30 Things We Only See At Weddings

By Aaron Love 8 months ago


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Typically, on a wedding day, the bride is where everyone is focusing much of their attention. The sight of a bride walking down the aisle is often one of the most stunning things anyone will see as they look elegant strutting about in a flowing white dress. It's a very memorable sight to see.


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Opposite a happy bride during a wedding you'll find a groom standing at the end of the altar waiting in anticipation for his bride. They have to exude some sort of confidence but on most occasions they can quickly become overwhelmed with emotions as he realises the love of his life is coming towards him.

Wedding Rings

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The exchanging of wedding rings is one of the most symbolic gestures that occurs at a wedding and it helps to represent the love and commitment they plan to show one another. It's one of the most significant moments during the whole process and they are often carefully chosen pieces.

Wedding Dress

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Wedding dresses are perhaps the only piece of clothing you'll only wear during a wedding. They come in an array of styles from the classic and traditional to some more modern variations. A bride's choice of wedding dress can often signify the type of person that she is and it's one of the biggest secrets.

Wedding Suits And Tuxedos

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The opposite to the bright white wedding dress of a bride is typically quite a dashing tuxedo, they're the common choice by the groom and groomsmen. These suits are made to exude sophistication and are often chosen to compliment the theme of the wedding or the bride's gown.

Distant Family

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One of the coolest aspects of a big wedding ceremony is the gathering of distant family members, those who aren't usually grouped together. The joy of reuniting with people you aren't usually spending time with can really signify how the union of a couple creates a celebration.

Wedding Bouquet Toss

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This light-hearted tradition has been in place for centuries now and usually occurs towards the end of a wedding ceremony. You will have seen these at some point or another and, supposedly, the single woman who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married in the future.


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Both the groom and his groomsmen will wear these little flower arrangements called boutonnieres on the lapel of their tuxedos. They are usually specifically created to match the theme of the wedding and also add an additional touch of colour to what is usually a black suit.

Wedding Cake

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Many people would probably claim this is the thing they're most looking forward to seeing (and tasting). The multi-tiered cake is usually quite intricately decorated and the colour will match the theme of the wedding too. The cutting of the cake is one of the sweetest moments throughout a wedding.

Flower Arrangements

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Flowers, as I have mentioned a few times, are integral parts of weddings and they tend to cover pretty much everything throughout a wedding scene. Usually the couple will have selected a chosen few flowers to be scattered throughout the venue to create the aesthetic they really want.

Ceremony Altar

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The ceremony altar is very much the sacred space in which most couples will exchange their vows and begin their journey as a married couple. The area is usually adorned with flowers and the couple are surrounded by their loved ones. Promises are made here surrounding their future together.

Wedding Guests

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Wedding guests are very much the heart and soul of any wedding celebration. The friends and family from both sides of the union are will come dressed in their best attire to bring love and support. The diverse group will create a great atmosphere and help ensure it's a day to remember.


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The bride will select a group of her closest confidantes and they will help play a significant role in making the day go smoothly. They will each be wearing matching dresses selected by the bride and it's usually one of their proudest days in the same way it is for the bride.


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Just as the bride selects some bridesmaids, the groom also needs to pick some groomsmen. They will also be his most trusted companions and they tend to wear suits that are coordinated with the groom. They provide the support and love that will help keep the groom calm during the day.

Wedding Vows

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The exchange of wedding vows is potentially the deepest and most intimate moment to take place throughout a wedding ceremony. They use this opportunity to declare their love and make some promises to one another. As they speak every single guest remains silent with the exception of anyone unable to keep their tears in.

Unity Candle

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In many traditional weddings there will be a ritual completed in which the couple will join together, lighting two individual flames that will then join together to make one larger flame. The act again symbolizes the merging of the two together and it acts as a visual representation of such.

Wedding Program

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Many people like to keep a photo of the wedding program which is a printed document to provide them with an itinerary of the day. Very occasionally they might contain some details about the story of the couple but it's more or less a keepsake to keep guests up to date.

The First Dance

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The first dance as a married couple is a moment of pure romance which is unique to the wedding experience. As the bride and groom take to the dancefloor for the first time they will have a little gentle move to a song they've selected that probably has some form of significance to one another.

Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographer's are an essential presence in the modern day wedding environment as they help capture the various special moments and emotions people are feeling across the day. The clicks and flashes of the camera will be regularly heard throughout the day but it's all worth it.

Wedding DJ

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The wedding DJ is often known for playing the cringy party tunes, but let's be honest, it wouldn't be the same without them would it? They curate the playlists to cater to the tastes of the couple and help maintain the lively atmosphere of the wedding throughout the reception.

Father Daughter Dances

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Just as the first dance is a memorable moment during the wedding, the opportunity for a father to dance with his daughter is just as heart-warming. This dance also symbolizes a bond, but this the everlasting love that continues as a daughter continues to grow older.

Wedding Guestbook

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Many couples choose to keep a guestbook as a keepsake. It's an opportunity for all of the guests of the wedding to leave there well wishes and heartfelt messages for the new duo. It also allows the guests to make sure that their attendance at the wedding really is appreciated by the couple too.

Place Cards

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Place cards aren't really that exciting, but they are quite a practical addition to any wedding venue. They allow guests to be quickly guided to their seats by containing there name and seat number. It also just makes the whole thing seem a little more sophisticated doesn't it?

Wedding Arch

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The wedding arch is quite the decorative structure that's usually found by the altar, offering the backdrop to the entire venue. It's usually covered in the many flower arrangements and colours to compliment the rest of the venue and allows for some gorgeous photos to be taken.

Wedding Speeches

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Wedding speeches are often heartfelt and sometimes hilarious expressions of love and stories regarding the couple. Many people can give these speeches but they are usually preserved for the best man and other members of the family to have their say in front of all the guests. It can be quite emotional!


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If you're attending a traditional church wedding then it won't be surprising to come across something like a pipe organ or grand piano. These are the traditional choice of instrument used to provide the melody as the bride walks down the aisle or during other moments throughout the ceremony.

Wedding Confetti

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Many couples choose to leave wedding confetti on or around the seats in which the guests sit. These small and colourful pieces of paper will be retained until the end of the ceremony at which time they'll be thrown over the couple as they walk down the aisle together. It's a great way to get the perfect photo.

Ring Bearer

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The ring bearer at a wedding is typically one of the younger invited guests and they symbolically carry the wedding rings down the aisle. Some people do however enjoy making a fully grown adult do this job, although the important part is that the rings end at the altar.

Flower Boy

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Similarly to the ring bearer, a flower boy is usually a younger member of the wedding party and they walk down the aisle just before the bride scattering flower petals. Despite this being the norm, in recent years there have been a number of examples of older men taking up this role.

Just Married Vehicle

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The final part of a wedding ceremony comes as the married couple make their getaway in their just married vehicle. This is usually a car of their choice that has been decorated with signs and streamers; this has become quite the tradition all the way around the world, although they're only heading to the reception!