30+ Signs A Loved One Is Looking Over You

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Feathers

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Spotting a white feather is a sure sign that someone you loved and lost is nearby. White birds aren’t all that common so seeing a feather in your path is a really special moment. Some people have even reported finding delicate white feathers indoors, a sure sign that a loved one is looking over.

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2. Heightened senses

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When a loved one is trying to reach you, they will do everything in their power to do so. One of the easiest ways they do this is to put your senses on high alert. Does your vision appear particularly clear? Or perhaps your hearing seems sharper. Guess what, it’s no coincidence, they’re sending you a sign that they are in your presence. But which sense is the most commonly affected?

3. The scent of perfume

Image Source / LoveToKnowOur lost loved ones will use all of your senses to get your attention but their favorite by far is your sense of smell. Why? Well smells have been shown to have the strongest association with memory. There are endless reports of people smelling a strong, familiar scent despite no apparent source. Grandma’s perfume, Dad’s aftershave or even the scent of your lost friend’s favorite food could all pay you an unexpected visit.

4. Electronics

Image Source / ShuttershockHaving lots of electronics means plenty of electric frequencies that can be used to transmit a sign. The energy of a loved one can show up in countless ways but here are a few of the most commonly cited: a light bulb flickering on and off, a TV turning on or switching to their favorite channel, the radio turning on at the time of their favorite song.

5. Water

Image Source / iStockWater is another source of communication for the dead. You may hear a dripping tap only to find no water in the sink. Or, a small pool of water may appear for no reason indoors. If that is the case, feel the puddle. It may be unusually hot or cold - yet another sign that a loved one is trying to show you their presence.

6. Butterflies

Image Source / Today

Saying that a butterfly is a visiting loved one is common and a really beautiful way to tell young children that ‘Grandma is saying hello’. But is it deeper than that? Butterflies are known for their delicate flight and rarely land on humans. However, if you’ve recently lost a loved one and spot one of the coloured beauties sit very still and you may have a pleasant surprise. A butterfly landing on your hand or shoulder could well be a sign from above.

7. Entering the ‘alpha state’

Image Source / Psychology Today

The ‘alpha state’ is a state of mind that can be reached when you are totally relaxed. Most often, people use meditation to enter alpha. When you meditate, you alter your consciousness and reach a place where spirits can communicate. It’s the technique used my many spiritualists and although it takes some practise, is one of the most sure fast methods to talk to those on the other side.

8. Peculiar pets

Image Source / ASPCAHave you ever seen a cat or dog acting in a way that seems totally odd? Maybe they’re barking at thin air or rolling over as if having their tummy scratched even when there’s no one there. Guess what - pets are one of the easiest ways for a loved one to reach you. Knowing that direct contact with humans may be too startling, spirits often use pets as a go between to say hello. Next time you see your pet acting strangely, take a deep breath and smile, it might be someone saying hello.

9. Overly affectionate pets

Image Source / The Scotsman

Another way spirits use pets to reach you is through a method called transferred affection. That’s a fancy way of saying they will hug or embrace you through the medium of your beloved pet. Why? Well, as in the last example, we associate our pets with love and wouldn’t be startled if they wanted a cuddle (compare this to how you might feel if a pair of invisible arms suddenly embraced you). When your fluffy friend next cuddles up to you ask yourself if they’re being more affectionate than usual. If so, cuddle them hard - it may not just be them showing you love.

10. Visitation dreams

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We don’t want to get your hopes up - visitation dreams are quite rare. However, they happen often enough to warrant a place in the list. So what is a visitation dream? As the name suggests, during a peaceful night's sleep, you will be visited by your loved one. This is more than a regular dream mind, when you wake up you will have a deep sensation that you weren’t alone during the night. It may sound daunting but for those who have experienced it, the experience is said to be extremely comforting.

11. Deja who?

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Don’t worry if visitation dreams don’t come your way as there’s another way loved ones can pass on that relaxing sensation. You know the calming feeling you get when day-dreaming, a kind of half here/half there sensation that makes you feel really calm. Some mediums say this is a sign a spirit is connecting with you. And don’t even get me started of deja vu - this unexplained phenomena is often said to represent the presence of a ghost as your brain waves essentially glitch.

