30 Things We Only See In Public Toilets

By Lynsey 8 months ago


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Let's begin with the obvious. Expect to find; a toilet, hidden in a cubicle - sometimes with or without a lid; urinals; multiple sinks; and industrial hand dryers. If you're lucky and the public toilet is a little more up market, your soap dispenser, water and dryer will be an all-in-one machine that's motion censored!

Helpful signs

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Just incase you were unsure as to what you should be flushing down the lavatory, public toilets offer helpful signs to guide you. They can normally be found inside the cubical or on the walls and they recommend only flushing toilet roll to avoid any blockages.

Ladies and Gents signs

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The signs outside public toilets have begun to cause controversy in many countries being labelled as 'gender identity battlefields'. Some countries and states have introduced gender neutral options however others have received backlash as unisex toilets have been considered transphobic: not accounting for trans and non-binary individuals.

Toilet roll

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In some public toilets, you'll notice mountains of toilet roll behind you. You may have a toilet roll dispenser, however these are locked to prevent theft - yes, that's a thing! However, in some cases, there can be no toilet roll at all! Make sure you check before you go and carry a small packet of tissues with you everywhere you go.


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What makes for a nice, tranquil toileting experience in public toilets, is the graffiti on the walls and doors. Often it is telling the world who you think is fit or it's making yourself known with 'was ere' posts. Either way, the messages make for entertaining reading whilst you do your business.

Tissue covered toilets

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Public toilets can be seen as germ ridden places to do your private business. It is common to find toilet roll layered on the seats as an intended barrier to germs. Plus, the added layer can be comforting, no-one wants their bottom on a cold seat - especially if the seat you're sat on is metal!

Sanitary bins

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Sanitary bins are provided in every public toilet and are a needs must. The only trouble is that they aren't always emptied when they are full and so create an eyesore and an unpleasant smell. Look out for the toilet attendant to report it if this is the case!

Minty Urinals - messy

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Urinals can be found in male public toilets. There's always talk of the strange blue/green 'mints' - nod to the Disney film 'Home' - and the uncomfortable environment of having to do your business whilst standing next to a stranger. Cue you standing there praying they don't start up a conversation!

Strange doors

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Public toilets hide their toilets away behind cubicle doors. They are designed to offer you some privacy, however some people invade that by looking underneath the gap on the door. So, the big questioned is - 'Why are there gaps underneath the toilet doors?' It is said these gaps are here for public safety and ventilation however, simply put, they are much cheaper to install!

A spy

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Some people have mentioned that whilst using some questionable public toilets, they have been subject to spying! Spying from the gaps above the doors and spying from the gaps under the doors. In some cases you can find actual spy hole in the walls! Keep an eye out!

Broken locks

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We've all been there where we've entered a public toilet, only to find the locks on the cubicles are broken! This common feature of public toilets leads you to reaching your foot forward to prop the door shut. It definitely calls for a very flexible person!

Caution sign

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'CAUTION! WET FLOOR' is a sight seen in most public toilets - if they are even cleaned that is! The trouble with water on the floor is that no-one ever knows quite exactly what the fluid is. Is it spilled water from the sinks, or some strange bodily fluid?

Bodily hairs - don't drop anything

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Public toilets aren't known for being the cleanliest of places to being doing your business. Often the floor, walls and doors are scattered with strange bodily hairs - a little unnerving when you accidentally empty the belongings of your bag on to the floor as you enter!

Cleaning attendant

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If you walk in to a public toilet and you see a toilet attendant, it's your lucky day! Public toilets are meant to be cleaned regularly, in some cases every hour, however the reality is that it can be a rarity seeing someone cleaning them and often they are quite unsanitary places to do your business.


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Often people litter because there isn't a bin where they are. However in a public toilet, there is usually an influx of bins yet this doesn't deter people from dropping their rubbish. In some public toilets, it's like people have had snack time whilst on the loo and left the remains all over the floor. Either that or they've tried to throw their rubbish in the bin and missed!

Bizarre flushers

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One fascinating thing about public toilets, is that you never know what type of flush you will be using. Some are old school chains you tug, whereas others are buttons to press. In some cases, you will encounter an automatic flush - a wild experience! Especially if it motion detects you sitting down and you get a wash before you've started!

Payment machine

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Make sure you always carry some cash or a card on you when you're out and about as some public toilets have started charging you for using the facilities. There is nothing worse than being out, running errands, and needing to go to the toilet but you don't have the money.

Vending machines

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Some of the best public toilets have started supplying hygiene products for men and women in the form of vending machines - a welcome sight to see when you have been caught out! Some public toilets will charge you whereas others have moved to being free.


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Another form of vending machines you may find in public toilets are those targeted towards the little people you bring with you. These vending machines look enticing and it can be quite a challenge to come and go from a public toilet without having to spend your hard earned money to get a toy.

Decorated ceilings

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Do you remember the childhood game where you soaked toilet paper and attempted to throw it at the ceiling to see if it stuck? If not, the next time you're in a public toilet, look up and you might just see it! It's a common game for youngsters, however unsightly for toilet users and annoying for the cleaning attendants.

Decorated toilets

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A common sight in public toilets is the unhygienic toilet bowls. They can be stained from hard waters, or from minimal cleaning; contain remnants of who was there before you; or be blocked with used tissue and other bizarre items. Either way, an unpleasant experience for you as the toilet user!

Locked doors

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Sometimes you walk in to a public toilet to find every cubicle is taken and the locks are on red. It's all about patience as you wait for people to finish up, however there's always one person who takes longer than most. This person is probably doing the awkward 'sit and wait for you to leave', hoping you don't notice it was them who made that beautiful aroma!

Germ ridden door handles

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Public toilets are known for being germ-ridden environments. One of the dirtiest places in a public toilet are the door handles of the cubicles and the door handles you use to enter the bathroom. A great tip is to use your sleeve or elbow to open the door, that way once you've washed your hands, they'll be sure to stay clean!


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People, people and more people. If you're in a public toilet long enough, you'll be sure to see an array of people coming and going - a great place to people watch! It can be quite a strange thought to think that we are happy to do our business surrounded by a bunch of strangers!


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If you have ever walked in to a public toilet to see someone stood there with a basket of refreshments, you'll know what a warming sight it can be. Some public toilets aren't lucky enough to have a human on hand for all of your hairspray and deodorant needs but in these toilets, you may find a countertop with products on for you to use.

Creepy Crawlies

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People are not the only things using the facilities in public toilets! Many have creepy crawlies lurking in the nooks and crannies, just waiting to jump out when you're vulnerable and exposed doing your business - no one wants that spider running along your thigh but it can happen!

People seeking shelter

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Public toilets, those that you don't pay for, can offer shelter and protection to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Homeless individuals can be found seeking comfort within the four walls of a public toilet as they are sheltered from the elements.


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Chatting to your gal pals on a night out through cubicles is seen as totally normal and quite frankly, a lot of fun! Walking in on this conversation can be like walking in to a great talk show. You can either strap in and enjoy the commentary whilst you do your business or shut it out and leave them to it - either way a harmless toilet conversation never hurt anyone!

Loo standing

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Standing on the toilet to go about your business is in some cultures the norm. Many people adopt the air squat position when visiting public toilets to avoid sitting down on the well-used seat. It is said that standing to go is simply the new squat and is actually well-loved by many - who knew!

Hanging out

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Witnessing friends holding back friends hair whilst they vomit up the nights activities; couples meeting and greeting and making out; or fights breaking out for reasons unknown, are events that you may witness when venturing in to a public toilet - who knew toilets could be such a great hang out location!