30 Of The Worst Baby Names From Around The World

By Sophie 7 months ago

1. Ebolah

image source: education.nationalgeographic.org
You read that right, someone actually named their child after the deadly virus that has ravaged communities in Africa. We're sure they thought they were being clever, but ending the name with a "h" does not distance it from the killer illness! We're not quite sure what they were thinking with this one. Poor child.

2. Pain

image source: reddit.com
We're unsure about the context of this name - is it in relation to lovely fresh French pastry, or is it the sensation you get when you stub your toe? Either way, they're quite strange things to be names after and don't translate well in different countries.

3. Baby

image source: reddit.com
We think this name is for the unimaginative parents out there, who decide to name their child after the only thing it resembles. We can imagine its surge in popularity after the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing, however we can't imagine how it'd be received once baby Baby reaches adulthood!

4. Princess

image source: reddit.com
You're asking for trouble if you call your little darling Princess. We understand that they are royalty in your eyes, but people don't take kindly to such pompous suggestion. Maybe you're hoping for a case of nominative determinism where your child marries a Prince!

5. Keith

image source: reddit.com
The Keiths of the world are dying out, and people are campaigning to keep it alive. It was once a very popular name, however the only thing that comes to mind now is a middle aged man. We just couldn't imagine thinking a baby looks like a Keith. What do you think of the name?

6. Lucifer

image source: reddit.com
If you were unfortunate enough to be given this name as a baby, you'd just have to shorten it to Lucy and never tell anyone that you're named after Satan himself. We get it may sound quite pretty, but we can't get past the fact it is the name of the devil!

7. D*ck

image source: thehollywoodreporter.com
Quite often, Dick is a chosen nickname for the Richard's of the world, and we're not really sure why. There's nothing wrong with the long version, so why would you want to call yourself the name that people probably call you behind your back? Perhaps it's a way to own the slur...

8. Bear

image source: reddit.com
Bear has surprisingly been quite a popular name in recent years. The German name means "strong", however the only thing we can imagine is a fuzzy little teddy bear; hardly an indicator of strength! On the plus side, it would be quite cute if you dressed your kid up as their namesake...

9. Mercedes

image source: reddit.com
Being named after a car is nothing new, but that doesn't make it any less of a strange tradition, just imagine being called BMW? This name is frequently shortened to Mercy which isn't much better, maybe a whole name change is the best option for those who carry this unfortunate name.

10. Bart

image source: reddit.com
You can't hear "Bart" without hearing "Simpson", so we can't work out the reasoning behind this name choice. Bart is hardly a great role model for children, unless you desire to be pranked for the rest of your life. Either that or you're a massive fan of the cartoon!

11. North

image source: reddit.com
A name chosen by Kim K and Kanye for their child - rather the unusual choice for a kid with the surname West. This hasn't stopped people following their lead and calling their babies North, as it has gained popularity since the couple's revelation. They're just too influential!

12. Cletus

image source: reddit.com
The name was very common in the 1920s, however has declined in popularity since. There is a Cletus on The Simpsons, who is a hardly desirable to name your child after as he is said to father seventy children! We're sure that any Cletus's at school would be mocked in the character's distinctive voice.

13. Sassy

image source: reddit.com
A certain amount of sass is generally acceptable as it can be quite comical and indicate an independent person. However to give your kid an expectation of the personality trait is probably not the wisest idea, especially if they majorly live up to it!

14. Jedi

image source: reddit.com
No matter how big a fan you are of the Star Wars franchise, Jedi is always going to make a child a target for name calling! But who knows, maybe they'll unite the nerds of the world and become a Jedi Master - it's a risk that could reap great reward!

15. Star

image source: reddit.com
Do the parents of children with this name think that their babies will grow up to live their dream of becoming a star themselves? Or will they forever play the role of "star" in their school plays? Whatever happens, they won't be able to escape the burden!

