30+ People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

By Nick Hadji 12 months ago

1. Russel From Up

Image source/ pinterestThis young child is a real life look alike of a certain cartoon character and he was pictured next to a large image of Russel from the film UP, wearing the same outfit and he looked exactly the same as the childhood cartoon character. Maybe this young boy can recreate the film in real life.Original content sourced from Femanin.com 

2. Carl From Up

Image source/ pinterestAnother real life look alike from the film UP. This man was pictured next to an image of Carl from UP and again he is a spitting image of the cartoon character. Everything about him is the same as the childhood cartoon character from the glasses, to the nose, to the smile. 

3. Linguini From Ratatouille

Image source/ eaterEveryone remembers the childhood film of Ratatouille, therefore we all remember the character of Linguini. Here is a picture a young man next to the Ratatouille film cover and he is the real life look alike of Linguini. Even his nose is the exact same as the on eon the cartoon character. 

4. Grandma From Tweety

Image source/ pinterestHere is an old lady who has been photographed and compared to the cartoon character Grandma from the cartoon Tweety. This woman looks like the real life version of Grandma. The glasses, hair and head shape stand out the most and the yellow bags in her hand match the yellow cage that Grandma carries around. 

5. Flash From Zootopia

Image source/ pinterestTrying to find a look alike of a cartoon animal is quite difficult but this woman here is a spitting image of Flash from Zootopia in a human form. Even the facial expressions of the woman is the exact same as the cartoon character. If Flash was a human, this would be exactly what it would look like. 

6. Mr Burns Out Of The Simpsons

Image source/ pinterestThe iconic cartoon show, The Simpsons is a show that everyone should of heard of. Here is a man pictured next to Mr Burns, the cartoon character from the Simpsons. This man here is the human look alike of  Mr Burns and even has the exact same haircut as the cartoon character. 

7. Gru From Despicable Me

Image source/ 9gagAlthough this man is the spitting image of Gru from Despicable Me, there are still some features that makes him look quite similar. For example this man has a rather long nose and is bald which are the main components to the cartoon characters look. The man in the image even has the scarf around his neck just like Gru. 

8. Cartman Off South Park

Image source/ worldwideinterwebHere is a man photographed and put next to an image of cartoon character Cartman from South Park. This man in the picture is the human look alike of Cartman. The blue and yellow hat and the red jacket fits completes the comparison as it is the exact same as what Cartman is wearing. 

9. Jonny Bravo

Image source/ pinterestThis man's picture has gone around being compared to cartoon character Jonny Bravo and you can clearly see why. The tall blonde hair is perfect, the sun glasses match and the big arms are the same. This man is the perfect spitting image of a Jonny Bravo, if he was a human. 

10. Elsa From Frozen

Image source/ nydailynewsHere is a young woman, who took a selfie of herself next to the DVD cover and cardboard statue of the cartoon film Frozen and she looks very similar to the character of Elsa. Her face is a spitting image of the cartoon character. If only she had the long blonde hair, she would be the perfect look alike. 

11.Consuela From Family Guy

Image source/ pinterestEveryone has heard of or watched the cartoon show Family Guy and here we have found a human look alike of the character of Consuela. The woman in this photo is the spitting image of the cartoon character, wearing the same classes and having near enough the exact same face. 

12. Peter Griffin From Family Guy

Image source/ demilkedAnother human look alike from the cartoon show Family Guy. This time it is Peter Griffin's look alike and he is almost the perfect look alike for the cartoon character. His face is the exact same and he also has the same chin as Peter. Remove the glasses and you have the perfect lookalike. 

13. Scar From Lion King

Image source/ pinterestAnother human look alike of an animal. You would think that it will look nothing like the animal but in this case, you can really see the resemblance. This is Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and his a human look alike of Scar from Lion King. He even has the same eyebrow shape and has the same scar. 

14. Linda Belcher From Bob's Burgers

Image source/ PinterestHere is a woman photographed and put next to a picture of Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers who is the spitting image of the cartoon character. She has the same hair colour and style, with glasses and the same orange top. The face is very similar as well; this in Linda Belcher as a human. 

15. Andy From Toy Story

Image source/ redditHere is a man who has had a mugshot of his head added to the cartoon character of Andy from Toy Story. This young man looks very much like the Toy Story character. His face is quite similar and so is his hair and he also has the same part of his hair that covers his forehead just like Andy. 

16. Hercule From Dragon Ball Z

Image source/ pinterestThis man here is the real life Hercule from Dragon Ball Z. He looks exactly like him, he has the same hair style, the moustache and the face is near enough the exact same as the cartoon character. If Hercule in human form it would be that man in that picture for sure, he is the spitting image. 

