30 Signs Our Kid’s Partner Hates Us

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. They Ignore Us

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It's kind of awkward if our kid's partner hates us; if their relationship is anything serious then you're bound to spend time with each other occasionally and what a hoot that is! If they really dislike you then they may just ignore you, which actually is a blessing in disguise because who would want to talk with someone who hates them?!

2. They Try To Turn Our Kid Against Us

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Hopefully our child has enough integrity that they won't be sucked into anything malicious, but that won't stop their partner from trying! They'll do anything to make our kid hate us as much as they do, probably because they're jealous and want their partner all to themselves.

3. They'll Make Plans That Clash With Ours

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In an attempt to keep their partner away from their family, the person who hates us will intentionally plan something involving our child, on the exact same date and at the exact same time as a planned family event. If their partner doesn't go then they'll take offense and manipulate them into missing family time. How selfish!

4. Family Dinners Will Be Ruined

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If in the unlikely event that your kid's hateful partner attends a family gathering, then it's highly likely that they'll ruin it. They don't want to be there, and they'll make it known. The scene created will cause your son or daughter to leave early, which is exactly what their partner wanted.

5. They Will Make Ultimatums

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If the partner is being overt about their hatred for you, then they'll probably make ultimatums where they force your child to choose between you and them. If this isn't a red flag, we don't know what is and we hope the relationship won't last much longer!

6. They'll Compare Us With Their Own Family

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It's likely this person will want to make you feel bad about yourself, and one way to do so is to compare you with others. They'll say things to inflate their own family while putting yours down, and we mustn't rise to it. We must continue to support our child so they see we're not as bad as she says we are!

7. They Will Disrespect Our Home

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If your kid's partner hates you then it's likely they will not respect your environment or your belongings. If they don't take things from you, they may spill drinks or break things in your home. They won't clean up nor feel bad about doing so, so don't ever expect an apology.

8. They'll Talk Badly About Us

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You may hear it through others that your kid's partner has been speaking badly of you behind your back. They may not only want to turn your baby against you, but they could wish to turn everyone else against you as well. This can be really hurtful and we hope our kids can see sense!

9. Their Affections To Our Child Will Be OTT

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As they are jealous of you, they will want you to feel jealous of them. They'll display their affection publicly as they look in your direction to see if you're watching. They will want their partner to think they're amazing so will shower them in love. They'd hope that if you tell your kid what's really happening then they'll think you're crazy.

10. They Will Disagree With Everything We Say

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People who hate us are combative. They won't outwardly agree with anything we say even if inwardly they do. They will try to create divisions and persuade your kid to be on their side so that they become far removed from you. Again, it is important not to fuel this behavior as you can make things more divisive by getting involved.

11. They're Unappreciative

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For your kid's sake, you'll probably try to show kindness to their partner no matter how much hatred they show towards you. This can be done by gesture, conversation and by invitation, but if they're not your fan then it's likely these will be met with disapproval, which will make you feel bad about your efforts.

12. They Will Lie To Our Kid About What We've Said

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Even if you've been the kindest person in the world to your kid's partner, if they dislike you then they'll try anything to make your kid dislike you as well. This includes lying about things you probably haven't said to them, and making false statements about things you've done. Our kids need not believe this so open communication is key!

13. They Will Start Arguments

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People who hate you can be quite sly when causing arguments; they'll want people to think that you started it. This is especially true if they need to keep the peace with their partner and make you look like the bad guy. Taking the bait and arguing back will only make things worse!

14. They'll Force Our Kid To Take Their Side

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Whatever happens, whether good or bad, a person who hates their in laws will always want their partner to choose them. Their moods are so terrible that your kid might think it makes life easier just to choose them over you, which is a sign of an extremely toxic relationship.

15. We Won't Get Invited

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If they decide to throw any sort of party or gathering, no matter what it is, then if they truly hate you then they'll refuse to invite you. Even at their wedding, you might only be their because your kid seriously insisted; it definitely won't have been the partner that wrote the invite!

