30 Signs That Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Have you ever caught yourself gazing at the stars and pondering the mysteries of your own existence? Do you find yourself drawn to ancient philosophies, wondering if your soul has RSVP'd to the great cosmic carousel of reincarnation? Well, dear reader, fasten your seatbelt on the astral plane because we're about to embark on a whimsical expedition to uncover the signs that your soul might just be a seasoned traveler through time and space.

1. People recognise you

Picture this: you're strolling down the bustling streets of the city, minding your own business, when suddenly, a stranger locks eyes with you and utters those intriguing words, "You look familiar." It's not just a passing comment; it's a cosmic nudge, a whisper from the universe that your visage is no stranger.Image source / WikihowDo people regularly tell you that they think they’ve met you before when you’re not so sure? Or perhaps they say things like “You look familiar.” This could be a sign that your face is living it’s second (or even third) life and has a familiar, well-lived quality to it.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. You don’t look like your parents

Imagine a family gathering where the air is thick with laughter, shared stories, and the comforting aroma of home-cooked meals. Amidst the familial embrace, you can't help but notice a peculiar puzzle piece in the tapestry of kinship – you, the enigmatic sibling whose resemblance to the rest of the clan is more cryptic than a cosmic riddle.Image source / TreehuggerDespite others seeming certain to have met you before, your resemblance to your nearest and dearest isn’t all that clear. Are you the sibling who looks totally different to the others or you may simply have features that can’t be traced anywhere else in your family. If so then perhaps you're embodying someone else.

3. You’re personality is completely different to your parents

In the grand orchestration of familial traits, where whispers of genetics are thought to mold the symphony of personalities, you find yourself dancing to a different cosmic rhythm. While many can confidently proclaim, "I'm just like my mom," or "I act identical to my dad," you stand in the spotlight of individuality.Image source / Evan Marc KatzIt’s not just your appearance that can differ from your parents. Is your personality the opposite? For many of us, we’re ‘just like mom’ or act ‘identical to dad’. If that’s not you though and your personality is totally unique then it may be that genetics have less of a role to play for you than most.

4. An overriding sense that your home is elsewhere

Perhaps, against the tide of hometown loyalty, you harbor an inexplicable desire to escape, to wander into the sunset of an unfamiliar skyline. While your roots are firmly planted in the soil of your current surroundings, your soul seems to yearn for the open expanse of uncharted territories.Image source / Declutter the mindDo you have a niggling feeling that you don’t fit in? Maybe you have a longing to escape the town you grew up in despite the rest of your family and friends appearing to love it and feel ‘right at home’. Hmmm, that can’t be too nice and could reflect the idea that you’ve been reborn far away from where your previous soul lived.

5. You are drawn to the dead

Graveyards, to many, are solemn places imbued with a certain melancholy, but for you, they are more than mere resting grounds for the departed. Instead of instilling fear, these sacred spaces might beckon you with an inexplicable pull, like a magnetic force drawing you closer to the boundary between.Image source / Natgeo KidsDo you have a fascination with the dead? For most of us, this will sound a bit crazy but for the reincarnated among us, this interest in the afterlife is hard to ignore. Perhaps you particularly enjoy shows with themes of killing or ghosts. Or do graveyards intrigue you rather than scare you?

6. Unexplained phobias

Could it be that the source of your peculiar phobia lies hidden in the fragments of a past life, a chapter of your soul's journey that eludes the conscious memory of your present self? Perhaps, in the tapestry of lifetimes, there exists a moment, a circumstance, or an encounter that birthed this fear.Image source / Natgeo KidsWhilst there are some phobias that are common to many of us: heights, spiders and drowning to name a few, others are more unusual. When people have more bizarre fears (such as of a certain food) these can often be traced back to a traumatic childhood event. If however you have a phobia with no corresponding source then maybe it was formed in your previous life.

