30 Natural Tips to Help You Grow Your Hair

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Are you tired of your hair's stubborn refusal to reach the Rapunzel-like lengths you've always dreamed of? Do you find yourself daydreaming about having a luxurious mane that could double as a scarf on a chilly day? Well, fret not, because we've got the ultimate hair-growing secrets that Mother Nature herself would approve of! In this hair-raising article, we're about to unveil 30 natural tips that will turn your locks from ho-hum to hair goals.

1. Shampoo less

If you shampoo your hair a lot and you’re struggling to grow it, take note! How often you shampoo your hair really does impact your hair’s health; if you’re doing it only two to three times a week, you’ll allow natural oils to penetrate your hair, which will help it hydrate and repair itself. If you’re doing it more than this, then you’ll find it harder to strengthen your hair enough to grow it.How to Properly Wash Your Hair
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By doing so, you'll find it much easier to strengthen your hair and encourage it to reach the lengths you've always desired. In this hair growth journey, the less you shampoo, the more your hair will thank you for it!

2. Avoid bleach

Laying off the bleach is a hair-growing secret that many often overlook, but it's like hitting the jackpot in the world of healthy, growing hair. If you've been on a journey from dark to light, it's important to know that the path to that perfect platinum can be a treacherous one for your hair. The culprit? Damaged hair cuticles. When you subject your locks to the aggressive bleaching process, those protective cuticles that shields your hair take a serious beating.Terrible uneven bleaching fail. What to do? : r/FancyFollicles
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So, the secret to hair growth is a simple equation: the fewer chemicals, the more your hair will flourish. Give your hair a break from the bleach, and it will reward you with natural growth!

3. Stop heat styling so often

In the quest for longer locks, one of the unspoken golden rules is to reduce your heat styling sprees. Yes, that means temporarily bidding farewell to those trusty straighteners and curling irons that have been your go-to companions for far too long. The excessive heat from styling tools can zap the moisture from your strands, leaving them prone to breakage. If you absolutely can't resist the allure of styling your hair heat protection sprays will be your lifeline!I straightened my hair for 11 years and it left me with half a life of dry, dull, frizzy hair. I started wearing my hair naturally in quarantine, and with a haircut
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Lower heat settings on your styling tools can still give you the desired results without the extreme damage. Remember, the goal is to maintain the health of your hair while achieving those fabulous looks.

4. Regularly brush your hair

We get it – after a long, exhausting day, the last thing you might feel like doing is brushing your hair before drifting off to dreamland. However, what if we told you that this seemingly simple bedtime routine could be the key to unlocking the secret of healthier, more vibrant hair and scalp? As you brush, you're not just detangling – you're distributing your scalp's natural oils throughout your hair. This has a profound impact on your hair's moisture levels.Why is it forbidden to dry-brush wavy/curly hair? I tried CGM for the first time yesterday and I´m pleasantly surprised, my hair are wavier and way less frizzy and dry than normal.
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So, the next time you're tempted to skip the pre-sleep brushing session, think twice. It's a small effort that yields big rewards, leaving your hair and scalp in top-notch condition.

5. Keep your showers cool

Ah, hot showers - a comforting indulgence that many of us look forward to after a long day. But did you know that those steamy soaks in scalding water might not be doing your skin, hair, or scalp any favors? The truth is, the high temperatures can be downright harsh on your hair and scalp! So, the next time you step into your personal oasis of warmth, consider adjusting the temperature dial to a cooler setting.skin concerns] why does my face go red like this after a shower? The water is warm but not hot. Could it be a sign of sensitive skin? Thank you! : r/Skincare_Addiction
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Hot water has a knack for sapping moisture from your hair, just like it does to your skin. This can leave your locks feeling dry and brittle, which is not what you want on your journey to long hair.

6. Detangle before shampooing

As hair is VERY susceptible to damage when wet, it’s a really good idea to brush your hair before you jump in the shower. This is because water exposure stretches the hair's shaft, which causes the outer layer to lift and swell. The chances of your hair succumbing to breakage significantly increase. It's not the scenario you want, especially if your goal is to grow your hair longer and stronger.Wet to dry (air dried) with no product! Didn't touch my hair for 3 hours and I got swirly curlies!!! : r/curlyhair(Image/ Source: reddit.com)However, if you absolutely need to detangle your wet hair, there's a secret weapon: leave-in conditioner. This magical elixir acts as a shield, helping the brush glide through your hair with ease.

