30 Things We Never Knew About UP

By Jack Clark 8 months ago

Luxo Ball:

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The world of Pixar is a treasure trove of hidden gems, and "Up" is no exception. One of the most iconic Easter eggs you can spot is the Luxo Ball, that bouncy, yellow sphere that's a hallmark of Pixar's playful spirit. Keep an eye out for it as it rolls past Carl's house early in the film, serving as a cheerful reminder of the Pixar magic that awaits.


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Ever heard of A113? It's a clever Easter egg that honors the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar animators honed their craft. In "Up," you can catch a glimpse of this reference on the camera lens during Carl's court hearing. It's a subtle nod to the roots of Pixar's talented team.

Dug's Cone Of Shame:

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Remember the "cone of shame" from "Toy Story"? Well, it makes a delightful cameo in "Up," thanks to none other than Dug the dog. When Dug attempts to communicate with Carl and Russell, he hilariously refers to his own "cone of shame." It's a heartwarming nod to Pixar's interconnected world of storytelling.

Toy Story's Pizza Planet Truck:

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If you're a fan of "Toy Story," here's a treat for you. The Pizza Planet truck, that iconic slice-slinging vehicle from Woody and Buzz's adventures, makes a sneaky appearance in "Up." Keep your eyes peeled during the house's thrilling takeoff scene, and you might just spot it cruising through the city streets.

Carl's Grape Soda Pin:

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Carl's grape soda bottle cap pin isn't just a charming accessory; it's also a key to the film's emotional core. This pin serves as a symbol of his unwavering love for Ellie and their shared dreams. But that's not all; you can also find this sentimental grape soda pin in other Pixar classics like "Toy Story 3," connecting the Pixar universe in a heartwarming way.

Remy From "Ratatouille":

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While "Up" primarily soars through the skies of South America, it also takes a quick detour to the culinary world of Paris. As Carl's house floats over the City of Lights, eagle-eyed viewers can spot none other than Remy, the lovable rat from Pixar's "Ratatouille." It's a delightful crossover moment that bridges the gap between these two beloved Pixar films.

Gustave Eiffel:

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In the fantastical world of "Up," where the improbable becomes reality, there's a nod to the real world, too. When Charles Muntz constructs his airship, the Eiffel Tower attached to it has a nameplate that reads "Made by Gustave." This is a subtle homage to Gustave Eiffel, the brilliant engineer behind the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.


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"Up" isn't just an adventure; it's also a piece of history. In a clever twist, the film incorporates a newsreel about Charles Muntz, the ambitious explorer. Look closely, and you'll spot a brief clip showing Muntz shaking hands with none other than Charles Lindbergh, the legendary aviator who made history with his transatlantic flight. It's a historical Easter egg hidden in the adventure.

Presto Reference:

Image Source: Pixar Planet
There was a short film that Pixar released called 'Presto', which features a magician, a rabbit and a carrot. The stage that the magician used for his magic show is actually the exact same stage that Charles Muntz uses to showcase his discovery. You definitely need an in-depth knowledge of Pixar to pick this one out!


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Now, can you remember the luxo ball in the little girls room as the house was passing by? Did you also notice yet another easter egg in the same photo? Yep, that's right; if you pay attention to the bottom left of the image above, you can see the cuddly toy 'Lotso', the main antagonist from the film 'Toy Story 3'.


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The Pixar universe loves to interweave different movies with each other, and UP is no different. In fact, in the 2008 movie 'WALL-E', you can actually see an important prop from the 2009 movie 'UP'. If you look carefully, you can see Carl's walking stick in one of the scenes from 'WALL-E'.

Dug The Tracker

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Dug, the lovable dog with a collar that translates his thoughts, holds a special place in fans' hearts. Have you ever wondered why Dug is the only dog who can actually track Kevin the bird? There are other dogs in the film, but they are all guard dog breeds, whereas Dug is a Golden Retriever, which means he's an expert at hunting and tracking!

Carl And Ellie's House

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Keen viewers will have noticed that the number of the house from 'UP' is 18. Interestingly, this is a tribute to something in real life. One of the co-directors of the film, Bob Peterson, included the number 18 for a very special and adorable reason. This is because the house that his grandparents live in is also number 18!

Muntz's Zeppelin:

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Charles Muntz, the intrepid explorer and antagonist of "Up," brings his own sense of grandeur to the film. His dirigible, the "Spirit of Adventure," is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a thematic reference to the essence of the film itself. Muntz's relentless pursuit of adventure mirrors Carl's journey, making it a fitting name for his airship.