7. Unexplained medical issues

Could it be that the roots of this unexplained pain reach deeper, extending beyond the boundaries of your present self? In the cosmic ballet of existence, it's conceivable that the body you inhabit now carries the imprints of injuries acquired in a previous life.Image source / Safe and sound healthSimilarly, if you experience bodily pain or discomfort with no apparent root source then it could be that these injuries were acquired before you. Sure, if you develop bad knees after years of track and field then it makes sense but if you have a major pain and can’t pinpoint its origin perhaps that’s because it predates you.

8. Déjà vu

As you delve into the scientific annals, you'll discover that déjà vu remains an enigma, a puzzle that has eluded the scrutiny of even the most astute minds. Theories abound, from glitches in memory formation to misfirings in the brain's temporal lobe, but a definitive answer remains elusive.Image source / Cleveland ClinicDéjà vu is a strange phenomenon - that odd feeling that the moment you just saw/heard was the second time it happened. It always leaves you feeling a little fuzzy headed and looking round to see if it’s just you experiencing it. Well, imagine having that on a weekly or even daily basis. This ‘brain glitch’ has never actually been explained by scientists so who knows, maybe it’s a sign of reincarnation.

9. You are interested in the supernatural

Perhaps you find solace in the phases of the moon, sensing its influence on the ebb and flow of your own energies. Crystals, to you, are not mere geological formations but conduits of energy, each with a story whispered by the cosmic winds. It's not just cards on a table but a conversation with the universe.Image source / The honeycombersWe’ve already heard that those with reincarnated souls are likely to have an interest in death. In addition, these people will have a natural affinity to the supernatural. Whether it’s horoscopes, crystals or tarot cards, this interest in the hyper-normal and mystic worlds is hard to shift if your soul is reincarnated.

10. You have beautiful eyes

The notion that your eyes reflect a combination of souls is not just a poetic fancy but a cosmic dance of energies. It's a visual testament to the interconnectedness of souls, a mosaic of experiences, and a celebration of the diverse tales woven into the fabric of your being.Image source / FreepikThey say the eyes are the window to the soul and it must be said that some people have particularly beautiful ones. If your eyes are noticeably more unique and marbled than most consider yourself lucky, they sound beautiful. And, just perhaps, their beauty is due to the combining of souls into one new body.

11. Out of place memories

Of all the signs in this list, this is one of the most telling that you have been reincarnated. When people (often children) have out of place memories they essentially remember something from their past that has no reflection of their actual life. For example...Image source / New York TimesToddlers have been known to point at lakes and say “That’s where I lost my breath.” Their parents are confused as they may have never been to the place before. In some of these cases terrifying coincidences emerge where a child of a similar age had died in the exact spot many, many years before.

12. Strong intuition

The dance of intuition for the reincarnated is not merely a lucky trait; it's a cosmic gift, a manifestation of the collective experiences imprinted in the soul's DNA. It's the ability to navigate the currents of life with a knowing smile, to tap into a wellspring of knowledge that transcends the limits of ordinary understanding.Image source / PinterestAdults who believe they may have been reincarnated often refer to their strong sense of intuition. That overall feeling that you know what to do in most situations is a lucky one to have. It makes sense that this would be the trait of someone reincarnated - they literally have the wisdom of a whole other life in their soul.

13. A sense you’re living in the wrong era

In a world where change is the only constant, your resistance to the gravitational pull of current trends is not just a matter of personal taste; it's a sign that the roots of your soul extend beyond the temporal confines of the here and now. It's the recognition that the echoes of a different time resonate within you.Image source / MeisterDruckeSimilar to the idea that you may feel like you don’t belong in the location you're from, reincarnated people may have a sense that they are living in the wrong era. Are you unfazed by modern fashion trends or a bit of a technophobe? If so, then perhaps that is because your root soul feels out of place.