12. Keepsakes

Image Source / David Wilson HomesIf you’ve been reading these and are now desperate to attract a lost loved one back into your life here’s a top tip… Have any keepsakes of theirs close by. Items that previously belonged to a loved one hold residual energy and are the perfect choice for attracting them back to you. Keepsakes could be literally anything - a photograph, an item of clothing, even a lock of hair.

13. A restful nights sleep

Image Source / The TelegraphWe all know the difference between waking up feeling groggy compared to feeling refreshed and restored. Well did you know that a really deep sleep may be a sign that your loved one has been nearby. Choosing to visit you in your unconscious sleep state is often the first way a loved one will show up. They can be with you without startling you and pass on their calm aura. The next time you wake up feeling deeply energized, consider who may have paid you a visit in the night.

14. Recurring thoughts

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It’s natural to think about someone often after they have passed away. They may have once been a daily presence in your life only to be gone in a flash. Life can be cruel sometimes. If however it has been many years since their passing and you suddenly find they won’t leave your thoughts this shouldn’t be ignored. Chances are, they have decided to pay you a visit and won’t be going anywhere until you realize!

15. Goosebumps

Image Source / Scientific AmericanIt’s weird the things that can give us goosebumps… From a cool gust of wind to listening to an emotional piece of music, the sensation that your hairs are standing on end is a strange one. It goes without saying then that an unexpected case of goosebumps could well be a sign from the departed.

16. Hearing their voice

Image Source / LoveToKnowAn ADC is the acronym for ‘After Death Communication’ and one of the most common ADCs is hearing the voice of your loved one. There are 2 ways in which these audio ADCs can visit you. Firstly, you may hear them as if someone were in the room next to you (although of course when you turn to the noise there’s nothing there). The second - and perhaps more unsettling way - is hearing the voice in your own head. We all know what our ‘internal voice’ sounds like so when this suddenly takes on a new guise this can be really quite unnerving.

17. Birds

Image Source / The Times

Just as feathers and butterflies are known to be signals from the dead, birds also have a special significance. Individual birds have different meanings so here are a few to look out for: Wise magpies are a grandparent watching over us, the flapping wings of the hummingbird represent life moving on and a cardinal is a messenger bird - a sure sign that your loved one is saying hello.

18. Meeting their namesake

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Of course it’s normal for people to share the same name but there are endless reports of people losing loved ones only to then bump into people with their name in the days following their death. If the loved one was elderly, this can be extra surprising as names tend to come in and out of fashion so meeting many other people with old-fashioned names like Elsie or Bill may get you wondering if something more is at play.

19. ‘Set the table’

Image Source / LongreadsThis is another technique that psychics and mediums will encourage you to do. Simply enough, you should leave out a favorite item of food or drink as if your loved one was about to sit down and enjoy it. You may wish to leave it there overnight. When you look in the morning, see if anything has changed.

20. Hearing their song

Image Source / 1ZOOM.MeSharing a favorite song with someone who has passed can be such a special way to reignite memories. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of these ‘memory songs’ playing on the radio or appearing unexpectedly in TV shows after a loved one has passed. Do you share a special song with someone?

21. Coins

Image Source / iStockThe symbolism of coins and the departed has been known for many years. Put simply, a coin represents value so finding them in bizarre places is your loved one reminding you to value yourself and remember your self-worth. Especially noteworthy are coins presented in unusual clusters or lines - if it looks unlikely to have been done by chance, it probably is.

22. Phone calls

Image Source / FlickrPeople often mention phone calls and messages as being the way their loved ones are trying to get in touch. You can see why - they are one of the most obvious forms of direct communication we know. The pattern typically goes like this: phone rings, upon answering the line is quiet but not ‘dead’, there is a real sense that someone is trying to speak although only muffles or broken words are audible. In the most shocking examples, the calls vanish from the person’s call history.