17. Ned Flanders From Simpsons

Image source/ redditEveryone knows who the cartoon character Ned Flanders is when it comes to the Simpsons. Here we have a human look alike of the cartoon character and he really is a spitting image. The hair, the moustache and the glasses are all perfect, he is the human Ned Flanders. 

18. Dora The Explorer

Image source/ brightsidemeThe iconic child cartoon show, Dora the Explorer was watched by nearly everyone when they was a child, and here we have a Dora the Explorer look alike. The young girl is photographed and put next to an image of Dora the Explorer. The young girls hair is the main feature that makes her a look alike. 

19. Mr Potato Head From Toy Story

Image source/ redditMr Potato Head from Toy Story, would seem to be a difficult one to find a look alike for as he is not human, not an animal but a toy. However, look no further than Steve Harvey looks very similar to the cartoon toy. His moustache and eyebrows are perfectly matching the cartoon character. 

20. Scruffy From Futurama

Image source/ monkeyfrolicCartoon character Scruffy from Futurama has found himself a very good look alike. The man in the picture looks very similar to the cartoon character, with his matching grey moustache and cap being the most similar features between the man and the cartoon character. 

21. The Comic Book Guy Off Simpsons

Image source/ redditHere is a man who is the look alike of the comic book guy from the Simpsons. Nobody actually knows his real name so he is referred to as the comic book guy, so the man in this picture is the comic book guy look alike.  His ponytail and the size of this man make him look similar to this cartoon character. 

22. Moe From The Simpsons

Image source/ livesoccertvDavid Moyes, Premier League Football Manager, has been compared to the cartoon character Moe, from the Simpsons. He is said to be the cartoon characters look alike and you can clearly see that the two do look quite similar. Moyes has similar style hair to Moe and also has a similar face. 

23. The Riddler From Batman

Image source/ screencrushAnother famous person who looks like a cartoon character. Neil Patrick Harris has been compared to the Riddler from the cartoon version of Batman. In this image he is pictured next to the character and you can really see the resemblance in the face between the two. 

24. Hiro From Baymax

Image source/ youtubeThe young boy in this picture is quite literally the spitting image of cartoon character Hiro Hamada from the film Baymax. Everything between the to is so similar. His hair is the same style and he is wearing the exact same outfit as the cartoon character. He is the human version of Hiro. 

25. Milhouse From The Simpsons

Image source/ pinterestYet another cartoon character from The Simpsons that has a look alike. This time it is Milhouse. Pictured next to him is a young boy who looks like the real life version of the cartoon character. This one is not exactly a spitting image of Milhouse but you van see the resemblance. 

26. The Hunchback From Notre Dame

Image source/ pinterestDisney cartoon character Hunchback from Notre Dam has his look alike pictured next to him. The man is a fighter who has just finished a fight and his eye is massively swollen with damage on other parts of his face. The busted eye is the main feature that makes him look like the Hunchback. 

27. Ralph Wiggum From The Simpsons

Image source/ tycicoHere we have another Simpsons look alike. The man in this pictured is the real life look alike of Simpsons cartoon character Ralph Wiggum. He is a grown up version of the cartoon character and the main feature that makes him the look alike is that he has the same haircut as the character. 

28. Princess Merida From Brave

Image source/ brightsidemeThis young girl in the picture is the real life look alike of disney cartoon character Princess Merida from the film Brave. She has the exact same hair style of ginger, curly hair and has a very similar face to the cartoon character. She is a spitting image of Princes Merida. 

29. Aladdin

Image source/ seventeenDisney cartoon character Aladdin's look alike is famous actor Avan Jogia, who was rumoured to play Aladdin in a live show. The actor looks very similar to the cartoon character and has some similar features like his hair, his eyes and his eyebrows. Avan Jogia is the real life version of cartoon character Aladdin. 

30. Sid From Ice Age

Cartoon character Sid from the film Ice Age has a very unique look alike. His look alike is not a human but in fact a dog, who has similar eyes and has its tongue stuck out just like the cartoon character does during the film. If Sid from Ice Age was a dog then it is this dog right here.

31. Toothless The Dragon

Image Source / DemilkedThis adorable black cat looks just like the adorable black dragon from How To Train Your Dragon - Toothless, of course! The cat even has the same huge puppy eyes, though we think this one might have quite a few more teeth than the dragon.

32. Mrs Potato Head

Image Source / DemilkedWe never thought we'd say that Nicki Minaj bears a resemblance to Mrs Potato Head from Toy Story of all people, but this side by side picture just shows it. They even wear the exact same makeup and shades - so who has taken inspiration from whom?