14. Drawn to certain time periods

This isn't just about enjoying the aesthetics of a particular era; it's as if the soul you carry is a time traveler, bringing with it an affinity for the cultures and lifestyles of a specific historical period. Your fascination is not an intellectual exercise but a visceral, almost instinctive, recognition of a world that feels like home.Image source / Beauty LaunchpadAdding to this, you may have an interest in certain periods of time from the past. Love the style and music of the swinging sixties or enjoy the Gatsby style of the 1920s? If you find yourself drawn to these past cultures and even emulating the clothing and lifestyle of those who lived back then well perhaps you did too!

15. You’re wise beyond your years

If people frequently remark on your mature demeanor, perhaps it's time to delve deeper into the origin of that wisdom. It's not merely a result of intellectual prowess or a penchant for reading; it's the culmination of experiences etched in the soul's memory, a repository of lessons drawn from the annals of time.Image source / YoutubeIf you truly have a reincarnated soul then you’re pretty darn lucky. Depending on the age your previous inhabitant passed, you could be living with a lifetime of wisdom between your ears. If people often call you mature or ‘wise beyond your years’ then it may be time to question where all that knowledge came from.

16. You love to travel

The longing to see the world isn't merely a case of itchy feet; it's a cosmic yearning to revisit places where your soul may have once danced under different constellations. Whether it's the bustling markets of Marrakech, the serene temples of Kyoto, or the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, each new destination is a rendezvous with a part of your soul's history.Image source / ForbesDo you love to travel to new places? Is seeing the world and certain locations right at the top of your bucket list? If so, then maybe your soul is trying to tell you something. That longing feeling to explore new lands or cities could simply be your heart leading you home…

17. You’re an empath

Empathy, for you, isn't just a buzzword—it's a language spoken fluently with the heart. Your emotional intelligence is a finely tuned instrument, a result of perhaps years of additional experience connecting with others on a soulful level. The well of compassion that flows within you isn't just a product of this lifetime.Image source / Psychology TodayDo you easily connect with people and especially so on an emotional level? If so, you can count yourself amongst the ‘empaths’ of the world. People like you are especially sensitive to others' emotions and although you may be as calm as a swan, you can relate to hot-headed people (or vice versa).

18. You have premonitions

Positive premonitions may guide you to purchase a lottery ticket, and negative inklings may steer you away from certain interactions. While others may dismiss such feelings as mere superstitions, for you, they are the whispers of the seventh sense, a celestial gift that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.Image source / Online Logo MakerEver had that burning feeling that something is about to happen and you ‘just know it’? These premonitions could be both positive (a sense that you need to buy a lottery ticket) and negative (feeling like you shouldn’t talk to someone). If you have this a lot you could be blessed with a seventh sense.

19. Retrocognition

Minimal research unveils not just facts but a profound comprehension of the human journey through different epochs. While others may need to immerse themselves in archives and textbooks, you, with your retrocognitive tendencies, may find that the knowledge flows from the wellspring of your soul.Image source / CRSJust as you may have ‘premonitions’, the reincarnated often have ‘retrocognitions’. These are memories from the past. These are similar to out of place memories although are broader in definition. Perhaps, with minimal research, you have a really solid understanding of events from the war or how society used to operate in the past.

20. You’re a deep thinker

As a deep thinker, your contemplative nature isn't merely a product of this lifetime's experiences. It's a manifestation of the amalgamation of insights garnered from the various chapters of your soul's journey. Ideas don't merely flit across your mind; they resonate with the echoes of philosophies embraced.Image source / YoutubeIf your soul is reincarnated then at a simple level, you carry the wisdom and life experience of your previous occupants with you wherever you go. It’s little wonder then that those who are reincarnated are said to be deep thinkers. If you find yourself often mulling over ideas and complicated theories then perhaps that’s your multiple life experiences at play.