23. Partial appearances

Image Source / New ScientistSeeing your Grandma walking down the highstreet after she’s passed is, let’s be honest, unlikely. However, there are endless reports of ‘partial sightings’ or appearances which are hard to explain. In these cases, people claim to see a misty haze-like form which clearly resembles a human but isn’t solid. Whist this may sound daunting, these hazy figures are said to give off a healthy, luminous glow - a sign that the deceased is saying ‘I am ok, I am well.’

24. Touch

Image Source / Learn ReligionsWe’ve already heard that a needy pet may be a loved-one indirectly looking for your affection. Well some of our lost relatives/friends are less subtle in their signals. If you’re alone and feel a light pressure on your back or even a warm sensation on your hand it may be a sign that their spirit is with you. How lovely.

25. Weird weather

Image Source / loveEXPLORINGWeather can be weird at the best of times and depending on where you live, it’s common for it to be sunny one minute and raining the next. If however, you notice a sudden and unusual weather pattern this may be more than meteorological madness. Sudden rainbow in your path? A wind so powerful it knocks something over in your yard? Don’t even get me started on a rain shower that splits right over your house!

26. Pebbles

Image Source / EtsyAs was the case with coins and water, people often report finding pebbles in unusual places in the weeks following a loved one’s death. I’m not talking about a small stone in your shoe, oh no. In these instances, stunning stones or perfectly round pebbles appear, their beauty so alluring they’re certain to catch your eye! If it has an unbroken line around it it’s known as a ‘wishing stone’ - now there’s a keepsake if ever I heard of one.

27. Unfamiliar reflections

Image Source / Can StockWe see ourselves in a mirror or other reflective surface so often that we don’t even think twice. However if a loved one is trying to reach you through ‘reflective communication’ you will know about it. When glancing at yourself, you’ll have an uncanny sense that something isn’t quite right. Perhaps your eyes look different or your mouth has taken on a new shape. This could be a spirit embodying you and what you’re seeing are aspects of their own reflection merged with your own…

28. Changes in handwriting

Image Source / TwitterThe next time you write a letter or birthday card, take stock of your handwriting style. We write so often that we forget just how unique our handwriting really is. A sudden change in your writing style could indicate a loved one saying hello through your ink. If you want to be really sure, try to find something that they have previously written and do a handwriting analysis. If certain letters match theirs then it may well be that they are paying you a visit.

29. Nail changes

Image Source / LivestrongDid you know that your nails are made of dead cells? Whilst the cuticle base contains living cells, the part that you can see is definitely not alive. It makes sense then that these would be a site of communication for the dead as their energy levels are more closely aligned with your keratin filled features. If you spot a sudden change in your nails’ appearance or they start to grow particularly fast you may be getting a helping hand (quite literally) from your loved one.

30. Vivid photographs

Image Source / The ArgusIt's natural to look longingly at photos of lost loved ones. They will catch your eye as you walk past them in the hallway or pop up on your phone - it's as if they're trying to get you to say hello. What's funny though is that these photos can suddenly appear enhanced, as if someone has edited the colours to make them pop. A strange coincide or a sign that someone is close by...?

31. Feeling Like Someone Has Been In Your House

Image Source / PinterestSometimes we get a feeling when we enter our house that someone else has been there. In fact it can be a very ominous feeling as though someone has invaded out privacy and our space. But in fact, it can be a sign that one of our loved ones has been or is there to visit and we can sense it.

32. Lucid Dreams

Image Source / The IndependentLucid dreams are different to any other kind because we are aware that we are in a dream and to some extent we may even have some control over what we do and how we think. They can happen when a loved one is sending a message or whether they are visiting us.

33. Numbers

Image Source / Impact SignsWhen you lose someone, you may start seeing the same sequences of numbers or just the same numbers appearing time and time again. It may be more prominent soon after losing them but it can happen whenever your loved one is close to you. It may be a sign from them appearing in numbers.

34. Symbols

 Image Source / The ArgusSimilarly to the appearance of number sequences this sign will be apparent when you keep seeing the same symbols over and over. This varies massively from a picture or a simple symbol like a star. You'll know when you see a symbol that keeps appearing multiple times.

35. Smelling Their Favourite Food

Image Source / Dana FoundationAs we know, we may have physically lost our loved ones but spiritually they can remain with us or they can visit us. And, there is also residual energy that is left on earth even after they have gone, and this may present itself in the smell of their favourite food.

