad Phones

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I don't know why, but I feel like I always see people with the weirdest phones on the bus. You either see people with super weird phone cases, or usually old people with the world's oldest phones that they have somehow managed to keep going for 20 years.

Strange Outfits

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Depending on where you live, people in strange outfits is super common. It tends to be more prevalent in cities that are bachelor and bachelorette night destinations, and when you see someone dressed as a smurf you can't help but crack a slight smile.

People Taking Up Space

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People taking up too much space is always super frustrating, but when you are trying to make it home on the bus or train it is even more annoying. What makes it even worse is when the person knows you are after a seat, but refuses to move over even a little for you.


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Rats love the public transport network. It is warm, dry and people often drop crumbs of food for them to feast on. Rats also get chance to jump on and off the buses and trains as they stop regularly, just like a regular human commuter on their way to work!

Nowhere To Sit

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After being on your feet all day, sometimes you just get the feeling that you would actually pay for a sit down. When there is nowhere to sit, a thirty minute bus journey can feel like it lasts 30 hours. This is made even worse on an especially hot day!

Funky Patterns

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You may wonder why bus and train seats have such funky patterns on the seats. There is actually a reason behind this, but prepare yourself, its gross. The patterns help to dirt dirt and grime, if you don't believe me look up someone smacking a bus seat!


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If you aren't a fan of crowds and busy places, then maybe invest in a bicycle or walk to your destination rather than taking public transport. Especially at peak times like morning and evening rush hour, seats become sparse and people really cram in.


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When some people jump onto public transport, it is like a switch flicks in their head. They decide its their time to shine, to tell people what to do and how to act. 'You, open that window', 'Oi, turn your phone off'. Why are they like this, so irritating!

Dirty People

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Some people do manual jobs and end up a bit mucky. You can normally tell these people based on high vis jackets, work boots and a tired look in their eyes. Some people, just really stink. And the stinky people seem to flock to public transport like flies to...

Taking Up A Seat

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People taking up a seat either with bags or worse, their feet, are seriously annoying. When you ask them to move their stuff or take down their feet, they look at you as if you are the bad guy! Seriously, I do not get why people think they have the right to do this!


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In places like Chicago, New York and London, graffiti on the subway and on bus stops is so common, it is almost strange to see them places when it isn't there! Graffiti is in some way modern art work, and the cities wouldn't really be the same without it!


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Okay, I will admit that I think this is the worst thing we have all been unlucky enough to encounter on public transport. You can normally smell pee and other bodily fluids before you sit down, so make sure to do your due diligence and check before you sit.


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Of course we all need to get groceries from time to time, and many of us aren't lucky enough to have the luxury of our own car. It can however be a little irritating when someone takes up multiple seats, floor space and leg room with bags and bags of shopping.


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Teenagers congregate on public transport like moths to a flame. It is handy when you are in your teenage years and unable to drive, but you have to admit they are super irritating on the bus. They play music out loud, shout to their mates and generally cause havoc!

The Unexplained

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A guy with a pirate hat and a parrot on the bus. A lady eating sardines straight from the tin. How about someone listening to music out loud from a record player. Sometimes you just see something plain weird, and something that you almost don't know if you are imagining.

People Sleeping

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Sometimes it does all get a bit too overwhelming and tiring, and you have a little power nap on the bus. I even used to naturally wake up for my stop when I was on the bus at 4:30am. So long as the person sleeping doesn't lean on you or dribble, this one isn't too bad.

Bare Feet

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Gross gross gross. No one wants to see your cheesy feet, or smell them for that matter! If you are on the bus, train or subway, please keep your dogs to yourself. Whatever you need to address with your feet, it can surely wait until you are somewhere private.

Loud Phone Calls

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We have all seen and overheard people on super loud phone calls when travelling to work or school. Some people just talk really loudly, but some folks insist on using speaker phone. Maybe we should be more like Japan and ban phones on public transport!


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This is without the best thing that you can encounter on public transport, and more and more cities are making it legal for them to hop on too. That's right, seeing a cute cat, dog or even a ferret on the bus can help brighten up your day to no avail!


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So this is one that most of us are fine about, but during busy times bicycles can get a bit in the way. Thankfully most public transport has a designated zone for them, but doesn't taking them on to public transport defeat the point of them in the first place?

Clever Design

Image Source: Treadmaster Flooring
Believe it or not, public transport is actually made up of several clever design choices that go unnoticed by most of us. For example, next time you are on the bus take a look at the flooring. The grooves are there to help liquid flow outwards, which aids with cleaning.

Drunk People

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We've all been there, let's be totally honest. When you are drunk on public transport, there is nothing better. It's a cheap way to travel and you crucially aren't behind the wheel. But drunk people on the bus when you are sober is one of the worst experiences.

Man Spreading

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Sitting on public transport next to a man spreader is the worst. If you aren't aware, man spreading is when the person next to you spreads their legs far apart, thus taking up as much room as possible. It can be awkward to bring this up, but it's horrible to sit next to.

People Falling Over

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Everyone has been in this situation. The bus or the train leaves a split second before you are fully prepared and you have to do that silly little stomp to save yourself from falling over. In the worse case scenario, you stop aggressively and fall flat on your face!

Standing On Seats

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People standing on the seats of public transport shows a lack of respect for the transport and for fellow passengers. If you see someone doing this, then you should definitely try to stop them. It makes others feel uncomfortable and it is just downright rude.

People Watching Videos

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So many people do this, and it is arguably more irritating than a loud phone conversation. For some reason, people insist on watching their shows and movies out loud, as in without headphones. Do you have to be crazy to think that this is an okay thing to do?