30+ Signs He’s the One You Should Marry

By molly atherton 7 months ago
In the labyrinth of love, trying to finding someone who is worthy of a lifetime commitment is pretty much like stumbling upon a rare treasure chest in a sea of ordinary suitors. So, how do you know if he's the one you should marry? If your relationship feels like a delightful rollercoaster of love, laughter, and shared dreams, buckle up for a whimsical journey through the unmistakable signs that declare, "This one's a keeper!"

1. You share the same values

If two people are going to be together forever, it’s pretty important that you share the same values as your other half. Whether you both want to live sustainably or have tons of children, it’s crucial that you learn more about what your potential hubby wants out of life.Premium Photo | Beautiful afro american couple cooking at home - beautiful and cheerful black couple preparing dinner together in the kitchen(Image/ Source: freepik.com)Moreover, discovering common values not only strengthens the bond but also helps navigate life's challenges as a united team. Shared values provide a solid framework for decision-making and problem-solving, enhancing the resilience of the relationship.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. They lift your spirits

Does their presence alone lift your spirits? Make you feel comforted? If so, it’s a pretty big sign that he’s the one you should marry. It’s not often you meet someone that makes you feel completely happy and reassured in life, so if you’re lucky to find that special someone, hold onto them with both hands!35 Fun & Cheap At-Home Date Night Ideas | The Dating Divas(Image/ Source: thedatingdivas.com)The emotional impact of a partner's presence goes beyond just happiness; it extends to a profound sense of comfort and reassurance. When your spirits are lifted and you feel a deep sense of solace in their company, it indicates a unique connection that you're meant for each other!

3. You have shared dreams and ambitions

Shared dreams are a definite good thing. Making plans, hopes and dreams together, no matter how ambitious or silly, show that you’re committed to each for the long term. Building a future is what happens in those “serious” relationships, so if this is happening naturally between you, you’ve got yourself a keeper.Premium Photo | Senior asian couple trekking, traveling, living a happy life in retirement healthy, can see the fresh nature. concept of health tourism for the elderly. with copy space.(Image/ Source: freepik.com)In the journey of shared dreams, there's a beautiful dance of collaboration and mutual growth. As you weave your aspirations together, you not only solidify your commitment but also create a roadmap for a life filled with shared adventures and accomplishments.

4. You count down the minutes until you get to see him

We all go through the honeymoon phase in a new relationship.  If you’re still excited to see your other half, years down the line, then stick with him! It shows a definite spark if you’re literally counting down the minutes to see your man -  even if you’re just hanging out on the couch with a glass of wine!Airports Are Scenes of Joyous Reunions as U.S. Reopens - The New York Times(Image/ Source: nytimes.com)Cherishing those everyday moments and still counting down the minutes to be with your partner is a clear indication that the spark of your connection continues to illuminate your relationship, making it a source of warmth and fulfilment that stands the test of time.

5. You have a shared "language"

Do you both come up with tons of silly words or phrases for things? Have a series of in-jokes that would rival Jim and Pam in "The Office? Then it’s pretty clear that you’re destined to be together! A shared love language between a couple shows intimacy and shared humor, which is a great sign for married life.6 Ways Happy Couples Talk About Money | GOBankingRates(Image/ Source: gobankingrates.com)These quirky, personalized aspects of communication not only bring laughter into the relationship but also serve as a unique language that only the two of you understand. The inside jokes and silly phrases become a secret code, a delightful reminder of the exclusive world you've built together.

6. You have your own rituals

This is a really cute one. If you have rituals or things that you HAVE to do together, then you’ve probably got a good foundation for marriage. You won’t skip ahead of that Netflix series you’re watching, and you won’t go to that new restaurant that’s just opened without them either.Happy African American Couple, Watching Movie In Theatre, Close Up. 3D Stereo Glasses by KinoMaster on Envato Elements(Image/ Source: elements.envato.com)These shared rituals become the heartbeat of your relationship, creating a rhythm that synchronizes your lives.  Embracing them ensures that your journey as a couple remains grounded in the cherished moments you have created together and a great grounding for a successful marriage.