36. Smelling Smoke

Image Source / Offatarius TravelsThis one is particular to whether your loved one smoked. But, if they were a smoker and it became something you associated with their smell then this energy may linger and you may smell it still after they have gone. Or, it could mean that they are close to you.

37. Feeling Peaceful

Image Source / UsplashWhen you experience a feeling of overwhelming peace that perhaps has come from nowhere, it could be your loved one sending you energy and positive vibrations through your body. They may even be close to you which is having a positive effect on your mind.

38. Buzzing Noises

Image Source / Health.comThe frequencies of messages from our loved ones do not enter our normal hearing range, and so they instead present themselves by sounding like a buzzing noise in your ear. Do not dismiss is, it could be a message from your loved one that we cannot decipher.

39. Objects Moving

Image Source / TripAdvisorThis does not mean objects visibly moving in front of you. But, when you notice things in your home slightly out of place it may be your loved one that is moving things around a little bit. It's probably not you despite probably thinking you keep misplacing things.

40. Thinking You Keep Seeing Them

Image Source / HelloGigglesHave you ever thought that you saw one of your deceased loved ones only to get lose and of course realise that is not them - even though it couldn't have been possible. Then this might happen again in quite quick concession.

41. Changes In Temperature

Image Source / AerosealTemperature is very dependent upon the energy in a room. And sometimes you will experience walking through patches which may inexplicably seem noticeably hotter or colder. This could be their spiritual presence which you cannot see but can feel in the form of temperature.

42. Dragonflies

Image Source / TasteofhomeDragonflies are thought to carry spiritual messages from heaven. So, if you have a loved one that has passed away watch out for any messages in the form of dragonflies. Perhaps it is not just a dragonfly, maybe it is your loved one reaching out to you.

43. Animal Appearances

Image Source / pennLiveThis one is less to do with pets and more to do with animals in the wild. For example if you keep seeing a deer or a horse then it could well be a loved one paying you a visit. Animals are much more sensitive to nature and spirituality so they are often a form of messengers.

44. Personal Items

Image Source /blogspotIf you keep finding their personal items or stumbling across their favourite things and they keep appearing to you don't ignore it. You may things you had put something away and in fact you keep stumbling upon their belongings. This means someone is sending you a message.

45. Feeling Like You Are Being Watched

Image Source / BBCWhen you get that ominous feeling that you are being watched but cannot see whom it may be, this is because it may not be somebody near you physically. It may in fact be someone (your loved one) near you spiritually paying you a visit and watching you.

46. Ringing Ears

Image Source / HealthyAgain, this is similar to the buzzing noises. Do not dismiss this because it could be a message that cannot properly be translated to due the differences in pitch frequencies and signals. Instead, take it as a message in itself which will prove comfort knowing they are near.

47. Write Them A Letter

Image Source / Atlanta Jewish TimesIf you are wanting to connect with a loved one that has passed then a goof way to do this is through writing a letter. Write it, and leave it out in a place where they used to love or spend a significant amount of time. Hopefully they may respond to you through some means.

48. Hearing Their Phrases

Image Source / PreplyIf you keep hearing a distinct phrase over and over, something that they used to say, it may not be coincidence. It may be that they are near or they are sending you a message and it is in the form of a signal, hearing their familiar words which will provide comfort for you.

49. Weather

 Image Source / Wall HereDoes the sun keep shining down on you? Sometimes the sun can feel spiritual, when the rays permeate through the clouds and shine down on you. And this could be true. Your loved one may be watching down on you or they may be near by making the weather seem brighter.

50. Nature

Image Source / CN TravellerNature is the closest thing to the spiritual world. And this is why signs and signals will often be sent through nature because of their receptivity and sensitivity. So if you want to connect to your deceased loved one, then nature is the best place to be.

51. Intense Emotions

Image Source / Psychology TodayIf you ever experience intense overwhelming emotions  (whether it is sadness or happiness) that perhaps even seem to come out of the blue, there may be another reason. It may be that your loved one is close, and it is intensifying your emotions as theirs combine with yours.

