30 Strangest Soda Flavours From Around The World

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Ketchup Soda

Image Source: Reddit
Grandpa Joe's have garnered a name for themselves after creating a number of quite wacky (and seemingly disgusting) flavours of soda; this one has to be one of the weirdest though right? We're more used to seeing ketchup on top of of our hotdogs or our hamburgers, but would you be interested in trying this bright red soda concoction? I think it'd make me feel a little off!

Eel Cola

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Okay, so throughout this article you'll come to learn that the Japanese can go a little crazy when it comes to their choices of soda flavours; there's some truly crazy ones out there. This one though has to be up there as one of the strangest! Eel (YES EEL) flavoured cola has become a popular choice of drink in Japan as it's supposed to give the drinker a boost of energy!

Pickle Soda

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Pickles have long been a food that have split people on their opinions of the food, many people choose to take those little green circles off of their burgers, whilst others will happily sit and eat the full pickles from the jar! So what side of the wall do you sit on? Could you see yourself having a swig of this glass of pickle soda? Or would you be steering as far clear as possible?

Grass Soda

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I'm not entirely sure why anyone, anywhere would have decided that making a soda based on the flavour of grass would be a good idea, but apparently this American company did just that. Despite it's title and the slogan on the bottle however, people have said that it doesn't particularly taste like grass, but more a sweet herby type flavour instead. Still doesn't sound great does it?

Banana Yogurt Fanta

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If you aren't well versed in reading Japanese then you might struggle working out what this is that you're looking at. The Japanese and other countries across the continent of Asia love trying out some crazy flavours like this one! I'm not entirely sure as to how you can create the taste of yogurt within a soda but apparently the Fanta team over there have worked it out.

Dirt Soda

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As if their decision to create grass soda wasn't weird enough, they also decided that they needed to introduce dirt soda to the world too! As with the grass soda, I'm sure that the flavour wouldn't be quite so earthy as its title suggested, but if I was to come across this on a shelf in the store I don't think it's one I'd be considering throwing in to my basket to try later!

Shiso Fanta

Image Source: Mike's Blender
As I mentioned before, the Japanese Fanta company love introducing some quite unique flavours to the country; and one of the campaigns they work on is by releasing something random every summer. This 2009 introduction actually stayed as part of the regular stock available in the country and is made from what is essentially a Japanese mint plant!

Sparkling Cucumber

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I've already mentioned that you can get your hands on pickle soda here in the US, but did you actually know you could also get the cucumbers as part of a soda BEFORE the pickling process! This is probably one of the less strange soda's to feature in the list, but it's still unique and I can imagine it would actually also be quite a refreshing choice of drink too!

Gingerbread Mtn Dew

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Mountain Dew have long introduced some slightly different flavours to their original drink; and this festive ginger bread edition might be one of the weirder ones out there. I think it comes across as a little weird as you wouldn't expect a drink associated with bringing energy to be quite so festive. Would you be interested in having a gingerbread Mountain Dew with your festive meals?

Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda

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Again, I'm not sure who on earth though that this was a good idea in the boardroom, but someone managed to make a company create this disgusting sounding soda. It looks more like a meaty stock than it does something you'd consider cracking open from the fridge! I don't think getting a whiff of some meat would get me in the mood to drink it though!

Espresso Soda

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Cold coffee has developed a name as being something of a hipster and millennial drink in recent years thanks to the ever-growing number of coffee chains and independent stores around the world. But this company have been making espresso soda's since all the way back in 1895 and in recent years they've been garnering a lot of attention across the US.

Pumpkin Pie Soda

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It seems as though you can get a soda to match any mood, any meal and any season of the year these days doesn't it? This American company create a number of soda's to match the season and one of their most popular products is this Pumpkin Pie Soda; I wonder if it tastes anywhere near as good as the one your mom or grandma would make at home?

Birthday Cake

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If you feel as though you might have outgrown needing a birthday cake as a result of your old age, then you might want to consider getting your hands on one of these soda bottles instead. You wouldn't have to buy any candles for this one, but you might miss out on having some real icing on the cake! I wonder how similar this would taste in regards to the real thing!

Mauby Fizz Soda

Image Source: LoveFood
Okay well this is by far one of the most obscure soda's to feature on this list and is made by the Pepsi company of all groups! You won't be finding this here in the US however, as it's usually only found in the Trinidad and Tobago! But yes, it's made out of the Mauby tree, particularly the bark which is boiled down and mixed with some spices leading to this (questionable?) soda.

Cactus Soda

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If I was to call this soda what it's actually called, you might not have realised that it was actually made from the fruit of a cactus! So yes, it isn't actually cactus, but it comes from the same plant, are we on the same wavelength? Supposedly, despite anything you think about the cactus plant, supposedly the fruit is actually quite sweet and so the soda might not be so bad.