21. Recurring dreams

As you navigate these dreamscapes, consider the details: who appears in the dream, what unfolds, and where the events transpire. If any of these elements deviate from the familiar contours of your day-to-day life, it might be the handiwork of your last inhabitant, leaving imprints of their experiences on the tapestry of your subconscious.Image source / GlamourAre you subject to recurring or repeating dreams? If so, I hope they’re nice ones and not nightmares! Either way, a recurring dream could be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Think about who is in the dream, what happens and importantly where it occurs. If any of these things are not familiar to your day to day life then perhaps you are being revisited by your last inhabitant.

22. You learn languages easily

If your soulmate from a previous existence spoke a different language, it's as if the ghostly whispers of those dialogues linger in your subconscious. Whether it's the rhythmic cadence of a romance language or the intricate dance of characters in an ideographic script, your ability to grasp languages may be more than a product of formal education.Image source / Learn languages from homeWhether you were always top of the class or found school a struggle one thing is for sure… Those with reincarnated souls are more likely to be competent language learners. Why? Well, if your former ‘soulmate’ spoke a different language to you then it still resides in your subconscious!

23. Advanced as a baby

As you delve into the memory bank of your family, inquire about those early days from the one who witnessed your babyhood—the keeper of your earliest tales, your mom. If you discover that you were exceptionally advanced in a particular area, it might be more than just a cute childhood story.Image source / The mirrorBabies hit certain milestones as they develop. Whilst new moms shouldn't get too caught up over these (everyone is different, right) they act as a useful indicator of how well your child is progressing. So ask your Mom how you compared. It could be a flash of your former self coming through.

24. Love food from other cultures

Welcome to the gastronomic journey of the soul, where the flavors of a favorite cuisine might be more than just a matter of personal taste—it could be the echoes of a past life lingering on your palate. Love for a particular culinary tradition might be more than a random preference.Image source / TasteatlasWhat cuisine is your favorite? Mine is Asian, my partner’s is Greek. Pretty random right? Obviously everyone has unique tastes but if your preference for the food of one culture really stands out then maybe that’s because it brings a welcome familiarity. Why not try cooking some too.

25. Birthmarks

Dive into the intriguing world of birthmarks, where the canvas of our bodies might hold imprints from the tapestry of past lives. The notion that birthmarks are signs of trauma from a previous existence adds a layer of mystery to the skin's narrative, suggesting that these seemingly random marks may carry echoes of experiences etched in the soul's memory.Image source / Yale MedicineSome say that birthmarks are signs of trauma from a past life. I remember going to school with a kid whose dad had a birthmark over his whole face. Following this idea, perhaps he experienced a terrible burn in a former life? Where are your birthmarks? What could have caused them?

26. Animals love you

Step into the enchanting realm of the animal kingdom, where intuition weaves a silent symphony that transcends the limitations of human communication. Animals, with their innate instincts and heightened senses, navigate a world rich in nuances and mysteries.Image source / BDC WireAnimals are extremely intuitive. Sure they cannot talk or do many ‘human things’ but their skills lie elsewhere. Ever heard of animals running to high ground before a tsunami? Or those dogs who can sniff out illnesses? The power of animals should not be underestimated.

27. Interested in religion

Step into the realm where the divine whispers echo in the chambers of the soul, where the yearning for spiritual understanding transcends the confines of religious affiliations. An interest in powers greater than ourselves might be more than a philosophical pondering.Image source / Learn religionsAre you deeply religious? Or perhaps you’re not religious at all but have an interest in God and spirituality. Are you drawn to places of worship and ponder the meaning of life? A deep thinker who prays in times of need, even if you don’t identify with a religion?

28. Calm energy

Enter the tranquil oasis of Zen, where the gentle ripples of calm energy emanate from your being like a serene pond reflecting the essence of your soul. If you find that people often describe you as having a "calm energy" and radiating a sense of relaxation, it might be more than just a personality trait.Image source / YoutubeAre you very zen? Do people say that you have a ‘calm energy’ and radiate a sense of relaxation? If so, this could be a sign of a reincarnated person whose transition was peaceful and positive. Perhaps your former occupant lived a wholesome and fulfilled life, moving into the afterlife with ease.