Alpha's Voice Actor:

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The characters in "Up" are brought to life by a talented cast, and here's an interesting tidbit. Alpha, the lead Doberman in Muntz's pack, is voiced by none other than Bob Peterson, who also co-directed the movie. It's a testament to the multifaceted talents of those behind the scenes, adding a layer of connection between the creators and the characters they bring to life.

Paradise Falls Painting

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The opening scene of "Up" sets the stage for a grand adventure, and keen-eyed viewers will notice the 'Paradise Falls' painting hung up on their wall. What's special about it? South America takes center stage, hinting at the exotic journey that awaits Carl and Ellie. It's a subtle foreshadowing of the film's breathtaking adventure.

Ellie's Adventure Book:

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The adventure book holds a precious secret. Ellie's drawing of their dream house isn't just a beautiful illustration; it includes a hidden message that reads, "Thanks for the adventure." It's a touching reminder of the love story at the heart of the film, where every moment is an adventure worth cherishing.

Russell's Patches:

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Russell's Wilderness Explorer uniform boasts plenty of different badges. However, they're not random badges. In fact, there are a couple of different easter eggs hidden within them. For example, one of the badges shows another Luxo Jr Ball, along with a reference to a bakery in Oakland.

Kevin's Appearance:

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Kevin, the enigmatic giant bird of "Up," is more than just a feathered friend. Take a closer look, and you'll notice that Kevin's design shares elements with the dogs in the movie. This visual connection emphasizes the unique bond that forms between Kevin and the unlikely pack of canine adventurers.

George and A.J.:

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While the main story of "Up" takes us on an epic adventure, the end credits offer closure to another chapter. Viewers get to see what happened to the two nurses, George and A.J., from the beginning of the film. It's a heartwarming touch that ties up loose ends and reminds us that even small characters have their own stories to tell.

Carl And Ellie Knew Andy From Toy Story

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Again, Pixar showing that the film worlds are actually all connected somehow. In Toy Story 3, Woody begins climbing up to Andy's bedroom board. It's subtle, but you can actually see a postcard to Andy from Carl and Ellie hung up on the board. We wonder how they knew each other!

The Tree

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This is another one that shows the connection between the Toy Story and UP world, and pretty much confirms that there was some crossover between Andy's family and neighborhood and Carl and Ellie. The tree that you see in the beginning of UP is the same tree that Jessie was abandoned, and also the same tree that forms the world for 'A Bugs Life'.

The Opening Sequence Had Everyone In Tears

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The opening scene is a very touching and heartfelt sequence that has been revered as one of the most emotion opening scenes in movie history. However, the production team knew this would be a success as, even before it had been animated, the script had the production team crying!

Pixar Let A Terminally Ill Kid Watch The Movie Before It Released

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In a more sad turn of events, Pixar allowed a child to see the movie before it officially released. The heartbreaking part is that Colby Curtin, the child, sadly passed away just hours after watching the movie. Pixar make movies for kids, and it's nice to see them putting the children first, even with something as sad as this.

Dug, Again

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Everyone who has seen UP knows that Dug's main line is "I have just met you, and I love you." It's a super-cute line that resonates with people all around the world, because most dogs act like this towards complete strangers. However, Dug wasn't the first to say this - Bob Peterson said that when he was a camp counsellor, a child used to say this to everyone!

The Actor Who Voiced Russel Didn't Even Audition For The Part

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Some people really just are in the right place at the right time. Apparently, Jordan Nagai, the actor who plays Russell, wasn't actually on the list of the 400 children who auditioned for the role. In fact, he just turned up with his brother who was auditioning, but would apparently not stop talking - the directors loved this and offered him the role.

Dug Was Influenced By Pluto

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A lot of Dug's movements seem quite familiar, right? I mean even his coloring is similar to his famous cousin, Pluto. If you look closely, the classic 'point' pose that Dug often does in the film is the same pose that Pluto would always do! This is a direct homage to Mickey Mouse's dog.

Small Details, Big Impact

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Pixar movies are great at using lots of tiny details to help make an animated film seem more realistic. One really cool detail that is often missed is the appearance of young Carl and Russell. Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that Carl's left collar is sticking out, and when we see Russell his right collar is sticking out.

Breaking Barriers

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Up was an instant classic, and fans around the world loved it from the very first screening. Hell, it had adults crying within the first 5 minutes. Another cool thing that people don't know about is the fact that Russell was the first Japanese-American character that was also voiced by an Asian-American actor!


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Pixar broke many records and won many awards with their film Up, and rightly so. If you haven't seen it (doubtful), you absolutely must go and watch it right now! Another fact that a lot of people don't know is that it was actually the first Pixar movie to be shown in 3D! Another record broken.