30 Signs You Wouldn’t Survive Prison

By Aaron Love 7 months ago

You're Physically Weak

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The harsh reality of prison life is that there really is a need for someone to have some physical strength in order to survive. The prison environment is often a breeding ground for conflict which could arrive at any moment and not having the strength to defend yourself could make things difficult.

You Have No Self-Defense Training

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Like I just said, prisons are full of conflicts, and it's all good and well being strong, but you also need to know how to defend yourself too. Without any former training in self-defense you might leave yourself vulnerable to handling any other violent inmates that want to pick a fight.

You Get In To Conflict A Lot

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Conflict is obviously something an inmate needs to remain vigilant of at all times, but if you tend to find yourself in conflict a lot in general you could be in trouble. In public you might be able to get away with these things, but in prison you're surrounded by some of the craziest people out there.

You Struggle To Make Friends

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Although you might not want to make friends in prison, it could be absolutely essential to form some connections and alliances in prison. Those who struggle to make and maintain relationships outside of prison might find they end up being more vulnerable to potential threats.

Scared Of Authority Figures

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Although most prison guards and staff should be able to be trusted, there's always a risk that one of them could be a little dodgy. Being fearful of people in authority could open you up to manipulation by other inmates or even some of the guards working in the facility you're imprisoned in.

You Can't Handle Stress

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It probably wouldn't surprise you to find out that life behind bars is extremely stressful, inmates are often facing a constant flow of uncertainty and other challenges. If you're the sort of person that's easily stressed and might find themselves overwhelmed you could be in trouble.

You Get Anxious A Lot

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Anxiety is another particularly debilitating feeling to have when you're in the prison environment. Persistent anxiety can often result in some quite poor decision-making and strained relationships. Besides this you might always be on edge trying to cope with your surroundings and the people you're surrounded by.

You Don't Know About Prison Culture

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If someone isn't accustomed to the various unwritten rules and norms of prison culture they might be left behind and vulnerable. Failing to grasp these things quickly might lead to someone disrespecting others and in some situations make you the target of others in the prison.

You're Likely To Snitch

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In many prisons, the guards and authority figures might try to use other inmates in order to try and get information in the ongoings of their prison. Trust is precious in the prison environment so you'd do yourself a load of good to avoid betraying the confidence of your fellow inmates.

You Get Easily Bored

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Prison life can often be quite monotonous and you can often find yourself left without anything to do in comparison to when you're out in the real world. Those who get easily bored can often find themselves feeling stressed and depressed without the usual distractions.

Social Cues Elude You

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In the prison environment it is absolutely essential that you are able to understand and respond to social cues without issue. Some inmates will rely on nonverbal communication and you need to pick up on this to avoid being caught in some awkward or dangerous situations.

You're Reliant On Alcohol

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Although it's obviously dangerous to be reliant on alcohol, this becomes even more of a liability in prison. For the entirety of your imprisonment you'll need to be alcohol free, this can often raise some disciplinary issues and maybe even worsen the problems you drink for.

You Can't Resolve Conflicts

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I've touched on conflicts a lot already, and although they are inevitable when in prison, you need to have some awareness and knowledge as to how to de-escalate them. Without having this ability, inmates might be more at risk of being drawn in to some more significant confrontations.

The Crime You've Committed

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Although everyone in prison is there for a reason, the nature of your crime may play a significant impact on your safety in prison. People who commit crimes against children for example are usually at a higher risk of being on the receiving end of violence than others.

You're A High-Profile Inmate

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High-profile inmates, people like celebrities or government officials often face some additional scrutiny by the other people they're imprisoned with. They can often struggle to maintain a low profile and this can lead to them being harassed or exploited during their stay behind bars.

Limited Financial Resources

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Financial resources can often impact your ability to be able to navigate the prison environment properly. Throughout your time in prison you need to be able to secure some essential goods or even trade with fellow inmates. You don't want to be left without anything at all!

You Need Help Handling Finances

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It can be quite a complex task to manage your finances when locked up. People who struggle to budget their money properly, make complex financial decisions and handle money could be caught in a struggle. They need to build some form of social capital and without money this becomes even harder.

Affiliation With Gangs

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If someone heads in to prison and they already have an affiliation with a gang it really could spell trouble. Yes, gangs offer people some protection and social aspects but this might also open someone up to being drawn in to some violence or other illegal activities which get them in more trouble.

You're Too Emotional

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Being emotional is something we're all taught is fine to be when out in the real world but behind bars it might be a little issue. It's essential that inmates can maintain their emotional resilience and composure to make sure others don't think you're too soft.

You Like To Isolate Yourself

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Isolation is very much a double edged sword in prison, some alone time might be able to give you some time for personal reflection and safety, although if it's too often you might end up feeling too lonely. It could make building important social connections much more difficult than before.

Limited Education

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In prison, education can be an important pathway to personal growth and development. If someone has a limited education they might end up facing some additional challenges when it come to finding prison work or participating in any of the educational rehab programmes.

You Can't Manage Personal Hygiene

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Although it isn't always easy to remain on top of your personal hygiene in prison, it's essential that you do so in order to maintain some form of well-being and your representation to others. If you struggle smelling clean then it could make it more challenging for you to build alliances.

You're Disrespectful

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Although it's nice to have a lot of financial stability in prison, respect might be the most valuable currency amongst prison communities. If you come across as disrespectful to other inmates there's probably a high chance that other people could target you for violence.

You're Naturally Gullible

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You obviously need to be able to trust people in everyday life, but in prison you might need to be a little wary about others. Gullibility could be a significant problem for you if other inmates catch on as you could be manipulated in to deceiving others or even being part of scams yourself.

You Have An Existing Health Condition

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There are obviously some people in the prison system who have some pre-existing health conditions which require frequent care and attention. It's essential that these challenges are navigated safely and regularly in order to prioritize your own health and safety when locked behind bars.

You're Too Open With Information

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Whilst it's essential for you to build alliances with other people in prison, you also need to be careful about revealing too much information about yourself. People knowing too much about your lives can make you an easy target for manipulation. Don't let people misplace your trust.

You're A Family Person

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One of the biggest struggles that people have in the prison environment is that they are completely separated from their families. If someone is a very family-oriented individual then it can have some severe disadvantages on people as they're split away from their loved ones.

You Rely On Entertainment

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If your life is very much revolved around the television and your phone you might really struggle when it comes to the available entertainment in prison. Prison life will really take you back to the pre-social media phase and you're going to have to rely on the nature of social interaction.

You're Easily Scared

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It's no surprise that you might be fearful of other inmates in prison, but letting this show might hinder your ability to be able to cope. Besides this, once other inmates notice you're a 'soft touch' they might end up choosing to focus their sights on making your life a living hell.

You Like Good Food

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Although many people in prison try to find their own cheat meals via the prison store, if you like to eat well then you're probably going to be disappointed by the available grub in the prison system. No longer will you be dining at fine restaurants or enjoying fresh family cooked meals until you finally get out!