30 Things That Are Never The Same After Losing A Pet

By Lynsey 8 months ago

Your bed

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If you're one of those people believes your dog is an extension of your human family: letting it sleep in your bed, then after losing them, your bed will feel incredibly empty. Not only will you miss that hot water on winter nights, but you might also find that you suddenly have much more space to work with!

Your couch

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The 'no pets on the couch' rule is one that normally lasts for a few weeks - if you're lucky! But thereafter, y0u'll find the space for humans becoming less and less. After you lose a pet, you'll find yourself still allowing for their spaces on the ouch to be left empty, as if they are coming back at any moment.

Your kitchen

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If you're pet requires any sort of feeding or drinking bowls and a space to do that were they can make a mess, you'll find your kitchen is the perfect spot. Only trouble is that once they have passed, it can be tricky to be in your kitchen, looking at the spot where you used to feed them.

Your lap

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Every pet spends a lot of time on the lap of its family. Life can suddenly feel very lonely once they pass away and you find yourself with nothing to keep you company. You'll find that you miss the subconscious stroking of them and how they kept your lap so warm that not even a cushion can fill the gap!

Seeing other dog owners

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Having a dog usually is an incredibly social thing as often dogs find themselves gravitating towards one another, whether you like it or not. We've all been pulled across a park, or to the nearest lamp post just to say hello to their new found friend . This makes seeing others out with their pets, when yours has passed, extremely challenging and quite lonely.

Being in the park

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The park! One pop the hardest places to continue to visit if your pet is no longer with you. Seeing other four-legged friends living their best life with their owners, especially on a Sunday morning - the perfect dog walking time of the week- can leave you feel down and missing them for sure!

The little things in life

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Everyone always tells us how important it is to enjoy the little things in life. Those moments are made better and more special. by owning a pet who you can share them with, so to suddenly be without them, means those little moments (like putting the bins out and seeing them run to the door with you, opening your mail before they try to eat it etc) can seem suddenly non-existent.

Cleanliness of car

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Anyone with a pet will have issues with how clean their car is. Whether it's their hair that you've carried around with you because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get off or they have physically trampled mud and the great outdoors through your vehicle. Either way, once they are longer with you, your car will feel brand new again - maybe after an intense valet first!

Your bank account

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We all know that taking on a pet is a huge financial decision, however they are cute and totally worth it! From vet bills to flea and worming tablets, bags of food and all the accessories you may need to may your pet look the part: it's an expensive hobby but, one yet so rewarding.

Your heart

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When a pet sadly passes, one thing that can never been the same again is your heart. You will be left some wonderful memories but a great big hole that only your pet can fill. You may get another pet in the future but you'll find that your lost one can simply never be replaced.

Your favourite walks

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Everyone has their favourite walking spot that they make a b-line for to de-stress or on that slow Sunday morning. Usually you take your fury friend and enjoy the walk together, however when they sadly pass, this can make the once-favourite walk, a sad place to be.

Your free time

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Free time is something to be treasured and something that breaks up your week. It's a real mental health, fill up your cup kind of situation which is essential. When you've spent your free time with your pet and they pass away, your free time can suddenly feel like an emotional place to be.

Car journeys

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Some pets love the car and some pets find it an anxiety-ridden experience. Either way, to suddenly not have your pet to go on adventures with, it can make the car feel lonely. One bonus is the sudden lack of hair stuck in every crevice and the lack of post-walk mud that gets sprayed when they shake!

Meal times

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For some people, meal times with pets are a joint experience: a case of you eat when we eat or sharing your plate and leftovers with your beloved pooch. When a pet passes, the sight of their food bowl can tug at your heart and you may miss them begging at your feet or that cold nose touching your hand as you sit at the table.


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If you're a real animal lover, your hobbies will all revolve around your pet. You'll go on walks and hikes with your dog, horse and for some people, cat! Or you'll sit in your pub with them on your lap or cook at home with them by your side. When they unfortunately pass away, each of those hobbies can make you feel sad and lonely, knowing they cannot share them with you anymore.