29. Frantic energy

Step into the whirlwind of energy, where the chaotic currents of stress and anxiety surge through your veins, creating a tumultuous symphony that defines your daily existence. If you find yourself with a hectic energy, often stressed, run down, or anxious, it might be more than just the ebb and flow.Image source / Lifehacker AustraliaOn the other hand, if you have a very hectic energy and are often stressed, run down or anxious then perhaps the opposite is true for you. You may well still have a reincarnated soul but sadly for you, your last occupants’ transition was far from peaceful.

30. People are drawn to you

Step into the luminous aura that surrounds you, where the cosmic energy of the reincarnated mingles with the vibrations of the present. If you find that people are inexplicably drawn to you, that there's an irresistible quality to your presence, you might be experiencing the telltale signs of a soul that has traversed the realms of existence.Image source / Verywell MindJust as animals may show you an unusual amount of attention, the reincarnated amongst us have a certain energy that’s just hard to ignore. People will be attracted to your aura, there’s just something about you that’s irresistible. Seem to be friends with everyone?

31. You’re Constantly Being Told You’re An ‘Old Soul’

Step into the peculiar realm of the "old soul," where the echoes of bygone eras reverberate in the heart of a seemingly youthful being. If you've ever been bestowed with the label of an old soul, it's likely because your interests and sensibilities transcend the temporal boundaries of your age.Image Source / LonerWolfCalling someone an 'old soul' is something many people like to do, especially if your age range has taken them by surprise. Think 'oh you're 16 years old but you love 1920s culture and you don't like the music that all the young uns are listening to these days?' type vibe. Sometimes it can be patronising, but still.

32. You Have A Deep Love For History

Welcome to the enchanting tapestry of time, where the past unfolds as a captivating narrative, beckoning you to explore its intricacies and unravel its mysteries. If you find the past, in all its diverse forms, utterly fascinating—whether it's recent history, different cultures, or a specific era that ignites your curiosity.Image Source / KennametalYou likely find the past fascinating. It doesn't matter what kind of past - recent history, different countries altogether, a particular time in history that you're specifically drawn to - you just love delving into history. You might even love it so much you want to make a career out of it!

33. You Might Have Very Old-Fashioned Morals And Values

Feeling like you were born at the wrong time might manifest as a sense of solitude in your adherence to values that others might not find as compelling. Perhaps your views on love, relationships, and the meaning of life align more with the gentle cadence of the past than the frenetic pace of the present.Image Source / Business InsiderYou may have this sense that you were 'born at the wrong time' in terms of your morals and values about love and life not quite aligning with everyone around you. You might feel like you're the only one clinging onto the old ways or values that other people aren't interested in.

34. You Always Feel Restless Like You’re Searching For Something

The sense of waiting and longing might manifest as an insatiable curiosity, a hunger for experiences that transcend the ordinary. It's not that you're unhappy with your current life; it's that your soul is attuned to the cosmic symphony, listening for the harmonies that will guide you toward a destiny yet unknown.Image Source / Rise ScienceYou can be happy with life but still feel restless. You might feel that no matter what you do, you feel like there's something 'bigger' out there or a particular path you're waiting for - and you don't know what it is. You just have that constant sense of waiting, and longing.

35. You Actually Have An Active Interest In Reincarnation

Throughout your life, you've enjoyed delving into conversations about reincarnation, exploring its nuances, and sharing your perspectives with others. It's not just a passing interest; it's a profound connection to a belief system that resonates with the echoes of your soul's journey through time.Image Source / IrishCentralYou might be fully invested in this idea in reincarnation - maybe it's always fascinated you, and you feel drawn to it. Maybe your whole life you've enjoyed talking about the idea and exploring it. You truly believe in reincarnation, and always have - and always will!