16. Sadman

image source: reddit.com
What a miserable sounding name this is. Ironically, its origin means "happy" - which isn't an emotion that comes to mind upon hearing the name. There are barely any children with this name in the US nowadays, which we think is due to the sorrow that it brings!

17. Buster

image source: reddit.com
Upon hearing this name we can only think of dogs. It's quite unusual for a human name, but that hasn't stopped people choosing it. Just imagine if someone shortened it to Bust, the kids at school would have an absolute field day! The name means "tough guy", which is sometimes an unwarranted personality trait.

18. Apple

image source: reddit.com
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their child after the cylindrical fruit, which we think is bizarre! Since Steve Jobs's technology company gained popularity, all we can think of are iPhones or MacBooks upon hearing the name. It's a shame people have it chosen for them!

19. Windy

image source: reddit.com
Names representing the elements are quite popular; Storm and Summer are just two that come to mind. But calling your child Windy is just a step too far. Perhaps parents want you to imagine a gentle breeze upon hearing this name, but we only think of unfortunate gas leaks!

20. Jezebel

image source: reddit.com
Jezebel was a name used as a slur against women, however its original meaning is something more positive. It's ironic that it actually means "pure", a meaning far removed from the connotations attached to it. Some people like its religious background, but we're not sure it can escape its negative past.

21. Lilith

image source: reddit.com
One of the biggest complaints of new parents is sleep deprivation, so why would you name your child a name which means "night monster"?! Some people of the Christian faith wouldn't befriend your little Lilith, as her name suggest that she is a heathen!

22. Persephone

image source: reddit.com
Those interested in Greek mythology may have an interest in the name Persephone, however if the child resembles the meaning of the name, then the parents are in for some difficulty! The name means "Bringer Of Destruction", so any parents of Persephones can't complain when their house gets trashed!

23. Diesel

image source: reddit.com
Of German origin, the name Diesel doesn't make us think of anything other that the kind of fuel. We've seen many dogs named Diesel, and it is a fairly common surname, so we wonder what the reason is to call your innocent little baby after the flammable liquid.

24. Chardonnay

image source: reddit.com
You may think you're being classy by naming your child after the French wine, but in reality it comes across as quite pretentious! Perhaps if the village of Chardonnay hadn't produced a grape of the same name and later the wine, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. We just can't get past that Chardonnay is alcohol and a person under 21 would be associated with it!

25. Legend

image source: reddit.com
The name Legend has recently gained popularity, however we believe it will set them up for a lifetime of not living up to their namesake! Even if they do, in fact, become a certified "Legend", just being called that would diminish any achievement which helped them gain the title.

26. King

image source: reddit.com
Like Princess, the name King is just wishful thinking. It's probably the closest the parents will ever get to having a royal family member, so maybe that's why it's popular. Surnames being used as first names seems to be an growing trend, with the name King being an example.

27. Teivel

image source: smithsonianmag.com
The name Teivel is a Yiddish word, and would be another favorite of Satanists! Luckily this name is rare, however it has been found in Germany. It's odd that you'd want to name your child "demon", but each to their own. Let's just hope their parents won't ever have to perform an exorcism.

28. Elmo

image source: reddit.com
As cute as Elmo is, we're not sure why you'd name you child after a puppet. The name Elmo used to be more popular before Sesame Street hijacked it, as St Elmo is the patron saint of Sailors. The name Elmo means "protector", so you'd definitely want one out at sea!

29. Spartacus

image source: reddit.com
A strong name with a strong history, so why is Spartacus on this list? Well, for one, it sounds funny. And two, you're just setting your kid up for bullies if you give them this name. Not that bullying should be the norm, it's just that when you hear a kid called Spartacus, you immediately repeat "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!"

30. Fanny

image source: reddit.com
Once a popular shortening of the name "Francesca", the name Fanny has fallen out of popularity. We think it's because of the changing meaning of the word - in the US it means a person's butt, and the UK, a woman's vulva. Not sure we'd want to name our kids after these things!