7. Get regular trims

Regular trims might seem counterintuitive, but they're essential for maintaining long, healthy hair. Split ends, the villains in your hair growth journey, not only reduce length but also diminish smoothness and shine. Trimming eliminates these weak points, making your hair appear smoother and stronger. In reality, your hair's growth rate remains the same, but keeping it split-end-free ensures it looks healthy and vibrant.Before and after pics of recent haircut. Wish the top was a little longer though! What do you guys think? : r/malehairadvice(Image/ Source: reddit.com)It's like a strategic pruning of a beautiful garden, removing the dead and withered branches to allow the healthy ones to flourish. And when your hair is free from split ends, it appears stronger, making it look as though it's growing faster.

8. Take multivitamins

The vast array of multivitamins can be overwhelming, but if you're aiming to boost your hair health, selecting a supplement tailored for "hair, skin, and nails" is a wise choice. These specialized formulations are often enriched with key vitamins like biotin, as well as vitamin C and various B vitamins, all of which play crucial roles in supporting hair growth and overall hair health.Do you guys think it's crazy to take this many vitamins? : r/vegan(Image/ Source: reddit.com)However, before embarking on any supplement regimen, it's a prudent step to seek guidance from a healthcare professional or doctor. They can evaluate your specific needs, ensuring that your journey to healthier hair is both effective and safe.

9. Make a DIY hair mask

While store-bought deep conditioners and masks are convenient, there's something incredibly satisfying about creating your own hair care concoctions. Raid your kitchen for ingredients like avocado, honey, and olive oil, all renowned for their restorative properties. These kitchen staples are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which work wonders in fortifying and adding a lustrous shine to dry and damaged hair.My hair before and after i did an egg hair mask. It feels so soft and it looks so shiny afterwards! Since i decided to grow my hair i've been taking better(Image/ Source: reddit.com)It's a rewarding and cost-effective way to achieve the hair of your dreams while treating your locks to the wholesome goodness of nature. Your hair will thank you for it!

10. Stop dieting

If you're on a strict diet plan in pursuit of a healthier you, it's essential to be mindful of potential consequences for your hair. Hair growth is indeed a lower priority for your body compared to other critical functions. Studies have shown that when your body is under the stress of restrictive dieting, it quickly halts the hair growth process. Furthermore, even when you transition back to a healthier diet, it can take some time for your hair to recover from the dieting period.Weight loss diet plan: Reddit user ate this many calories to lose 4.5 stone | Express.co.uk(Image/ Source: dailyexpress.co.uk)So, consider this a friendly warning to prioritize balanced nutrition to support not just your body but also your hair on your journey to overall wellness.

11. Up your protein intake

Protein, often hailed as the superhero of nutrients for hair growth, plays a crucial role in maintaining strong and luscious locks. Incorporating protein-rich foods into your diet can make a world of difference. Think of fish, beans, whole grains, and nuts as your hair's best friends. These nutritional powerhouses are known to fortify your strands, reducing the risk of breakage and shedding.1 week of food. High protein, low carb. : r/MealPrepSunday(Image/ Source: reddit.com)To reap the hair-boosting benefits, aim to include around 50 grams or more of protein in your daily diet. By doing so, you're not only nourishing your body but also providing the essential building blocks your hair needs to grow and thrive.

12. Get creative with essential oils

There’s been a lot of studies on essential oils over the years- and there are some promising results. One study found that regular use of pumpkin seed oil increased hair regrowth in participants with female pattern baldness when used regularly. Meanwhile, other research has shown that rosemary oil can actually be as effective as minoxidil (the ingredient found in Rogaine) at boosting hair growth.We don't seem to talk about oils enough so here's a quick rundown of oils + what they can do for your hair : r/curlyhair(Image/ Source: reddit.com)As well as promoting hair growth, essential oils can be great for strengthening and adding shine to your hair. They also have benefits such as soothing any scalp issues, and protecting from damage, all things that contribute towards hair growth

13. Give yourself a scalp massage

A scalp massage can relieve stress and help you relax- and it can help you grow your hair too! While studies are still being carried out, the early signs are positive. After 24 weeks, researchers found that the people involved in the study had thicker hair at the end of the study than at the start of it. Scalp massages help dilate blood vessels in the scalp, which seems to strengthen the hair.3 months of hair growth! Massage those roots y'all🧚‍♀️ : r/curlyhair(Image/ Source: reddit.com)Stimulating the hair follicles with a massage also exfoliates the scalp, removing any dead skin cells and build up that might be impacting your rate of hair growth!