36. And/Or You’re Extremely Spiritual

Your spirituality is an evolving exploration, a dance with ideas that resonate with the essence of your soul. The deep interest in nature-based worship might manifest as a reverence for the natural world, a recognition of the sacred in the ebb and flow of the seasons and the intricate dance of life.Image Source / chopra.comOr maybe you don't particularly give any thought to reincarnation but you've always found that you're deeply spiritual, connecting to new age ideas or having a deep interest in nature-based worship, like paganism. You might find you love exploring your own spirituality.

37. You Feel Like You Know How To Live Life Happily

The satisfaction you feel in knowing how to live your life becomes a guiding principle. Rather than expending energy on irrelevant pursuits, you've honed in on what truly matters to you. Your time is a precious currency, and you invest it in experiences, relationships, and endeavors that align with your authentic self.Image Source / Becoming MinimalistYou don't feel as though you're learning how to live your life for the first time - you just feel happy you know how to live it. This means you don't waste time on irrelevant things because you know what makes you happy and that's what you fill your time with.

38. You’re Not Really A Fan Of Modern Décor

As you curate your living space with quirky antiques and things that defy the homogeneity of flatpack furniture, consider it a cosmic rendezvous with the aesthetics that once resonated with your former self. Perhaps in a different time, you roamed through spaces adorned with similar treasures, finding comfort in the uniqueness of each piece.Image Source / Decor AidMaybe you've always had tastes far away from modern minimalism. Maybe a charity store or antique shop is where you've always felt at home, and your own home is filled with quirky antiques or things a little different rather than flatpack furniture. This could be your old life coming into play.

39. And ‘Vintage’ Clothing Is Just Clothing To You

As others may flock to vintage stores in search of unique finds, you, in your element, have been effortlessly embodying the elegance of another era. Your affinity for vintage clothing becomes a stylistic homage, a celebration of the threads that once adorned your former self.Image Source/ Culture TripVintage clothing has become popular for a lot of people, and doesn't necessarily mean you've been reincarnated, but if you've always had an affinity for vintage clothing as your natural clothing rather than a 'love for the old' this is a sign that you were wearing vintage clothing before it was cool.

40. You Obsess Over Those Movies And TV Shows That Show Different Times

As you find yourself swept away in a sob fest, yearning to be taken to a different land portrayed on-screen, it's as if the settings and atmospheres depicted hold a mirror to your soul's memories. The emotional resonance runs deep, suggesting that the landscapes and times portrayed might be more than just fictional realms.Image Source / Den of GeekWe all have that sort of 'please take me away to a different land' sob fest from time to time when we're watching time travel programs or movies set in a different time, but if these shows and movies affect you on a seriously deep and personal level, this is a sign these TV or movie settings could be closer to you than you think.

41. You Prefer To Spend Time Alone

Your need for time alone isn't a mere quirk; it's a conscious choice to recharge and reconnect with the essence of your being. It's as if your soul, having navigated the complexities of varied relationships, has learned to savor the tranquility found in moments of self-reflection and quiet contemplation.Image Source / OMAR ITANIThink about it: you've lived more than one life, so chances are you might have had your fill of people for one lifetime, let alone more than one. If you frequently find you need time alone to recharge, it could be because you've socialised with a lot of people and you've learned to appreciate that quiet time alone.

42. Nature Is Your Go-To For Healing

In the woods or under the open sky, you're not just a spectator; you're an active participant in a cosmic dance. The rustling leaves and the sunlight filtering through the branches become not just elements of the environment but conduits of energy, weaving a connection between your past and present selves.Image Source / Dreamstime.comIf you find you're quite outdoorsy where your go-to is a walk in the woods or feeling the sun on your face if you're feeling low, it could be a shout-out to your 'old soul' needing to get back to nature and connect to the natural rhythm of things. Your instinct is to seek nature's embrace.

