30 Things That Change After The Wedding

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

You Are Now Legally Married

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After you finally say 'I do' one of the most significant changes after marriage is, well, you're legally married! This is a legal contract that ensures you're committed to each other, although really, it's one of the most emotional things that a couple can choose to do with one another.

You Have A Different Last Name

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Although this isn't mandatory and some people choose not to, a common tradition in marriage is that the bride will take the surname of the groom. This can symbolize the union of the happy couple, although the process originates quite darkly as the female almost being under the possession of the male.

You Wear Wedding Rings Now

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One of the visual signs of someone that is married is the wedding ring that they wear on their finger for the rest of their life after marriage. These wedding bands are more than just jewellery as they can often act as constant reminders of the love a couple can share for each other and the dedication they have made

Changes In Living Situation

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Many couples already live together when it comes to their marriage, although some can choose to wait until the big day to make that change. Following a marriage you are basically committing to spending the rest of your life together and that includes sharing your home.

Combined Finances

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Although it isn't necessary to do so, many married couples take this opportunity to merge their finances to make their lives a little easier.  Shared bank accounts can often make it easier for a couple to pay their bills, budget and save their money together without it becoming too awkward.

Filing Taxes Together

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With marriage there comes a change in your tax status here in the US, this means that a couple will be able to file taxes jointly and even benefit from some tax breaks and deductions. Surprisingly, marriage is actually quite beneficial as a financial perk so you might want to propose soon!

Update Health Insurance Plans

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Another thing you might need to update after you've been married is updating your health insurance plans. Both of you will probably already be paying for your own, so you might want to take a glance over each other's plans and see who's can offer the best coverage for the combined needs of you both.

Reviewing Wills

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After tying the knot, it's probably crucial to begin reviewing and updating your wills and beneficiaries, or even creating one if you haven't already. Marriage might end up changing the distribution of the attributes you own and who will benefit the most after you're gone.

You're Now Mr. And Mrs.

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As a married couple, one of the simple changes you might notice is how that your social titles will change. Instead of being a Ms., you're now going to be a Mrs. It seems quite a simple change, but when you notice it for the first time on any of your mail it'll be quite a nice surprise.

Expanded Family

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Marriage will almost always mark the expansion of your family, you will now be part of your partner's family and vice versa. You'll have an absolute load of additional birthdays and parties to attend and remember, which can be difficult enough without all the extra family members.

Sharing Chores

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Marriage can often lead, thankfully, to some additional sharing of the household chores which can hopefully lead to some of the stress being lifted off of one another. You'll begin sharing roles like being the chef (if you're any good) cleaning the home and keeping everything ticking over.

Deeper Emotional Connection

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The emotional bond between a couple tends to deepen immediately after marriage and the hope is that commitment you make to one another will strengthen your relationship for the foreseeable future. You'll be sharing everything with one another from then forward.

Wider Social Circle

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As a married couple you won't just be expanding your family, but also the people that you might now be calling your friends. You're almost definitely going to meet some new friends and acquaintances that your partner knows and you might end up meeting some people you'll cherish forever.


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After the wedding, many people love to go out and enjoy a nice little trip away, this honeymoon is usually quite the romantic getaway and a special way for them to celebrate their marriage together. After all, who doesn't want to travel the world with the person they love and relax in the sunshine.

Planning Further Trips Together

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Beyond the honeymoon, a married couple might even be able to plan some more trips with one another. This could be anything from weekend getaways together to long-term international adventures. Being able to explore with one another and create lasting memories will be absolutely incredible.

Attending Parties As A Couple

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Once you're married you'll no longer have to attend parties or events alone again, almost every invitation you receive will always be for the two of you. This could simply be a family gathering or it could be a wedding or work party. It's much nicer having someone else by your side.

Balancing Work And Life

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Balancing your work and your daily life can become quite difficult once you become married. You then have to navigate your own work career whilst also going through this new world you have together. Quality time that you can spend together can become the best part of the day.

Discussing Starting A Family

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Although many couples may have discussed family prior to getting married, the actual process can bring these conversations to the forefront. Hopefully these conversations won't be too awkward and you begin to set a path to starting your own little family for the future.

Having Legal Rights For Each Other

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Another significant change that arises after you and your partner are married are the rights that you are then granted. These rights include the medical decisions of your partner if they're ill as well as having the rights to numerous spousal benefits and possible future inheritance.

Updating Identification

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As things like your name, legal titles and address might change after you become married, you may have to then update your identification. You will have to change your driver's license, your passport and even your social security card to reflect the new changes within your life. This is another thing that can be quite nice to see for the first time!

Setting Shared Goals

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Marriage isn't just the process that brings two people together, it also ends up bringing both of their goals together too. At this point, you both become responsible for setting and helping each make shared goals like career milestones or even fairly simple personal achievements.

New Daily Routines

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With marriage, you will also start to establish some different daily routines and habits. You will want to try and co-ordinate your schedules and share responsibilities across the home together. You will find ways to accommodate for one another and create a sense of stability.

Adjusting To Privacy Changes

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Although you obviously love the person that you've chosen to marry, it might take a little while to get used to the changes in privacy that you might have. You will need to find a balance between the togetherness you have but also having some personal space for yourself at the same time.

Making Decisions As A Team

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Decision making can become a little more complicated once you and your partner marry one another. What might have been a solo choice may now require the input of the two of you. You're gonna have to settle on where it is you want to live or even simple things like what TV you're going to buy.

The Difficult In-Laws

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I've already mentioned that you'll have an expanded family after you've wedded your partner, but you might not realise the difficulties that come with the in-laws. There will be moments of joy when you meet them and trust me, the in-laws aren't as bad as you might think (sometimes!).

Anniversary Celebrations Every Year

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One of the beautiful traditions that follows marriage is that you and your partner will be able to celebrate your anniversary every single year. Each year marks a step in your relationship and you can choose to do so in whichever way suits you best, that could be staying in for the night or booking a getaway.

Deeper Levels Of Intimacy

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Although you and your partner might have high levels of intimacy with one another, marriage might be able to deepen that emotional connection with one another. As the weeks, months and years go by, you'll notice that you will always have a growing sense of trust and passion for one another.

Time Goes By Faster

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It can often be said that time flies when you're having fun and marriage can make that statement more true than ever before. Just talk to some of the older married couples you know and I'm sure they'll share that sentiment. As you build your life together the years will probably fly by.

Learning To Compromise

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You don't want to completely compromise one everything regarding your happiness or well-being, but once you're married you'll definitely notice how you'll be more willing to compromise on the more contentious issues in life. It's absolutely the key to making sure a relationship lasts.

Sleeping Patterns Change

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Supposedly, when you're sleeping to the same person, night after night, you'll end up acclimatising to the way sleep. This means that you'll get used to the positions that you sleep in as well as getting around their negatives like snoring or rolling. Don't forget you'll have your own official side of the bed too!