30 Jobs Paying Crazy Bucks In Saudi Arabia

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

CEO Of A Multinational Company

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One of the best paying jobs you can get your hands out in the booming economy of Saudi Arabia is that of a CEO, in the same way that you would working around the United States (or anywhere else in the world!). If you managed to get your name on the door at one of the bigger companies settled in the country you could be looking at nearly $9000 a month! Lovely stuff!

Senior Manager

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You might be noticing that these are the sorts of jobs you might see on local job sites in the states and cities you live in; they might be thousands of miles away from us, but the jobs don't differ! Senior managers are some of the most well paid staff members in the country, with the highest paying roles looking to earn around nearly $27,000 a month! That's without any bonus' or commission either!


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As with almost all countries on earth, some of the most important and well-recognised jobs in Saudi Arabia are found within the healthcare system. There's no doubt that Surgeons have one of the hardest and most stressful jobs out there so it's no surprise that they earn a boatload of cash to do so! If you're a surgeon you might want to consider heading to the middle east where you'll be looking at a wage of around $11,000 a month!

Soccer Player

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We probably all already know that Soccer players earn WAY too much money as it is, but the recent splurge of cash in to European soccer leagues by teams within the Saudi Pro League has pushed soccer wages through the roof. Genuinely, go and look in to the crazy amounts of money that some of them are earning; a few of them earn more in a week than most of us would in a couple of years!


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When you think about someone working within a hospital earning a lot of money, you probably don't instantly think about the person who's there to put you to sleep do you? But Riyadh in Saudi Arabia actually has some of the most advanced hospitals in the entire Middle East and an anaesthesiologist is going to be heading towards $100,000 a year! I should've went in to medicine!


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Unfortunately, Saudi Arabian doctors aren't able to time travel, but they are definitely able to assist in helping the population maintain their health and support them through tough times. The roles are pretty much the same as you'd find here in the US and working in Saudi Arabia will pocket doctors around $6,000 a month, or even more if they specialise!


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As you probably already know, cardiologists are extremely important within the healthcare system as they help people by diagnosing and treating problems relating to perhaps our most important organ, the heart. The healthcare system is constantly on the up across the country and for that reason cardiologists can even earn up to $20,000 A MONTH if they're well experienced!

Cyber Security Engineer

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The IT industry is one that people don't always consider as being one that's growing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to the booming of the others, but it's definitely growing just as fast! Cybersecurity Engineers often get their jobs straight out of education and are invaluable to large companies, thus meaning that they're able to charge extortionate pay packages of nearly $100,000 a year.

Investment Banker

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If you've got yourself a degree in Finance then you might want to consider working as an Investment Banking Analyst; somewhere you could be looking at a very tasty pay package instantly! There are a whole load of possible paths you could take and it's all about helping others when it comes to handling their finances and any future investments they want to make. Not bad for an opening salary of $60,000 a year.


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Pilots are always important across every single country and depending on the role that you have, the chances are you might be able to earn more than the base salary. Commercial Pilots have quite a stressful job, transporting passengers and tourists to the country. However, if you get a private job in piloting within Saudi Arabia you could be looking at a tasty $40,000 a year.

HR Manager

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I'm sure you're aware that the country of Saudi Arabia has been controversial to say the least in it's treatment of a number of people and therefore many western companies using the country have been targeted by protesters amongst others. Therefore it's probably no surprise that the HR managers at many Saudi companies earn some of the highest wages with some even reaching nearly $150,000 a year!

Data Scientist

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Data Scientist is another of those jobs that might sound a little boring, but despite that they are often very valuable, especially when it comes to them working alongside massive corporations and high ranking officials to help inform those tough, money-making decisions. These findings could be the difference between a company making profit or losing cash so they get a tidy base salary of $60,000 a year!

Royal Saudi Air Force

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As with many countries, military positions often come with quite the compensation package, considering they are often putting their lives at risk, or they could be given any form of war. The RSAF do as you'd expect, many strategic operations, a lot of training missions and disaster relief too! Depending on a person's rank they could be earning in the hundreds of thousands!

Civil Engineer

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As you might already know, there are always a range crazy buildings in the works in Saudi Arabia, so for that reason there is always a load of jobs on the market too! Construction might not offer the same amount of money a year as those in the healthcare industry but they are still very necessary and they still earn a comfortable amount of money, like the minimum $50,000 a year here.

Mechanical Engineer

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Similarly to the role of a civil engineer, these guys have the responsibility of designing the machines that help produce power within buildings and other structures. This is something that provides a massive pay packet thanks to the sheer effort it takes to get in to the position to do the job in the first place! You'll never be lost for a job in Saudi Arabia for construction either!