52. Go To Their Favourite Places

Image Source / TripAdvisorIf you want to feel most connected to your loved one and sense them in some kind of way, your best way to go about this is to visit a place which has a particularly intense connection for them. There, you are likely to feel as though they are present in some way.

53. Rainbows

Image Source / LoveLimeRegisWhen you spot a rainbow, it can actually be a message from a loved one sending you signals through nature. Perhaps they are sending signals to you to send you comfort and hope in your time of grief and to remind you that they are present still in spiritual form.

54. Feeling Their Emotions

Image Source / Tracking HappinessDo you ever experience a feeling or an emotion that seems out of place with your body and mind at that moment? Pay attention to this because it might not be your emotion, it may be your loved ones visiting and their emotions are felt by you - this is why it will seem to come at random times.

55. An Internal Voice

Image Source / TODAYPeople do not just receive messages from loved ones in external voice forms, in fact these are very rare. What is more common is hearing an internal voice within you. It may be easy to assume it is your own internal voice...but stay sensitive to different voices as it may be your loved one.

56. Smelling Flowers

Image Source / FreePikIf your loved one that you have sadly lost loved flowers, this is one of the most common smells you may experience when your loved one is around because flowers are very perceptible to our smell receptors. If you get a smell of flowers when none are nearby it could be your loved one near.

57. Thinking About Them As You Wake Up

Image Source / PulsePerhaps you find yourself waking up and the thought of your loved one is already in your mind. This could mean that they visited you in your sleep - you may not even remember anything at all. The only sign may be that you could they are still on your mind by the time you wake up.

58. Photos Falling Off The Walls

Image Source / WordPressDo photos keep falling off the wall or off the mantelpiece? Perhaps specifically photos of your deceased loved one or family photos? This can be a clear message from your loved one who is getting our attention and sending you the message that they are their with you.

59. Flashes Of Bright Light

Image Source / UnsplashLoved ones can appear in the forms of bright light because of the energy they send which appears in the form of light. So be aware of flashes of light out of the corner of your eyes, that you may not think anything of if you are not aware. It may in fact be that your loved one is near.

60. Synchronicity

Image Source / CN TravellerYou know that feeling where things just seem serendipitous, and a lot of 'coincidences' start to happen? For example, maybe you are thinking of something and someone texts you with the same things. This might not be coincidence. It may mean your loved one is around.

61. Familiar Sensations

Image Source / Farmers' AlmanacThere might be a sensation that you would immediately associate with a passed loved one, such as the way they always cupped your cheek and then you get the sensation of just that. You may experience other familiar sensations, such as a hand on your shoulder.

62. Finding Pennies Or Dimes

Image Source / Farmers' AlmanacIt's very common to find the odd penny or dime lying around, but it could also be a sign from a loved one. It's more about if there is a sudden increase in how often you're finding these pennies lying around, or it could be other similar small trinkets.

63. Objects Being Lost And Found

Image Source / Farmers' AlmanacIf you're suddenly having items go missing from places you know you've left them, only to suddenly find them again in new places, it could be a message or a sign from a loved one. You may be able to interpret the message based on the item being lost, or the place in which you find it again.

64. Objects Moving Around

Image Source / The Everyday EnvironmentalistInstead of items being completely lost and then found again, you may have certain objects being moved. There may be a pattern to the movement which could lead to a message, or it may simply be playfulness from a loved one past moving your things around.

65. Conversations In Dreams

Image Source / Psychology TodayAs well as having dreams or lucid dreams where you're aware of your loved ones presence, you may also have a full-blown conversation with your loved one in your dreams. This could be a random conversation, or may mean something significant to you if they're giving you a message.

66. Batteries Drained Of Power

Image Source / iOS Gadget HacksYou may experience an inexplicable loss of power with batteries, such as with your phone battery, a battery-operated torch or light, or anything else that takes a battery. If there's no other explanation as to why your battery suddenly goes to 0%, it could be a sign from a loved one that's passed.

67. Music Messages

Image Source / BBCMusic is an ideal form of communication, and especially with deceased relatives. You may hear their favourite song play on the car radio, or maybe your stereo suddenly switches to play a particular song. Maybe their favourite song comes on somewhere else, like a grocery store.

