30 Secrets Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know

By Juliet S 1 year ago

1. 20+ Years Of Lawsuits Swept Under The Rug

Image Source / ForbesWalmart advertises itself as an equal opportunity employer, but there have been apparent lawsuits and alleged discrimination aplenty. It seems that Walmart has around twenty years worth of sexual harassment lawsuits, with female employees' complaints against their colleagues evidently being swept under the rug. Most job descriptions also seem to tailor more to men than women, too.Original content sourced from femanin.com

2. It's Cheaper Online, But You Can Show A Screenshot Of The Prices In Store & Pay The Cheaper Price

Image Source / FortuneIf you browse the Walmart site, you'll find a lot of discounted prices. Yet if you go into store, you'll find a lot of the same products at a different price. To get the discounted price, you'll need to make sure to have the website information handy so you can show this to store personnel. Otherwise, you'll have to pay the higher price.

3. You Probably Shouldn't Buy The Own-Brand Supplements

Image Source / Eat This, Not ThatSupplements are popular amongst people wanting to have a healthy diet but maybe not being able to get the same vitamins and minerals from food. And saving money by purchasing store-brand supplements is always appealing. But buying Walmart's own supplements means you're probably wasting money on pills which have all the good stuff taken out - but this is true of any own-brand, not just Walmart!

4. Walmart's Organic Food Range Is More Expensive Than Elsewhere

Image Source / Lindsey BlogsIt's always the case that you'll be paying a little extra for organic food, but when it comes to Walmart's organic selection, it still has a higher price tag than the organic food at other stores. If you're in doubt, make sure to compare prices and see which is the cheapest option (which probably won't be Walmart).

5. Employees Usually Don't Get Background Checks

Image Source / Fox BusinessThis is worrying when you think about the sheer amount of goods that Walmart sells - including firearms. Without background checks, new employees can't be vetted for criminal history or any problems in their past. Not to mention the previously mentioned sexual harassment issues at Walmart, meaning new employees could have a history of harassment.

6. It Probably Isn't A Good Idea To Buy Walmart Furniture

Image Source / Krazy CouponWe're all guilty of buying cheap furniture - sometimes, it can't be avoided when you really need something and cheap flatpack is an easy choice. Walmart furniture is exactly that: cheap. It's likely to break early on, so you'll be spending more money in the long run replacing cheap items.

7. Negative Working Conditions

Image Source / NBC NewsIt would be no surprise to hear a huge corporate brand has negative working conditions. Walmart needs to offer cheap, appealing prices to customers, which means they have to get items for cheap - and done for cheap. Walmart doesn't do this directly, but apparently it deals with the companies who do subject workers to poor standards and labor.

8. Walmart Offers Discounts - But You Have To Look For It

Image Source / TechCrunchWalmart are happy to offer great discounts, but they're going to make you work for it. If you're the kind of person who isn't going to check online or elsewhere for discounts first, then you probably won't find them in-store, and they're not going to try and help you save money if you don't do the research.

9. You've More Chance Of A Discount If You Shop Early

Image Source / BBCWalmart usually offers big discounts first thing in the day, and the discounts might disappear by midday. That means late-day shoppers might miss all the best deals. A lot of these early-morning discounts include items from the previous day that need to be sold (like food with an expiration).

10. The Clearance Section Isn't Easy To Find (On Purpose)

Image Source / Business InsiderThere is a clearance section, which is a great place to be, but the chances are it'll be hard to find and you need to look for it. You'll need to go out of your way to find it, or ask an employee specifically where it is. The clearance section includes items that failed to sell on the main floor, so it's worth checking out.

11. Walmart Chose To Sue BJ's For 'Stealing Technology'

Image Source / Retail Insight NetworkBJ's is a fellow chain store, and Walmart decided to open up a lawsuit against it due to their belief that BJ's stole Walmart's self-checkout option technology. This allows customers to scan a barcode, pay and show a digital receipt in-store. The lawsuit is ongoing, but how many chains use this kind of self-checkout technology? It's surely not exclusive to Walmart!

12. Did You Know Walmart Sells Rolex Watches?

Image Source / Rolex ForumsWalmart is renowned for bargain prices and more affordable products, so you may not have even thought about shopping for a Rolex there. Or maybe you'd be worried they were Walmart's version of Rolex's at a cheaper condition. But the Rolex's are the real deal, just at discounted prices.