33. Beavis From Beavis And Butt-Head

Image Source / DemilkedWe've had hot mugshot guy, and now we've got guy who looks a big like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. Actually, not just a bit - a lot! They're face shape, forehead size and hair colour all match.

34. Master Shifu From Kung Fu Panda

Image Source / DemilkedThis cat looks identical to Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda! You may also recognise this kitty as Grumpy Cat, and it checks out seeing as Master Shifu looks particularly grumpy here!

35. Batman

Image Source / DemilkedWhat is it with cats looking uncannily like cartoon characters? It isn't the animated batman, but it still checks out due to the point in this cats ears, the beautiful white fur at the top of the chest and the black detailing on the face that looks like a mask!

36. Krang From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Image Source / DemilkedWow, this one even has the alien warlord complete by Honey Boo Boo! The favoured shade of pink is also shown here, though thankfully the ladies on the left have more interesting and bright outfits when Krang clearly hasn't made an effort!

37. Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty

Image Source / DemilkedMerryweather is one of the adorable good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, recognisable of course for her vibrant blue colour scheme. And this woman has clearly been inspired by that fairy shade of blue, complete with wearing it in the same way, too!

38. Mother Gothel From Tangled

Image Source / DemilkedMother knows best - but so does Cuddy from House! Lisa Edelstein looks eeriely like Mother Gothel, with the deep black hair, the same big beautiful blue eyes and the kind of acting chops that say she could actually play a villain easily!

39. Cynthia From Rugrats

Image Source / DemilkedThis one is actually eerie how perfect this is! Miley Cyrus has the same lips and expression as Cynthia from Rugrats, as well as those spiky blonde locks in this picture! As we know Miley changes her hair all the time, but we can't unsee Cynthia now.

40. Leela From Futurama

Image Source / DemilkedEither this woman is very good at pushing her lips out or she's had a botched lip job - or maybe an allergic reaction to something - but either way she looks like Leela! And the side profile making it look like she has one eye completes the look perfectly.

41. Mister Spacely From The Jetsons

Image Source / DemilkedDanny DeVito, the acting legend, actually looks identical to Mister Spacely from The Jetsons! Sure, DeVito doesn't have a moustache all the time, but even when he does he still has the same face shape and hair as Mister Spacely!

42. Cat Lady From The Simpsons

Image Source / DemilkedThe cat lady from The Simpsons is probably most of our spirit animals to be fair, especially when we're having a bad day. But this woman has channelled her perfectly for every day life, complete with cat on her shoulder.

43. Terk From Tarzan

Image Source / DemilkedThis adorable baby with a full head of hair looks - in the nicest possible way - like the adorable gorilla Terk from Tarzan! It's definitely the big eyes and the amazing hairstyle that does it. How does a baby have that much hair!

44. Patty And Selma From The Simpsons

Image Source / DemilkedWhen you think of twins, it's very rare you think about old lady twins in real life - and we bet you've never seen any until these Patty and Selma look alikes! Not only to they look similar but they've also got the props, right too - a cigarette!

45. Carmen Sandiego

Image Source / DemilkedNo, of course we don't mean the person at the front and it might have taken you a minute to spot but once you see it, it can't be unseen! The lady in the back with the fantastic dress sense and who looks great in red is obviously dressed up as Carmen Sandiego!

46. Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmations

Image Source / DemilkedThere have been many live action variations of Cruella and to be honest they all look pretty stylish and hot. So to look like the original cartoon of Cruella is quite a feat, but this woman manages it perfectly, down to the two-tone hair and intimidating expression!

47. Mario Bros

Image Source / DemilkedNot just one, but both of them at the same time! Maybe this pair are brothers in real life, too? They've got the perfect dungarees and are even sporting the same colour schemes: red and blue and then green for the other guy!

48. Beavis And Butthead

Image Source / DemilkedThis one is great, right down to the expression, the nose shape, the side profile and the amazing teeth! Eerie how she can not have the same hair style or colour yet still somehow look identical to this cartoon character based on vibes alone.

49. Boo From Monsters Inc.

Image Source / Bored PandaYou might think that any adorable girl wearing pink might look like Boo, but this girl proves that it takes a special kind of talent! The huge cute eyes, cute smile and - of course - the adorable pigtails!

50. Edna From The Incredibles

Image Source / Bored PandaAmerican actress Linda Hunt looks identical to Edna Mode, so much so that you might think they based the character design on her, but Edna's design was actually based on fashion designer Edith Head! Which means Hunt just looks eerily similar.