14. Avoid harsh dyes

Much like the potent bleach, permanent hair dyes pack a punch with powerful chemicals that can wreak havoc on our locks. If you're on a mission to grow your hair, it's wise to give these dyes a temporary hiatus. Permanent dyes have the unfortunate tendency to strip away the natural fatty acids that our hair needs, which can lead to more significant damage in the long run compared to semi-permanent dyes.I re-dyed my hair black, but it's probably going to fade soon.. as usual : r/GothStyle(Image/ Source: reddit.com)The chemical cocktail in permanent dyes can be particularly harsh on your hair cuticles. These chemicals work to not only change your hair color but also to alter its structure. This can disrupt your hair growth too!

15. Add antioxidants to your scalp

The magic behind antioxidants lies in their ability to counteract oxidative stress, which can damage hair follicles and hinder hair growth. By using products enriched with antioxidants like piroctone olamine, you're creating a nourishing environment for your scalp. This environment not only alleviates issues like flakiness but also provides a more hospitable setting for your hair to flourish.DIY treatment... Shedding completely stopped after 1.5 yrs : r/tressless(Image/ Source: reddit.com)So, the next time you're on the hunt for hair care solutions, consider products with antioxidants. They're not only a remedy for an irritated scalp but also a catalyst for boosting hair growth and volume.

16. When using a towel, blot your hair instead of rubbing it

After a refreshing shower, the temptation to vigorously rub your hair dry with a towel can be alluring. However, it's crucial to resist this impulse, as your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. Instead, opt for a gentler approach that will keep your locks intact and healthy. Rather than rubbing, take a more delicate route by carefully blotting your hair with a towel. This method is significantly kinder to your hair, minimizing the risk of breakage.Do you know of a good anti frizz product to use on air dried hair? : r/HaircareScience(Image/ Source: reddit.com)By adopting this more considerate drying method (blotting, as opposed to rubbing), you're actively preserving the integrity of your hair, ensuring it remains strong and resilient.

17. Get your full eight hours of sleep

Yes, you read that correctly: beauty sleep is not just a catchy phrase; it's genuinely crucial if you're on a mission to grow your hair. Sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on your hair growth, and here's why. Not sleeping enough actually decreases your body’s production of melatonin, which is the hormone that plays a vital part in regulating hair growth.Pictures of Ian Sleeping: All Ian, All Sleeping(Image/ Source: reddit.com)It’s also helpful to sleep on a silk pillow if you can, as it’s less damaging to your hair. A silk pillowcase while you sleep will lead to less hair breakage, frizz, and overnight tangling.

18. Beat the stress

The well-documented link between chronic stress and hair loss can be a distressing reality. Prolonged stress can trigger a disruption in the hair growth cycle, pushing hair follicles into a "resting" phase, where they stop producing new strands and start shedding instead. In today's world, managing stress can be challenging, but there are effective strategies to combat it. Exercise and meditation are excellent places to start your stress-reduction journey.I Meditated for 500 Days in a Row and Here's What I Learned — Calm Blog(Image/ Source: blog.calm.com)By incorporating these stress-reduction practices into your daily routine, you not only enhance your overall well-being but also create a nurturing environment for your hair to thrive.

19. Let your hair dry naturally

Stepping away from straighteners and curling irons is a hair care win, but if you can also give your blow dryer a break, your hair will thank you even more. Blow dryers, like their heated counterparts, aren't the best buddies for your hair. The intense heat can swiftly zap its moisture, leaving it vulnerable to snapping and breakage. Before you unleash the warm gusts of air on your hair, generously apply a high-quality heat protection spray if you can't be without a blow dry!20,000 People Are Going Crazy for This Woman's Incredible Curly Hair Tips | Glamour(Image/ Source: glamour.com)By minimizing your reliance on blow dryers and being diligent with heat protection, you're giving your hair the best chance to stay hydrated, intact, and on the path to reaching those long, lovely lengths!