13. When It Comes To Corporate Polluters, It's One Of The Biggest

Image Source / The New York TimesThe 2021 Shady Ships report revealed that Walmart is the number one polluter owing to its shipping practices. In 2019, Walmart's container imports gave off the same amount of carbon dioxide as a US coal-fired power plant gives off in a year.

14. Looking For A Wedding Cake? Get One Cheap At Walmart!

Image Source / Black BrideWeddings can be expensive, including the prized wedding cake. Did you know you can actually get a custom wedding cake from Walmart? They don't just sell one or two mediocre options, either. You can get different sizes and different styles, from simple white to elaborately colorful - everything you'd need out of a wedding cake at a discounted price.

15. It Was Originally Just One Simple Store

Image Source / Wall Street JournalIt's strange to think that the chain store started out as just one simple store, but it was originally a five and dime store based solely in Arkansas. That original shop is still there, but now serves as a Walmart museum rather than a discount store.

16. July Or December Could Be The Best Times For 75% Discount On Toys

Image Source / Ingenio VirtualIf you're looking to save money - and especially around Christmas time - on toys, you might be best shopping early in July or waiting until December. These two months seem likely to gain great discounts on clearance toys, up to 75% off for certain items at this time.

17. Walmart's Family, The Waltons, Are Loaded

Image Source / Business InsiderUnderstandably so based on the chain's success. The Walton's have come number one on the Fortune 500 list for many years, but when it comes to employees, the staff are still working extremely long hours at low working wages. This is contradictory to Walmart's claims it can't pay a better wage - when the owners have more than enough.

18. Walmart Wasn't A Success In Some Countries

Image Source / NBC NewsYou'd think a store chain like Walmart would be a success all over the world, especially based on its success across America, but it met failure and loss in Germany, Japan and South Korea. Problems included putting prices far too low and not understanding overseas customs.

19. The Child Labor Issue

Image Source / Business InsiderWalmart is tied to factories that use child labor, including one report by CNN that workers in Walmart's overseas factories struggle with unsafe working environments. It's also been linked to many child labor scandals, including kids as young as 5 doing farm work.

20. Suggestions Of Prison Labor

Image Source / The NationU.S. citizens serving jail time can be expected to work in prison and Walmart is suggested to be linked to that. It doesn't directly employ them, but cover organizations are apparently used, while prison workers are forced to work for around $2 an hour.

21. They're Not A Fan Of Unions

Image Source / Business InsiderWalmart really doesn't want its workers to get together and fight for better pay or working conditions. Walmart apparently does everything it can to prevent unions from forming. According to Upworthy, they even have a dedicated telephone line for managers to use if they suspect any employees of foul play - ie, unionizing.

22. Walmart Calls The Cops A Lot

Image Source / The Negotiation EdgeAccording to the Tampa Bay Times, Walmart has gained a reputation for calling the cops over every little thing, including customers walking out with items equating to a few dollars, customers touching things far too much... they don't have their own security so they use the cops as often as they can.

23. It Compromises Local, Small Businesses

Image Source / WordStreamObviously Walmart isn't the only huge, corporate company to do this. But Walmart crowds the market and puts small businesses at risk with its corporate monopoly. With those cheap prices, local businesses that need to put up a higher price don't stand a chance.

24. Stealing Employee Wages

Image Source / Eat This, Not ThatAccording to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Walmart employees can sometimes expect to work off the clock or work through their breaks. This means Walmart gets more work out of employees without paying them for that extra time. Not only that, but they've also made employees buy brand new uniforms, too.

25. Apparently They're Sneaky And Twist The Truth

Image Source / LippincottBehind the scenes, there's evidently a lot going on, such as employees being fired, stores closing down, demotions and job loss in the thousands. But when it comes to public statements, Walmart is apparently more eager to only talk about the people they're hiring - hiding the fact of the people they're firing.

26. Employees Could Get Locked Inside The Store

Image Source / The SimpsonianFor those Walmart stores which were at a higher risk of theft, it was apparently decided workers would be locked inside the store overnight. There also came a widely publicized legal battle when it was revealed that many of the locked-in workers were undocumented immigrant workers. Following this, it's said the lock-ins stopped.

