30 Things That Are Never The Same When Our Child Leaves Home

By Lynsey 8 months ago

The house will feel quieter

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We spend years watching our children grow up, hearing their laughter as they play, grow and learn. When the time comes for them to leave to go to college or to move in to their own home, you can find that your house suddenly feels eerily quiet. It might be a welcomed break or it might leave you longing for them to come back.

The refrigerator will be fuller for longer

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The food shop can be a daunting chore when you have a family full of children. Children seem to be ALWAYS hungry and your fridge can never be full enough. When they decide to move out, you can find your fridge suddenly lasts much longer than it has ever done before.

Laundry loads will be less

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Some people in the world absolutely love doing loads of laundry and find it a satisfying chore to complete. However, when you have children, you can find yourself doping multiple loads a day and this can seem overwhelming. When the children leave, you'll be grateful for the empty baskets and maybe you'll do one load a week instead ...can you imagine?!

Grocery bills will be reduced

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Grocery bills are one of life's biggest expenses and in our current climate, with the cost of living crisis, they are simply going up and up. When you're grocery shopping for the family, it can seem daunting so your child leaving home, can really provide a sense of relief in the purse department.

You will attend less school-related events

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As a parent, you'll find your weekday evenings filled with ferrying children to and from after school events, sports clubs and friendship gatherings. Although it's great to see your little one/s socializing, and you probably feel proud of yourself for giving them the opportunities to do so, when you no longer have to and you find yourself with free evenings, it can feel like a well-earned break.

You will have more free time

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With your new-found free evenings, you'll find yourself yourself with much more free time overall. It can seem scary to have so much new time on your hands but it can also be exciting. Without the children, you can find yourself rediscovering those hobbies that you once loved.

Family dinners will be less stressful

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Family dinners can be chaotic and rowdy occasions. With cutlery flying, food being passed around and someone sure to be having a meltdown about what's on offer. Having the children leave home will make these moments calmer and more peaceful times of your day.

You may experience empty nest syndrome

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It's totally normal for some parents to experience empty nest syndrome once their child leaves home. Empty nest syndrome refers to the emotions you might be feeling watching your loved one fly the nest. Although, you want them to grow up and live their lives to their fullest, it can be hard for your to process.

The dynamics at home change

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Once you have children, the dynamics at home will centre around them. They will have been your priority for many years, with all your time, effort and money being used to give them the best shot at life. Suddenly, they have left home and you find yourself wondering what the new dynamic will be..

You might gain a guest bedroom or an office

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A plus of your child packing up and leaving home is the sudden new room you now have available. You might decide to transform this into a chic guest bedroom for when they come to stay or you might decide to create an office or working space, or even a den to store your hobbies in.

You don't have to stock their favourite food all the time

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There's nothing worse than your child asking you for some snacks and you not having their favourite in: nothing but a headache for you! So, when they leave home, suddenly that pressure to always have their favourite snacks in reduces and you'll find yourself with some more cupboard space.

Your daily routines are all yours

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With children, routines are your best friend as you may well know. To have the children leave, it's common to suddenly have a lack of routine in your day. This can make the process of your children leaving home feel much worse so ensure you keep busy as the days tick on by - time to create your own new routines, how exciting!

You have the TV to yourself

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All new parents can be heard saying 'my child won't watch TV', until they are watching TV to help you survive. They may become remote hoggers from that day until they leave home. When that day comes, you can settle in to finally watch those shows you've been waiting to watch!

You can redecorate and rearrange the house

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Decorating your child's room will make them unbelievably happy but it may not coincide with your overall house decor. This means that when they decide to leave home, you can finally get rid of those bright colours and garish patterns and have your say, decorating the way you've always wanted too.

You can rediscover your hobbies

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We all had hobbies and passions we loved doing in our free time pre-babies. When the children come along, life changes for the better but you can find yourself putting your own needs last. Use this new free time, now the children have left, to rediscover what makes you you.