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The Swiss are usually better known as being producers of two things that many of us love more than we do soda; and that is chocolate and cheese! And maybe these two milk based products have got in to their heads a little as Rivella, one of the countries most popular soda's, actually contains lactose and lactic acid that you'd usually tend to find in your milk-based products.

Ramune Curry

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The Ramune company is one of the most popular soda companies in Japan and part of that might be down to the unique design of the bottles as you have to push a marble down for the drink to be available to come out the top! But this flavour does nothing to appeal to most people as it's actually curry flavoured! I think I'll pass on this one though thanks! What about you?

White Fungus

Image Source: Insider
I'm not going to lie, if I ever came across a can that said it was made from white fungus then I probably wouldn't even consider picking it up from the shelf in the first place. The worst part though, is that the white fungus they're talking about on the can of this popular Vietnamese soda is essentially saliva from swiftlet nests. Somehow this drink becomes even more disgusting when you hear that it's quite lumpy!

Liquorice Soda

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Liquorice is one of the most popular flavours in Finland, particularly the salmiakki which is a widely popular variety of the food in the country. For that reason you'll find a whole variety of liquorice flavoured foods in stores, and this is one of the newer and perhaps less popular items. It already divides opinion so I can't imagine this would go well in the US.

Melon Creme

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Felice is another brand in Japan that like to develop and release some sodas that are slightly different to the usual and this one is up there with the most popular! Melon cream is one of the most popular flavours in the country and there's no surprise as it's supposed to be an extremely sweet and extremely creamy sod drink suitable for people of all ages!

Buffalo Wings

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This one obviously had to come from the US didn't it! No one does wings, especially buffalo wings like we do here all across the country. Either way though, I think we should probably stick to just eating the real stuff instead of drinking this which looks like it might set some people off in to a period of sickness. Surely this one can't taste any good at all right?

Black Garlic Soda

Image Source: OpenRice
You might have assumed that this drink probably came from overseas in Asia thanks to their love for unique flavours, but you might be surprised to hear they came from Europe, Switzerland to be exact. It isn't hugely popular, but many believe that the drink has some medicinal benefits and you can usually get your hands on them in health stores. Doesn't help the garlic breath though does it!

Bacon Soda

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We all remember the bacon craze of the early 2010's don't we? It felt as though you couldn't go down any individual aisle of any store without running in to something that had either been artificially flavoured with bacon or wrapped in the stuff! Now I love bacon, with anything (almost) but there's something that a meaty soda that doesn't sound right at all.

Salted Watermelon Fanta

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Watermelon is perhaps one of the most popular soda flavours you can get your hands on around the world, but this limited edition variety from Japan was a crazy one. After years of hot summers, the Fanta company decided that they'd do their bit to help out and the addition of salt was meant to help hydrate the body and keep the body salt levels high.

Takoyaki Ramune

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Yes, so Ramune have more than one flavour of their soda that seems to be a little questionable, and this might be the worst one they have, even worse than curry! If you didn't already know, Takoyaki is essentially octopus in batter and it's usually drizzled in a mayo and some other spicy sauces. So what did Ramune choose to do? Turn it in to a soda of course!

Kimchi Ramune

Image Source: SoraNews24
Kimchi has become more and more popular across the world in recent years, although it does divide opinion thanks to it's distinguishable taste. For those of you that don't know kimchi is made from fermented vegetables and will be both sweet and spicy. Now I don't know about you, but they aren't particularly properties I look for in a drink!

Ranch Dressing Soda

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Somehow, this ranch dressing soda has managed to survive more than a decade on the market, which means that there must be some people, somewhere out there that actually think this stuff tastes nice. Ranch dressing isn't a popular choice in it's natural form so I'm sure you can imagine it probably doesn't offer much in the form of a good taste.

Fanta Moo Moo

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So I've already mentioned that Felice made a watermelon cream soda, but it turns out that isn't where the Japanese stop the line when it comes to mixing their milks and their soda's. In fact, Fanta Moo Moo came in a number of flavours that combined a sweet yogurt with some carbonation. Think a Yoo-hoo mixed with a Fanta here in the US, that's kind of what this is like!

Maple Syrup Pepsi

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Unfortunately, these cans of Maple Syrup Pepsi never made it on to the shelves of stores here around the US; but instead you either had to order them at your local IHOP. Both of these flavours are somewhat iconic so I can only imagine this one, although strange, would probably have tasted amazing. I reckon you could probably sell a load of these if they were fully released.

Pepsi Azuki

Image Source: Mikes Blender
It feels only right to finish this list with another of Japan's quite outlandish flavour options; this one launched back in 2009 and offered a mix of the traditional Pepsi taste with that of the Azuki bean. If you didn't already know, Azuki beans are what is used to make a red bean paste or in some situations a gochujang; maybe a little too spicy for a soda if you ask me.