30 Notorious Criminals And Their New Identities

By Tom Pearson 8 months ago

Maxine Carr - Then

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Maxine Carr was a key role in the murder of two school girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. The murders were known as the Soham Murders. The girls were killed by the boyfriend of Maxine Carr, Ian Huntley. With the help of his girlfriend, Ian covered up his murder.

Maxine Carr - Now

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After the arrest of school caretaker come murderer, Ian Huntley, Maxine Carr became one of the most hated women in Britain thanks to the fact that she tried to cover up the murders for her boyfriend. In 2014 Carr was given a new identity and will live in a safe house.

Jon Venables - Then

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Jon Venables is one of the youngest offenders to ever be charged with murder in British history. He and his friend Robert Thompson skipped school and abducted a three year old boy names James Bulger. The pair then brutally tortured and eventually murdered him.

Jon Venables - Now

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As a child Venables was kept in a secure children's home with other children offenders. At the age of 18, he was released with a new identity. Venables has since re-offended and been arrested for looking at indecent images of children and child abuse.

Mary Bell - Then

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At just 10 years old, Mary Bell became the youngest female killer in British history, killing two young boys in her home town of Newcastle. Mary was sentenced to life behind bars on two charges of manslaughter, but later given a second chance a new identity.

Mary Bell - Now

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Mary Bell took her second chance in her stride and has not since re-offended. She now has a child of her own and is said to be a grandmother, aged 66. Mary still lives in the North of England, around the Newcastle area, with a new name and police protection.

Kenneth Callaghan - Then

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One of the most notorious sex criminals in the United Kingdom is Kenneth Callaghan. He sexually assaulted and then murdered a Carol Gouldie in Belfast, after he had spent two months stalking her and tracking her every move. He was caught and arrested in 1987.

Kenneth Callaghan - Now

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Thanks to a strict court order, Kenneth Callaghan is protected from all retribution. He has served time in prison, but part of his release clause is that his photograph is never published. Chances are that he goes by a fake name in order to distance himself from the case.

The Snapchat Killers - Then

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Hartlepool local, Angela Wrightson, was brutally murdered in her home by two girls ages just 13 and 14. The girls filmed the ordeal and uploaded their torture of the pensioner to the popular social media sight, until they eventually killed her in cold blood.

The Snapchat Killers - Now

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The girls were drunk at the time of the murder, and actually given a lift home by the police. The sadistic pair boasted about the crime to their friends, but were linked to the death quickly. A court deemed this somewhat a mistake and effectively let the two off.

DB Cooper - Then

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DB Cooper is an American hero in some ways, as he is the only person to successfully hijack a plane, causing no casualties and earning himself a small fortune in the meantime. Cooper demanded a large sum of money, then jumped himself and the cash to safety.

DB Cooper - Now

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Many people have come forward claiming to be DB cooper, as neither he nor the money were ever found after he jumped from his flight. The claims are sketchy at best, with most people saying it was them on their deathbed or when they have nothing left to lose.

Robert Thompson - Then

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Robert Thompson always insisted that his friend Jon Venables was the mastermind in the murder of toddler, James Bulger. Thompson was also placed into a secure children's home and given a new name and police protection when he turned 18 in late 2001. The pair are still one of the most talked about killers to this day.

Robert Thompson - Now

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Now aged 39, Thompson has never re-offended, despite the legal team of Jon Venables claiming he was the mastermind. Thompson is said to have had plastic surgery, and is completely unrecognizable. He lives with his wife and is said to have children of his own.

Ronnie Biggs - Then

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Ronnie Biggs is one of Britain's most notorious criminals, after he planned and carried out what was later known as the Great Train Robbery. Biggs stopped and robbed a train containing thousands of pounds worth of bank notes. After sentencing, he escaped prison.

Ronnie Biggs - Now

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As soon as Biggs escaped his prison sentence, he was on the run. He spent 36 years evading capture and using his criminal mind to think himself up new names and backstories. He would frequently torment the police with clues about his hidden whereabouts.

Gerard Schaefer - Then

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In 1972, Gerard Schaefer was arrested for the murder and mutilation of two teenage girls. He is thought to have killed a further 26 others, which earned him nicknames like the killer cop, the butcher and the hangman of blind creak. Pretty creepy right?

Gerard Schaefer - Now

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When the bodies of the two Florida girls were discovered, Gerard Schaefer went into hiding. Once the heat died down a bit, Schaefer thought it safe to leave his home and use a false name to get around. He was eventually arrested and imprisoned for life.

Frank Lee Morris - Then

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Alcatraz was known as the world's most secure prison, and in it's day it was described as impossible to escape from. Frank Lee Morris dared to stage an escape by making a fake head and slipping it under his duvet, to make it look like he was sleeping.

Frank Lee Morris - Now

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Frank Lee Morris swam his way to freedom from Alcatraz, and had an entire nights head start on his escape from the prison. When he reached the mainland, he gave himself a new name and identity, even landing himself a good new job under the false name.

Yoshie Shiratori - Then

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Japanese national Yoshie Shiratori dared to commit one of the worlds most stunning prison escapes. He has been deemed an anti hero in Japan, as he escaped prison on four separate occasions. Shiratori was a fisherman, but accused by police of a murder.

Yoshie Shiratori - Now

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Shiratori is known as somewhat of a Houdini in Japan, as he escaped prison using sleight of hand magic and a handy dislocated shoulder trick. His knack for escaping earned him the nickname the prison magician, and he is still talked about to this day.

John Dillinger - Then

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During the great depression, times in America were tough for everyone. The only way to really make money was via a life of crime, and by forming the Dillinger gang that is exactly what John Dillinger did. Dillinger and the gang were accused of robbing 24 banks!

John Dillinger - Now

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John Dillinger spent a lot of time on the run, and as a bank robber he was well respected in the criminal gang circuit. He was chased by the FBI for many years, but his new identities made him hard to catch. Apparently his final words were 'You got me'.

Alfred George Hinds - Then

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Even to this day, Alfred George Hinds is still known as one of Britain's most prolific prison escape artists. Whilst serving a 12 year sentence for robbery, Alfred George Hinds made his escape from prison and went into hiding, using a new name and identity.

Alfred George Hinds - Now

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After his escape from 3 super high security British prisons, Alfred George Hinds would be lucky to get himself a sentence under 10 years. Hinds had a great knowledge of the legal system, and actually managed to get a pardon from the British court system.

Texas Seven - Then

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Just before Christmas in the year 2000, seven inmates, who later became known as the Texas Seven, made a daring escape from a high security prison. The seven evaded capture for years, but one took his own life in order to avoid going back to prison. Crazy, hey!

Texas Seven - Now

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Of the original seven who made the initial escape, only two have survived. One inmate took their own life, with the other four being sentenced to execution following their escape. The seven have given themselves new names, but are all due to be executed.

Pablo Escobar - Then

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Columbia's most well known and well respected crime kingpin is Pablo Escobar, and his cocaine empire still reigns strong even today. Escobar made his money in the drugs trade, and was a respected member of the Colombian cartel and drug gang world. He remains one of the most famous criminals in history!

Pablo Escobar - Now

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Pablo Escobar was one of the most wanted men in the world by the CIA and FBI for many many years. Even during his time as the world's most wanted man, Pablo still took his son on holiday, and even managed to grab a shot of the pair outside the White House.