20. Eat foods high in zinc

Zinc is a powerhouse mineral that offers a host of benefits for your hair. It's rich in biotin and folate, both of which play pivotal roles in maintaining healthy hair. Biotin, in particular, is known for its ability to strengthen hair and promote growth. The great news is that zinc can be found in a variety of everyday foods, making it accessible and easy to incorporate into your diet. Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, are excellent sources of zinc.How much zinc and copper should a man get per day? : r/nutrition(Image/ Source: reddit.com)Nuts and seeds, including pecans and almonds, are another fantastic option to boost your zinc intake. And here's a delightful surprise for many – even chocolate contains zinc!

21. Use a brush with natural bristles

If you're eager to kickstart your hair growth journey, here's a simple yet effective tip: opt for a paddle brush with natural bristles. These brushes, with their natural bristle goodness, are a game-changer in the world of hair care. Why, you ask? It's all about the reduced friction. By limiting daily damage, you're actively protecting your hair from unnecessary stress, which can lead to breakage and damage.Hey guys, im looking for a new brush to distribute the sebum oils to my tips, this is the current boar brush i have but I believe its not good for my(Image/ Source: reddit.com)Over time, this thoughtful choice in hair tools can work wonders in strengthening your hair and promoting growth. It's like a small, daily investment in the long-term health and beauty of your hair.

22. Increase your iron intake

To ensure you're getting an adequate supply of iron, consider including iron-rich foods in your diet. Red meat is a well-known source of iron, but if you're seeking alternatives, look to beans, broccoli, whole grains, and even shellfish. By incorporating these iron-packed foods into your meals, you're essentially providing the essential building blocks your hair needs to flourish and grow.Best iron rich foods : r/nutrition(Image/ Source: reddit.com)Iron is a fundamental player in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin's primary function is to transport oxygen to your body's cells, promoting growth and repair processes, including the cells responsible for hair growth.

23. Try keratin supplements

While the outcome isn't always guaranteed, there is some promise in the potential of keratin supplements for addressing hair loss. Recent studies have suggested that these supplements may have a positive impact, with findings showing an increase in hair diameter. However, it's crucial to note that more comprehensive research is needed to establish the full extent of their effectiveness.The keratin supplement inside my keratin pills shrunk inside the pill casing : r/mildlyinteresting(Image/ Source: reddit.com)With a market brimming with options, it's advisable to consult your doctor before incorporating keratin supplements into your routine. Their professional guidance can help you make informed choices!

24. Make use of egg yolks

In our quest for DIY hair care solutions, here's an even simpler yet highly effective one. If your hair seems to be staging a breakage protest before it reaches your desired length, there's a straightforward remedy you can whip up in no time. All you need are two humble eggs, which you can beat together and then dilute with half a cup of water. This uncomplicated mixture becomes your hair's best friend.New to WO, used egg yolk after 10 days to fix waxiness, hopefully as time goes on I can do this less often? Moderately hard water : r/NoPoo(Image/ Source: reddit.com)The result? Stronger, shinier hair that's better equipped for growth. It's a quick, cost-effective, and natural solution to fortify your hair, ensuring it stays in prime condition and makes those long locks a reality.

25. Check your meds

If you find yourself juggling a multitude of medications, it's a prudent step to examine the contents of your pills. Some commonly prescribed drugs have the potential to trigger hair loss, a side effect that can be rather disconcerting. Keep an eye out for medications such as cholesterol-lowering drugs (like statins), hormone replacements (including thyroid medication, birth control, and testosterone), as well as specific antidepressants.Best Medication Posts - Reddit(Image/ Source: reddit.com)These medications may interfere with your hair's natural growth cycle, leading to thinning or loss. If you suspect that your medication might be causing hair issues, it's advisable to discuss your concerns with a healthcare professional.

26. Stop smoking

Hair breakage might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the side effects of smoking, but it really can affect the growth of your hair. Smoking actually restricts blood flow to the scalp and follicles, which then restricts the vital oxygen and nutrients that your hair and scalp need. Plus, the toxins from cigarettes can actually get into your hair follicles, which can cause a LOT of problems further down the line.Chain smoking the stress away and trying to get my vitamin D : r/Cigarettes(Image/ Source: reddit.com)There are SO many existing reasons already that you should swap the cigarette for something healthier, but now that our hair is involved... we really REALLY mean it!