Project Manager

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There are obviously project managers in a whole range of industries, but the one that offers the greatest wage in Saudi Arabia is definitely that of the construction industry. That might have something to do with the country trying to head towards becoming one of the construction powerhouses around the world! Their job entails a number of things including reviewing all of the blueprints earning more than $150,000 at the same time!

Computer Scientist

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As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to head at super speed in to the future, there has become an increased need to adapt to the technological advances as well. For that reason, Computer Scientists are extremely important to the Kingdom and they have to ensure that all programmes are running smoothly and efficiently; all whilst bringing in the big bucks at the same time!

Real Estate Manager

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Real estate can be one of the most valuable industries to get yourself involved in, especially if you play your cards right and manage to rise the ranks! You'll obviously be involved in the managing of property assets and ensuring that they'll be sold at the right and the optimal price. It might seem easy, but years of hard work go in to careers like this and you'll be looking at $150,000 a year BEFORE any additional commission!


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Teachers and Professors are important in all walks of life, across all countries around the world! Depending on the institution you worked in, as well as the qualifications you might hold, you'd be able to earn quite a lot of cash in this role! University professors, in the higher reaching industries might be able to rake in upwards of $200,000 a year for their role in teaching and advising the next generation!

Petroleum Engineer

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You probably already know that Saudi Arabia, alongside a number of other Middle Eastern countries provide a massive percentage of all petroleum reserves around the world, so it's no surprise that Petroleum Engineer is a job title that'll help bring in the big bucks. The petroleum industry on the whole is perhaps the most lucrative in the country and these workers will be looking at nearly $250,000 each year.


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Lawyers earn a load of money all the way around the world, it doesn't really matter what country you're living in does it? It's one of the most desirable jobs to get your hands on but one that requires a hell of a load of time, effort and education to advance through. You're looking at a base salary of just under $150,000 a year in Saudi, although that could rise to nearly $500,000 depending on your work!


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You might have realised that the jobs relating to workers within the healthcare system are the ones that tend to offer the greatest amount of money to their employees. And a dentist obviously has to specialise into their profession meaning they can earn a boatload of cash whilst they work! It's a lot of hard work to become qualified, though I'm sure the $80,000 a year might soothe that effort.


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Across the whole world, there are a few specific jobs that will always ensure that the big bucks are heading straight in to your account, one of those is being a judge and in Saudi Arabia that is no different! The criminal justice system has come under fire in recent years around the world within the country, but that pay package probably helps those in the job to not think about it.

Bank Manager

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As you might expect, for a country of such high economic wealth as Saudi Arabia, jobs within the banking and financing sector pay pretty well, they always do don't they? The best job you can come across within the industry is as a bank manager, someone who would be looking at earning upwards of $250,000 every single year; that's only going to get even higher too!


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It isn't just the doctors and specialised medical professionals in Saudi Arabia that rake in the cash, but Nurses are also very well paid over in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia too. It might be a challenging and stressful job but they are just as important in the wellbeing of Saudi residents and it's also a career you can choose to advance through if you feel you might be up to it!

Power Plant Manager

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There isn't much about working in power plants within popular culture, except maybe our favourite yellow man, Homer Simpson, and he wasn't the best at his job was he? Either way, as a result of the demand for power and the resources they have available to them in the country, Power Plants are more common than you'd think and the managers are looking around $150,000 a year.

Treasury Manager

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Treasury manager might sounds like quite a dull and very uninteresting job, but that doesn't mean that they don't earn the big bucks, especially over there in Saudi Arabia. This might be down to the many years of experience in the field they'll need to get the job in the first place and as the market continues to expand they can only expect their salary to rise further past the $200,000 a year mark soon!


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The job of a pharmacist doesn't really change anywhere you go around the world, except for perhaps the quantity and quality of drugs available to dispense. Alongside the other medical professionals a Pharmacist will be able to earn a tasty sum (around $60,000) a year for their role in dispensing medication and promoting the health and safety of their own community.

Financial Analyst

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Financial analyst, again, doesn't sound like one of the most appealing or interesting jobs in the world. However, thanks to the country investing in to the Financial Sector Development Programme there has been more than 600,000 jobs created and the industry is booming. You might want to have a look and see if you're qualified for this job because it'll earn you close to $70,000 each year!

Petroleum Geologist

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As I've already mentioned numerous times, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an abundance of oil and gas reserves, therefore these guys have an important (and well paying!) job. They have to locate and assess these reserves using an array of scientific techniques and data before any extracting. Their insights are extremely important and will earn them more than $100,000 a year with experience!