7. You don't argue that often

We know all couples argue but some more than others. If you’re one of the few couples that don’t argue all that often, it shows that you’re generally on the same page about most things - which is a very good sign when it comes to marriage! If you’re both able to listen to each other’s opinions calmly, it’s a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship.6 mistakes you're making when you argue with your partner(Image/ Source: nbcnews.com)When disagreements arise, the absence of frequent arguments suggests a shared understanding and a willingness to find common ground. Listening to each other's opinions with respect and patience fosters a healthy and communicative dynamic

8. You trust them 100%

As the old saying goes, you can’t have a relationship without trust, let alone a marriage! This is why it’s really important that you trust your partner 100%. That means trusting him when he goes out with the boys, not getting concerned about who he’s messaging and not being jealous of him spending time with other people that aren’t you.Indian couple kissing on bench in urban park stock photo(Image/ Source: westend61.de)Embracing each other's social lives and friendships demonstrates a confidence in the strength of your connection. It's a recognition that trust is built on mutual respect and understanding, acknowledging that both partners have their individual lives and interests.

9. You can be open and honest with each other

On the subject of trust, it’s also pretty crucial that you’re both open and honest with each other. You should both be able to voice your concerns and share what’s on your mind without a huge drama or argument, because you’re both in a safe relationship where things can be calmly discussed. If that isn’t something you have right now, marriage might not be the best idea...The Best Time to Start Discussing Having Children With Your Partner(Image/ Source: bestlifeonline.com)Open and honest communication forms the bedrock of a healthy relationship, providing a safe space for both partners to express their thoughts and concerns. The ability to discuss matters calmly and without drama encourages an environment where trust can flourish.

10. You accept his flaws, and he accepts yours too

Let’s face it -  nobody is ever going to meet someone who doesn’t have annoying little habits and quirks. We all get things wrong and we all make mistakes! So if you can both accept each other’s flaws instead of trying to change them or letting resentment build between you, then your love is going to continue to grow.Premium Photo | Shot of happy young couple walking in the meadow man and woman holding hands and walking together in field of tall grass(Image/ Source: freepik.com)By navigating the ups and downs with a spirit of forgiveness and empathy, you create a relationship that not only survives but thrives. It's in the acceptance of each other's humanity that the seeds of enduring love are sown, allowing your connection to deepen and mature over time.

11. You can be vulnerable with him

Everyone has a past, and everyone has insecurities. If your relationship is strong, you should both be able to let your guard down and talk about the things these things, without judgment. When you’re with the right person, you should feel more comfortable with feeling vulnerable, as they will be there to support you!What To Do When A Guy Cries At The Thought Of Losing You(Image/ Source: herway.net)Feeling comfortable with vulnerability is a sign that you've found a companion who not only accepts you for who you are but also stands by your side through the highs and lows. In these moments of openness, the bond between you strengthens, making for a bright future.

12. It's "We", not "I"

If you’re really serious about marriage, you shouldn’t just be thinking about yourselves. You’re a team, so it’s “We”, not “I” from now on! That doesn’t mean to say that you both aren’t individuals with your own thoughts, feelings, and ambitions, but it’s a good sign if you naturally refer to yourselves as a unit!Young rock climbing couple celebrating on rock formation stock photo(Image/ Source: westend61.de)Embracing the "we" mentality signifies a strong sense of unity and partnership. By seamlessly incorporating the "we" into your narrative, you reinforce the idea that your journey is a joint adventure, where the successes and joys are celebrated collectively, making the bond between you even more resilient.