27. Awkward Truths About Products

Image Source / ReutersWalmart was sued back in 2016 for putting too much cellulose filler in Parmesan cheese they were labelling as 100% cheese (according to Time). Not only that, but apparently worn underwear was being hung back on the rails and branded as 'new' (according to Cosmopolitan). There's cheap and there's gross.

28. Eavesdropping On Employees

Image Source / Walmart Inc.Back in 2018, it was reported by Verge that Walmart had been granted a patent which would let the company listen in on employee conversations within the store. The patent was officially for 'capturing and analyzing sounds' within a shopping facility, but of course, the microphones are bound to pick up employee conversations, too. Conveniently.

29. You Can Get Free Baby Box Products

Image Source / Money Saving MomLooking to save money anytime is important, but especially so with a baby on the way. Walmart actually allows you to create a baby registry with them and sign up for a free baby box, which includes useful baby products and free samples of things you might need.

30. Find Great Deals More Easily With The Walmart App

Image Source / BrainStationIf you didn't already know there was a Walmart app, there is - and it's great to find discounts on your favourite products, as well as getting weekly notifications about what's on sale. This means you can stay ahead of the best deals without going in store, and there may be app-exclusive deals, too.

Whilst The Employees Hide Secrets, The Type Of People You Find In Walmart Are More Shocking. Take A Look.... But, Mind The Crack

Image Source: People of Walmart
It looks as though this person has panicked with what they were wearing today and didn't have any clean clothes - so they had to borrow their children's clothes. Here, you can see a little bit more than you bargain for when you go for your weekly shop in Walmart.

Note To Self: Always Wear Thong Over Diaper

Image Source: Reddit
This lady clearly doesn't realise that her underwear is showing underneath her tiny, skin tight dress. She is wearing a diaper, but this must be for personal reason. But, to make sure she still feels good in herself she decides to wear her thong over the top of the diaper.

Michael Jackson Spotted

Image Source / People Of Walmart/TheDailyPostI'd assume this was Michael Jackson in Walmart if I didn't know he was dead. There have been a slew of impersonators since the King of Pop rose to fame. This guy looks a lot like Michael Jackson, but we're not sure if he's attempting to be a tribute to the superstar or if he just happened to look like him on that particular day.

Wrapped Up

Image Source / FacebookDid you know that you don’t actually have to leave the warmth and luxury of your bed to do your grocery shopping in Walmart. Just bring the duvet with you! We can only hope that she’s wearing some underwear underneath that duvet! The again, I’ve seen customers dressed worse!

Tight Leash

Image Source / People of WalmartWhat happens if your emotional support animal is someone else? Here's a possible solution. "I keep my boyfriend on a short leash," is not something I ever imagined myself saying literally. Obviously, this is mutual, but I'm hoping one of the Walmart greeters questioned whether that was the case.

Cone For A Hat

Image Source / Sara Angel/StuffMakesMeHappyWe all know that stealing a traffic cone on a night out is an absolute must… but wearing it the next day in Walmart? I’m not so sure! It's not Halloween, don't be fooled! But, if you're going to have to wear a mask everywhere, why not make it a whole costume? Going to Walmart, this woman decided to dress up like a cone-head.

Goat Shopper

Image Source / Paige Steinman/IcePopI can only really remember seeing goats on the farm or at the county fair when I was younger, not really anywhere else. They're now reportedly available at Walmart. Just look at this little goat with his owner in Walmart. To begin with, the goat is leashed, but even crazier, the goat is dressed in a diaper. What. A. Mood!

The Covid Umbrella

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgPeople really become inventive in the face of adversity, like the Covid-19 epidemic. We all needed to obtain the necessities, whether that be food or toilet paper, but we also needed to be safe and secure. I saw a fair few people come up with their own ways of defending themselves against the virus, some more creative than others, but this one take’s the biscuit.

Catch Covid? I Don’t Think

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgAnother consumer who refused to take the chance of catching COVID, but this time not as practical. However, I believe that being able to breathe is more important. Please please please do not use this as a deterrent from COVID-19. I think we all know how dangerous it can be to wrap plastic bags around our heads… well I thought we all would’ve known.