43. You’re A Pro At Astral Travel And Lucid Dreaming

The desire to astral travel may not just be a passing interest; it could be a yearning rooted in the echoes of your soul's history. The pull you feel might be an invitation to unlock the latent potential within, allowing your consciousness to soar through the astral realms and gain insights.Image Source / Live ScienceIt would make sense for those who have been reincarnated to be able to astral travel and lucid dream, too. To be able to travel between dimensions and planes on a physical and spiritual level other lifetimes. Maybe you've even felt a pull to astral travel and would like to try it if you haven't already?

44. You’re 100% Done With Drama

Your inclination toward peace and quiet isn't a mere whim; it's a conscious choice to create a harmonious environment that aligns with the wisdom of your 'old soul.' The desire to stay away from drama is a testament to the lessons learned across the tapestry of time.Image Source / DepositphotosIn the same way that 'old souls' can appreciate that quiet time alone, it's also likely they'll want to stay away from any loud chaos or drama. You may have already lived a lifetime of drama (or more than one lifetime) so peace and quiet is what you're looking for.

45. You Have A Hunger And A Thirst For Knowledge

our enthusiasm for continuous learning isn't just a passing interest; it's a profound connection to the essence of your 'old soul,' which has traversed the corridors of time, accumulating wisdom and insights across diverse lifetimes. The completion of one learning journey becomes a prelude.Image Source / HelpjuiceYou may find you're never full when it comes to learning. If you've finishing learning one thing, you're eager to start another. This could be anything - learning more about the world around you, about yourself, or a specific skill like an instrument or two (or maybe three).

46. You've Always Felt Like The Odd One Out

The feeling of being different is not a cause for alienation; it's a subtle acknowledgment that your soul is a maverick, a time-traveler of sorts, carrying the echoes of experiences and cultural nuances from a period that harmonizes with your authentic self.Image Source / Education Quizzes

You might feel like you're different from everyone around you - maybe even the rest of the world. Maybe you felt like the 'strange' kid and that never really changed when you grew older. It could be because your soul is different. You might be from another time.

47. You Just Wanna Live A Simple Life

The yearning to live on a farm or in a rustic setting isn't merely a romantic notion; it's a deep-seated recognition that your soul may have once reveled in the simplicity of an agricultural existence. The memories of tending to the land, cultivating crops, and sharing the rhythm of life with those close to you.Image Source / Scary MommyWe've all had those moments where we just wanna give up the grind and go live on a farm or something. It might be that your 'old soul' wants that a bit more, though - that urge to return to simpler times from a past life when it was just you, the land, and your loved ones.

48. Money Isn't Your Purpose

The allure of material things and the pursuit of wealth pale in comparison to the richness derived from family, loved ones, and the pursuit of knowledge. If you find that the clamor for material possessions doesn't resonate with your 'old soul,' it's a testament to the wisdom gleaned from your experiences.Image Source / Marxist.comYou find that you're not drawn to material things or that money isn't your goal. You've been through too much experience to care about that, and you understand the bigger importance of family, loved ones, seeking knowledge and a richer life through all ways except money.

49. You're Overly Sensitive To Electricity

The hum of devices and the digital cacophony become more than just modern inconveniences—they are palpable energies that resonate with your 'old soul.' If you find yourself particularly sensitive to the drain of electronics, it could be a manifestation of your grounded nature.Image Source / ThoughtCoElectronics are draining - headaches from scrolling social media all day, squinting at the TV for Netflix binges, that sort of thing - but you may find that you're particularly sensitive to it. It might be, if reincarnated, because you're extremely grounded and more in-tune to these electronic vibrations around you.

50. You Aren't Afraid Of Death

In the face of death, you don't carry the weight of doom; instead, there's a tranquil knowing that the cycle of life and rebirth perpetuates, offering endless opportunities for growth, learning, and evolution. The 'old soul' sees death not as an adversary but as a companion.Image Source / The Mirror

You've lived and died more than once already, so why would you be afraid of it? When you've been reincarnated you don't share that sense of doom that comes with death - because you know it's just a new beginning and a new journey, that will see you beginning a new one.