13. He does little things for you

Does he do cute little things for you - like bringing your favorite treats back from the grocery store or sending you nice texts when you’re away from home? Or maybe he makes you your favorite meal as often as he can! Whatever it is, it’s the little gestures that can really make a big difference in a marriage.Everything a Man Needs to Know About Giving Flowers to a Woman - Top Romp(Image/ Source: topromp.com)These small actions speak volumes about the depth of your connection. They go beyond mere tasks; they reflect a genuine desire to bring joy and comfort to each other's lives. In a marriage, it's these seemingly insignificant moments of thoughtfulness that accumulate and create a reservoir of love

14. You can read each other like a book

The strongest couples manage to silently communicate. All it takes is one look for them to understand you! He should know when you want to leave a party, when you’re hangry, and when you’re upset about something. If you’ve managed to master this communication art with your man, he’s definitely the one for you.How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Relationships | mindbodygreen(Image/ Source: mindbodygreen.com)This silent communication goes beyond verbal expressions, creating an unspoken language that only the two of you share. The ability to read each other's cues, whether it's a subtle glance, a sigh, or a nuanced expression, is a powerful tool in navigating the intricacies of life together.

15. You can rely on them

If you’re really wanting to marry, you need to make sure you can rely on him no matter what. He should be reliable with the big things as well as the little things, like ordering your favorite drink for you if you’re running late, or picking up the groceries on the way home if you’re stuck at work. You should know that he 100% knows you!Older People Who Never Had Kids Share Their Thoughts on the Trajectories of Their Lives(Image/ Source: distractify.com)It's the assurance that, no matter the circumstances, you can rely on each other. In a marriage, this mutual dependability becomes the bedrock of a resilient and nurturing relationship, where both partners can navigate life's challenges with the unwavering support of a true companion.

16. You feel calm around him

We’ve all probably been with the wrong person at some point - the person that makes you feel nervous, or like you’re walking on eggshells. If your partner makes you feel calm and safe, then this is a definite improvement! And it’s a really good sign that your man well may be a partner for life. Watch this space…Happy couple at home in their living room in front of window looking at tablet together(Image/ Source: westend61.de)Feeling calm and safe in your partner's presence is a profound indicator of emotional security and compatibility. When you no longer experience the anxiety or tension that can accompany being with the wrong person, it signifies that you've found a genuine sense of ease in your relationship.

17. You know how to cheer each other up

If you’re feeling down, your potential hubby should know exactly what to do to cheer you up - and vice versa! It’s really important that you can lift the other person up when they’re struggling and know exactly what to say and do to make things better. If you can both manage this, it shows you can work for the long term.50 Marriage Tips From Couples Who've Last 50 Years — Best Life(Image/ Source: bestlifeonline.com)Mastering the art of comforting one another not only enhances the quality of your relationship but also lays the groundwork for a marriage where the challenges of life are faced as a united front. In these moments of shared solace, you build a resilience that strengthens the bond.

18. You have shared hobbies and interests

We’re not saying you need to be joined at the hip or have the same opinions on everything but having a few shared hobbies and interests like sport, cooking or travel generally helps couples feel more connected. Those who have completely separate interests can struggle to find common ground in their relationship.Tennis Courts | Runnymede on Thames(Image/ Source: runnymedehotel.com)Striking a balance between individual and shared interests contributes to a dynamic and fulfilling partnership, where both partners feel a sense of unity and harmony.  These shared experiences not only deepen your connection but also serve as building blocks for lasting memories.

19. Even the boring things become enjoyable

If you’re a solid couple, you’ll find that the boring tasks and errands become much more fun when you do them together. Need to go to the supermarket? Or maybe you need to do a spot of DIY at home over the weekend? Whatever it is, it should be ten times more fun (and silly) when you’ve got your bestie by your side!Premium Photo | Grocery shopping. black family couple buying food and fruits taking notes in checklist choosing groceries together in modern supermarket. spouses buy fresh organic vegetables in store(Image/ Source: freepik.com)Having your best friend as your partner in crime not only adds a touch of silliness but also transforms everyday moments into cherished memories. In a marriage where even the most routine tasks are approached with a sense of playfulness shows this relationship can stand the test of time.