68. Appearances Of Squirrels

Image Source / WikipediaA squirrel is another animal that could turn up in the place of a loved one if they have recently passed, or a sign that they're nearby. Although squirrels are common, you may see some significance in where the squirrel appears, or see more than usual.

69. Full Appearances

You can have partial appearances as previously mentioned, which might be a hazy form or difficult to focus on, but you can also have full-body appearances. You may see your loved one as a full shape, as though they were standing in the room with you, clear as day.

70. Visions

Image Source / GuidepostsYou may experience vague visions, whether awake or when you close your eyes. This could be a glimpse of a shot of the sky or just a visual of another place. This could be a message of where your loved one has moved on to, such as heaven.

71. Feeling cold

Image Source / RedditIf your loved one is now a spirit, then you may feel strange patches of random cold around you. This is because spirits are formed from energy which can cause changed in the atmosphere, including temperature. So when you feel the cold it could mean that they are close by to you.

72. Disturbed sleep

Image source/ healthlineOn one hand you may experience a deep and tranquil sleep, but some people feel that they have very disturbed sleep after losing a loved one and this could be because your loved one is trying to visit you in your dream, which wakes you up intermittently.

73. Thinking you see them in other people

Image Source / RedditOne common way we know our loved ones are near is when you see them in someone else. For example, you may be walking along and you think you see them - in fact you are quite sure it is them until you get closer and realise that in reality it is not physically them.

74. Hearing footsteps

Image Source / RedditSome people believe that spirits are not physical beings, yet others believe that spirits can walk with physical footsteps that sometimes we can visibly see or that we can actually hear. So if you hear footsteps and cannot see anybody, maybe it is your loved one nearby.

75. Smelling the scent of their cooking

Image Source / RedditSmell is the most nostalgic of all senses, meaning that as soon as we smell a familiar scent the memories and feelings rush back to us. Often the scent of a loved one's cooking is very sentimental to us so you may find yourself being able to smell their familiar cooking smells.

76. The TV flicking over to their favourite channel

Image Source / RedditWhatever they used to love watching may somehow mysteriously find itself on your tv screen - randomly flicking over to their favourite channel as though they are there beside you with the remote. This could be a sign that your passed loved one is very close by.

77. Seeing their eyes in other people

Image Source / RedditHave you ever found that you are speaking to someone, yet you see somebody else's eyes in them. Eyes tell a lot about a person and they are how we see a person's true colours. So if you are speaking with someone and you see their eyes maybe this is a way of sending you a message through another person.

78. And seeing things through their eyes

Image Source / RedditAnother way your loved one might visit you is through your physical body. You may not even realise they are really there with you, you may just find yourself looking from their perspective as though you are literally looking right through their eyes.

79. Changes in appetite

Image Source / RedditOf course it's normal to lose out appetite after a loss. But another way we may know our loved one is with us is when our taste and appetite completely change. For example, you may start craving the foods that they used to eat and love. You may find yourself with a sudden hankering for a random food you've never previously been interested in before.

80. Finding things in your path

Image source/ TumblrWhen we find things in our path, this is because they are a message to us. They place themselves in our path so that we notice. For example, it could be a black cat crossing our path or something totally inconspicuous like a strangely shaped leaf or a penny in our path.

81. You feel something brush your hair

Image Source / RedditHave you noticed that you can feel something brushing your hair? This could be their presence. Our hair can lift in the slightest of breeze, meaning that we may feel sensitive changes in our environment through our hair, be it our head or the hair on our arms for example.

82. You smell them

Image Source / RedditIf there's something you crave when your loved one has passed, their scent will probably be one of those things you long to smell. And if your loved one is nearby you may find that you can smell them again. It may be fleeting - but it will be enough to know they are there.

83. Surges in energy

Image Source / RedditWhen your deceased loved one turns into spirit form, their energy will be around you and you may feel it. When they are close you may feel a surge of energy, either physically through yourself or you may feel a surge of energy in the atmosphere around you.