27. Focus on healthy fats

Instead of splurging on expensive conditioners, why not opt for a more holistic approach? Introduce hair-boosting healthy fats like omega-3 into your diet. These essential nutrients, which our bodies can't produce on their own, can be found in delectable choices like salmon, cheese, and chia seeds. By embracing these dietary changes, you're not just treating your hair but also your entire well-being.Soy-Dijon baked Salmon is all flavor : r/recipes(Image/ Source: reddit.com)These foods work their magic on your hair follicles, resulting in a captivating, shiny, and robust hair glow that exudes health and vitality. It's a budget-friendly and sustainable way to nurture the hair you've always dreamed of.

28. Get some Vitamin D

If salmon isn't your culinary delight, consider boosting your intake of vitamin D. This remarkable nutrient excels at reviving and nurturing both old and new hair follicles, making it an ideal solution for those grappling with hair that seems stuck at a certain length. Vitamin D sources extend beyond seafood to encompass red meat, egg yolks, and fortified items like select cereals and spreads.One month of hair regrowth from Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin B12 supplementation. : r/malehairadvice(Image/ Source: reddit.com)By focusing on this essential vitamin, you're opening the door to a world of hair growth potential, ensuring that your tresses flourish and reach new lengths, all while maintaining a balanced and diverse diet.

29. Use soft hair ties

Promoting hair growth means tackling everyday stressors, and a major culprit can be your choice of hair ties. Tight ties or scrunchies create excessive friction and pull, risking hair breakage. Opt for softer, gentler ties to minimize these issues, and vary your hairstyles to reduce consistent pressure on your scalp. By making these simple adjustments, you're actively preserving your hair's strength and supporting its journey to longer, healthier lengths.My strategy to hold my hair up with no/little damage 💁‍♂️ : r/FierceFlow(Image/ Source: reddit.com)So, bid farewell to hair tie-induced stress and embrace a more hair-friendly approach to your daily style. There are many different hair ties on the market to help you out!

30. Stop playing with your hair

Longing for that luscious hair? Here's a surprising tip: ditch the habit of playing with your hair. It's a common, absentminded action that can inflict considerable damage, stunting your hair's growth potential. Breaking this habit might not be easy, but when you finally achieve those long, shiny locks, you'll undoubtedly thank us for steering you away from this unintentional source of hair stress.This is my natural/virgin hair. I've never dyed it but I'm playing with the idea. It used to be more red but I think it's fading to a brownish. Would I look(Image/ Source: reddit.com)So, start preserving your hair's health by stopping this one simple habit, and the reward will be a beautiful, thriving mane you'll cherish.

31. Give Your Hair A Regular Trim

Many people who are trying to grow their hair out will avoid the salon for as long as possible. It makes sense, because you're trying to grow your hair and not cut it, right? Giving the ends a small trim can help you to have more healthy looking hair, though, and get rid of split ends that break your hair. It can at the very least look like your hair is growing faster when you don't have split ends!
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Hair growth and breakage are interrelated in a complex way. While breakage itself doesn't directly stop hair from growing, it can impede the visible progress of hair growth. Regular trims will diminish this appearance.

32. Use Hair Extensions

When patience wears thin waiting for your hair to grow, consider natural hair extensions. They offer a quick solution to achieve the illusion of long locks without compromising your hair's health. You can even explore options made from real human hair, blending seamlessly for a natural, glamorous look. It's not cheating; it's an artful way to enjoy the length and volume you desire while your natural hair continues its growth journey.
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So, embrace the beauty of options, don't shy away from the option of hair extensions, and let your hair shine with versatility and allure.

33. Plan Your Meals

Strategic meal planning is your key to infusing your diet with all the hair-boosting goodness we've discussed. By meticulously plotting your meals for the week and crafting a well-thought-out grocery list, you can ensure that every day brings a plate filled with the nutrients your hair craves for optimal growth. This intentional approach empowers you to make conscious choices that nourish your hair from within. It's not just about what you eat; it's about making it a daily habit.
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By dedicating time to meal planning, you create a blueprint for vibrant, healthy hair. So, seize the reins of your diet, and watch your hair flourish at its very best.

34. Add The Right Vitamins To Your Morning Routine

Supplements come to the rescue for those with finicky eating habits or dietary restrictions due to allergies or health concerns. By incorporating essential vitamins into your morning routine, you provide your hair with the extra nourishment it craves while also kickstarting your day with a revitalizing boost of overall wellness. It's a smart, convenient approach that ensures your hair gets the vital nutrients it needs!
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So, embrace the power of supplements to keep your hair in top condition, even in the face of dietary challenges, and set the stage for a successful day.