20.  You laugh a LOT

Scientists have said that couples that laugh together tend to have longer, high-quality relationships -  which is a very positive sign if you both want to get married. Sure, romance is important too, but if you’re able to laugh at silly things together and poke fun at each other, you’ll be happy for a long timeCouples who laugh together have better relationships(Image/ Source: mariefranceasia.com.Laughter is a natural stress reliever. In the midst of life's challenges, sharing a laugh with your partner can provide a welcome break and help alleviate tension and stress.  It also creates an immediate sense of connection and intimacy, a closeness only you two share.

21. You value his opinion and he values yours

When you’re in a healthy long-term relationship, you value each other’s feedback and advice. Whether it’s chatting through your plans for the weekend or thinking about a bold new career move, you’ll want to hear (and respect) what they have to say as they care about you a lot, and want what’s best for you.Consider These 9 Things Before Breaking Up With Your Partner(Image/ Source: verywellmind.com)This open communication that you both lovingly share, paves the way for shared decision making, reinforcing the idea that you are not just romantic partners but trusted allies navigating the journey of life together.  If you are both accepting of the fact that you are not always right, this means more than words!

22. You've both got cheesy

They say it’s not easy being cheesy, but it’s a LOT of fun when you have the right partner! You might have poked fun at people who have their other half as their phone background, but if you’re head over heels with your man, you might have gone one step further....Movie Couples Costumes | POPSUGAR Entertainment(Image/ Source: popsugar.com)You and your future life partner (hopefully) might have gone beyond the boundaries of cheesiness and changed your laptop background or WhatsApp photo to a picture of the two of you.  What's more, you don't care - you're embracing cheese upon cheese!

23. Everyone loves him

If someone’s really right for you, it’s a very promising sign if everyone in your life loves him as much as you do. He should get on super well with your family and friends and meet their expectations. This can be a make-or-break for a lot of relationships and marriages.Meeting Girlfriend's Parents: How To Impress Her Mother And Father | Loveawake.com blog(Image/ Source: blog.loveawake.com)The approval and acceptance of your partner by those closest to you carry significant weight in the longevity of a relationship. When your family and friends not only tolerate but genuinely love your partner, it often indicates a harmonious fit within your social circles.

24. The little things make you smile

A really good sign for marriage is when you embrace all their little quirks. That little smile they have when they talk about something they love; the way they answer the phone or chat on their Zoom calls when they work from home. These little things are what make them who they are, and instead of making you roll your eyes, you should love them!Benefits and Risks of Apps Like 'Happy Couple'(Image/ Source: verywellmind.com)Rather than being irritants, they become sources of delight and reminders of the individuality that drew you to them in the first place. Embracing these nuances creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance, creating a marriage where both partners feel free to be their authentic selves.

25. You like to have private moments

We know there are a lot of couples out there that share every tiny detail of their relationship on social media.  The happiest couples don’t need to do that and enjoy private moments together. It’s obviously nice to share updates on social media now and again, but some things should just be for the two of you to share.Couple Shoot in the Highlands of Scotland | BLITZKNEISSER(Image/ Source: blitzneisser.com)The happiest couples understand the value of preserving certain moments just for themselves, creating a sense of exclusivity and intimacy that deepens their connection.  Maintaining a balance between sharing moments and cherishing intimate experiences is a hallmark of a strong and secure relationship.

26. You're willing to make effort

If you’re both willing to put the effort into your long term relationship, it shows you’re cut out for marriage. Like a lot of married couples will tell you, marriage takes effort but it shouldn’t FEEL like effort. You should be able to take the rough with the smooth and go out of your way for your other half.Dating secrets: 10 red flags and other secrets women need to know(Image/ Source: today.com)Putting effort into a long-term relationship is a commitment to growth and shared happiness. The willingness to invest time and energy into the partnership signifies a dedication to weathering challenges together and celebrating triumphs jointly.