84. Waves of powerful emotion

Image source/ stuff.coGrief is a very turbulent time with waves of powerful emotion. But once you are healing you may find different kinds of waves of emotion, These could be your loved ones presence. You may feel suddenly a sense of elation, or calmness, sadness or excitement...

85. You feel something tap you

Image Source / blogspotIt's a little disconcerting when we feel someone tap our shoulder and there's no one around - because we get spooked by what we can't explain. But maybe this is your loved one, sending you the feeling of tapping you on the back or on the arm as though they are still there with you.

86. Keep their photos around you

Image Source / RedditIf you want to feel your deceased loved one around you then keep their photographs around. Not only will you be able to see them daily, but it may also call their presence to you. They may be attracted to things where you have a powerful emotional connection too.

87. Read their stories

Image Source / RedditAnother great way to make your deceased loved one feel present with you is by  reading their stories. This may be things they have written down, or you memories written down. It's a great way to remember them and their presence and spirit may be stirred as you do so.

88. Talk to them

Image Source / RedditTalking to them may feel strange, but it is a lovely way to focus on their memory, feel their presence and channel their thoughts and feelings. You can do this out loud or even in your own head. But in doing so, you feel as though your, loved one is close to you again.

89. Try yoga

Image Source / RedditYoga is a great way to connect to your own energy, as well as connecting with nature. By doing yoga you can tap into to your deep soul  and connection and open up those areas which can allow us to feel sprits, and messages from the deceased loved ones we have lost...

90. Feelings of anxiety

Image Source / RedditAnxiety is a terrible feeling which we can struggle to control. This anxiety could be your deceased loves ones energy and messages to you not being translated in a way you can understand, and instead resulting in waves of anxiety. But it could be them trying to communicate with us.

91. Attracting animals

Image Source / RedditAnimals are attracted to spirts and energy. So, you may find that animals are coming to you or collecting in your garden because they can sense your deceased loved one is around. Use nature as a sign to guide you and let you know they are close to you.

92. 'Pulls' in certain directions

Image Source / RedditYou may be wandering down the street or out for a walk when you feel a pull in a certain direction or a sudden longing to be in a certain place. This may be them guiding you, and taking you to a place where you can both connect with one another better.

93. Strange feelings of a breeze

Image Source / RedditBreezes can be spirits passing us by, or floating around us. Can you feel strange breezes which cannot be explained by the weather? If so, pay attention to these because this could be your deceased loved one around you that you can feel in waves of subtle breezes.

94. Perfectly timed music

Image Source / RedditThere's a lot of emotional charge linked with music. And, it can be very telling when we feel messages through music. Perfectly timed music can be a sign that your loved one is there. It may not be coincidence when pieces of music start and stop with coincidental timings.

95. A sense of calm

Image Source / RedditCalmness may be one emotion which our loved one sends to us. They are looking out for you and want you to feel okay, even without them. So, to let you know they are still with you they may make you feel huge senses of calm where you know they are close by to you in that moment.

96. Light candles

Image Source / RedditLighting candles is a great way to connect with their spirit if they come. Light some candles and watch the way they move and flicker, it could be a way for your deceased loved one to send you a message. Maybe the flames will dance or flicker before you...

97. Patches of warmth

Image Source / RedditAs well as patched of warmth, you may also experience patched of cold. This is because spirts affect the temperature around us. We may even feel a warm spot next to us on the sofa where they used to sit, as though they are currently sat there creating warmth.

98. Feeling like you are being hugged

Image Source / RedditThose we have lost and loved are never truly gone - and so you may feel as though they are with you. You may even feel as though you are being hugged by some unknown force giving you a sense of pressure and warmth around you as if someone has wrapped their arms around you.

99. Daydreaming

Image Source / RedditYou may find that you are suddenly taken over by very vivid daydreams. You may even feel as though they come over you in a wave as though you have no control over them. Perhaps your loved one is trying to send a message or visit you in some way during your waking hours.

100. Nature blooming

Image Source / RedditPerhaps you've suddenly noticed that since the passing of your loved one, nature has been blooming around you like you've never seen it do before. Your garden may be flowering like it has never previously done. Is this a coincidence? Possibly not...it could be your loved one.