35. Don't Neglect Your Scalp Care!

We get it - you're thinking about how you can make your hair longer and shinier, so that means hair and not scalp. But your scalp should be a key focus - that's where your hair is growing from, after all! Scalp care in your routine should include gentle scalp massages with your fingers when you're shampooing, as well as getting warm (not hot) water on there. Scalp care contributes towards other aspects of hair health too, not just growth!
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By stimulating your scalp, you are creating more blood flow to that area. This, in turn, means that the hair follicles receive more nutrients, promoting faster growth!

36. Do What You Can Against Physical Damage

In your quest for healthy hair, don't underestimate the importance of protecting it from physical damage. Invest in the right tools, such as a suitable detangling comb for post-shower care. Additionally, be vigilant to avoid hair getting caught in everyday elements like coat zippers, scarves, doors, and windows. These seemingly minor precautions go a long way in preserving your hair's strength and preventing unnecessary breakage.
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So, equip yourself with the right tools and stay mindful of daily hair hazards to keep your locks thriving. You never truly know what is an enemy of your hair...

37. Switch To A Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are renowned for their benefits to facial skin (reduced pores and acne), but don't overlook their advantages for your hair. Sleeping on silk minimizes friction, reducing tangles and preventing unnecessary breakage during the night. It's a gentle and luxurious way to safeguard your hair's health while you slumber. And big plus, it saves plenty of time in the morning, because your hair is already picture perfect!
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So, invest in a silk pillowcase for a beauty rest that pampers both your skin and your hair, ensuring you wake up with a refreshed and tangle-free, silky smooth mane.

38. Try A Bit Of Minoxidil Specifically

Tired of hunting for hair products? Why not go straight to the source? Don't waste any more time searching for elusive products when the answer is at your fingertips. Minoxidil, in FDA-approved bottles, is your direct path to combating hair loss and stimulating new hair growth in women. It's a reliable and proven solution, saving you from the endless product quest. Give it a try and embark on a journey to fuller, healthier locks. Your hair deserves it!
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It's a straightforward, effective choice for luscious locks that saves you time and effort. So, take the leap, and let your hair flourish with renewed vitality!

39. Talk To Your Doctor

If you've exhausted your efforts in the pursuit of hair growth and health, and issues persist, consider a doctor's appointment. Sometimes, an underlying condition could be the culprit, making all those products and strategies less effective. A professional evaluation can pinpoint any root causes and guide you toward the right solutions for your unique situation.
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Don't hesitate; seek expert advice to unlock the path to vibrant, thriving hair. It's a step in the right direction to ensure your hair receives the care it truly needs.

40. Understand How Fast Hair Grows

Hair growth is a patient waiting game, and understanding its pace is key to effective care. Hair naturally grows slower that you might think, and it's always an agonising wait... But the more you know about the rate that hair actually grows, the better you'll be at taking care of your hair and knowing when to expect results without being frustrated. Apparently hair grows at a rate of around 0.35 millimeters per day (that's around 6 inches per year).
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Armed with this knowledge, you can manage your expectations and nurture your hair with patience, knowing when to anticipate visible results. So, embrace the journey, and let your hair thrive at its own rhythm.

41. Talk To Your Hairstylist

Seeking a professional opinion is a wise move! Your regular stylist, who's familiar with your hair, can offer valuable insights and recommendations for improving your hair care routine. They might identify areas where you can do better or spot damaging practices hindering healthy growth. So, consider booking a refresher trim and seizing the opportunity to discuss your hair's needs with them. It's a proactive step toward nurturing your hair's health and fostering its flourishing growth.
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Don't feel defeated for asking for help, your stylist probably knows your hair better than you do! And chances are, there is no questions that are off limits, so ask away!

42. Try Switching To Your Natural Color

Transitioning to your natural hair color or embracing the beauty of gray can be liberating. Repeated coloring, especially with non-organic box dyes, can lead to chemical damage, weakening your hair over time. Taking a break from coloring is an opportunity to restore your hair's health, showcasing its innate vibrancy and strength. It's a chance to reconnect with your authentic self while promoting hair wellness.
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Shifting away from constant hair coloring is a step towards rediscovering your natural beauty and giving your hair a well-deserved respite from chemical exposure.