Slenderman Grocery Shopping

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgNow, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am TERRIFIED of Slenderman, so I’m glad I didn’t bump into this in Walmart. Who would have thought that this would be where Slenderman does he weekly grocery shop? He appears to be a little heavier, but he's still just as terrifying. Slenderman is a tall humanoid that wears a black suit and has a featureless head and face.

Fashion Forward

Image Source / Sara Angel/StuffMakesMeHappyFor a brief moment, I mistook Joe Exotic for Walmart's Tiger King. He's in prison, so it's probably just a fan. I don’t know about anyone else but I am actually living for this look. It’s new, it’s edgy and it shows off his tattoos. Kudos to this guy! I wonder where he got these pants from (and if they were discounted for the lack of material?).

If Needs Must

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgIt has been a requirement to wear face masks out and about for some time since COVID. Masks were in scarce supply at first, so people had to make do with what they had. This is, nevertheless, a brand-new type of mask. I can’t say I would’ve used this method, and nor can I comment on it’s practicality. But, then again, each to their own I guess.

Child Lock

Image Source / People Of Walmart/TheDailyPostNow, don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely hate to take my child shopping if they were misbehaved. Look at this woman’s novel technique to keep her children near to her as she shops. I don’t know how misbehaved her child us, but judging by this method of restraining them, I’d say they’re probably quite the nuisance.

Superman Snapped At Walmart

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgWhat's going on here? Is it true that Superman was spotted in Walmart? He's not only speeding through the store, but he's also soaring. People dressed in unusual costumes, such as superheroes, are frequently spotted at Walmart. While collecting his groceries, this guy appears to be flying about in his shopping trolley. I am obsessed with this shopping look.

Duck Duck Goose

Image Source / Sara Angel/StuffMakesMeHappyWho brings a duck with them to Walmart? If your animal is recognised as an emotional pet, Walmart will let you bring it in with you while you shop. Now I am absolutely certain that anything would pass under this rule, even ducks. If I was this lady, I would be taking my duck anywhere with me, as I would be very emotionally attached.

Makeshift Hazmat

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgI have no idea what's going on with this guy. He's either a germaphobe, or he's taking every precaution known and unknown to mankind to prevent contracting Covid-19. In any case, they’re obviously very protective and wanting to stay away from catching absolutely anything. Although, don’t ask me how effective the suit is.

One Small Step…

Image Source / Jason Owen/Definition.orgNow what I heard was that on their way to space, the crew decided to stop at Walmart for some chips and dip for the journey (and maybe a few beers too). That’s how they were snapped here. I imagine they got a few strange looks when they were darting about Walmart and I’m jealous I didn’t get to see them myself.

The Suction Cup Game

Image Source / Jason/RuinMyWeekWho says you can't have a good time when shopping at Walmart? I'm not sure I'd find playing with toilet plungers amusing, but these Walmart customers certainly do. That woman, on the other hand, may have some large red circles on her back as a result of the game they’re playing. To be fair, it can sometimes be very mundane going grocery shopping.

Walmart Party

Image Source / Crazy Walmart Shoppers/ExtremeLolI'm not sure what they're celebrating, but they're celebrating in style. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other baubles abound. These pair look like the best dressed at the party and I’m living for it. Their entire outfits are giving extra energy and I can’t believe this is how they were dressed to Walmart and not an actual party.

Ramen For Dinner

Image Source / Crazy Walmart Shoppers/ExtremeLolThese two young males must like Ramen noodles, with one preferring beef and the other preferring chicken. At the very least, their individual jeans and sweatshirts are coordinated, and they are completely clothed. This is actually one of the most ordinary Walmart customer images I've seen. If I were this obsessed with ramen I would definitely be wearing these outfits.

Parade Float!

Image Source / PeopleofWalmart/VoomedThis gentleman knows how to shop in style at Walmart! If you're going to put someone in a wheelchair, you might as well enjoy it. He has a radio, bag holders, a drink holder, plush animals, and a lot of décor. This guys chair is more decked out than the car I own, and I would do the exact same as him in his position.

What A Drag…

Image Source / PeopleofWalmart/VoomedMost youngsters are not enthusiastic about going food shopping, and if they are, it is only for a short time. They quickly learn that it is not enjoyable and that it takes an eternity. This youngster was exhausted and didn't want to be there at all. So why don't you just lie down and hold on to your father's motorised cart?