27. You feel lucky

If you’re going to get hitched at some point, you’ll want to feel lucky in what you have. So if you’re feeling like that with your current partner, it’s a great sign. Out of the millions and millions of other people on the planet, you’ve managed to find your soulmate - someone who is just as weird as you are!Who Should Pay On A First Date? | HuffPost Life(Image/ Source: huffpost.com)Feeling fortunate and appreciative of your partner is a powerful indicator of a strong and fulfilling relationship. Recognizing the uniqueness and compatibility that drew you together in a world of countless possibilities is a certain cause for celebration.

28. Things should feel natural

If you’ve found your soulmate, everything should feel easy and natural in your relationship. Things do take some effort but your relationship should never feel like you’re climbing a mountain. A happy, long lasting relationship means it should be effortless and easy to spend time with them.Photographer Captures Elderly Couples Posing Like Newlyweds(Image/ Source: insider.com)A happy, long lasting relationship thrives on the simplicity of shared moments, where being together feels like the most natural and comfortable place in the world.  It's about finding joy in the simple act of spending time together and navigating life's journey hand in hand.

29. You know that you're still two separate people

While it’s super important that you can do things together, it’s just as important that you can do things separately too. Too much time together can feel a little suffocating, so make sure you’re both able to do your own thing now and again. This is a much healthier approach to a long term relationship!Farewell Quotes That Mean More than Just Goodbye(Image/ Source: thoughco.com)It's essential to recognize that both partners are unique individuals with their own passions and interests. Embracing this autonomy not only contributes to personal growth but also ensures that the relationship remains dynamic and fulfilling.

30. They help you become the best person you can be

Nobody’s perfect but we always want to improve ourselves. If your partner brings out the best in you and encourages you to be the best version of yourself, it’s a really good sign that they’re the right person for you! This kind of commitment is a solid foundation to help you grow together throughout your marriage.Mixed reactions trail older women dating younger men(Image/ Source: premiumtimesng.com)If your partner encourages you to be the best you can be and supports your growth, it's a good sign. This commitment to helping each other improve creates a strong foundation for a happy and lasting marriage where both of you can thrive together.

31. The Kind Or Protective Gestures He Does

He's so protective.  He holds the door for you, he opens the car door for you, he makes sure he walks closer to the road than you or walks down in front of you on the staircase in case you fall and he can cushion you... you know, that kind of thing. Keeper material.Image Source / Murder is EverywhereThese protective gestures not only showcase thoughtfulness but also reveal a deep sense of care and consideration. A partner who actively looks out for your well-being in both big and small ways demonstrates a genuine concern for your safety and comfort.

32. He Takes Care Of You Physically, Mentally And Emotionally

It's one thing just to 'take care of you', but to make sure that absolutely every single one of your needs are met is something truly special. He cares about your mental and emotional health as much as he wants to see you physically healthy. Just a good all-rounder.Image Source / MediumIn a relationship where your partner attends to both your emotional and physical needs, there's a solid foundation for mutual growth and a shared sense of fulfillment. It reflects a commitment to a well-rounded, supportive, and enduring connection that prioritizes your overall well-being.

33. He Pays For Everything

This isn't so much the 'oh if he spends a ton of money on you he's a keeper' because it isn't about gold-digging - it's more about the fact he's actually happy to spend money spending time with you, and on you, that's a great sign for the future.Image Source / Serious EatsThis generosity, where he insists on paying for everything, all the time, reflects a genuine desire to contribute to your happiness and signifies a future where the focus is on the quality of the connection rather than the price tag.  It's an amazing quality!

34. He Shows Up On Time - Every Time

He arrives on time exactly where he said he'd be, when he said he'd be - he never leaves you waiting, he makes sure to leave home early just in case he comes across a delay.  Guys who stand you up - whether accidentally or otherwise - just isn't a viable option I'm afraid.Image Source / Labour and WaitPunctuality reflects a sense of responsibility and consideration for the value of the moments you share. It shows that he prioritizes your plans and values the time you spend together, contributing to a relationship built on reliability and mutual respect.