Your house

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Having pets in the house adds to the ambience nicely - until it's 3am and your dog decides to give itself a bath! That has to be one of the most annoying sounds on Earth! When your pet dies, it's normal to miss their annoying early morning licking and their constant barking/ making noise for no reason.

The postman

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It's known amongst many homeowners with pets, that dogs and postmen do not get along. First you have the bark to try scare anyone who approaches your door away, then you have the frantic rush to the door to try grab the hand of someone posting something through your door. All a very loud homely experience that disappears when your pet passes.

Your happiness

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Along with your heart breaking, you will find that when a pet dies, your happiness does too. It can be tricky to enjoy day to day life as you'll feel like a huge part of it is missing and you can find yourself struggling to find happiness like you used to when they were around.

Your memories

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Memories are mini time capsules that keep our most precious moments in life in our minds, to relive them over and over again. When something from your memory taints it because it's hard to deal with or it's filled with extreme sadness, it can leave y0u wishing that memory never happened.

Your photographs

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Photographing life's memories is a wonderful way to capture special moments and remember them forever. It's normal to take photos of your pets as they accompany you through life. These photos can be hard to look at after you lose a pet and an evoke painful memories.

Your trips to the beach

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Beach trips are the best trips in summer, especially if your beach allows for dogs (some in the UK ban dogs during the summer months which is VERY annoying for avid dog walkers). It can be heartwarming to see your pet running and jumping waves, with wind in their fur and sand between their paws.

Muddy days out

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Muddy walks are all fun and games until it's time to go home! Your pet getting in your car or coming back home, covered in mud is sure to ruin your house decor. When they pass there may be a sigh of relief as muddy days out or now a little more contained and orderly.

Sitting in your local cafe or pub

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If you've got a local pub you go to to wind down or enjoy your weekend beer, you'll notice that most of them have a resident dog and welcome pets in with open arms. If you're accustomed to dining with your pet, it can make sitting in your local pub incredibly lonely when they are no longer here.

Your tent when camping

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Camping with your pooch can be a wholesome experience, especially if it's cold and you're using them as your own life-sized hot water bottle. It's adventuring with your 4-legged friend and sharing nature together and won't be the same when they are no longer here.

Your items of clothing

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We've all experienced coming home to your favourite shoe being chewed, or your new handbag. Some pets simply love chewing your favourite items which can be an expensive hobby. Some pets do it out of anxiety or boredom, however some do it to be malicious or to get back at their owner. At least if they are no longer here, you can get your wardrobe back!

The children

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Children who grow up with pets are known to be much more confident and capable human beings. When a family pet sadly dies, it can be a traumatic experience that takes them a while, if not a lifetime, to get over or move on from. Their little hearts will never be the same as your won't be.

Seeing your friends

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If your pet has passed away, seeing your friends who have pets can be really hard. Often they'll want to ask questions or highlight the fact that it is heartbreaking for you which can heighten the feelings of sadness or bring to the surface feelings you may wish to keep buried until you're ready to grieve in your own time.

Walking through the door

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That moment you walk through the door and are greeted by your fury friend with endless love and slobbery kisses is the most magical moment you'll experience in your day. No matter how long you've been out for - be in five minutes or five hours - they'll act like they've missed you for an eternity. That feeling is hard to let go of when they pass away!

The day they were born

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Everyone has a birthday that they celebrate and make a big occasion out of and your pet is no different. Although they cannot celebrate it themselves, you can make them feel social and show them how loved they are. When they pass away, this day can be hard when it comes around and leave you feeling complete sadness.

Your thoughts about getting a second dog

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You may have considered a second pet whilst you had your first, until they pass away and you might think it'll be too hard to get another. Or you may find yourself longing for another one to try to help you heal from the first one. Either way it'll change your mindset, be that for better or for worse.