Married At Walmart

Image Source / NoteableyWe all know that most people have fantasised about their ideal wedding since they were small children. Flowers, napkin colours, and tablecloths are all part of these preparations. But none of that was required of this pair! Whether it was a wedding on a budget, they met at Walmart or they just absolutely love it there, I really don’t know.

Out For The Day

Image Source / NoteableyWe've seen pets brought to Walmart ranging from turtles to monkeys to cats, but this is the strangest of them all. On a Sunday afternoon, this man decided to bring his pet ferret while doing some shopping. I am so jealous and wish that I had a cool pet ferret like his, that I could take out and about to Walmart with me.

Woman’s Best Friend

Image Source / NoteableyIf you happened to stroll by this grocery cart, you couldn't help but think it was cute. This woman was definitely a dog lover who didn't want to leave her four-legged companions at home, so she brought them along for the journey. Now, dogs are just like humans, and they deserve to go shopping just like the rest of us!

New Fashion Trend

Image Source / NoteableyFashion is all about being able to express oneself in whichever manner you desire. We can't decide if this was a fashionable trend or a blunder. Either he got dressed in the dark that morning before dashing out to Walmart, or he tried to make his clothing a lot more stylish and trendy. Maybe he was trying to be a trendsetter?

Monkeying Around

Image Source / NoteableyMany folks appear to like bringing their exotic pets to Walmart for a shopping spree. This woman was observed walking down one of the aisles with her pet monkey in her arms. Animals can actually become members of the family, and one woman clearly thought of her monkey as one of her own and didn't want to leave him at home.

Cupid In Love

Image Source / NoteableyLove has no bounds, and this snapshot proves that Cupid will visit to the most inconvenient of locations! As Valentine's Day approached, one man wanted to share the love and picked Walmart as his latest site to assist others in finding their love match. He looks like he was having a fantastic a fantastic time and I hope he got many compliments.

Bear Head

Image Source / NoteableyMothers may be obnoxious and want family photographs at any time and in any location. When this mother asked her children to snap a photo in Walmart, they were less than enthusiastic and wondered why they needed to record their shopping trip. So, they decided to create their own way to deal with their mother’s request.

Hanging Out

Image Source / NoteableyRather than tossing out an old pair of shoes that she no longer required, this woman chose to repurpose them. When you can have sneaker sandals instead of sandals, it's a no-brainer. I’m not sure it’s a look that I would go for, but it’s a mood I guess. Maybe the woman had just had her nails done and wanted to show them off to the world.

Walmart Quinn

Image Source / NoteableyI don’t know about you but I can say that I have never ran into Walmart’s own Harley Quinn before, and I wish I had. This person looks great in their costume. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Suicide Squad film but don’t think I would go straight to Walmart afterwards dressed as one of the characters.

Tortoise And The Hare

Image Source / NoteableyWalmart customers are notorious for bringing their pets into the store because it is not prohibited, but some folks go too far. These individuals choose to bring their pet tortoise with them in this situation. But I know his this little guy feels. When I’m walking around Walmart I also feel very lethargic, tired, slow…

Konga Line

Image Source / NoteableyYou can't deny that when you come into Walmart and see the motorised carts, a part of you wants to grab one and zoom through the store. These women decided to do just that, but they took it a step further and started an electric cart line. I absolutely love this and it looks so fun, I just want to join in with them.

Hands Off!

Image Source / NoteableyPeople have probably seen signs that read "Beware of the Dog" when the owner wishes to warn you about their dog's temperament, but this isn't a baby! "Please do not touch the baby!" states the sign on this infant's chair for whatever reason. I mean, it’s a complete mood and I wish that I had the sign for myself.

The Devil’s Details

Image Source / FacebookNow I can’t help but feel that this was purposeful… I’m unsure if I’m more shocked by the blatant satanic pricing of the tees, or the unimaginative design of the tees themselves! Then again, each to their own. Hopefully, once tax is included in, the total will be more balanced.

Loyal Worker

Image Source / FacebookNow this is really cool. This guy definitely deserves a raise after getting the Walmart logo shaved into his hair! Isn't it true that most Walmart outlets provide haircuts? Better still, combine the two! And let's hope Walmart's logo doesn't change anytime soon!