16. They'll Throw A Fit If We Do Anything For Our Kid

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As parents we all want to do nice things for our kids to make them happy, no matter how old they are. If their partner hates us then they'll despise seeing the smile on their face when they experience parental niceties. It'll make them feel threatened and in need of their full attention.

17. They'll Duplicate Presents Or Buy One Better

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Everything seems to be a competition for people who hate their in laws, and gift giving is no different. If they somehow find out what you have bought them for their birthday or Christmas, then they will want the limelight and purchase something they think is 'better'. What an exhausting way to live!

18. They Will Put Us Down

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There are many ways to put another person down, whether it is blatant cruelty or just making sly remarks, no matter the severity they're all as hurtful. If you're hated by your kid's partner then they probably can't help themselves trying to make you feel bad, but try to remember it's their problem and not yours.

19. They Make Us Feel Like A Bad Parent

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With their judgements, a kid's partner who dislikes us can make us feel as though we're a bad parent. They might comment on our parenting style or maybe mention something their partner has told them, either way they will never speak positively. We'd just hope our kids don't complain about us to much, it'll only give them more ammo.

20. They're Negative About Our Appearance

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It takes someone really ballsy to say something negative about their partner's parent's appearance, but unfortunately it does happen. Their dislike towards you will come out in all sorts of ways and making you feel crap about how you look is one of them. This is where our kid really needs to wake up and smell the flowers!

21. They'll Judge Our House

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Another way to make us feel really bad about ourselves is to judge the state of our house. It doesn't matter if it's as clean as a showroom, they will still find something to pick at. Our space is sacred so for someone to speak negatively about it can be really upsetting.

22. They Will Treat Us Terribly

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We usually know when someone hates us by the way that they treat us, however it may not always start this way. If your kid gets into a relationship with someone who hates you, then that person will probably seem nice in the beginning as they're trying to impress their partner. They won't be able to keep this facade up for long and you'll soon start to see cracks!

23. They're Belittling

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It's likely that the partner who cannot stand your presence has a mission to make you feel small, in hopes that their partner will think more of them. If they can't see through this behavior then it may work for a while, however your kid is sure to eventually see the effects this toxicity has on you. We'd hope so, anyway.

24. They're Possessive

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Often, people who hate their in laws despise their partner from even seeing them, so they'll try any trick to get in the way of contact. You may find that the relationship seems very one-sided, with your kid acting like a lapdog following commands. There's clearly something wrong with their partner as this is not what people do in a loving relationship.

25. They Will Disrespect Our Family

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Disrespecting someone's family members is the lowest form of abuse, but it's something manipulative people do to separate their partner from loved ones. Unfortunately you may not be the only person your kids partner treats badly, as your other relatives are likely to feel the brunt of this person's hatred as they are also related to you.

26. They'll Refuse To Spend Holidays With Us

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We get it, each family have their own traditions and things they like to do over the holidays, but it's just common courtesy to visit your partner's family at least once over the festive period. As these are special days, the partner who hates you couldn't think of anything worse than spending it with you!

27. They'll Plan Our Kids Birthdays Without Us

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Planning birthday parties is one of the most fun things about being a parent, and we don't get to do that as they get older. Usually, their partner will take over the planning and invite their family along to whatever it is they've arranged. If this person hates you however, then don't expect to be involved.

28. They'll Laugh At Us

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Whether it is behind your back or to your face, being laughed at never feels good, especially if we're not in on the joke. If your kid joins in it's even worse, but you just have to ignore it. It's childish behavior that need not concern you, so really try to just walk away.

29. They'll Get Their Parents Involved

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People who hate their in laws without good reason may be rather childish in that they can't coexist with someone who is also important to their partner. They'll want an army to justify their hatred and will involve those who show undying loyalty to them - namely, their parents.

30. They Will Compare Us To Their Ex's Parents

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If you're in a relationship with someone and they hate your parent, then it feels as though they hate a part of you too. They clearly don't care enough about your feelings to try and get along with those that raised you, so in a hurtful attempt to make everyone feel bad, they'll compare the parent to their ex's! And if you're the parent, you'll probably just feel bad for your kid.