There's less commotion in the morning

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Getting the kids up and out ready for school or college can be a stressful situation to be in. This is especially true if you've happened to breed a child that 'isn't a morning person' and you find yourself frantically trying to wake them to get them where they need to be one time. Welcome those relaxing mornings when they leave home for good, you might even get to sit and enjoy a morning coffee!

Family gatherings are less stressful

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Getting the whole family together always takes some organizing and can be hard work at times. When your children leave home, you can find the organizing becomes easier as they become more independent and you may even find they become too busy to even attend!

You'll enjoy cooking again

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Once your children leave home, you will find that meal times and cooking will become less stressful. There will be less fussy eaters to contend with, less critiques to comment on your hard work and more leftovers for the next day. Enjoy this new cooking experience, it's well deserved.

You'll have a tidier bathroom

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If you're unfortunate enough to share your bathroom with your children, you'll know how hard it is to deal with the unlimited products everywhere that are most likely half empty, or the hair scattered everywhere clogging up the drains. To have them move out, means you get your sanctuary back to have that bath without looking at the carnage your child has left behind.

Shopping lists look different

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Shopping lists, when your child has left home, will be very different. They will finally consist of things you need and want, putting yourself first, rather than listing everything everyone else needs. This means you can finally go to the mall and be in and out in your own timeframe without a list as long as your arm.

Your financial responsibilities change

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Kids. Are. Expensive! No matter what anyone tells you, bringing up children has a huge financial impact on your life. You can save to your heart's content but there will always be something to pay for which can take its toll after a while. When they leave, you can find that the strings around your purse loosen and you have a few extra pennies each month.

Your relationship with your child evolves

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As you watch your child grow and take on the world, you can find yourself watching your relationship with them change too. You both will be navigating a new normal, growing in your own ways and this will mean that your relationship will grow too. Sometimes for the worse, but mostly for the better of effort is put in on both sides.

Their presence is missing from home

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Your child is a big part of your life and their personality and presence will be missed when they leave home. You can find yourself missing them being in the way, getting under your feet and nagging for them to pick ups their clothes off their bedroom floor. Suddenly the annoyances you had will be missed.

You worry about them more

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When your child leaves home, it can cause your anxiety levels to skyrocket as you realise that they will now be out there in the big, wide world alone. They have had you there to protect them for years prior so it's natural that you're left worrying about them and how they will get on by themselves.

You can prioritise yourself again

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Putting your children first is the crux of being a parent. After all of the years looking after them and caring for them, when they leave home, it is finally your time to celebrate you and enjoy taking some time to finally look after yourself. Take those long baths, treat yourself to a takeaway and enjoy doing things for just you.

You can travel spontaneously

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With your sudden free time, you may find yourself thinking about that holiday you once dreamt of and realising now is the time for it to become a reality. Suddenly you have no ties and you can be that much more spontaneous with your trips and adventures.

You cherish those moments together

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When your child leaves, you'll find the moments they return that more special. Suddenly every second with them counts and you'll want to make the most of your time together. Whether that's sat on the couch binge watching old series' or planning adventures, making special memories will be the priority.

You become a control freak

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Having your child living under your roof, means you can secretly (or not-so-secretly) keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe and well-looked after. When they leave, you can find yourself edging to the side of control freak as you realise you no longer can keep an eye on them and it's time for them to spread their wings and go it alone.

Your hormones will be all over the place

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When the time comes to wave your beloved child off on their new adventure, it can leave you feeling like an emotional wreck. You'll find your hormones to be all over the place for a few weeks but they will settle down as you find yourself a new routine and a new way of life.

You get your evenings back

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When you're working and trying to look after a family, you can find your evenings consist of cleaning up after the chaotic day and preparing for the next. Once your children fly the nest, you'll find you have more time in the evenings to actually have some downtime to regroup, watch that show, have that glass of wine - whatever tickles your fancy!