Cooling Off

Image Source / FacebookI think all parents can agree that sometimes their little ones need a little cooling off period, but not quite this literally! I’m not sure what mischief this little guy was up to justify the Walmart freezer punishment, but he seems very pleased with himself…

Naughty Mistake

Image Source / FacebookI just know whoever did this got into real trouble and maybe got fired. Of course, it is obvious that these blueberries were meant to be organic, but maybe they’re this too. Who knows! All I know is I will not be picking these up on my next trip to Walmart.

Model Material

Image Source / FacebookTake a look at this fabulous model in Walmart. The baby believes she's ripping the wig off, but her lace front is visible to everyone. Even if you're only at Walmart, that's humiliating. At the very least, she's having the time of her life, and we can't fault her for that.

Beating the Queues

Image Source / FacebookNow, don’t get me wrong, I am all for an early-riser sale at Walmart, and you’ll catch me at the very front of the queue. But parking your car like this just to get in for early access of the sale, that’s just a jerk move! Unless, this wasn’t purposeful at all… then…

Health Trip

Image Source / FacebookNow I’m not sure who was behind this clever choice of product placement in Walmart but I’m not sure they are 100% correct. Don’t get me wrong, anything can be healthy in moderation, and I am all for a Kit Kat easter egg, but I can’t say I’d look to find them under healthy!

Pro Marketer

Image Source / FacebookSpeaking of eggs, here is another great one from a Walmart marketer. Under the sign “unbeatable” they have placed dozens and dozens of eggs. Now I’m not being funny, but if I was picking these up to bake a cake with, I would definitely want them to be beatable!

Monkeying Around

Image Source / People of WalmartTo avoid catching diseases we should probably no longer keep monkeys as pets. This person is plainly unconcerned about a monkey interfering with his business. He's also at ease allowing other customers in the store to get up close and personal with his monkey.


Image source / FacebookIt was, without a doubt, laundry day. I'm hoping it was laundry day, at the very least. The odds are 50/50 when it comes to Walmart. At the very least, they're prepared for a pandemic. We can only hope. In my opinion, I think it’s the best anti-socialiser going.

Political Correctness

Image Source / FacebookI’m assuming this was taken around the election date, right? Either that or this woman is clearly just a huge Obama fan and couldn’t resist sewing together a garment of Obama’s repeated face! Whichever reason, it’s the perfect propaganda for the democrats.

Nail Biter

Image Source / FacebookPerhaps she's a nail-biter who wants to make sure she has something to gnaw on at all times! Then again, I’m not sure they’d have reached this length if that were true. I wonder how she picks up those apples on the left with nails like that? It must be hard!

Someone Messed Up

Image Source / FacebookNow I really would like to know if this was intentional or not. Was it some sort of April Fool’s joke? Or did some Walmart designer apprentice really mess up this bad? Then again, I’ve seen much worse apparel in Walmart, that’s for sure. Not that I’d wear this though.

Big or Little Spoon?

Image Source / People of WalmartA silver spoon was placed in the mouths of certain persons at birth. Others had to go out and work really hard in order to obtain that spoon. First and foremost, we must obtain funds. After that, we'll grab the spoons. Then we find a partner that is okay with us wearing a large spoon as jewellery.


Image Source / People of Walmart"Doughnuts, pizza, and my doughnut-and-pizza-themed attire," I'd say if someone asked what three items I'd want on a deserted island. Wearing shirts with my favourite foods on them is pointless for me. My weary eyes, tummy, and large beard are all visible. They already know I'm a pizza fanatic.

Stop Goating Around

Image Source / People of WalmartCall me old-fashioned, but I recall a period when people did not go shopping with a goat on their backs. You left the goat at home to take care of your trash. All of your cans were gone by the time you returned home from the store, and you could celebrate by drinking all of the beer you bought.

Wet Hair Don’t Care

Walmart shoppers don't have time to wait until their hair is totally dry. They need to get down to business. This woman, as you can see, isn't even looking in the direction she's travelling. She has sales to close, emails to respond to. Her hair is the last thing on her mind.

Something borrowed, something blue…

Image Source / People of WalmartWhy not tie the knot at the location that means the most to you? The diamond ring is available at Walmart. Over the intercom, you can make a proposal. Why not spend the most romantic day of your life right there in the store? I wonder if they met in Walmart initially?