35. He Makes You Feel Safe

There's just something about the way you feel when you're with him - and not just a sort of physical safety, but an emotional safety in that he's never gonna hurt you (and never gonna let you get hurt). He may also make you feel safe about the future and avoid uncertainty.Image Source / The Good Men ProjectPhysically, your (future husband's) actions and presence provide a sense of protection, assuring you that he prioritizes your well-being and is there to support you. Emotionally, this safety suggests that he creates an environment where you feel comfortable.

36. He Keeps Your Secrets

It's one thing to trust your partner, but a whole other ball game when you just know he'll protect your secrets with his life. If you want to offload on him about something - and especially other people - you just know that he'll never go off and tell all his mates about what you've said.Image Source / Scientific AmericanKnowing that you can freely share your thoughts and vulnerabilities, confident that he won't betray your trust, creates a deep sense of intimacy. It signifies a bond where confidentiality is a sacred commitment, supplying a safe space where you can be truly yourself without fear of judgment or indiscretion.

37. He Actually Wants To Spend Time With Your Family

A lot of partners can willingly go to family events when you ask them or be happy to go to your family dinner when they're invited although it's a huge difference when they actually want to make arrangements to see your family more, like prompting you to ask them to dinner or when he's gonna see your family again.Image Source / Merriam-WebsterThis proactive approach to family involvement is a clear indication that he values and enjoys the company of those who are important to you, contributing to a harmonious life and sense of togetherness.  . It goes beyond mere obligation, reflecting a desire to build connections and be a meaningful part of your extended support system.

38. And Your Friends, Too!

Image Source / HuffPostAnd this applies to your friends, too. The people that are most important to you in the world are going to be your family, friends and him, so the fact he's actually willing to spend time will all the people you love is an absolute winner. You want to hang on to this one!

39. He Has A Genuine Interest In Things You Care About

He doesn't just pretend to be interested or pretend to listen, he actually is. And not only that but he also goes out of his way to find out more on your behalf about your interests, even if he's not interested himself. Like 'I have no clue what all this means but I found this crochet pattern for you'.Image Source / The New York TimesA partner genuinely interested in your passions shows emotional investment and a desire to understand you deeply. It fosters a connection based on mutual support and shared experiences, enhancing the bond between the two of you.  It demonstrates a deep level of attentiveness.

40. He's Been Honest With You From The Very Beginning

He's been 100% with you from the very start. He's never even told a white lie, like pretending he likes the same food as you on a first date to make a good impression - he's just always told the truth and made sure you never thought he was lying about anything.Image Source / LooperTheir commitment to authenticity suggests a genuine and transparent connection. This openness creates a trustworthy environment where communication is built on sincerity.  This lays the groundwork for a relationship founded on truth and mutual understanding.

41. He Always Keeps His Word. Always.

If he gives his word, he's proven time and again that he means it, your entire relationship. And now that you know that, you just know any future times he gives his word, he's going to keep it.  Because of this  you have that complete trust and dependability on him.Image Source / Ladue NewsWhen he always keeps his word, this signifies a strong foundation of reliability and dependability in the relationship. It demonstrates his commitment to follow through on promises, giving you the sense of security and dependability that you have always wanted.

42. He Actually Talks About The Future

And not just because you prompted him - he actually brings up the subject himself and seems to  want to discuss your future together without you having to worry or drag it out of him. The future to him is an open topic he'll happily discuss, even if he doesn't know where the future leads.Image Source / Psychology TodayThis openness suggests that he envisions a future with you and values the prospect of building a life together. His willingness to engage in these conversations, even when uncertainties exist, indicates a level of emotional maturity and a shared excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead.