43. Wear Your Hair Down As Much As You Can

Sometimes this can't be prevented, like if you have a hospitality job that requires you to wear it tied back. But if you're spending 24/7 with your hair in a tight band - and especially if you're wearing your hair tightly tied all through the night - you might be risking extra breakages and damage. So try to wear your hair down a bit more. If wearing your hair down isn't possible, then use alternative hairbands, such as silk, to minimise damage.
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If you can wear your hair down, that's great, but be aware that having your hair down can also come with it's dangers. It's more susceptible to tangling and environmental damage!

44. Try A Hair Mask

Instead of merely shampooing, occasional applications of a specialized hair mask can provide targeted care, catering to your hair's unique needs. Whether you seek to strengthen, hydrate, or restore your hair's luster, there's a mask designed just for that. While you don't have to make it a daily ritual, incorporating a hair mask into your routine every now and then can offer a revitalizing boost to your locks.
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Why not elevate your hair care routine? So, take the time to pamper your hair and experience the transformative effects of this self-care ritual. Your hair will thank you for the extra TLC.

45. Always Use Conditioner

If you've been sticking to quick shampoos all this time, it's high time to make room for conditioner, pronto! Conditioner is your hair's best friend, working to keep it untangled, soft, and superbly hydrated. It's a vital part of your hair care routine, and unless there's a specific reason preventing you from using it, conditioner should be your go-to companion for every shampoo session. This dynamic duo of shampoo and conditioner is the winning combination that ensures your hair is in prime condition!
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This makes it easier to manage and maintain your hair's natural beauty. So, don't miss out on the benefits of conditioning your hair, and let it thrive in its best state.

46. Avoid Any Damaging Treatments

Before you dive into experimenting with new chemical treatments or invest in the latest heat styling products, take a step back and consider the potential risks to your hair. Whether it's the intense heat, harsh chemicals, or unfamiliar ingredients, exercising caution with your hair care choices is paramount. The key is to limit damage, whether it's from new or tried-and-true products.
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Prioritize the health and well-being of your hair, and choose your treatments wisely to ensure it continues to shine with vitality and strength.

47. Cover Your Hair Up In The Rain

It's essential to stay prepared for unexpected rain with a handy hood or umbrella. If you've just washed your hair and it gets wet in the rain, you're more likely to resort to additional heat styling when you return home. This double dose of heat, with the need to dry and restyle your hair, can put twice as much stress on your locks in a single day compared to your typical routine.
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So, being ready for the elements not only keeps you dry but also helps protect your hair's health and reduce the necessity for excessive heat styling, ensuring your hair remains in optimal condition.

48. Eat Seafood

Seafood is a must-try if you're looking to boost your hair's health and growth. It's rich in essential vitamins and minerals your hair craves. Even if you haven't been a seafood enthusiast, now is the perfect time to explore this nutritious option. When dining out, consider visiting a seafood restaurant to fully embrace the delectable choices available and minimize temptations from other menu items.
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Your hair will definetly thank you for the delectable and nutritious addition of seafood to your diet. Would you try this for the sake of your hair growth?

49. Give Shampoos/Conditioners Infused With Caffeine A Go

It's time to break away from your routine and explore new possibilities for your hair care. If you've been loyal to the same shampoo and conditioner for a while, consider switching it up to invigorate your hair's health and promote robust growth. When shopping for new products, keep an eye out for those infused with caffeine, a natural stimulant that can revitalize your scalp and encourage healthier hair.
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Additionally, look for options that contain keratin, a protein that plays a pivotal role in strengthening and fortifying your hair. By using these ingredients, you're giving your hair the best chance to thrive.

50. Only Wash Your Hair A Few Times A Week

The allure of freshly washed hair is indeed unparalleled, but indulging in daily hair washing might be counterproductive. Overzealous washing can disrupt your hair's natural oil balance, potentially making it fragile and susceptible to breakage. By reducing the frequency to just a few times a week, you provide your hair with a valuable opportunity to retain its essential oils. This, in turn, can bolster its strength and resilience, helping it maintain its natural shine and vitality.
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It's a small adjustment that can have a profound impact on preserving the overall health and luster of your hair. So, embrace the beauty of moderation when it comes to hair washing.