30 Things That Should Be Banned In All States

By Aaron Love 8 months ago


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Although this is never going to happen, there will be millions of people who would probably support the banning of alcohol consumption. The habit has been linked to so many health problems and other issues like addiction, road traffic accidents and domestic abuse which could all be stopped.

Racist Groups

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From something that won't ever be banned to something that really should be, racist groups like the KKK are organisations that can perpetuate a lot of hate, discrimination and violence in to our society.  By banning these groups you would be able to send a strong message to the world.

Certain Types Of Fireworks

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Some fireworks have already been banned in various states across the US, but those with a high explosive content would probably be even better. These large fireworks can be extremely dangerous and instead of posing safety risks we could be protecting many across the country.


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Like alcohol, people would probably be considerably healthier here in the US if the whole process of smoking was banned. Perhaps a nationwide ban on smoking within public places would be a start, it would encourage a healthier lifestyle and remove the burden on healthcare services.

Conversion Therapy

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We all know that conversion therapy is widely discredited and harmful across the country, but unfortunately, many members of the LGBTQ+ community are still subject to such therapy. A ban on all forms of such would protect many from any form of psychological harm.

Single-Use Plastic Bags

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Single-use plastic bags are constantly recognised as being one of the major contributors to environmental pollution, especially in areas with a load of people. By banning these bags you would be encouraging the use of reusable alternatives and hopefully create a brighter and cleaner future.

Natural Gas Fracking

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Fracking can pose a lot of environmental risks including some contamination of water which could end up in our homes, as well as the increased risk of earthquakes which could obviously lead to numerous deaths and injuries. We could definitely prioritize the health of our ecosystem instead.

High-Stakes Testing In Schools

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We all remember the pressure that we end up going through during our school life and education, so don't you think we could cut down a lot of unnecessary stress for our youth. Surely then we would have a much better approach to education with a focus on creativity instead.

Tobacco Advertising

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Maybe we should begin the ban on tobacco by stopping the many advertisements we see on our TV screens and at sports events amongst others. By banning the advertising we might be able to reduce the appeal that comes with smoking, especially on our impressionable youths.

Gambling Advertising

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It isn't just tobacco advertising that should be banned, but maybe gambling ones too. Advertising for gambling can lead to many people developing an addiction to gambling as well as losing a lot of their finances. Banning the advertising might be able to help those vulnerable individuals with impulsive tendencies.

Private Prisons

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Private prisons often bring about numerous issues in terms of the well-being of communities; one of these problems are that the financial incentives can lead to higher incarceration rates. This nationwide ban would then prioritize the  rehabilitation of inmates and reduce the risk of profiting off additional prisoners.


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There have been numerous herbicides that have been linked to health issues and environmental damage across not just the US but the entire world. Some European countries have already made moves to try and protect the public health of their citizens and maybe we should follow them.

Animal Testing

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Many of the popular companies around the world end up putting vulnerable animals at risk in order to test that their products are fit for human use. The problem with this is that it raises numerous ethical concerns as many animals are forced to undergo a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Voter ID Laws

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It would be best for the voter ID laws within this country to at least be revised in order to ensure that there is an equal access to voting for all citizens. We live in a democracy after all and the laws currently in place can actually disproportionately affect the many minority groups and communities around the country.

Payday Lending Practices

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Payday lending practices and companies are often used by criminals and those trying to scam the vulnerable in to cycles of debt. The interest rates on these loans are often horrendous ad banning them might be able to go some way towards protecting low-income individuals from some financial exploitation.

For-Profit Schools

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Just as private prisons can prioritize their profits over actual criminals, for-profit schools can do the same over some quality education. By banning these for-profit schools we would be able to ensure that our children's education was solely focused on providing them with a quality experience.

Offshore Oil Drilling

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Offshore oil drilling can often pose numerous environmental risks including oil spills like those reported in the media that have caused issues, or even the destruction of habitats. By banning offshore drilling, we might be able to safeguard our coastlines and the communities within them.

Plastic Microbeads In Skincare

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Plastic microbeads found within skincare products might seem harmless, but did you know that they can contribute to some of the most terrible plastic pollution within our oceans? By banning these microbeads we might be able to promote some more eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Solitary Confinement

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The solitary confinement area of a prison is usually kept for the most horrific of criminals, although many people are thrown in there for small issues within the prison. Its known to have a severe psychological and physical effect on the inmates so maybe finding some more humane punishments could be better.

Data Collection By Tech Companies

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In our world that's now run by technology we can quickly tracked or have our data collected based on where we are and what we do on our phones. This has obviously raised numerous concerns about privacy and surveillance in the US; maybe some strict regulations should be introduced.

Genetic Modification

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As the scientists across the world continue to advance through their fields, genetic modification has become a more frequent issue. The consequences that developing modified agriculture can have is unknown and by banning the problem we might be able to ensure responsible biotechnology.

Child Beauty Pageants

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I'm sure you've got your own opinion on child beauty pageants, but the general idea is that most people believe they can have some harmful effects on the young participants. By banning these forms of events we would no longer have to worry about some youths having a lack of self-esteem.

Exemptions For Childhood Vaccinations

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Some parents can often choose to keep their kids away from vaccinations and although it might be for a specific reason, they might be leading there vulnerable child in to a world of disease. Unless that they're exempt for a medical reason it might be best to ban the options.

Mandatory Retirement

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Mandatory retirement seems like one of the most stupid ideas doesn't it? How can you force someone to retire based on their age, even if they're still able to complete their job? By banning this we would promote equality and allow people to work based on their abilities only.

Alcohol Advertising

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It would be wrong to not mention that alcohol advertising could be banned too, just as I suggested gambling and tobacco ones should too. Banning the advertising might be able to stop the influence that alcohol has over underage drinking and the effects excessive consumption can have on the human body.

Polystyrene Food Containers

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Just as plastic bags can have a negative effect on our environment, Styrofoam containers can actually contribute to the major pollution issues. If we were able to ban the use of these containers then we might be able to encourage people and businesses to use packaging materials better for our cities.

High Fat Foods In School

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The high-fat foods found within school cafeterias are often blamed for the ongoing and ever-growing issue of childhood obesity and food related issues. We might be able to promote some better nutrition and therefore better long-term health with some better meals for the kids.

Advertising of Medication

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Pharmaceutical advertising straight to the consumer via television can often lead to people becoming overmedicated and increasing the need for healthcare. If we were able to force people to follow a more informed approach to their healthcare financial costs might be able to drop for a while.

Opioid Painkillers For Minor Injuries

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Opioid painkillers have long been controversial, especially when we know about the addiction that they can cause around the country. Numerous individuals have been killed as a result of opioid use and finding better and safer alternatives for pain management would definitely curb addiction rates.

Rent Control Restrictions

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Finding the right place to live has long been quite a difficult task for many of us, so I'm sure you can imagine that the restrictions placed on who can and can't rent can limit affordable housing. We could be able to promote affordable housing and prevent millions of people from being displaced every single year.