43. Loving You Doesn't Scare Him

There's nothing wrong with being scared when you're in love or realising that you're making a commitment, but it's always a good long-term sign when the idea of loving you and being with you forever doesn't scare him even in the slightest.Image Source / MediumWhen your partner shows sheer fearlessness in expressing and embracing their love for you, this signifies a deep sense of security and confidence in the relationship. It suggests that he sees the commitment not as a burden but as a source of joy and fulfilment.

44. He Makes You Feel Like The Only Person In The World

When your eyes meet he makes you feel like the only person in the room and all that jazz. He focuses on you when he's talking to you, he makes decisions based on you, and he always puts your needs first. That sort of thing.  When you gt to know a man like that, hang on for dear life!Image Source / Whitehouse Primary SchoolThis level of attentiveness and prioritization of your needs is a clear indication of a partner deeply invested in your happiness. When a man consistently makes you feel like the center of his world, it makes for a profound emotional connection and creates a sense of being truly valued.

45. Ex Who?

Even in the happiest of relationships your mind can wander back to a past relationship, or maybe you're comparing your new bae to an ex you loved and lost. But with this person, you don't even remember your ex - they eclipse everyone you've ever known, and no ex compares.Image Source / www.self.comThis newfound partner eclipses all past relationships, and the mere thought of exes fades away effortlessly. The depth and uniqueness of the connection you share make comparisons to the past seem irrelevant. In their presence, the past losing its significance.

46. He Still Makes You Feel Nervous (In A Good Way)

We mean those adorable little butterflies when you're excited to see him again after a trip, or maybe you've bought a new outfit and you're nervous to show them and get his opinion. All the cute little nerves are still really special because it means you care.Image Source / Merriam-WebsterThese charming and delightful nerves totally showcase the enduring excitement and emotional spark in the relationship you have. It's a beautiful reminder that the thrill of being with him remains, creating a dynamic and vibrant bond that keeps the romance alive.

47. He's Constantly Trying To Prove That HE'S The Lucky One

You're always telling him how lucky you are to have him, but he's about ready with a PowerPoint presentation to show you exactly why he's the lucky one and why he's lucky to have you. He lives in awe day after day that he found someone like you!  Is that amazing, or what?Image Source / Villa del Palmar Cancun
This continuous effort to demonstrate that he's the lucky one reveals a deep appreciation for you and the relationship. His enthusiasm to showcase his gratitude  is his way of expressing the joy you bring to his life.  Guys like this don't come along often so count yourself lucky!

48. He Buys You Things (That Aren't An Apology Gift)

He doesn't just buy you things when he thinks he's done wrong and picks up some flowers at the gas station. He buys you gifts that actually mean something and just because he wants to say he loves you - it doesn't even need to be your birthday or anniversary, either.Image Source / Country Living MagazineThese thoughtful, just-because gifts convey a genuine desire to express love and appreciation. His gesture goes beyond the stereotypical apology flowers, showing that he consistently thinks about making you happy. The spontaneity and meaning behind these gifts go beyond the actual item.

49. He's Eager For Phone Calls

Yes, in this day and age, messaging is where it's at, but if he's actually willing to sit there and have a long phone call with you because he simply wants to hear the sound of your voice, that's a very good sign. Phone calls can be extra special in this modern world of texting (and sexting).Image Source / UnsplashA partner eager for phone calls values the intimacy and connection that hearing each other's voices brings. This willingness to engage in lengthy conversations signifies a genuine interest in the depth of your communication and they hang to to every word you say.

50. If He Has To Cancel, He Makes It Up To You

It's not just a 'sorry babe I have to cancel, we'll do something another time, yeah?'  Then it never happens. With him it definitely happens - with interest - to make up for missing the original plans. He'll want to make it up to you and enjoy that time with you that was cancelled.Image Source / www.self.comHis commitment to rescheduling and making it up to you speaks volumes about his dedication to the relationship. It reflects a genuine desire to ensure that the missed plans are not forgotten and holds value in the relationship.  A cancelled plan is turned into an opportunity for special, shared enjoyment.